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Arizona Case Law Search

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  1. Failure To Object At Trial

  2. Consumer Lender Definition

  3. Open Meeting Law In Arizona

  4. Telecom Monopoly In Arizona

  5. Clean Break Theory Adoption

  6. Felony Murder Doctrine Cases

  7. Arizona Stalking Statute Law

  8. Arizona Usury Statute Action

  9. Scope Of Search During A Stop

  10. Lesser Included Offense Arizona

  11. Ultimate Facts Legal Definition

  12. State Governor Pardon In Arizona

  13. Custodial Interference In Arizona

  14. Selling Fake Drugs Law In Arizona

  15. Firing A Whistleblower In Arizona

  16. What Is A False Reporting Charge ?

  17. Lesser Included Offense Definition

  18. Maximizing Likelihood Of A Decision

  19. Pointing An Unloaded Gun At Someone

  20. Postponement Of Trustee Sale Arizona

  21. Signing Waiver On Ski Injury Lawsuit

  22. Interest On Seized Assets In Arizona

  23. Arizona Gun Possession Laws And Cases

  24. Third Party Visitation Rights Arizona

  25. Sexual Conduct With A Minor Definition

  26. Unconstitutionally Vague Statute Cases

  27. Absolute Privilege To Defamation Cases

  28. False Voluntary Termination In Arizona

  29. Kidnapping Children Statute In Arizona

  30. Telecommunications Statutory Definition

  31. Supervisor Liability For Prison Injuries

  32. Motion For New Trial In Arizona Case Law

  33. Lesser Included Offense Of Another Crime

  34. Conditional Sales Contract Car In Arizona

  35. Disorderly Conduct Appeal Case In Arizona

  36. Public Education Funding System In Arizona

  37. Is Retail Tax Base Restricted To Receipts ?

  38. Attorney's Duty Of Loyalty To Beneficiaries

  39. Grandparent Visitation Rights After Adoption

  40. Evidence Of The Driver's Identity In Arizona

  41. Divorce Decree Modification Relating Custody

  42. Non Negligent Liability Agreement In Arizona

  43. Restitution For Crime Victims Case In Arizona

  44. Argument Against Subpoena To Produce Documents

  45. Liability For Damage To Underground Steel Pipe

  46. Telecommunication Tax For Using Public Highway

  47. Tax Refund Violating Of Equal Protection Clause

  48. Expert Witness In Sexual Abuse Cases In Arizona

  49. Attempted Sexual Conduct With A Minor In Arizona

  50. Underage Alcohol Drinking Appeal Case In Arizona

  51. Bad Faith Tort Claim Against Insurance In Arizona

  52. Reimbursing Money Improperly Received By Creditor

  53. Failure To Timely Initiate Forfeiture Proceedings

  54. Juvenile First Time Offenders In Arizona Case Law

  55. Grandparents Rights Child Custody Cases In Arizona

  56. Alternative Forms Of The Same Offense In Indictment

  57. Motion To Release Seized Property Appeal In Arizona

  58. Colorable Claim After Rejection Of A Plea Agreement

  59. Request For Commutation Of Life Sentence In Arizona

  60. Appeal To Exercise Personal Jurisdiction In Arizona

  61. Residential Contractor Without A License In Arizona

  62. Determining Fair Value Of Public Service Corporation

  63. County Residency Requirement For Petition Circulator

  64. Tax Alleged Illegally Collected Payment Under Protest

  65. Partially Valid Search Warrant - Suppressing Evidence

  66. Notice Of Lis Pendens Arizona Extraterritorial Action

  67. Registered Voters Requirement For Petition Circulator

  68. Abuse Of Discretion By Excluding Doctors Medical Report

  69. 180 Day Period To File Notice Of Claim Of Inmate Injury

  70. A Law Which Does Not Substantially Infringe Upon Rights

  71. Court Approval Of Estate Administrators Accounting Bars

  72. Dangerous Crimes Against Children Definition In Arizona

  73. Lawsuit Challenging Public Railroad Crossing Private Road

  74. Dangerous Crime Against Children When No Child Is Involved

  75. Traveling Salesman Car Accident In The Course Of Employment

  76. Revoking Probation Of Sex Offender After Contact With Child

  77. Apportionment Of Compensation Injuries Resulting Disability

  78. Bacteria From Drinking Contaminated Water Insurance Coverage

  79. Defendant's Right To Be Present During Peremptory Challenges

  80. Rescission Or Reformation Of Sale Based Upon A Mutual Mistake

  81. Two Policies Covering The Same Loss In Car Accident In Arizona

  82. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel In Plea Bargain Negotiations

  83. Court Must Advise Defendant The Effect Of Admitting Allegation

  84. Statutory Authority To Pass Ordinance Imposing Development Fees

  85. Request For Findings Of Fact And Conclusions Of Law Before Trial

  86. Illegal Residential Use Of Property Zoned For Industrial Purpose

  87. Declining Suspect Phone Call Request During DUI Arrest In Arizona

  88. Failure To Investigate Possible Existence Of Underground Facility

  89. Suspect Need Access Attorney Relatively Short Time After Dui Arrest

  90. Negligent In Selling Alcohol Resulting Injuries - Dram Shop Liability

  91. Proving A Person Is Sexually Violent Person Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

  92. Failure To Provide Driver's License Or Evidence Of Identity In Arizona

  93. 12 Person Jury Arizona

  94. 25 U.S.C.A. 1912(F) Example Case

  95. 2 Year Limitation Period In Arizona Legal Malpractice Claims

  96. A.R.S. 10-742 - Shareholder Derivative Proceeding In Arizona

  97. A.R.S. 11-441(A4) Interpretation

  98. A.R.S. 12-1115 Interpretation

  99. A.R.S. 12-1127 Interpretation

  100. ARS 12-1182(B) Interpretation

  101. A.R.S. 12-1512 Interpretation

  102. A.R.S. 12-1611 Interpretation

  103. ARS 12-2101(J) Interpretation

  104. A.R.S. 12-2235 Interpretation

  105. ARS 12-2504 Interpretation

  106. ARS 12-2506 Interpretation

  107. A.R.S. 12-341.01(A) Interpretation

  108. ARS 12-348(A)(2) Interpretation

  109. ARS 12-408 Interpretation

  110. ARS 12-505 Interpretation

  111. A.R.S. 12-542 Interpretation

  112. ARS 12-611 Interpretation

  113. A.R.S. 12-612 Interpretation

  114. ARS 12-613 Example Case

  115. ARS 12-613 Interpretation

  116. A.R.S. 12-820.02(A)(1) Interpretation

  117. A.R.S. 12-820.03(2) Interpretation

  118. ARS 12-820 Interpretation

  119. A.R.S 12-821.01 Interpretation

  120. A.R.S. 12-864 Example Case

  121. ARS 13-1001 Example Case

  122. ARS 13-107(B) Interpretation

  123. ARS 13-107(G) Interpretation

  124. A.R.S. 13-107 Statute Of Limitations Of Criminal Actions

  125. ARS 13-1101(1) Interpretation

  126. ARS 13-116 Interpretation

  127. ARS 13-1201(A) Interpretation

  128. ARS 13-1203(A)(3) Interpretation

  129. ARS 13-1203 A2 Interpretation

  130. A.R.S. 13-1304(A) Interpretation

  131. A.R.S. 13-1407(B) Interpretation

  132. ARS 13-1712(7) Interpretation

  133. ARS 13-1802(A) Interpretation

  134. A.R.S. 13-1802 Interpretation

  135. A.R.S. 13-202(B) Arizona Criminal Liability Regardless Of Mental State

  136. ARS 13-2409 Interpretation

  137. ARS 13-2508(A) Interpretation

  138. ARS 13-2903 Interpretation

  139. A.R.S. 13-2904(A)(1) Disorderly Conduct

  140. ARS 13-2907.01 Interpretation

  141. A.R.S. 13-301 Interpretation

  142. A.R.S 13-3623(A) Interpretation

  143. ARS 13-3821 Interpretation

  144. ARS 13-4305(B) Interpretation

  145. ARS 13-4403(C) Interpretation

  146. ARS 13-4517 Example Case

  147. ARS 13-4517 Interpretation

  148. ARS 13-454(E)(2) Interpretation

  149. A.R.S. 13-603(C) Restitution To Victims

  150. ARS 13-604(P) Interpretation

  151. ARS 13-604.01(B) Interpretation

  152. ARS 13-604.01 Interpretation

  153. ARS 13-604.02(A) Example Case

  154. A.R.S. 13-604 Interpretation

  155. ARS 13-702(G) Interpretation

  156. ARS 13-708(D) Interpretation

  157. ARS 13-805 Interpretation

  158. ARS 13-807 Interpretation

  159. ARS 13-901.01(B) Interpretation

  160. ARS 13-901.01 Interpretation

  161. ARS 13-917(B) Interpretation

  162. A.R.S. 14-2502 Interpretation

  163. ARS 14-2604 Anti-Lapse Statutes

  164. A.R.S. 14-2804 Interpretation

  165. A.R.S. 14-3101 Interpretation

  166. A.R.S. 14-3709 Interpretation

  167. ARS 14-3720 Interpretation

  168. ARS 19-112(D) Interpretation

  169. ARS 20-259.01 Interpretation

  170. ARS 22-320 Interpretation

  171. A.R.S. 22-424 Interpretation

  172. ARS 23-1024(A) Interpretation

  173. A.R.S. 23-1031 Interpretation

  174. ARS 23-1044(E) Example Case

  175. A.R.S. 23-1062(A) Interpretation

  176. ARS 23-785 Suspension Of Benefits

  177. ARS 25-320 Interpretation

  178. A.R.S. 25-324 Example Cases

  179. ARS 25-327(B) Interpretation

  180. ARS 25-403(A) Interpretation

  181. A.R.S. 25-409 Interpretation

  182. ARS 25-415(C) Example Case

  183. A.R.S. 25-530 Interpretation

  184. A.R.S. 28-1321 Interpretation

  185. ARS 28-1381(A)(2) Interpretation

  186. ARS 28-1381(A)(3) Interpretation

  187. ARS 28-1383 Interpretation

  188. ARS 28-1388 Interpretation

  189. A.R.S. 28-332 Interpretation

  190. ARS 28-622.01 Interpretation

  191. ARS 28-692(A)(3) Interpretation

  192. ARS 29-359 Interpretation

  193. ARS 31-225 Interpretation

  194. ARS 32-1132 Interpretation

  195. A.R.S. 32-1151 Unlicensed Contractor Arizona Law

  196. ARS 33-420(A) Interpretation

  197. ARS 33-420 Interpretation

  198. ARS 33-814(G) Example Case

  199. A.R.S. 33-931 Interpretation

  200. ARS 33-993(A) Interpretation

  201. A.R.S. 36-2903 Interpretation

  202. A.R.S. 36-2915(A) Interpretation

  203. A.R.S 36-533 And 36-501 Interpretation

  204. ARS 36-533 Example Case

  205. ARS 36-539(B) Interpretation

  206. ARS 4-244(14) Interpretation

  207. A.R.S. 40-253 Interpretation

  208. ARS 40-283 Example Case

  209. A.R.S. 42-11001(5) Interpretation

  210. A.R.S. 43-1131(1) Interpretation

  211. ARS 44-1201 Interpretation

  212. A.R.S. 44-1265 Interpretation

  213. A.R.S. 44-1841 Interpretation

  214. ARS 45-173(A) Interpretation

  215. A.R.S. 46-455(B) Interpretation

  216. A.R.S. 5-107.01(E) Interpretation

  217. A.R.S. 8-241(A)(1)(G) Example Case

  218. ARS 8-533(B)(3) Interpretation

  219. A.R.S. 8-533(B)(8)(C) Example Case

  220. ARS 9-462.02 Example Case

  221. A.R.S. 9-462.06(K) Arizona Zoning Board Decision Appeal

  222. ARS 9-462.06 Interpretation

  223. A.R.S. 9-463.05(A) City Councils Authority

  224. A.R.S. 9-500.14 Interpretation

  225. ARS 9-514 Case Example

  226. ARS 9-514 Interpretation

  227. A.R.S. 9-516(C) Interpretation

  228. ARS Code 13-1003 Interpretation

  229. ARS Code 13-1410 Interpretation

  230. ARS Code 13-3553 Interpretation

  231. ARS Code 13-604(W)(2)(C) Interpretation

  232. ARS Code 13-604 Interpretation

  233. ARS Section 12-2101 Interpretation

  234. A.R.S. Section 12-2602 Interpretation

  235. ARS Section 12-2603 Interpretation

  236. ARS Section 12-332 Interpretation

  237. ARS Section 12-821 Interpretation

  238. ARS Section 13-1410 Interpretation

  239. ARS Section 25-409 Interpretation

  240. A.R.S. Section 25-503 Interpretation

  241. ARS Section 33-411 Interpretation

  242. A.R.S. Section 43-1089 Interpretation

  243. ARS Section 44-1201 Interpretation

  244. ARS Section 9-463.05 Interpretation

  245. Abrogation Clause In A Premarital Agreement In Arizona

  246. Acquaintance Witnesses Case In Arizona

  247. Aggravated Assault Charges For A Car Accident In Arizona

  248. Alleged Legal Malpractice Failure To Name The Proper Party

  249. Alternative Means Of Committing The Same Offense In Arizona

  250. Ambiguous Request For Counsel In Arizona

  251. Appeal On The Merits Definition

  252. Applying Adult Criminal Procedures In Juvenile Cases In Arizona

  253. Arizona ARS 28-1595 Interpretation

  254. Arizona Anders Brief

  255. Arizona Attorney Liability To A Third Person

  256. Arizona Attorneys Fees Statute

  257. Arizona Cases When There Was No Special Relationship

  258. Arizona Constitution Article 10 Section 3 - Interpretation

  259. Arizona Constitution Article 18 Section 5 Interpretation

  260. Arizona Constitution Article 25

  261. Arizona Constitution Article 2 Section 30 Example Case

  262. Arizona Constitution Article 2 Section 8 Interpretation

  263. Arizona Contributory Negligence Defense

  264. Arizona Corporation Directors Duty To Disclose Inside Information To A Shareholder

  265. Arizona Dependency Adjudication Hearings Time Limits

  266. Arizona Duty Of Landowner To Invitee

  267. Arizona Economic Loss Rule Construction Defect

  268. Arizona Employer Liability For Negligence Of Its Independent Contractors

  269. Arizona General Appearance In Court

  270. Arizona Health Care Provider Lien

  271. Arizona Insurer's Duty To Defend The Entire Suit

  272. Arizona Jury Trials In Misdemeanor Assault Cases

  273. Arizona Lawyer's Authority To Bind A Client To A Settlement Agreement

  274. Arizona Lawyers Cooperation On Extension Requests

  275. Arizona Mail Delivery Rule

  276. Arizona Office Of Constable

  277. Arizona Procedural Time Computation Rules

  278. Arizona Punitive Damages Malice

  279. Arizona Reasonable Expectations Doctrine

  280. Arizona Restrictive Covenants Interpretation

  281. Arizona Revised Statute 12-820.01 Interpretation

  282. Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 25-211 Interpretation

  283. Arizona Right To Locate Underground Storage Facility In A Natural Stream

  284. Arizona Rule 12(B)(6) Motion

  285. Arizona Rule 609(A) Interpretation

  286. Arizona Rule Criminal Procedure 13.5(B)

  287. Arizona Rule Criminal Procedure 19.1(B)

  288. Arizona Rule Criminal Procedure 32.2

  289. Arizona Rule Criminal Procedure Rule 26.2(B)

  290. Arizona Rule Of Civil Procedure 67(D) Interpretation

  291. Arizona Rule Of Civil Procedure 68

  292. Arizona Rule Of Criminal Procedure 17.6 Interpretation

  293. Arizona Rule Of Evidence 404(C) Interpretation

  294. Arizona Rule Of Evidence 702 Interpretation

  295. Arizona Rule Of Evidence 801 Case Example

  296. Arizona Rules Of Civil Procedure 80(D) Interpretation

  297. Arizona Rules Of Civil Procedure Rule 60(C)

  298. Arizona Rules Of Civil Procedure Rule 68 Interpretation

  299. Arizona Rules Of Civil Procedure Rule 9(A) Interpretation

  300. Arizona Rules Of Evidence Rule 403 Interpretation

  301. Arizona Section 12-1364 Interpretation

  302. Arizona Specific Jurisdiction Over Non-Residents

  303. Arizona State Withdrawing From A Plea Agreement

  304. Arizona Strict Liability For Defective Products

  305. Arizona Unitary Business

  306. Arrest Warrant For Wrong Person Example

  307. Article 2 Section 2 Arizona Constitution Interpretation

  308. Attempted Reckless Manslaughter In Arizona

  309. Attorney Fees Self Representation

  310. Breach Of The Plea Agreement By The State

  311. Change Of Judge In Arizona

  312. Changing Parenting Time Order In Arizona

  313. Claim Of Unconstitutional Pat Down Search In Arizona

  314. Collateral Attack On A Judgment Arizona

  315. Collateral Source Rule Arizona

  316. Confrontation Clause Arizona

  317. Continuance Of Trial Date Arizona

  318. Contribution Remedy In Arizona

  319. Control Person Liability In Arizona

  320. Conviction Of Felony Murder Based On Accomplice Liability In Arizona

  321. Cost Of Taking A Deposition Is A Taxable In Arizona

  322. Covenant Not To Execute Arizona

  323. Covenant Of Good Faith And Fair Dealing Arizona

  324. Crime-Fraud Exception To The Attorney-Client Privilege In Arizona

  325. Criminal Jury Instructions Arizona

  326. Criminal Trespass Juvenile Restitution In Arizona

  327. Death Sentence Solely On The Basis Of A Jury's Verdict In Arizona

  328. Deceased's Choice Of Will Executor In Arizona

  329. Deficiency Judgment Arizona A.R.S. 33-814(A)

  330. Dependency Proceeding Transfer In Arizona

  331. Disorderly Conduct Juvenile Arizona

  332. Do Damages Include Attorneys Fees In Arizona ?

  333. Doctrine Of Respondeat Superior Arizona

  334. Drinking Alcohol At A Fraternity Party Before A Car Accident

  335. Dual Purpose Rule Arizona

  336. Duty To Control The Conduct Of A Third Party In Arizona

  337. Each Party Will Bear Its Own Costs Rule In Arizona

  338. Economic Loss Doctrine Arizona

  339. Economic Loss Doctrine In Claims Against Professionals

  340. Electrical Services Law In Arizona

  341. Emergency Admission Detention Period In Arizona

  342. Emergency Aid Doctrine Arizona

  343. Entitlement To A Constructive Trust In Arizona

  344. Establishing Causation In Arizona Restitution Claims

  345. Evidence Induced By A Promise Or Threat In A Juvenile Case

  346. Evidence Rule 104(B) Preliminary Questions

  347. Example Of An Acquittal On An Erroneous Legal Basis

  348. Example Of Punitive Damages Cases In Arizona

  349. Expired Protection Orders In Arizona

  350. Extrajudicial Confession In Arizona

  351. Extrinsic Evidence In Arizona

  352. Facilitation Of Armed Robbery In Arizona

  353. Federal Rule 54(B) Cases

  354. Felony Conviction From A Foreign Jurisdiction In Arizona

  355. Filing Notice Of Appeal After Denial Of A Motion For New Trial In Arizona

  356. Filing Notice Of Appeal During The Pendency Of Motion For A New Trial

  357. Finding Cash In A Package Delivered By A Private Shipping Company

  358. Fireman's Rule Arizona

  359. First Degree Murder - Death Of A Fetus Caused By The Shooting Death Of Its Mother

  360. Frye Hearings In Arizona

  361. Good Faith And Fair Dealing Insurance In Arizona

  362. Holding A Person Without Bail Pending Trial In Arizona

  363. Immunity From Tort Liability Under The Arizona Workers' Compensation Act

  364. Immunity To Those Who Report Unethical Conduct By A Lawyer In Arizona

  365. Implied Warranty Of Merchantability Arizona

  366. Increasing Charge From A Misdemeanor To A Felony

  367. Industrially-Related Back Injury Claim In Arizona

  368. Irreconcilable Conflict Between A Lawyer And His Client

  369. Is The Employer Liable For Employee Car Accidents In Arizona ?

  370. Is The Right Of Appeal Negotiable In Arizona ?

  371. Judge's Impartiality Challenge In Arizona

  372. Just Compensation For Private Property In Arizona

  373. Juvenile Violation Of Probation Arizona

  374. Legal Doctrine Of Accord And Satisfaction

  375. Legislative Powers Arizona County

  376. License Suspension Notice Arizona Law

  377. Livestock Owner Responsibilities In Arizona

  378. Medical Malpractice Suits Against Health Care Providers In Arizona

  379. Missing The Restitution Deadline In Arizona

  380. Mistrial For Juror Witness Conversation About The Case

  381. Momentary Innocent Handling Of A Prohibited Weapon In Arizona

  382. Moral Turpitude Arizona

  383. More Than One Final Order In Dependency Proceedings

  384. Multiple Corporations Filing A Single State Tax Return In Arizona

  385. Municipal Ordinances That Conflict With Arizona State Statutes

  386. Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress Cause Of Action Arizona

  387. Not Cooperating In An Evaluation Comprehensive Interview

  388. Notice Of Appeal While A Motion For New Trial Was Pending

  389. Notice Of Pending Forfeiture Arizona A.R.S. 33-743(A)

  390. Ownership Of Lands Located Within Arizona Riverbeds

  391. ''Parent'' Definition Arizona

  392. Petition For Court Ordered Treatment In Arizona

  393. Physician Not Able To Examine A Mental Patient

  394. Pleading Guilty For Crimes A Person Had Not Yet Been Sentenced For

  395. Possession Of A Potentially Legal Plant In Arizona

  396. Presumptive Sentence Arizona

  397. Prior Foreign Felony Convictions In Arizona

  398. Prisoner Mailbox Rule

  399. Promotion Of Gambling Felony In Arizona

  400. Property Owned By One Spouse Before Marriage In Arizona

  401. Property Tax Lien Certificates Arizona

  402. Property Valuation Methods In Arizona Tax Law

  403. Prosecutorial Vouching In Arizona

  404. Proving Prior Felony Convictions Solely Through The Testimony Of A Probation Officer

  405. ''Public Nuisance'' Definition In Arizona

  406. Punishment For Illegal Hunting And Fishing In Arizona

  407. Punitive Damages In Arizona Cases

  408. Question Of Standing In Arizona

  409. Quiet Title Action Statute Of Limitations Arizona

  410. Release From Arrest Procedures In Arizona

  411. Reopening Closed Work Injury Claim In Arizona

  412. Restatement (Second) Of Torts 352 In Arizona

  413. Restatement Second Of Contracts 211 Interpretation

  414. Restatement Second Of Torts 324a Interpretation

  415. Restatement Second Of Torts Section 424

  416. Restatement Third Of Torts Section 7 Example Case

  417. Restitution In Burglary Case In Arizona

  418. Restitution Juvenile Offenders In Arizona

  419. Restrictive Covenant Between A Doctor And His Professional Corporation

  420. Right To A Change Of Judge In Arizona

  421. Right To A Jury In Arizona Small Claims Court

  422. Right To Counsel For Juvenile Defendants In Arizona Delinquency Cases

  423. Right To Counsel Waiver In Involuntary Commitment Cases

  424. Rule 123 Arizona

  425. Rule 32 Arizona Post Conviction Relief

  426. Rule 32 Petition Arizona

  427. Rule 404(A)(2) - Admissibility Of Evidence That Victim Was The Initial Aggressor

  428. Rule 405 Victim Character Evidence As Element Of Self-Defense In Arizona

  429. Rule 68 Arizona Rules Of Civil Procedure Example Case

  430. Rule 801(D)(2)(D) Interpretation

  431. Rule 803(4) Evidence

  432. Satisfaction Clause Arizona Contract Law

  433. School Liability For Students Car Accidents

  434. Selling Tax Liens Arizona Law

  435. Senate Bill 1449 Arizona

  436. Severable Contracts In Arizona

  437. Shopkeeper Privilege Arizona

  438. Signing At A Hospital With A False Name

  439. Spendthrift Trust Provisions In Arizona

  440. State Intervention In Internal Church Disputes In Arizona

  441. Statute Of Limitations Defense In Arizona

  442. Striking AHCCCS Regulations

  443. Successor Corporation Liability Arizona

  444. Sufficiency Of Indictment In Arizona

  445. Supervising Psychiatrist Presence During A Patient Evaluation In Arizona

  446. Tax Valuation Of Electric Generation Facilities In Arizona

  447. Telephonic Testimony At An Involuntary Commitment Hearing

  448. Termination Of A Father's Rights Due To Past Child Abandonment In Arizona

  449. Terms Implied In Fact Employment Law Arizona

  450. The Arizona Rape Shield Law

  451. The Duty To Control The Conduct Of Another In Arizona

  452. Unconstitutional Delegation Of Legislative Authority In Arizona

  453. Unexplained Fall Workers Compensation In Arizona

  454. Unlicensed Contractor Misdemeanor Charges In Arizona

  455. Unsuccessful Termination Of Juvenile Probation

  456. Valuing Pipeline Property In Arizona

  457. Victim Rights During A Defendant's Term Of Probation In Arizona

  458. Victim's Right To Refuse An Interview In Arizona

  459. Valuing Shopping Centers In Arizona

  460. Wife Testimony Against Husband Case In Arizona

  461. AROK Constr. Co. v. Indian Constr. Servs

  462. ASH, Inc. v. Mesa Unified School District No. 4

  463. A. Uberti & C. v. Leonardo

  464. Abril v. Harris

  465. Acevedo v. Pima County Adult Prob. Dep't

  466. Adelman v. Christy

  467. Adkins v. Industrial Commission

  468. Aesthetic Property Maintenance, Inc. v. Capital Indemnity Corp

  469. Aetna Casualty & Surety Company v. Superior Court

  470. Airport Properties v. Maricopa County

  471. Albano v. Shea Homes Ltd. P'ship

  472. Alcala v. Mid-Century Insurance Co

  473. Allen R. Krauss Co. v. Fox

  474. Allstate Insurance Co. v. Druke

  475. Allstate Insurance Co. v. Universal Underwriters, Inc

  476. Allstate v. O'Toole

  477. Ames v. State

  478. Amparano v. ASARCO, Inc

  479. Anderson Aviation Sales Co., Inc. v. Perez

  480. Anderson v. Gobea

  481. Anderson v. Martinez

  482. Anderson v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co

  483. Andreola v. Ariz. Bank

  484. Andrews v. Samaritan Health Sys

  485. Antone v. Greater Ariz. Auto Auction

  486. Antwerp Diamond Exchange of America v. Better Business Bureau of Maricopa County, Inc

  487. Aragon v. Wilkinson

  488. Ariz. Corp. Comm'n v. Media Prods., Inc

  489. Ariz. Corp. Comm'n v. State ex rel. Woods

  490. Arizona Board of Regents v. Harper

  491. Arizona Corp. Commission v. State ex rel. Woods

  492. Arizona Department of Administration v. Cox

  493. Arizona Department of Revenue v. O'Connor, Cavanagh, Anderson, Killingsworth & Beshears

  494. Arizona Department of Revenue v. Trico Electric Cooperative

  495. Arizona Farm Bureau v. Brewer

  496. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission v. Fields

  497. Arizona Management Corp. v. Kallof

  498. Arizona Public Service Co. v. Arizona Corp. Commission

  499. Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners v. Hyder

  500. Arizona State Highway Commission v. Superior Court

  501. Arizona State Highway Comm'n v. Nelson

  502. Arizona State Tax Comm'n v. Garrett Corp

  503. Arpaio v. Baca

  504. Autoville, Inc. v. Friedman

  505. Averett v. Farmers Ins. Co. of Ariz

  506. Ayala v. Hill

  507. Backus v. State

  508. Baker v. University Physicians Healthcare

  509. Ballesteros v. American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin

  510. Banales v. Smith

  511. Bank One Arizona v. Beauvais

  512. Banner Health v. Medical Savings Ins. Co

  513. Banta v. Superior Court

  514. Barassi and Baumann v. Tuton

  515. Barassi v. Matison

  516. Barmat v. John and Jane Doe Partners A-D

  517. Barnum v. Rural Fire Protection Co

  518. Barr v. Petzhold

  519. Barrio v. San Manuel Div. Hosp

  520. Barrio v. San Manuel Division Hospital for Magma Copper Co

  521. Barsema v. Susong

  522. Barth v. Cochise County

  523. Baumann v. Tuton

  524. Bauza Holdings, L.L.C. v. Primeco, Inc

  525. Beaudry v. Insurance Co. of the West

  526. Bechtel v. Rose

  527. Beeck v. Tucson General Hospital

  528. Bender v. Bender

  529. Bennett v. Industrial Commission

  530. Benton v. Regeser

  531. Benton v. Superior Court

  532. Berthot v. Sec. Pac. Bank of Ariz

  533. Bettwy v. Black Canyon Greyhound Park, Inc

  534. Beverage v. Pullman & Comley, LLC

  535. Bill Moore Motor Homes, Inc. v. State

  536. Binder v. Fruth

  537. Bither v. Country Mut. Ins. Co

  538. Bittner v. Superior Court (Galati)

  539. Black v. State

  540. Blalak v. Mid Valley Transportation, Inc

  541. Blanchard v. Show Low Planning & Zoning Comm'n

  542. Blankenbaker v. Jonovich

  543. Blauvelt v. County of Maricopa

  544. Bloch v. Bentfield

  545. Board of Regents of University of Arizona v. Sullivan

  546. Bodco Bldg. Corp. v. Arizona State Tax Comm'n

  547. Bohsancurt v. Eisenberg

  548. Bolo Corp. v. Homes & Son Constr. Co

  549. Bolton v. Superior Court

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  1205. St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. v. Gilmore

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  1277. State v. Cocio

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  1478. State v. Superior Court (Coronado)

  1479. State v. Superior Court (Hobson)

  1480. State v. Tamplin

  1481. State v. Tassler

  1482. State v. Taylor

  1483. State v. Teran

  1484. State v. Thompson

  1485. State v. Tinajero

  1486. State v. Tocco

  1487. State v. Torrez

  1488. State v. Tresize

  1489. State v. Tucson Gas, Electric Light & Power Co

  1490. State v. Turrubiates

  1491. State v. Tyler

  1492. State v. Tyrrell

  1493. State v. Uriarte

  1494. State v. Valentine

  1495. State v. Valverde

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  1497. State v. Vasquez

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  1499. State v. Villa

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  1508. State v. Williams

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  1515. State v. Zavala

  1516. State v. Zinsmeyer

  1517. Steinfeld v. State

  1518. Stenz v. Industrial Commission

  1519. Stewart v. Smith

  1520. Stewart v. Verde River Irrigation & Power District

  1521. Stokes v. Territory

  1522. Stout v. State Compensation Fund

  1523. Strait v. Strait

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  1525. Stratton v. Inspiration Consolidated Copper Co

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  1537. Tenney v. Luplow

  1538. Thomas v. Goudreault

  1539. Thomas v. Thomas

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  1542. Tobel v. Travelers Insurance Company

  1543. Toler v. Industrial Commission

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  1546. Torres v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co

  1547. Toth v. Toth

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  1549. Town of Wickenburg v. Sabin

  1550. Toy v. Katz

  1551. Tracy v. Superior Court (Navajo Nation)

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  1553. Transamerica Fin. Corp. v. Superior Court

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  1563. Tyree v. Moran

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  1566. U S West Communs., Inc. v. Arizona Corp. Comm'n

  1567. Unique Equip. Co., Inc. v. TRW Vehicle Safety Sys., Inc

  1568. United California Bank v. Prudential Ins. Co

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  1570. United Services Automobile Ass'n v. Morris

  1571. United Servs. Auto Ass'n v. Morris

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  1573. United States v. Carter

  1574. Universal Roofers v. Industrial Commission

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  1579. Valencia Energy Co. v. Arizona Dep't of Revenue

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  1581. Valerie M. v. Ariz. Dept. of Econ. Sec

  1582. Valley Medical Specialists v. Farber

  1583. Vandever v. Indus. Comm'n

  1584. Varga v. Hebern

  1585. Vasquez v. State

  1586. Veach v. City of Phoenix

  1587. Vega v. Sullivan

  1588. Verner v. Redman

  1589. Vinson v. Marton & Assocs

  1590. Vo v. Superior Court

  1591. Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona v. Staples

  1592. W. Agric. Ins. Co. v. Brown

  1593. Waddell v. Titan Ins. Co

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  1595. Walker v. City of Scottsdale

  1596. Walker v. Walthall

  1597. Walter E. Heller Western., Inc. v. Ariz. Dep't of Revenue

  1598. Warrington v. Tempe Elementary School District No. 3

  1599. Washington Elementary Sch. Dist. No. 6 v. Baglino Corp

  1600. Watanabe v City of Phoenix

  1601. Watts v. Hogan

  1602. Waugh v. Lennard

  1603. Webb v. State ex rel. Ariz. Bd. of Med. Exam'rs

  1604. Weiner v. Romley

  1605. Welch v. Board of Education of Chandler United School District No. 80 of Maricopa County

  1606. Welker v. Kennecott

  1607. Wells Fargo Bank v. Arizona Laborers

  1608. Wennerstrom v. City of Mesa

  1609. West Valley View, Inc. v. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

  1610. Western Casualty & Sur. Co. v. Evans

  1611. Western Casualty & Surety Co. v. Evans

  1612. Wheeler v. Industrial Commission

  1613. White v. Greater Arizona Bicycling Ass'n

  1614. Wiggs v. City of Phoenix

  1615. Wildwood Hills Mobile Home Park v. Arizona Department of Building and Fire Safety

  1616. Wilkinson v. Fabry

  1617. Williams v. Pipe Trades Industry Program of Arizona

  1618. Wilson v. Playa de Serrano

  1619. Wistuber v. Paradise Valley Unified School District

  1620. Woodward v. Chirco Const. Co., Inc

  1621. Wozniak v. Galati

  1622. Wright v. Hills

  1623. Wyatt v. Wehmueller

  1624. Yetman v. English

  1625. Young Candy & Tobacco Co. v. Montoya

  1626. Young v. Beck

  1627. Young v. DFW Corp

  1628. Zeigler v. Kirschner

  1629. Zilisch v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co

  1630. Zimmerman v. Shakman

  1631. Legal Questions

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