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  1. Paramountcy Doctrine

  2. Alaska Rape Shield Statute

  3. Re-Litigating The Same Claim

  4. Can Federal Law Preempt State Law ?

  5. Lesser Included Offenses In Alaska

  6. Aguilar Spinelli Test Case In Alaska

  7. More Than 99 Years In Prison Sentence

  8. Arresting Deaf Person For Drunk Driving

  9. The Right To Challenge A Judge In Alaska

  10. Possession Of Firearm During Drug Offense

  11. Misconduct Involving Weapons Appeal In Alaska

  12. Alaska Civil Rule 86 Amendment - Habeas Corpus

  13. Registered Sex Offenders Traffic Violation Case

  14. Excessive Sentence For Burglary Appeal In Alaska

  15. Use Property To Keep Or Distribute Drugs In Alaska

  16. Sex Offender Not Filing Annual Report Consequences

  17. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel On Direct Appeal

  18. Unfair And Unlawful Sentence - Post Conviction Relief

  19. 99 Year Sentence For Murder In The Second Degree Cases

  20. Motion For Change Of Judge Who Dismissed Original Case

  21. Peremptory Disqualification Of Judge In Conviction Trial

  22. Revealing Identity Of Police Informant In Search Warrant

  23. Excessive Sentence Argument On Second Degree Murder Cases

  24. Operating Set Gillnet (Fishing) Within 150 Feet Of Another

  25. Incompetent Counsel - Denying Fair Opportunity To Present Claim

  26. Post Conviction Relief Statute Of Limitations Runs Out In Alaska

  27. Attack A Criminal Conviction By Prisoner For Violation Of Rights

  28. Drunk Driving Charge Without ''driving'' Or ''operating'' The Car

  29. Restricting Ability To Pursue Petitions For Post Conviction Relief

  30. Legal Questions

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