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  1. Attorney Fee Cap In Florida Capital Cases

  2. Attorney's Fees To An Attorney Who Withdrew

  3. Florida Rules Of Criminal Procedure 3.610

  4. Neil Inquiry Florida

  5. Section 440.11 Florida Statutes

  6. Voluntary Relinquishment Of Custody In Florida

  7. Anders Procedure In Florida

  8. ''HAC Aggravator'' Definition

  9. Stigma Plus Test Requirements

  10. The Economic Loss Rule Florida

  11. Section 744.357 Florida Statutes

  12. Attempted Felony Murder In Florida

  13. Bifurcated Proceeding In A DUI Case

  14. Cases Cited In A Per Curiam Decision

  15. Application Of Documentary Stamp Tax

  16. What Is The Williams Rule In Florida ?

  17. 3 Levels Of Police Citizen Encounters

  18. What Is The Meaning Of Public Records ?

  19. Can Figa Refuse To Defend The Insured ?

  20. Departure Sentence Case Law In Florida

  21. Is The Term 'Arising Out Of' Ambiguous ?

  22. Prejudiced By Testimony Claim In Court

  23. Admissions By Silence Of A Co-Defendant

  24. Similar Fact Evidence In Sex Crime Cases

  25. Age As An Automatic Factor In Mitigation

  26. Is It Illegal To Own A Pitbull In Miami ?

  27. Case Involving Nonrecord Discovery Items

  28. Florida's Death Penalty Sentencing Scheme

  29. Prisoner's Gain Time Challenge In Florida

  30. Awarding Fees In Non-Dissolution Lawsuits

  31. Jury Instructions On The Next Lower Crime

  32. Reasons For Downward Departure In Florida

  33. Are Collateral Crime Evidence Admissible ?

  34. The 60-Day Period In Florida Rule 3.800(C)

  35. May A Judge Accept Campaign Contributions ?

  36. Florida Courthouse Shooting Spree Sentence

  37. Invasion Of Privacy Suit Against An Author

  38. Docket Fee Tax To Be Used For A Law Library

  39. Waiver Of The Right To A Penalty-Phase Jury

  40. Partisan Supreme Court Decisions In Florida

  41. Castle Doctrine Jury Instruction In Florida

  42. Contesting Personal Jurisdiction In Florida

  43. Florida Statute Chapter 400 Section 400.023

  44. Suing The Gun Industry For Sniper Shootings

  45. Can Prosecutor's Comments Cause A New Trial ?

  46. Are Autopsy Photographs Admissible In Court ?

  47. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''User Fees'' ?

  48. Strickland Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel

  49. Contact Between The Judge And The Prosecutor

  50. Scope Of Review In Judicial Misconduct Cases

  51. What Does The Strickland Standard Deal With ?

  52. Are Emotional Displays Grounds For A Retrial ?

  53. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Conviction'' ?

  54. Arrest Of A Juvenile Following His Confession

  55. Violation Of Florida Rules 4-1.1 And 4-1.7(B)

  56. Case Involving Shooting At Florida Courthouse

  57. Amendment To Florida Criminal Procedure 3.850

  58. Expert Testimony Knowledge About DNA Database

  59. Special Verdict Form Case Examples In Florida

  60. Request For Severance Of Counts On Indictment

  61. What Does ''Subject Matter Jurisdiction'' Mean ?

  62. Section 924.34 Florida Statutes Interpretation

  63. Cases About Severance Of Defendants In Florida

  64. Florida Statute Section 733.710 Interpretation

  65. Due Process Challenge To Section 960.293(2)(B)

  66. Racial Bias In The Imposition Of Death Penalty

  67. Sanity Check At The Time Of A Criminal Offense

  68. Setting Bounds On Lawyers Premission To Appear

  69. The ''Reasonableness'' Test Of Judge's Discretion

  70. Lawsuit Concerning Bob Dylan's ''Hurricane'' song

  71. Investigator Testimony About Hit-And-Run Crimes

  72. Section 627.428 Florida Statutes Interpretation

  73. The 60-Day Window To Modify A Criminal Sentence

  74. Power To Appropriate State Funds Is Legislative

  75. Are Assessment Standards Same For All Property ?

  76. Case Involving Section 286.011 Florida Statutes

  77. Is Court Authorized To Rewrite A Ballot Summary ?

  78. Statutory Mental Health Mitigating Circumstances

  79. Is Suppression Hearing Crucial Stage Of A Trial ?

  80. Passive Appreciation Marital Property In Florida

  81. Shot After Witnessing His Roommate Being Stabbed

  82. Death Sentence After Firing Penalty Phase Lawyer

  83. Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Drug Trafficking

  84. Who Has The Burden Of Proof In Entrapment Cases ?

  85. Section 48.193 Florida Statutes - Interpretation

  86. Court Denies Relief As Scoresheet Error Harmless

  87. Judge Involved In Plea Negotiations Consequences

  88. Cases Involving Section 627.428 Florida Statutes

  89. Florida Impact Rule In Medical Malpractice Cases

  90. Can A Comptroller Refuse To Disburse Road Funds ?

  91. State Not Immune From Suit For Breach Of Contact

  92. What Is The Basis For Granting Certiorari Review ?

  93. Rule 3.202 Interpretation - Discovery Obligations

  94. Case About Presumption Of Judicial Vindictiveness

  95. Are Prior Sex Crimes Admissible In A Murder Case ?

  96. Conditions When Sentences Are To Run Concurrently

  97. Can Commercial Fishermen Sue For Water Pollution ?

  98. Florida Rule 3.050 Could Be Applied To Rule 3.800

  99. Criminal Cases Involving Execution-Style Killings

  100. Fee Provisions In A Property Settlement Agreement

  101. Section 119.011 Florida Statutes - Public Records

  102. What Agreements Are Known As Coblentz Agreements ?

  103. Who Pays The Litigation Expenses FIGA Or Insurer ?

  104. Motion In Arrest Of Judgment - Vehicular Homicide

  105. No Compensation For Trees That Had No Market Value

  106. Denial Of An Evidentiary Hearing In A Capital Case

  107. Suppression Of Favorable Evidence To The Defendant

  108. The Standard Of Materiality Governing Brady Claims

  109. Dismissal Of ''Anti-Death Penalty'' Potential Jurors

  110. What Are ''Cunningham Agreements'' Under Florida Law ?

  111. Criminal Cases Involving Killing The ''Wrong'' Person

  112. Can You Detain Children For Shoplifting In Florida ?

  113. Consequences Of Erroneous Jury Readback Instruction

  114. ''Pattern Of Racketeering Activity'' Legal Definition

  115. Why An Unconstitutionally Vague Statue Is Held Void

  116. Required Conditions For A Death Sentence In Florida

  117. Courts Declaring Void The Action Of The Legislature

  118. Is A Testimony Giving An Opinion Of Guilt Improper ?

  119. Defamatory Statements In A Chat Room In Florida Law

  120. Imposing The Duty To Maintain Existing Streetlights

  121. Reasons For The Motion To Disqualify Being Untimely

  122. Most Aggravated And Least Mitigated - Death Penalty

  123. What 4 Things Are Included In The Miranda Warnings ?

  124. Death Penalty For Stabbing Wife To Death In Florida

  125. Death Penalty Despite Extreme Emotional Disturbance

  126. Neuropsychologist's Competency To Testify In Florida

  127. Can An Arbitrator Decide The Legality Of A Contract ?

  128. Expediting Resolution Of Difficult Adoption Disputes

  129. Section 766.106 Florida Statutes - Screening Process

  130. What Are The 3 Components Of A True Brady Violation ?

  131. Conditions Of Exception To The Rule Of Sequestration

  132. May Contributions Come From Ad Valorem Tax Revenues ?

  133. What Is The Relevance Of The Victim Impact Evidence ?

  134. Did Destruction Of Evidence Result In Bodily Injury ?

  135. Examples Of Improper Remarks During Closing Argument

  136. Plea Bargain To A Sentence Not Authorized By Statute

  137. Examples Of Mitigating And Aggravating Circumstances

  138. The Use Of ''And/Or'' In Jury Instructions In Improper

  139. Case Involving 25% Contributorily Negligent In A Fire

  140. Disparate Sentencing In A Death Sentence Case Example

  141. Is Tax Exemption For A Public Housing Facility Valid ?

  142. Rejection Of Mitigating Factors In A Sentencing Order

  143. Proving The Similarity Of Factual Situations In Court

  144. Error To Treat An Arbitration Clause As Unenforceable

  145. Cases Dealing With Knock-And-Announce Rule In Florida

  146. Case Involving Accusation Of Cheating On The Bar Exam

  147. Can Police Officer Testify About Post-Arrest Silence ?

  148. What Power Does The Court Have To Grant Or Deny Bail ?

  149. Case Sealing With The ''Common Pocket Knife'' Exception

  150. Arrests Warrant After Arriving At The Wrong Courtroom

  151. Should The State Draft Trial Court's Sentencing Order ?

  152. Consequences Of Penalty Phase Conducted Without A Jury

  153. May Public Service Commission Calculate Gross Profits ?

  154. Does The Nature Of An Attempt Require Specific Intent ?

  155. Is Striking A Juror Solely On The Basis Of Race Legal ?

  156. Case Involving Murder Of Witness To A Crime In Florida

  157. Lawyer Disbarred In Two Different States - Readmission

  158. Encouraging A Murder By A Gesture Made By Co-Defendant

  159. Can Lawyer Assist Challenging The Method Of Execution ?

  160. What Does ''Sufficient Aggravating Circumstances'' Mean ?

  161. Lawsuits Against Tobacco Companies For Failure To Warn

  162. Refusing To Submit To A Hand Swab Gunshot Residue Test

  163. How Can An Errant Lawyer Become Fit For Reinstatement ?

  164. Pre-Hearing Discovery During Postconviction Proceedings

  165. Automatic Discharge Despite Post-Expiration Continuance

  166. Did State Withheld Police Investigative Notes Evidence ?

  167. Tobacco Ashes On Hands Could Be Confused With Gunpowder

  168. Amending A Complaint To Add Additional Party Defendants

  169. Search Warrant On Home Being Used For Gambling Purposes

  170. Can Prosecutor ''Inject'' Emotion And Fear Into The Jury ?

  171. Is Referring To A Defendant As A Prior Convict Harmful ?

  172. Deficits In Adaptive Functioning Of Criminal Defendants

  173. Is A Criminal Conviction Unsupported By Evidence Legal ?

  174. Fisherman's Lawsuit For Polluting The Water Example Case

  175. Court's Permission To Relocate Minor Children In Florida

  176. Violation Of Florida's Strip Search Statute Consequences

  177. Can Court Accept A Plea Over The Prosecutor's Objection ?

  178. Death Sentence For Stabbing A Woman During Home Burglary

  179. May Co-Defendant Decide Not To Testify In A Joint Trial ?

  180. Avoiding Calling Witnesses With Questionable Credibility

  181. Considering A Subsequent Crime As A Prior Violent Felony

  182. Consequences Of Absence Of A Lawyer After Been Requested

  183. Is A Hypnotically Induced Testimony Admissible In Court ?

  184. Improper Closing Arguments Of A Penalty Phase In Florida

  185. Public Reprimand For Judges Due To Violation Of Conduct

  186. Are Autopsy Photographs Admissible As Evidence In Court ?

  187. What Constitutes A Direct Consequence Of A Plea Bargain ?

  188. Premeditated And Felony Murder Theories In An Indictment

  189. Examples Of Florida Disciplinary Actions Against Lawyers

  190. Grandparents Visitation Rights Vs Parents Privacy Rights

  191. Evidence Of ''Careful Plan Or Prearranged Design To Kill''

  192. Connecticut's Act Held In Violation Of Due Process Clause

  193. Example Of Failure To Instruct On Lesser-Included Offense

  194. When Does The Avoid Arrest Aggravator Apply To Witnesses ?

  195. Eligibility For Aggravating Circumstance Is Not Automatic

  196. Conqueences Of Ineffective Assistance Of Appellate Lawyer

  197. What Are The Available Sanctions Against A Sitting Judge ?

  198. Lawsuit About Birth Defects Caused By Birth Control Pills

  199. Have Courts Recognized Mental Illness A Bar To Execution ?

  200. A Wrong Move By The Judge Means Immunity For The Prisoner

  201. State Versus Court In A ''Prison Releasee Reoffender'' Case

  202. Case Involving Opportunity To Pursue Public Records Claim

  203. Insufficient Proof Of Ownership Of A Burglarized Property

  204. Is A Suicide Attempt Indicate Incompetent To Stand Trial ?

  205. Why Did The Court Find The Impact Fee Ordinance Defective

  206. Kidnapping Charge Although Victim Initially ''Went Freely''

  207. Case Involving An Ample Opportunity To Release The Victim

  208. Example Case In Which Medical Testimony Was Not Necessary

  209. Can Court Order A Minor To Pay Restitution To The Victim ?

  210. Is It Appropriate To Impeach A Witness For Lack Of Memory ?

  211. Marital Status Discrimination Based On Actions Of A Spouse

  212. Transmitting Arrest Warrant To Another County Consequences

  213. What Is The Purpose Of A Presentence Investigation Report ?

  214. Can Changed Testimony Be Considered A Discovery Violation ?

  215. Florida Rule Of Criminal Procedure And A Motion To Dismiss

  216. Prosecutor Referred To The Jury Speaking For The Community

  217. Is An Individulalized Decision Essential In Capital Cases ?

  218. Should Juries Be Informed Of Previously Imposed Sentences ?

  219. Can The Case Of Espinosa V. Florida Applied Retroactively ?

  220. Unexplained Possession Of Recently Stolen Goods In Florida

  221. Can A Trial Judge Refuse To Answer Jury Questions Of Fact ?

  222. What Happens If A Trial Judge Erroneously Admits Evidence ?

  223. Confession Of A Defendant Who Could Not Afford An Attorney

  224. Lawsuit For Breaching The Duty In Marking A Dangerous Area

  225. Discharging Court-Appointed Lawyer Before The Trial Begins

  226. Lawyer Did Not Make Preparation For A Trial - Consequences

  227. Waiver Of Presentation Of Mitigation Before Death Sentence

  228. Can Past Misconduct Be Used In An Employee Discharge Case ?

  229. Oil Spills Violate The Commercial Fishermen's Right To Fish

  230. Prosecutor Misstated The Law With Regard To The Jury's Role

  231. Is Being On Parole A Motive For Murdering A Police Officer ?

  232. Tax Exemption For City Low-Rent Housing Property In Florida

  233. May A Standby Counsel Participate In The Trial Proceedings ?

  234. Case Dealing With Capital Crime While Being High On Cocaine

  235. Is A Gift Of Homestead Property Protected From Forced Sale ?

  236. Criminal Case Involving Use Of ''Christian Burial'' Technique

  237. Witnesses Not Available During A Hearing To Reduce Sentence

  238. Improper Comments By The Prosecutor During Closing Argument

  239. Is Police Barging Into Person's Home Without Knocking Legal ?

  240. Alleged Lawyer's Failure To Represent In Death Penalty Cases

  241. Case Involving Rehearsing A Murder By Practicing Choke Holds

  242. Statute Of Limitations When Filing A Claim Against An Estate

  243. Statutory And Nonstatutory Mitigators When Officer Is Killed

  244. Can Police Search For Drugs On Buses During Scheduled Stops ?

  245. Do Senior Judge Assignments Requires Approval By Local Rule ?

  246. Can A Warrantless Entry Be Made By The Police To Save Lives ?

  247. Evaluating A Claim Of Conflict Of Interest Of A Trial Lawyer

  248. ''Governmental-Governmental'' Test To Invalidate Tax Exemption

  249. Rule 1.442 Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure - Interpretation

  250. Insurance Carrier Accountable For Worker's Compensation Claim

  251. Jury's Verdict Based Not On Elements That Were Never At Issue

  252. Can Phone Calls While In Police Custody Incriminate A Person ?

  253. A Witness May Be Cross-Examined And Impeached By Either Party

  254. Case Involving No Preparation By Lawyer For The Penalty Phase

  255. Long-Arm Jurisdiction Over A Nonresident Defendant In Florida

  256. May Lawyers Be Disciplined For Private Misconduct In Florida ?

  257. Case Involving Each Gunshot Constituted A Separate Occurrence

  258. Case Involving Murder During Flight From An Attempted Robbery

  259. Motion To Suppress Confession Because Of An Illegal Detention

  260. Case Involving A ''Consensual Encounter'' With A Police Officer

  261. What Impact Rule Is Applicable To The Tort Of Wrongful Birth ?

  262. Awarding Additional Attorneys Fees For Post-Judgment Services

  263. Case Dealing With Imposing A Death Sentence To A Co-Defendant

  264. Not Informing A Suspect That He Was Not Actually Under Arrest

  265. Death Penalty For Bludgeoning A Person To Death With A Hammer

  266. What Constitues A Criminal Enterprise Under The RICO Statute ?

  267. Capias For Arrest For Not Appearing In A Pre-Trial Conference

  268. Requesting A Mistrial Because Jurors Seen Defendant In Chains

  269. Inability To Appreciate The Criminality Of Defendant's Conduct

  270. Defendant's Shackling In The Presence Of The Jury Consequences

  271. Manufacturer's Duty To Possess Expert Knowledge Of Its Product

  272. Can Court Uphold Death Sentence Based On Only Two Aggravators ?

  273. Department Rules Regarding Discipline And Gain Time Forfeiture

  274. Premeditation May Be Inferred Based On Circumstantial Evidence

  275. What Happens If A Petitioner Is Deemed Insolvent By The Court ?

  276. Police Not Telling A Suspect He Was Free To Leave Consequences

  277. Examples Of Circumstances That Might Indicate A Police Seizure

  278. Sentencing Under The Prison Releasee Reoffender Punishment Act

  279. Case Dealing With Extreme Mental Disturbance Mitigating Factor

  280. Can A Prosecutor Say That In His Opinion ''Evidence Is Strong'' ?

  281. Court's Proportionality Review To Prevent ''Unusual'' Punishments

  282. Indigent Parents Alleging That Appointed Lawyer Was Ineffective

  283. The Second Step Of DNA Analysis Process Must Meet The Frye Test

  284. What Are The Requirements To Establish The Crime Of Felony DUI ?

  285. Difference Between Post Conviction Motions And Civil Complaints

  286. When Can A Single Crime Committed Warrant Separate Pinishments ?

  287. Should A School Impact Fee Be Imposed On Adult-Only Facilities ?

  288. Expert Testimony That Coal Tar Could Have Caused Neuroblastomas

  289. Does A Victim Impact Testimony Have To Be Objected To At Trial ?

  290. Case Involving Not Sufficient Evidence Of Attempted Trafficking

  291. Trial Court's Obligation Regarding Claims Of Incompetent Counsel

  292. May A Trial Judge Form A Fixed Opinion Of The Defendant's Guilt ?

  293. Criminal Defendant's Choice Not To Be Advised By Standby Counsel

  294. Is It Possible To Overrule A Prior Decisions Of A Supreme Court ?

  295. Should Evidence Seized During An Erroneous Arrest Be Suppressed ?

  296. Mental And Emotional Maturity To Take Responsibility For Murders

  297. The Legislature Has Exempted Itself From The 75-Word Restriction

  298. Is Probation Equivalent To Being Under Sentence Of Imprisonment ?

  299. Confidentiality In Judicial Discipline Investigations In Florida

  300. Is Contraband Seized In An Inventory Search Admissible In Court ?

  301. Juror Who Unequivocally Stated That He Would Not Recommend Mercy

  302. A Felony Murder Charge Need Not Always Be Independant Of Killing

  303. Can Police Randomly Stop Cars To Check License And Registration ?

  304. Method-Of-Execution (Lethal Injection) Constitutional Challenges

  305. Medical Malpractice Suit For Brain Damage After Brain Operations

  306. Lawyer's Failure To Present Abusive Childhood Mitigating Evidence

  307. Tests Applied When Considering Dismissal For Failure To Prosecute

  308. Presumption Of Judicial Regularity Is Fundamental To Bench Trials

  309. Are Records Kept By Persons In Public Office Admissible In Court ?

  310. When Can A Defendant Invoke His Fifth Amendment Right To Counsel ?

  311. Can A Final Divorce Decree (Providing Child Custody) Be Modified ?

  312. Vague Description Of An Aggravating Circumstance Makes It Invalid

  313. Application Of HAC Justified Even If Victim Alive For Few Seconds

  314. Requests To Dismiss A Lawyer On Direct Appeal Of A Death Sentence

  315. Should Savings And Investment Funds Be Used In Alimony Valuation ?

  316. Does The Freedom Of Choice Concerning Abortion Extends To Minors ?

  317. Trial Judge Needs Only Answer Jury Questions Of Law - Not Of Fact

  318. When Does A Permissive Lesser Included Offense Exists In Florida ?

  319. Can Cruises Within Us Territorial Waters Engage In Foreign Trade ?

  320. Can A Trial Court Refuse To Consider Relevant Mitigating Factors ?

  321. Construing Constitutional Provisions Addressing A Similar Subject

  322. Exception To The Rule That Jeopardy Does Not Attach In A Mistrial

  323. Lawsuit For Alleged Unauthorized Publication Of A Name In Florida

  324. Lawsuit For Breaching Duty To Supply Water Causing Fire To Spread

  325. Petition For Writ Of Mandamus Challenging Forfeiture Of Gain Time

  326. What Are The Available Damages For False Imprisonment In Florida ?

  327. Lawyer's Failure To Present Defendant's History Of Substance Abuse

  328. Delaying Child Relocation Request Until He Reaches 5 Years Of Age

  329. Case Involving Argument About Child Support Before Killing Ex Wife

  330. What Does A Defendant Need To Show To Establish A Brady Violation ?

  331. Legislature Does Not Intend For A Statute To Change The Common Law

  332. Can A Florida Jury Recommend Death Sentence By Bare Majority Vote ?

  333. Preponderance Of The Evidence - Voluntariness Of Consent To Search

  334. Does An Ineffective Lawyer Change The Result In The Penalty Phase ?

  335. Florida Rule Of Criminal Procedure Rule 3.172(C)(8) Interpretation

  336. Mortgage Debt Before Marriage Paid From Marital Funds Consequences

  337. Request For Public Records After The Death Warrant Has Been Signed

  338. Water Rot Insurance Due To Faulty Installation Or Design Of A Roof

  339. Intentional Cruelty Towards Animals Considered Third Degree Felony

  340. Did ''Antagonistic'' Defenses Of Co-Defendants Make An Unfair Trial ?

  341. Should Utility Services Be Charged A Flat Rate Or A Variable Rate ?

  342. Consequences Of Amendments To Florida Rules Of Appellate Procedure

  343. Refusal To Permit To Cross-Examine A Witness Deprived A Fair Trial

  344. Does Property Transfer Entail Burden Of Mortgage Transfer With It ?

  345. Is It Legal To Own Computer Files Of Child Pornography In Florida ?

  346. Does A Nolo Contendere Plea By A Defendant Lead To His Conviction ?

  347. Long-Term Exposure To Asbestos And Evidence Of Causal Relationship

  348. Appealing Revoked Individual License Due To Medical Neglect Charge

  349. When Does An Otherwise Concensual Encounter Mature Into A Seizure ?

  350. A Case Of Intentionally Delayed Administration Of Miranda Warnings

  351. Suspension Of Attorney Due To Addiction And Trafficking Of Cocaine

  352. Suppression Of Inculpatory Statements After Waiving Miranda Rights

  353. Consequence Of Insured's Failure To Attend At A Medical Examination

  354. Doctor's Advise Regarding Asbestos Dust And Serious Health Symptoms

  355. When Are A Victim's Statements Of Fear Of The Defendant Admissible ?

  356. Case Involving Florida Judge Removal For Abusing His Judicial Power

  357. Failure Of Trial Court To Instruct On Necessary Elements Of Robbery

  358. Not Knowing About The Presence Of Drugs Found In A Car As A Defence

  359. Eyewitness Testimony On Presence At The Actual Time Of The A Murder

  360. Is Miranda Warning Required Prior To Testimony Before A Grand Jury ?

  361. Can Bar Use Compulsory Membership Dues To Fund Lobbying Activities ?

  362. Setoff Request When The Settling Defendant Is Found To Be 0% Liable

  363. Does An Attempt To Commit Murder Require A Specific Intent To Kill ?

  364. The History Leading To The Current Definition Of Mental Retardation

  365. Case Dealing With Planning To Kill The Victims Prior To An Argument

  366. Case Dealing With Murder Arising From A Domestic Dispute In Florida

  367. Extent Of Jury's Discretion In Decisions On Parole On Life Sentences

  368. Why Is Clarification Of A Statute To Be Followed By It's Application

  369. Examination Of The Reasonableness Of An Insured's Conduct In Florida

  370. Petition For Validation Of Bonds And Revenue Certificates In Florida

  371. The Trial Courts Denial Of Defendants Request Was A Reversible Error

  372. Two Offenses Of Theft Considered Degree Variants Of The Core Offense

  373. Are Attempted Homicide And Aggravated Battery Separately Punishable ?

  374. Challenging The Qualification Of An Expert In Blood-Spatter Evidence

  375. Insurance Policy Exclusions For Bodily Injury Arising Out Of Product

  376. Racketeering Activity Extending Over A Period Of 4 Months In Florida

  377. Testimony About Statements That Were Not Mentioned During Deposition

  378. Impeaching A Jury Verdict For Alleged Juror Misconduct After 9 Years

  379. Can An Individual Be Detained Indefinitely Based On A Probate Cause ?

  380. Is Probation The Equivalent To Being Under Sentence Of Imprisonment ?

  381. Clerk's Time Stamp As Evidence That Notice Of Appeal Was Timely Filed

  382. Death-Penalty Defendant's Waiver Of Further Attacks On His Conviction

  383. Can Strategic Decisions Constitute Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel ?

  384. Disagreement With A Legal Holding Of Itself Is Not Evidence Of Malice

  385. Speedy Resolution Of Fraudulent Inducement Claims Through Arbitration

  386. Case Involving Firing Bullets Into Human Lying Helpless On The Ground

  387. Case Involving Ruthlessness In Which Murders Are Planned And Executed

  388. Evidentiary Hearing Before Placing A Child Into Residential Treatment

  389. A Judge Used Extrarecord Materials To Personally Attack Another Judge

  390. Cases Involving Discipline Imposed For Improper Attorney Solicitation

  391. Does Prison Litigation Reform Act Apply To Habeas Corpus Proceedings ?

  392. ''Excess'' And ''Primary'' Carrier Status Accorded To Insurance Companies

  393. When Can A Defendant's Behavior Be Considered Circumstantial Evidence ?

  394. Do Anti-Nepotism Policies Discriminate On The Basis Of Marital Status ?

  395. What Is The Legal Defination Of ''Attempt'' As Established By The Court ?

  396. Case Involving Expert Testimony Based On A Misunderstanding Of The Law

  397. Case About Constitutional Guarantee Not To Be Twice Placed In Jeopardy

  398. A Trial Judge Is Trained To Not Be Prejudiced By Inadmissible Evidence

  399. Can Withdrawl And Substitution Of Lawyer Dismiss Failure To Prosecute ?

  400. Does Meritless Issue Render Appellate Lawyer's Performance Ineffective ?

  401. Trial Lawyer's Failure To Unearth Mitigating Evidence During Sentencing

  402. Is A Police Pat Down Search Based On An Anonymous Phone Call Tip Legal ?

  403. Employer Responsibility Regarding Employee Exposure To Toxic Substances

  404. Insured Opts To Purchase Medpay Benefits To Supplement The Pip Coverage

  405. Lawyer Admitted Himself Into Rehab Got Suspension Instead Of Disbarment

  406. Defamation Actions Against Non-Media Speakers And Publishers In Florida

  407. A Statute Alocating A Portion Of The Filing Fee To A County Law Library

  408. Standing To Challenge The Constitutionality Of An Automobile Impact Fee

  409. Constitutional Obligation Of The State To Disclose Exculpatory Evidence

  410. Appealing Motor Vehicle Warranty Arbitration Results In A Trial De Novo

  411. Is The Standard Jury Instruction Sufficent In Cases Involving Insanity ?

  412. Is An Accusation Of Carrying Drugs Coupled With Miranda Warnings Legal ?

  413. What Is The Procedure If Presentation Of Mitigating Evidence Is Waived ?

  414. What Happens If A Defendant Declines To Be A Witness In His Own Behalf ?

  415. What Is The Procedure For Trial Of A Defendant Charged With Felony DUI ?

  416. Can The Court Refuse To Accept Further Filings From A Litigious Inmate ?

  417. Undisputed Facts And The Court's Ruling In Cases Of Wrongful Death Suits

  418. Is Court's Failure To Hold A Richardson Hearing Per Se Reversible Error ?

  419. Trial Judge's Ability To Filter The Evidence Considered For His Decision

  420. Case Involving Breaking And Entering With Intent To Commit Grand Larceny

  421. Are Things Said During Plea Negotiation Admissible As Evidence In Court ?

  422. Do Corporations Required To Be Represented By A Lawyer In Circuit Court ?

  423. Attempted Trafficking Conviction Despite The Absence Of Any Actual Drugs

  424. Can You Sue Damages For Water Pollution That Killed The Fish In A River ?

  425. A Free-To-Leave Inquiry Reveals Whether The Person Questioned Was Seized

  426. What Happens If You Are Sentenced Under An Invalid Sentencing Guideline ?

  427. Capital Defendants Have No Constitutional Right To Postconviction Lawyer

  428. Can A Criminal Defendant Represented By A Counsel File A Motion Himself ?

  429. Consideration Of Relative Culpability Of Co-Defendants In A Capital Case

  430. Is Prolonged Stay On Death Row Constitutes Cruel And Unusual Punishment ?

  431. Is A Change Of Venue Required Because Of Prejudice In The Proper County ?

  432. Trial Lawyer's Failure To Investigate Defendant's Alleged Childhood Abuse

  433. Rule 3.850 Provides A Time Period After Which Petitions May Not Be Filed

  434. Intent To Deceive Element Different From General Intent To Commit An Act

  435. Can A Court Impose A Higher Sentence Than Allowed By 'Statutory Maximum' ?

  436. Criminal Defendant's Physical And Psychological Abuse When He Was A Child

  437. Can An Attorney Be Disbarred When Mitigating Factors Are Common Problems ?

  438. Is It Legal To Execute A Person Who Becomes Incompetent After Conviction ?

  439. Definition Of 'Conviction' According To Florida Rule Of Criminal Procedure

  440. Is A Bill Containing One Subject In The Title, But Two In The Body Valid ?

  441. Unawareness Of The Immigration Consequences At The Time Of A Plea Bargain

  442. Court Testimony About The Color Of Stains And Their Relationship To Blood

  443. Is The Sole Act Of Siphoning Gasoline From A Car Burglary Or Petit Theft ?

  444. Requirement Of Written Orders Before Oral Pronouncement Of Death Sentence

  445. Can Legislature Impose Procedural Limitations On Habeas Corpus Petitions ?

  446. Imposing A Death Sentence Without Considering Non-Statutory Mitigation In

  447. Should A Trial Judge Participate In A Plea Bargain Agreement Discussions ?

  448. Placing A Suspect In A Room Which Contained Evidence Relating To A Murder

  449. Is Rejection Of Votes From Legal Voters Insufficient To Void An Election ?

  450. Can A Judge Be Disqualified On Basis Of Undue Bias Prejudice Or Sympathy ?

  451. The Test In Determining Whether Trial Error In A Criminal Case Is Harmful

  452. Case Involving A Prosecutor Who Had Ex Parte Communication With The Judge

  453. Implications Of Error That Is Proven Harmless By The State On The Verdict

  454. Guidelines To Propriety Of Inquiry Into Matters Occurring In The Jury Room

  455. States Burden Of Proof When A Case Involves Premeditated And Felony Murder

  456. Consequences Of Faliure Of Defendant In Providing Specific Legal Argument

  457. Is Proving Premeditation Of Murder Using Circumstantial Evidence Possible ?

  458. What Is Considered A ''fUndamental Error'' In The Context Of Trial Comments ?

  459. Do Photographs From Prior Felony Hold Probative Value In A Criminal Case ?

  460. Not Calling A Witness Who Could Have Contradicted The Timing Of The Murder

  461. A Trial Judge Is Capable To Disregard Known Facts In Reaching His Decision

  462. Should Antenuptial Agreements Be Held To Be Void On Public Policy Grounds ?

  463. Lawyer's Misconduct During Pretrial Discovery In A Medical Malpractice Case

  464. Penalty For A Judge Attempting To Keep Fee For Himself Rather Than His Firm

  465. Florida JQC In A Position To Evaluate The Testimony And Evidence First-Hand

  466. When Can An Attorney Avoid Disbarment In A Conversion Of Client Funds Case ?

  467. Is A Constitutional Challenge Raised For The First Time On Appeal Possible ?

  468. Should A Judge Have A Limited Participation In The Plea Bargaining Process ?

  469. Equitable Estoppel Approved By Court As A Bar To The Statute Of Limitations

  470. What Is The Procedure For Curing Laws That Violate The Single Subject Rule ?

  471. Lawsuit For Over-Distribution Of Firearms And Flooding The Market With Guns

  472. Proving That Criminal Defendant Agreed To His Lawyers Strategy During Trial

  473. Can Post-Conviction Relief Motion Be Denied Without An Evidentiary Hearing ?

  474. Consequences In The Appellate Court If The Appellent Disobeys A Trial Court

  475. Can Jury Read-Back Request Indicate Inability To Resolve Serious Questions ?

  476. Can An Injured Party Directly Pursue A Claim Against Underinsured Motorist ?

  477. Malpractice Lawsuit Against Hospital For Leaving A Pad Inside Patient's Body

  478. Can A Govt Entity Indemnify Another Govt Entity For The Second's Negligence ?

  479. Are Evidence About Defendant's Character Admissible At The Sentencing Stage ?

  480. The Necessity To Consider The Totality Of Circumstances In Each Capital Case

  481. Insurance Policy Against Collapse Of A Wall Because Of Defective Workmanship

  482. Injured Employee To Get Medical Treatment At The Expense Of Employer-Carrier

  483. Personal Jurisdiction On Defamatory Phone Calls By A Non-Resident In Florida

  484. Can Proven Intent For Felony Murder Be Extended To Attempted Felony Murder ?

  485. Death Sentence Even In Light Of The ''Avoid Arrest'' Aggravator Being Stricken

  486. Psychotherapist Testimony About The Mental Condition At The Time Of A Murder

  487. Can A Witness Offer His Personal View On The Credibility Of Another Witness ?

  488. Section 943.0435 Florida Statutes - Sexual Offender Registration Requirement

  489. State Law Malpractice Suit Based On Mixed Eligibility And Treatment Decision

  490. Unreasonable Refusal Of An Insured Person To Submit To A Medical Examination

  491. Can Prosecutor Tell Jury That It Is ''Their Duty'' To Impose A Death Sentence ?

  492. Court Declining To Give Standard Instructions On Statutory Mental Mitigators

  493. Are Legislative Findings And Declarations Of Policy Binding Upon The Courts ?

  494. Quashing A Discovery Order Which Compelled Production Of Insurer's Legal File

  495. State's Duty To Notify The Defendant Of Changes In The Statement Of A Witness

  496. Case Involving State's Failure To Disclose Evidence From A Crime Scene Photos

  497. Can A Detective Testify As An Expert About Sexual Battery In A Homicide Case ?

  498. Death Sentence For Burglary Sexual Battery And First-Degree Murder In Florida

  499. Failure To Instruct The Jury On 1 Element Of The Offense Charged Consequences

  500. Court Statement Admissible For One Purpose - Inadmissible For Another Purpose

  501. The Sixty-Day Limit For Challenging A Decision Of The Board Of Tax Adjustment

  502. Regulating Insurance For Commercial And Private Vehicles As Regards Liability

  503. Restitution May Include Elements Of Damages Not Recoverable In A Civil Action

  504. Duty Of A Lawyer To Object To Improper Comments Made During Closing Arguments

  505. According Weight To A Mitigating Circumstance That Is Supported By The Record

  506. Life Sentence Fot Monetary Fraud But Eligibility For Parole Differs In States

  507. Three Provisions Of The Medical Malpractice Act That Discuss Economic Damages

  508. When Can A Juvenile Be Placed On Community Control For A Long Period Of Time ?

  509. A Petition Will Be Invalidated As Misleading If Terms Are Not Defined Clearly

  510. Challenging Victim Injury Points At Resentencing Upon Revocation Of Probation

  511. Defendant's Motion To Interview The Jurors For Certain Misconduct During Trial

  512. What Happens When A Conviction May Have Rested On A Legally Inadequate Theory ?

  513. Framework Provided By The Court Whether Provisions Of A Statute Can Be Severed

  514. Expressing Dissatisfaction With Lawyer In A Petition For Writ Of Habeas Corpus

  515. New Trial Due To Prosecutional Misconduct Subsequently Known As ''Huff Hearing''

  516. Could Suggesting Return Of Stolen Property Result In An Involuntary Confession

  517. Proposed Amendment Form Challenge Must Be Made Before The Amendment Is Adopted

  518. Is A Mere Change Of Mind Sufficient Basis For Setting Aside A Previous Waiver ?

  519. Do Officers Of Executive Department Meet Criterion For Public Funds Exception ?

  520. What Is The Occupancy Status Of A Claimant Who Is Thrown From A Motor Vehicle ?

  521. Can The State Be Held Liable For Outcomes Of Swimming Activities By Residents ?

  522. A Knife With A Blade Of Four Inches Or Less Is Considered A Common Pocketknife

  523. Logic Behind Determining Whether A Crime Has Specific Intent Or General Intent

  524. Firm Lawyer Suspension For Operating His Own Separate Professional Association

  525. Sequential Convictions As Basis For Enhanced Sentencing For Habitual Criminals

  526. Can Jury Draw An Inference Of Guilt From Defendant's Silence When He Testifies ?

  527. Can An Investigation Into Juror Behavior After The Verdict Reverse The Verdict ?

  528. Is The Defendant Given Credit For Time Served In Jail Following His Sentencing ?

  529. Assistance Provided Without Personal Or Political Influence Must Be Compensated

  530. Trial Judge Must Consider All Possible Alternatives Before Declaring A Mistrial

  531. Can The States And Private Parties Assert Jurisdiction Over Foreign Defendants ?

  532. The Application Of The Exclusionary Rule To Errors Committed By Court Personnel

  533. What Is The Procedure That Must Be Followed For Challenging Peremptory Strikes ?

  534. Sentence Reversed As Jury Rendered Single Undifferentiated Death Recommendation

  535. What Is The Detention Time Period For A Juvenile Prior To His Judicial Hearing ?

  536. Does The Termination Of Parental Rights Violate The Parents' Due Process Rights ?

  537. Can Parties Be Forced To Submit To Arbitration If They Have Not Agreed To Do So ?

  538. Does A No Contest Plea Mean Prior Conviction For Purposes Of Capital Sentencing ?

  539. Are City Vehicles Insured If They Do Not Obtain A Certificate Of Self-Insurance ?

  540. Can The Court Refuse To Consider Relevant Mitigating Factors As A Matter Of Law ?

  541. The Existence Of Actual Drugs Is Not Necessary To Convict For Attempt To Traffic

  542. Can A Statute Enacted After Commission Of Charged Offense Applied Retroactively ?

  543. An Argument That A Lawyer Should Have Cross-Examined A Witness On Certain Issues

  544. Do Time Limitations In Juvenile Proceedings Apply To Adult Criminal Proceedings ?

  545. Prejudgment Interest From The Date Of The Loss Or The Accrual Of Cause Of Action

  546. Good Cause Show And Record Activity As Steps For Dismissal For Lack To Prosecute

  547. Is The ''Standing Train Doctrine'' Applicable To Accidents Involving Moving Trains ?

  548. Difference Between Completed Crime Of Sexual Assault And Attempted Sexual Assault

  549. Request To Instruct The Jury About The Duty To Prove Knowledge Of Drug Possession

  550. Is Failure To Instruct Jury On Necessary Elements Of Robbery A Fundatental Error ?

  551. Is Evidence Of A Prior Felony Admissible During Penelty Phase Of A Capital Trial ?

  552. What Disciplinary Action Can Be Taken Against A Lawyer For Improper Solicitation ?

  553. Is The Award For Loss Of Earning Capacity Available Under The Wrongful Death Act ?

  554. When Withholding Information Regarding Hazards Is Considered An Intentional Tort ?

  555. Do Juveniles Sentenced As Adults In Criminal Court Have Rights Similar To Adults ?

  556. Testimony Of The Lawyer Established Inadequacy Of His Own Advice To The Defendant

  557. Can Judge Allow Limited Pre-Hearing Discovery During Post-Conviction Proceedings ?

  558. Have Florida's Lethal Injection Procedures Been Repeatedly And Summarily Rejected ?

  559. Trade Libel Lawsuit Arising From Statements Made On A Website Disparaging Products

  560. Murder Conviction Reversed Because Of Exclusion Of Black Population From Jury Pool

  561. In Which Situations Testimonial Hearsay Does Not Violate The Confrontation Clause ?

  562. Specific Written Guidelines With Regard To Refrigeration Of Blood Samples Evidence

  563. Are Local Ordinances Imposing Mandatory Fees For Utility Services Upheld By Court ?

  564. Authority Of Government To Regulate Wearing All Or Part Of Armed Services Uniforms

  565. Should The Sentence For Murder Conviction Be Enhanced Due To The Use Of A Firearm ?

  566. Proposal For Settlement Shall State The Amount And Terms Attributable To Each Party

  567. Is There A Provision To Determine The 'Dangerousness' Of A Defendant To The Society ?

  568. Lawyer Did Not Have A Reasonable Basis To Stipulate To The Removal Potential Jurors

  569. The View Of The Court On The Divergent Factors Between A Bench Trial And Jury Trial

  570. Can A Taxpayer Be Charged A Civil Penalty For Filing A Frivolous Income Tax Return ?

  571. Can A Jury Award Less Than The Value Stated By An Expert In An Eminent Domain Case ?

  572. The Court Citied To Faison As Support For Upholding A False Imprisonment Conviction

  573. Can Grandparents Be Awarded Visitation Rights When One Of The Natural Parents Dies ?

  574. Does Offensive Of Sexual Touchings State A Cause Of Action For Invasion Of Privacy ?

  575. Does The State Regulation Affecting Foreign Commerce Violate The Commerce Clause ?

  576. Is The Admissibility Of Other Crimes Evidence Limited To Crimes With Similar Facts ?

  577. Tort-Feasor's Sovereign Immunity Defense To Claims In Excess Of $ 100,000 Per Person

  578. HAC Erroneously Applied Despite Overwhelming Evidence of the Defendant's Involvement

  579. The Trial Court Excuses Juror When She Stated That She Did Not Support Death Penalty

  580. Offenses Committed Pursuant To The Same Charges May Be Joined In A Single Indictment

  581. What Is The Procedure Of Contentions That Court-Appointed Attorneys Are Incompetent ?

  582. Reservation Of Jurisdiction To Award Prejudgment Interest When Judgment Is Not Final

  583. Incriminating Statements Elicited Outside Presence Of Lawyer Not Admissible In Court

  584. Prison Sentence Invalidated By Supreme Court For Being Disproportionate To The Crime

  585. What Is The Provision Of Fourth Amendment Law Governing The Abandonment Of Property ?

  586. Filing Criminal Charging Documents 2 Days After The Expiration Of The Default Period

  587. Is Testimony About Past Crimes For Which The Defendant Was Not Convicted Admissible ?

  588. Are Mental Defects Admissible Although Defendant Does Not Raise An Insanity Defense ?

  589. A Court Is Limited To Determining The Legal Sufficiency Of A Motion To Disqualify It

  590. Can Court Force A Defendant To Present Mitigating Evidence During The Penalty Phase ?

  591. Can An Attorney Witness Be Granted Statutory Immunity From Disciplinary Proceedings ?

  592. When Do Acts Involving Fraudulant Investiment Activities Be Considered Racketeering ?

  593. Documents Are Not Rendered Admissible Merely Because They Are Part Of The Court File

  594. Which Court Sets Specific Rules As To Who Should Be Classified As Mentally Retarted ?

  595. Court Approved Three-Year Suspension And Warned Disbarment For Theft From A Law Firm

  596. Elements Of Instructions On Trafficking Offences As Regards The Defendant's Knowledge

  597. Can The Insured Claim Compensation For Damages Due To Wrong Product Delivered By Him ?

  598. Are The Retailer And Manufacturer Liable For A Box Of Cereal Containing Live Insects ?

  599. A Defendant Possesses Great Control Over The Objectives And Content Of His Mitigation

  600. Can The Government Compel Testimony From An Unwilling Witness And Use It As Evidence ?

  601. Lawyer's Alleged Failure To Represent Raise The Admissibility Of An Expert's Testimony

  602. Car Accident Because A Downed Powerline Had Cut Off Electercity To The Traffic Signal

  603. Court To Consider All Sources Of Income Available To Either Party In Deciding Alimony

  604. Should The Defense Lawyer Make Efforts To Discover All Available Mitigating Evidence ?

  605. What Are The Factors That Should Be Evaluated When Awarding Fees Under Section 61.16 ?

  606. Allowing To Present Evidence During The Penalty Phase That No Sexual Battery Occurred

  607. Are Comments By Prosecution On The Defendant Amount To Evidence Or Fundamental Error ?

  608. Should The Motion To Disqualify Be Ruled On Immediately On Presentation To The Court ?

  609. The Planning Of A Murder Show That A Defendant Did Not Suffer From Mental Retardation

  610. In What Circumstances Can Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Be Presumed By The Court ?

  611. Does Failure To Define Element Of Malice Amount To Fundamental Error In Child Abuse ?

  612. What Is The Appropriate Punishment For An Attorney Engaged In Acts Of Client Neglect ?

  613. Can An Experienced Narcotics Officer Testify As An Expert In Identifying A Substance ?

  614. May A Judge Take Into Account His Own Observations Of The Defendant During The Trial ?

  615. Can The Court Reverse The Circuit Court's Order And Remand For An Evidentiary Hearing ?

  616. Does The Fourth Amentment's Exclusionary Rule Extend To Civil Deportation Proceedings ?

  617. Can Unemployment Compensation Benefits Be Denied When Termination Is Due To Tardiness ?

  618. Homestead Property Not An Asset Of Probate Estate Unless Clearly Specified In The Will

  619. Is Murder In The Course Of Felony Aggravator An Unconstitutional Automatic Aggravator ?

  620. Is A Sentence Of Imprisonment For A Term Of Years Greater Than Life Expectancy Lawful ?

  621. Signed Claim-Of-Rights Form Precluded Police From Questioning On Unrelated Allegations

  622. Is Minimum Sentencing In The Prison Releasee Reoffender Punishment Act Constitutional ?

  623. Circumstantial Evidence Sufficient To Support The Jury Verdict For Premeditated Murder

  624. Does Police Officer Agreeing To Make Cooperation Known Render A Confession Involuntary ?

  625. Determing Whether Rehabilitation Is Likely Based On Statutory Mental Mitigating Factors

  626. What Is The Difference Between ''Necessarily'' And ''Permissive'' Lesser Included Offenses ?

  627. Rule 1.420 Florida Rules Of Civil Procedure - Dismissing A Case For Lack Of Prosecution

  628. Does Sixth Amendment Error Require Retrial Even Though All Facts Not Presented To Jury ?

  629. Should The State Notify Defendants Of The Aggravating Factors That It Intends To Prove ?

  630. Consequence Of The Death Of A Party To Marriage Dissolution Case Before Final Judgement

  631. Trial Court Refused To Admit Evidence About Defendant's Domination By Another Individual

  632. Court's Explaination Of The Governing Principles Regarding Mistrials And Double Jeopardy

  633. Can A Sentence Be Considered Grossly Disproportionate To The Crime Based On It's Length ?

  634. Is A Statute Overbroad If In Its Reach It Prohibits Constitutionally Protected Conduct ?

  635. Unexplained Possession Of Goods Recently Stolen May Lead To Verdict Of Guilty Of Larceny

  636. Is Admitting Prior Testimony Of An Unavailable Witness Violate The Confrontation Clause ?

  637. Is There A Deadline For Asserting Claims Traditionally Remediable Through Habeas Corpus ?

  638. Once Sentence Imposed Defendant Cannot Be Re-Sentenced To A Greater Term Of Imprisonment

  639. Deduction From The Recovery Of The Value Of Economic Loss Benefits Payable In The Future

  640. Is Prosecutor's Authority To Select Who To Prosecute For Death Sentence Unconstitutional ?

  641. Defendant's Death Sentence Upheld Where Victim Had A Domestic Relationship With Defendant

  642. When Is The Plaintiff's Negligence The Sole Proximate Cause Of A Standing Train Accident ?

  643. Can A Parent On Behalf Of A Minor Child Enter Into Agreement To Waive The Child's Rights ?

  644. Should The Contingent Nature Of Representation Be Considered In Awarding Attorney's Fees ?

  645. Can Defendant Challenge The Inclusion Of Victim Injury Points In A Revocation Proceeding ?

  646. Court Debarred Attorney For Trying To Falsely Hide His Assets After Losing A Civil Action

  647. Retroactively Applying An Established Rule Of Law To A New Or Different Factual Situation

  648. Does The Inspection Law Apply To State Road Department For Inspection Of Imported Cement ?

  649. Lawsuit Against An Insurance Company For Failure To Act In Good Faith In Settling A Claim

  650. The Court Discusses The Use Of The Term 'Accident' In General Liability Insurance Policies

  651. Complaint Of Alleged Childhood Sexual Abuse Was Time Barred By The Statute Of Limitations

  652. In Burglary Charge The Burden Is On The Defendant To Establish There Was Consent To Enter

  653. Is The Participant In An Illegal Drag Race Responsible For The Death Of A Co-Participant ?

  654. Imposing Product Liabilities Of The Selling Predecessor Upon The Buying Successor Company

  655. Is The Age Of A Defendant A Relevant Factor That Determines The Mitigation Of Punishment ?

  656. Is Trial Lawyer's Assistance Ineffective Due To Failure To Present Corroboratory Evidence ?

  657. Can An Insured's Negligence Claim Against An Insurance Agent Be Assigned To A Third Party ?

  658. The United States Supreme Court Receded From 'Linkletter' Factors Due To Their Malleability

  659. Trial Judges Have The Discretion Not To Sentence A Defendant As A Habitual Felony Offender

  660. Can The Bank Or Trust Company Records Be Made Public Upon The Consent Of The Comptroller ?

  661. Can An Inefficient Counsel's Advice Lead To A Defendant's Waiver Of Mitigation Unknowingly ?

  662. A First-Degree Murder Defendant Challenged Testimony Concerning Previous Sexual Misconduct

  663. Does The Defendant Have To Be Present During A Pretrial Meeting Between Lawyers And Judge ?

  664. A State Exercising Juridiction That The US Is Entitled To Exercise Under International Law

  665. Death Sentence In Cases Where 2 Aggravators Were Found In The Face Of Extensive Mitigation

  666. Not Objecting To Prosecutorial Comments During Closing Argument Resulting A Death Sentence

  667. No Leniency In Case Of Human Life Valued Similar To Desire To Possess Materialistic Things

  668. Does A Death Affect The Court's Dissolution Of A Marriage If A Decree Hasn't Been Recorded ?

  669. Calculating Child Support To A Father Scheduled For Sentencing On Federal Criminal Charges

  670. May State Exercise Jurisdiction Over Acts Committed Outside The State's Territorial Waters ?

  671. Property Owned And Held As Open Space For Future Needs By Municipality Exempt From Taxation

  672. Can Vicarious Liability Be Imposed On A Parent Who Buys A Car For A Child Residing At Home ?

  673. Do Appeals To Racial Bias Made Openly Among The Jurors Constitute Overt Acts Of Misconduct ?

  674. Is A Setoff For Economic Damages Permitted Where A Settling Defendant Is 'Not Found Liable' ?

  675. Is Statute Directing A Filing Fees To Go To State General Revenues An Unconstitutional Tax ?

  676. Defendant Charged With And Found Guilty Of Unlawful Conspiracy With Two Alternative Objects

  677. Determining Whether Trial Court Applied Right Rule Of Law For Each Aggravating Circumstance

  678. Is Knock-And-Announce An Established Principle Where The Exclusionary Rule Is Inapplicable ?

  679. Police Engaging In Improper Tactics Of Delay In Providing A Defendant With Miranda Warnings

  680. Probation With Unannounced Accounting Reviews For An Attorney With Trust Account Violations

  681. An Offense Committed In An Unsophisticated Manner For Which The Defendant Has Shown Remorse

  682. A Claim That The Detectives To Whom A Person Had Confessed Had Engaged In Criminal Activity

  683. Trial Court May Dismiss Estate's Direct Negligence For A Lack Of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

  684. Can The Court Limit A Person's Ability To Access The Courts For Abusing The Judicial System ?

  685. Conditions Of Imposing A Harsher Sentence After A Trial Or Retrial Than The Initial Sentence

  686. Under Strict Seperation Of Powers Doctrine No Branch May Encroach Upon The Powers Of Another

  687. Lesser Offense Necessarily Included In The Offense Charged - Section 924.34 Florida Statutes

  688. Mental Or Physical Health Problems As A Defense To The Misuse Of Client Money By An Attorney

  689. What Are The Consequences If An Attorney Continues Wrongful Conduct After Private Reprimand ?

  690. Would Enforcing The Arbitration Provision Of Allegedly Illegal Contract Contravene State Law

  691. Attorney's Fee If Insurer Pays Policy Proceeds After Suit Has Been Filed But Before Judgement

  692. What Happens If Juror's Actual Responses Differ From What Was Represented To The Trial Court ?

  693. Can Time For A Speedy Trial Be Extended By Filing New Charges Based On Same Criminal Charges ?

  694. Can A Prosecutor Be Allowed To Make Dehumanizing And Derogatory Comments Against A Defendant ?

  695. What Is The Amount Of Damages That Injured Plaintiffs Can Recover Or Claim From Pip Benefits ?

  696. Rejection Of Argument By Court As Image And Likeness Not Used To Promote A Product Or Service

  697. Reversal Of Death Penalty Due To Lack Of Evidence Placing The Defendant At The Scene Of Crime

  698. In What Circumstances Can The Court Abate Child Support While The Ddefendant Is Incarcerated ?

  699. Court Holds That Execution By Lethal Injection Does Not Amount To Cruel Or Unusual Punishment

  700. Scope Of The Capital Collateral Regional Counsel And Registry Attorney Under Florida Statutes

  701. Not Giving Warnings Of The Rights To Be Silent Until Police Interrogation Produces Confession

  702. Can The Failure To Give A Jury Instruction On An Element Of Crime Become A Fundamental Error ?

  703. Is Commercial Speech Merely That Which Advertises A Product Or Service For Business Purposes ?

  704. Should Law Enforcement Impersonators Be Dealt With Strongly To Promote Governmental Interest ?

  705. Are A Defendant's Statements In A Trial For First-Degree Murder And Sexual Battery Admissible ?

  706. Immunity For Accidents Caused Due To Natural Conditions Of Wild And Unimproved Public Property

  707. Does The Crime Of Attempted Second-Degree Murder Require Proof Of The Specific Intent To Kill ?

  708. When Can The Rule Pertaining To Inadmissibility Of Hearsay Statement Be Applied Retroactively ?

  709. Should Sentencing Orders Be Filed On A Timely Basis Before The Trial Court Loses Jurisdiction ?

  710. Test To Determine Whether A Fourth Amendment Violation Requires Suppression Of Seized Evidence

  711. Testimony Of Defendants Earlier Acts Unrelated To The Crime At Issue Not Anticipatory Rebuttal

  712. Is Presentation Of Cumulative Evidence Necessary To Establish Effective Assistance Of Counsel ?

  713. Obligation Of The State To Provide Compensation For Destroying A Healthy Although Exposed Tree

  714. Lawyer Suspended For Convincing Clients To Pay Him From The Proceeds Of A Mortgage Refinancing

  715. What Are The Provisions Of Rule 1.540 That Do Not Affect The Finality Of A Judgement Or Decree ?

  716. Enhanced Discipline Due To Prior Disciplinary History By An Attorney Mishandling Trust Accounts

  717. Potential Danger Of Allowing A Jury To Use A Transcript Is Relying Upon It Rather Than The Tape

  718. One Who 'Undertakes' To Act Even When Under No Obligation To Do So Must Act With Reasonable Care

  719. The Wrongful Death Act Control The Elements Of Damages In Medical Malpractice Arbitration Cases

  720. Should Award For Future Medical Damages Be Reduced By The Amount Of The Remaining Pip Benefits ?

  721. The Court Determines Whether Public Records Were Properly Exempted From Disclosure By The State

  722. Defendant Convicted Of Possessing 672 Grams Of Cocaine Awarded Life Imprisonment Without Parole

  723. Is Defendant's Refusal To Submit To A DUI Soberity Test Relevent To Show Consciousness Of Guilt ?

  724. Judge's Prior Involment In An Unrelated Case Did Not Set Forth A Well-Grounded Fear Of Prejudice

  725. Petition For A Writ Of Mandamus Challenging A Prisoner Disciplinary Action Denied As Time Barred

  726. Can Pension Plan Serve Both As Marital Property For Distribution And Payment Source For Alimony ?

  727. Does An Insured Have The Right To The Presence Of An Attorney During A Required Pip Examination ?

  728. Should Custody Be Denied To The Natural Parent If It Is Detrimental To The Welfare Of The Child ?

  729. Which Persons Can Be Excluded From Collective Bargaining Process With Their Government Employer ?

  730. Unmarried Women's Rights To Bring An Action For Support Based On Paternity Of A Biological Father

  731. A Defendant Is Entitled To Claim That A Prior Mental Health Expert's Examination Was Insufficient

  732. Rear Driver Avoiding Road Emergency That Prevented Him From Braking In Time To Avoid Car Accident

  733. The Procedure To Be Followed When A Defendant Complains That His Appointed Counsel Is Incompetent

  734. Jurors May Be Struck When Their Opposition To Death Penalty Precludes Them From Following The Law

  735. Can Incurable And Dangerous Mental Illness Lead To Mitigation Of Death Sentence To Life Sentence ?

  736. Undistributed Pass-Through Income If Retained For Noncorporate Purposes Will Be Considered Income

  737. Is Delivery Of Deed To Corporation Property To Its Shareholders Subject To Documentary Stamp Tax ?

  738. What Is The Constitutional Validity Of Updating Voter Registration Rolls Every Odd-Numbered Year ?

  739. Can A Petition For A Belated Appeal Be Filed Based On The Alleged Ineffectiveness Of The Counsel ?

  740. Should Guilty Knowledge Of The Defendant Be Proven By State To Establish Constructive Possession ?

  741. Analysis Of A Claim Based On Trial Lawyer's Failure To Investigate And Present Mitigating Evidence

  742. Was The Cause Of Action Dismissed As The Statute Of Limitations Had Run Beyond The 180 Days Period

  743. Does A Capital Murder Defendant Have The Right To Reveal Previously Imposed Sentences To The Jury ?

  744. Circuit Court Pretrial Determination That State Lacked Evidence To Seek Death Penalty Consequences

  745. Does An Overly Intrusive Participation By Standby Counsel Defeat The Right To Self Representation ?

  746. One Who Undertakes To Act Is Under An Implied Legal Obligation Or Duty To Act With Reasonable Care

  747. Court Invalidates Proposed Amendment Because It Performed Both Legislative And Judicial Functions

  748. Can A New Trial Be Granted Based On Recanted Testimony Being Considered Newly Discovered Evidence ?

  749. Is A Law Valid If The Title Of A Chapter Law Contains More Than One Subject But The Body Does Not ?

  750. Consequences Of A Defendant Being Convicted Of Possession Of Contraband In A Correctional Facility

  751. Does A Guilty Verdict Without An Adjudication Constitute A Conviction For Purposes Of Impeachment ?

  752. Can A Police Officer Testify Concerning Prior Threats Made By The Defendant To A Deceased Witness ?

  753. Capital Sentencing Jurisprudence To Have Consistency Not To Be Imposed Arbitrarily Or Capriciously

  754. Necessary Actions For Party Objecting To Other Side's Use Of Peremptory Challenge On Racial Grounds

  755. The Defendants Participated In Common Purpose Of Setting Arson Fires To Defraud Insurance Companies

  756. What Happens If There Is A Paucity Of Funds For Proper Representation Of A Death Penalty Defendant ?

  757. Can An Evidentiary Rule Rise Higher Than An Evdentiary Statute In Meeting Constitutional Standards ?

  758. Are Details Of Prior Violent Felony Convictions Admissible In The Penalty Phase Of A Capital Trial ?

  759. Court Denied Readmission To The Bar Due To Failure To Show Repentance And Sufficient Rehabilitation

  760. Court's Explaination Of The Eighth Amendment Narrowing To Find At Least One Aggravating Circumstance

  761. Who Has The Discretion To Make The Defendant's Conduct A Felony Or Misdemeanor Legislature Or Court ?

  762. Should Appellee Have Been Awarded Attorney's Fee Under FEAJA When He Was Not A Small Business Party ?

  763. The Procedure For Apportioning The Fault Of A Person Or Entity Not Joined As A Defendant In The Suit

  764. Misapplication Conflict Jurisdiction Limited To Cases Involving Substantially Same Controlling Facts

  765. Does A Defendant Have The Right To Defend Himself As Long As It Is Done Knowingly And Intelligently ?

  766. Is It Necessary To Determine Fault Of All Entities Contributing To Accident And Not Only Defendants ?

  767. Enhancing The Punishment Of A Defendant Convicted Only Of Charges Of Illegal Possession Of A Firearm

  768. Is A Car Passenger Responsible For An Accident If It Was Foreseeable Due To Negligent Conduct By Him ?

  769. A Recorded Confession Is Admissible In Court Provided The Defendant Was Administered Miranda Warnings

  770. Does The Trial Court Lack Jurisdiction To Try A Defendant After The Expiration Of The Default Period ?

  771. Can An Enhanced Sentence Be Vacated When The Judge Fails To Inform The Defendant Of The Consequences ?

  772. Respondent Warranted Two-Year Suspension For Cumulative Misconduct As Guardian Of Property Of A Minor

  773. Construction Company's Claim Fell Into Exclusion When It Sought Recovery Under A Builder's Risk Policy

  774. Death Sentence Was Affirmed As Court Found Four Aggravators And No Statutory Mitigating Circumstances

  775. Defendant's Wavier Of Right To Present Mitigation Does Not Relieve Trial Lawyer Of Duty To Investigate

  776. Application Of The Code Of Judicial Conduct Authorizes Senior And Retired Judges To Serve As Mediators

  777. Is A Ballot Summary Defective If It Fails To Mention Modification Of Another Constitutional Provision ?

  778. Is Lack Of Experience Taken Into Consideration When A Lawyer Wrongfully Disburses Trust Account Funds ?

  779. Does Property Improvement Assessment Serve As An Exception For Property Assessed At Fair Market Value ?

  780. Does The Fifth Amendment Protect The Accused Against Being Twice Put In Jeopardy For The Same Offence ?

  781. Can The Right To Declare An Act Unconstitutional Be Exercised By Officers Of The Executive Department ?

  782. Can The State Refuse To Certify Defendants Substantial Assistance If He Is Charged With Another Crime ?

  783. Is Rule 3.850 A Procedural Vehicle For Collateral Remedy Otherwise Available By Writ Of Habeas Corpus ?

  784. Is the Application of HAC Improper If the Defendant is Not the Actual Killer Though He Hired a Killer ?

  785. Can A Defendant Be Charged In Multiple Counts For Undeveloped Photographs Involving Child Pornography ?

  786. Court's Ruling Denying Motion For New Trial Was Quashed Holding That 'Two Issue' Rule Was Inapplicapable

  787. The Board Of County Commissioners Amend A Provision With Intention To Curtail The Board's Right To Meet

  788. Defendant's Right To Testify At Both The Guilt And Penalty Phase Does Not Require Procedural Safeguards

  789. Can In-Court Idendification By The Victim Be Supressed As The Fruit Of The Defendant's Unlawful Arrest ?

  790. Death Sentence Without Considering Statutory Mitigating Factors Concerning Defendant's Mental Condition

  791. Can a Murder be Considered HAC Even Though the Victim May Not Have Been Conscious at the Time of Death ?

  792. Police Entering Without A Warrant And Finding Drugs After A Girl Was Found Crying Outside Her Apartment

  793. Injury Was A Pecuniary Loss To Commercial Fishermen In Action For Economic Damage Against Oil Companies

  794. Does The Defendant Have The Right To Partially Represent Himself And Partially Represented By A Lawyer ?

  795. Governmental Agencies With Self-Insured Motor Vehicle Liability Policies With Limits That Are Exhausted

  796. Court Directs The President-Elect To Appoint A Standing Committee On Pro Bono Legal Service To The Poor

  797. Conflict Of Interest Due To Public Defender's Office Representing Both Defendant And State's Key Witness

  798. Does The Statutory Language Of Section 768.79 Expressly Provide Judicial Authority To Use A Multiplier ?

  799. Is Drug Trafficking A Crime If Drug Contains No More Than 15 Milligrams Of Hydrocodone Per Dosage Unit ?

  800. Undesired Offensive Touching Lewd And Vulgar Remarks Can Be Actionable On An Invasion Of Privacy Theory

  801. Can Unemployment Compensation Be Granted After Being Discharged From Service For Excessive Absenteeism ?

  802. Consequences Of Defendant's Desire To Discharge His Court Appointed Lawyer Before The Beggining Of Trial

  803. Consequences Of The Defendant's Prior Convictions Erroneously Being Omitted From The Original Scoresheet

  804. The Court Addresses Admissibility Of Evidence Related To A Collateral Crime The Test Being Its Relevence

  805. Can Evidence Of Other Crimes Be Used To Rebut Claims Of Lack Of Intent Or Self-Defense In A Murder Case ?

  806. The Cumulative Effect Of The Numerous Similarities Between Two Crimes Establishes Unusual Modus Operandi

  807. Can Principles Of Accessorial Liability Be Used To Prove Aggravating Factors Under The Eighth Amendment ?

  808. Is Stating The Number Of People Who Testified Considered A Comment On The Defendant's Failure To Testify ?

  809. What Is The Nature And Extent Of A Child's Rights When The Child Is Committed To A State Mental Hospital ?

  810. What Are The Exceptions To The General Rule That A Homicide Victim's Hearsay Statements Are Inadmissible ?

  811. Course Of Action To Be Taken By The Court In Cases Of Allegation Of Juror Misconduct Based On Racial Bias

  812. The Ballot Language Failed To Inform The Voters About Altering An Existing Florida Constitution Provision

  813. Is Testimony Concerning Previous Sexual Misconduct Relevant To Show Motive In A First-Degree Murder Case ?

  814. Are Jury Instructions On Second-Degree Murder Necessary If Defendant Is Charged With First-Degree Murder ?

  815. Does A Court Possess Jurisdiction To Grant Motion For Enlargement Of Time On A Timely Filed 3.800 Motion ?

  816. Enhanced Discipline For An Attorney With Prior Disciplinary History Related To Mishandling Trust Accounts

  817. Can Police Officer Request License And Registration After Validating Car's Temporary Registration Sticker ?

  818. The Procedures When Injured Person Agrees To Settle A Claim With Underinsured Motorist's Liability Insurer

  819. Government's Authority To Constitutionally Prohibit Certain Conduct Even If It Incidentally Affects Speech

  820. Do Attorney's Have The Constitutional Right To Advertise Their Availability And Fees For Routine Services ?

  821. Can A Nurse Recover An Award To The Prevailing Party In A Malpractice Action Under A Fee-Shifting Statute ?

  822. The Court Does Not Have Jurisdiction To Review Per Curiam Decisions Regardless Of How A Petition Is Styled

  823. A Statute Requiring Financial Impact Statements To Appear On The Ballot After Summaries Of The Initiatives

  824. HAC Aggravator Applies only in Torturous Murders With the Desire to Inflict Pain or Enjoyment of Suffering

  825. Accident By Uninsured Motorist Cause Of Hostility Between The Parties But Not Of Injury Due To Altercation

  826. Allowing State To Present Evidence Concerning Five Collateral Murders In The Prosecution Of A Sixth Murder

  827. Can Convictions Of First Degree Murder And Aggravated Battery Both Stand When Arising Out Of The Same Act ?

  828. The Court Validates Non-Referendum Revenue Bonds Aurhorised To Raise Money To Build Educational Facilities

  829. Declaratory Action Filed In Circuit Court While Advisory Opinion Proceedings Were Pending In Supreme Court

  830. Is It The Trial Court Judge's Duty To Inform A Defendant Of The Collateral Consequences Of His Guilty Plea ?

  831. How Failing To Follow Manufacturer's Guidlines Can Affect The Constitutionality Of The Implied Consent Law ?

  832. Any Evidence Relevant To Prove A Material Fact Is Admissible Unless Precluded By Specific Rule Of Exclusion

  833. Choice-Of-Law Provisions Fraudulently Procured And Application Of Florida Law In Such Settlement Agreements

  834. Case Involving Forcing Victims To Lie On The Floor With Their Hands Bound Behind Their Backs During Robbery

  835. Was The Dismissal Of Insured's Action Affirmed As He Refused To Be Medically Examined By Insurer's Physician

  836. Is Erroneous Admission Of Custodial Statements Harmless If They Are Not The Centerpiece Of The State's Case ?

  837. A Stop Based On A Well Founded Articulable Suspicion Of Criminal Activity Does Not Violate A Citizen's Right

  838. Fishermen's Failure To State A Cause Of Action Because They Did Not Sustain Bodily Injury Or Economic Damage

  839. Courts Generally Affirm Death Sentence Where Aggravators Include HAC Sexual Battery and Prior Violent Felony

  840. State Not Required To Prove Knowledge Or Intent In Case Of Prohibited Act Of Delivering Unlawful Barbiturate

  841. Are Petitioners Entitled To Overcrowding Credits After A Higher Lawful Capacity Percentage Goes Into Effect ?

  842. Are Evidence Discovered By Legal Means Admissible Even Though Obtained By Unconstitutional Police Procedure ?

  843. Is Due Process Violated When A Victim Impact Witness Provides Moving Testimony About The Facts Of The Crime ?

  844. Does The Trial Court Have To Expressly Evaluate Each Mitigating Circumstance Before Imposing Death Sentence ?

  845. Court Noted That Whenever Possible A Statute Should Be Construed So As Not To Conflict With The Constitution

  846. Motion For A New Trial Using Unobjected-To Statements Regarding Pending Indictments During Closing Arguments

  847. What Does The 1995 Amendment Florida Statute Say About Cancellation Of Drivers License Or Driving Privilege ?

  848. Is An Employee Required To Comply With The Written Notice Requirement When He Brings A Whistle Blower Claim ?

  849. Can Police Officers Randomly Stop Automobiles To Check The Validity Of The Driver's License And Registration ?

  850. Does An Out-Of-Court Statement Relating Accusatory Information Outweigh The Probative Value Of Such Evidence ?

  851. Increasing Penalty For A Crime Beyond Statutory Maximum Must Be Submitted To The Jury And Proven Beyond Doubt

  852. Public Reprimand And $25000 Fine For A Judge For Misrepresenting The Source Of Her Loan For Election Campaign

  853. Guidelines For Resolving An Allegation Of Discrimination In The Use Of Peremptory Challenge On Racial Grounds

  854. Court Determines Death Sentence To Be Disproportionate After Striking Inappropriate Aggravating Circunstances

  855. Did Actions Cause More Harm To Plaintiff In Florida Than Enywhere Else Plantiff Being A Non-Florida Resident ?

  856. Where Two Corporations Have Truly Merged The Rights And Liabilities Are Retained By The Surviving Corporation

  857. Motion Of Acquittal On A Kidnapping Charge Because The Victim Had Initially Gone Willingly With The Defendant

  858. The Supreme Court Cautions District Courts To Be Prudent And Deliberate In Exercising The Power Of Certiorari

  859. Is The Contract Of The Water Company A Measure Of Its Duty To The Property Owner And Therefore Its Liability ?

  860. Does Wilful Unauthorised Legal Employment By Attorney Warrant Punishment Despite No Harm Caused To Any Party ?

  861. Consequence Of Attorney Knowing That Solicitation Of Clients Was Wrong But Continued To Engage In The Conduct

  862. Court Explicated The Application Of Harmless Error Doctrine To A Comment On Defendant's Right To Remain Silent

  863. Does The Workers' Compensation Law Protect Employer From Liability For Intentional Injury Against An Employee ?

  864. Death Sentence Awarded Without Considering Statuory Mitigating Factors Concerning Defendant's Mental Condition

  865. Court Holds The Avoid-Arrest Aggravating Factor Improper Considering That The Victim's Murder Was Premeditated

  866. Denial Of Stay Of Execution As Claim Of Defendant Does Not Fall Within Exceptions To Application Of Time Limit

  867. Reducing Uncertainty And Delay Involved In Filing Motions To Vacate Pleas Grounded On Immigration Consequences

  868. Court Affirms Two Death Sentences Despite The Father Of One Victim Requesting Life In Prison For The Defendant

  869. A Scoresheet Error Requires Resentencing Unless It Can Be Shown That The Same Sentence Would Have Been Imposed

  870. Is The Individual Who Possesses Legal Title Of A Motor Vehicle Vicariously Liable In The Event Of An Accident ?

  871. Error In Appointment Of A Special Counsel Where Mitigation Presented By Him Contradicted Defendant's Mitigation

  872. Court's Authority To Refuse To Grant Indigency Status To A Litigant As A Sanction For Abuse Of The Court System

  873. Can A Trial Court Issue A Final Appealable Order While Reserving Jurisdiction To Award Prejudgemental Interest ?

  874. Why Does Evidence That Defendant Charged With Rape Had Previously Committed The Same Act Render It Inadmissible

  875. Is A Self-Insurer That Is Not An Authorized Insurance Company Obligated To Provide Uninsured Motorist Coverage ?

  876. The Balance Between Deterring Unlawful Police Conduct And Having Juries Receive All Probative Evidence Of Crime

  877. Can An Excusable Neglect Be One Of The Grounds Upon Which An Aggrieved Party Be Relieved From Default Judgement ?

  878. Misleading Language About Lobbying On Ballot Concerning Material Changes To An Existing Constitutional Provision

  879. Refusing To Submit Question Of 'Materiality' To Jury When Defendant Charged With Making Material False Statements

  880. Are Owners Liable For Third Party Damages Caused By Other Indivduals That They Authorized To Use Their Vehicles ?

  881. Can The Court Severe The Unconstitutional Portion Of An Act To Save The Constitutionality Of The Entire Statute ?

  882. Imposing Habitual Felony Offender Sentence On A Prison Releasee Reoffender When He Qualifies Under Both Statutes

  883. Prohibiting From Seeking Redress For Property Interest Statutory Violations Before Sufficient Procedural Process

  884. In What Cases Does The State Have To Rely On The Defense's Opening Statement Of Mitigation As Basis For Rebuttal ?

  885. US Supreme Court Reverses Supreme Court Of Florida Judgement On Recounting Of Ballots Calling It Unconstitutional

  886. An Express Statement That Evidence Was Disregarded Supports A Determination That The Presumption Was Not Rebutted

  887. Reversing Death Sentence Because The Totality Of Evidence Presented Provided A Reasonable Basis For Life Sentence

  888. Ability Of The Defendant To Appreciate The Criminality Of His Conduct Under The Influence Of Alcohol Consequences

  889. Is A Statue Requiring Local Supervisors Of Elections To Verify Signatures On Initiative Petitions Constitutional ?

  890. Informing A Criminal Defendant Of His Right To The Presence Of Appointed Lawyer Prior To And During Interrogation

  891. Can A Harmless Error Analysis Be Applied To A Case Of Assault On Minor And Child Abuse By Impregnating The Victim ?

  892. Can A Complaint Filed By A Non-Attorney On Behalf Of A Corporation Be Amended By Getting It Signed By An Attorney ?

  893. The Defendant Shot His Father Not To Take His Truck But For The Same Unexplained Reason That He Shot A Little Girl

  894. Does The Habitual Felony Offender Statute Violate Seperation Of Powers By Depriving The Trial Court Of Discretion ?

  895. Does A District Court Of Appeal Have Jurisdiction To Entertain An Appeal From A Final Judgment Of A Circuit Court ?

  896. Does The Court Hold Chapter 95-182 Laws Of Florida To Be Unconstitutional As Violative Of The Single Subject Rule ?

  897. The Reasoning Of The Court For Rejecting An Argument That Simple Criminal Child Abuse Statute Was Unconstitutional

  898. Error Of The Trial Court In Submitting Armed Robbery Charge To The Jury When The Motive For Murder Was Not Robbery

  899. Do Florida Courts Have The Right To Try A Defendant If An Essential Element Of The Crime Occured Within The State ?

  900. Is Depriving Cause Of Action Where Injuries Were Latent And Undiscoverable Within The Repose Period Constitutional ?

  901. Disbarment Of Attorney For Misappropriation - Dipping Into Trust Funds Was No Excuse For Solving Personal Problems

  902. Do Dual Convictions For Single Crime Of Attempted Homicide With Aggravated Battery Cause Double Jeopardy Violation ?

  903. First-Degree Murder Conviction Reversed Because Circumstantial Circumstance Did Not Show Existence Of Premeditation

  904. Can Civil Action Be Commenced If Commission Fails To Act Within Stipulated Time Frame In Lost Wages Recovery Cases ?

  905. Should Employer's Lien Reduction Be Based On Ratio Of Settlement Amount Or The Percentage Of Comparative Negligence ?

  906. A Ryce Act Trial Period Exceeding 30 Days Has Implications On A Respondent's Detention Having Completed His Sentence

  907. Does Any Receipt By Jurors Of Prejudicial Nonrecord Information Constitute An Overt Act Subject To Judicial Inquiry ?

  908. Does Power Of Court To Reserve Ruling On Motion For Mistrial After Jury Returns Vercict Conserve Judicial Resources ?

  909. Are Provisional Credits Another Type Of Gain Time That Can Be Forfeited Upon Violation Of The Conditions Of Release ?

  910. Difference Between The Three Setoff Statutes And Apportionment Provisions Including Economic And Noneconomic Damages

  911. Can The Court Reject Expert Testimony That A Specific Knife Was The Murder Weapon But Admit It As Relevant Evidence ?

  912. Is An Attorney Seeking Readmission Governed By The Rules In Effect At The Time Of Application Or Time Of Disbarment ?

  913. The Court Receded From A Per Se Reversible Error Ruling Based Upon Presumed Harm From The Possibility Of Uncertainty

  914. Can The Offense Of Using Force To Resist Arrest Be Limited To Where The Law Enforcement Officer Was Effecting Arrest ?

  915. Can An Out-Of-Court Statment Used To Show A Logical Sequence Of Events Contain Specific Details Of Criminal Activity ?

  916. Motion For Postconviction Relief Based On Newly Discovered Evidence Must Be Raised Within Two Years Of Such Discovery

  917. Does Failure To File A Pretrial Motion To Supress Result In Waiver Of Right To File A Motion To Supress During Trial ?

  918. Motion Of Postconviction Relief Claiming That The Trial Court Did Not Advise That A Plea Might Subject To Deportation

  919. What Was The Legislature's Intended Unit Of Prosecution For The Theft Of A Firearm In Florida's General Theft Statute ?

  920. Petitioner's Request For Writ Of Prohibbition Granted Because Of Delayed Ruling By Trial Judge In Child Support Action

  921. Commercial Fishermen Had A Cause Of Action As There Was A Distinction Between Their Rights And Those Of Other Citizens

  922. Questions Concerning Financial-Economic Feasibility Of Proposed Plan At The Executive Level Are Beyond Judicial Review

  923. Denial Of Evidentiary Hearing Motion Considering The State's And Sheriff's Assertion That All Records Had Been Provided

  924. In What Circumstances Can The Taking Of Apolice Officer's Weapon And Using It To Kill Him Be Established As Aggravator ?

  925. Can Death Sentence Be Reversed Due To Lack Of Proportionality And Prosecutor's Use Of Egregious Examples Of Misconduct ?

  926. Is It An Error Of The Trial Court In Allowing Questioning With Regard To Specifics Of The Appellant's Criminal History ?

  927. Can The Department Of Transportation Condemn A Portion Of A Restaurant's Parking Lot For The Expansion Of A State Road ?

  928. When Can The Court Relieve A Party Or A Party's Legal Representative From A Final Judgement Decree Order Or Proceeding ?

  929. Federally Funded Counsel Appointed For Seeking To Vacate Death Sentence Shall Represent Throughout Judicial Proceedings

  930. Examination Whether Defendant's Website Was 'Passive' Or 'Active' To Decide His Conduct And Exercise Personal Jurisdiction

  931. Can A Detective Testify That The Defendant Should Take The Police To The Missing Body As Victim's Mother Needed Closure ?

  932. Does A Police Officer Have To Answer A Question Concerning Suspect's Rights Even If It Seems Like A Rhetorical Question ?

  933. Does A Defendant Waive His Speedy Trial Right When He Requests A Continuance Prior To The Expiration Of The Time Period ?

  934. Can A Section Of A Statute Be Applied Retroactively To An Insurance Policy Issued Prior To The Enactment Of The Statute ?

  935. Whenever A Judge Imposes A More Severe Sentence After A New Trial The Reasons For His Doing So Must Affirmatively Appear

  936. Can An Act Giving Rise To Negligence Also Be The Act Giving Rise To Fraudulent Concealment In Medical Malpractice Cases ?

  937. Does Employee's Continued Employment With The New Corporation Constitute Consent To Assignment Of A Non-Compete Contract ?

  938. Review Of The Transcription Led To The Conclusion That The Trial Judge's Comments Supported Presumption Of Vindictiveness

  939. Will A Suspect Be Taken As 'Under Custody' If He Hasn't Been Informed Of Arrest Warrant Prior To His Interview Submission ?

  940. Is A Statute Constitutional Even Though It Contains General Terms And Does Not Furnish Detailed Plans And Specifications ?

  941. Hearing On A Claim That Petitioner Missed The Deadline Due To Neglect Of The Attorney To File The Motion In Timely Manner

  942. Court Defers Adoption Of Two Exemptions When Florida Bar Filed A Petition To Amend Aspects Of The Lawyer Advetising Rules

  943. Can Petition For A Writ Of Mandamus Challenging Disciplinary Action Imposed By The Department Of Corrections Be Rejected ?

  944. Exempt From The Fee And Lien Requirements Regarding Petition For Writ Of Mandamus Challenging Amendment Constitutionality

  945. Officials Charged With Carrying Out Election Process Only For Compelling Reasons Depart From Essential Requirements Of Law

  946. Constitutionality Of An Administrative Rule Which Allowed An Agency To Levy Fees For Development Of Regional Impact Review

  947. Can A Nonlawyer Registered To Practice Before The U.S. Patent Office Prepare And Prosecute Patent Applications In Florida ?

  948. Despite The Existence Of Substantial Aggravators There Was Substantial Mitigation Making The Death Penalty Disproportionate

  949. The Tipsy Coachman Rule Affirms A Decision Of A Lower Court Inspite Of Finding Errors On The Basis Of Alternative Reasoning

  950. Attorney Must Indicate On Record If There Is Mitigating Evidence Which Despite His Recommendation Defendant Wishes To Waive

  951. Circumsatnces Surrounding The Earlier Unfulfilled Sexual Act Were Relevant To Establish Motive And To Rebut Alibi Testimony

  952. Trial Judge's Discretionary Authority To Entertain A Motion Or Supress An Objection To Introduction Of Evidence During Trial

  953. Is The Trial Court's Order Dismissing Charges With Prejudice To Be Treated As An Order Dismissing An Information Appealable ?

  954. Does Failure To Administer Miranda Warnings Before Eliciting Confession Render Any Subsequently Warned Statement Admissible ?

  955. Jury Instructions That An Inference Of Guilty Knowledge May Be Drawn From The Fact Of Unexplained Possession Of Stolen Goods

  956. Town's Decision To Direct Electric Company To Turn Off Street Light Was A 'Discretionary Act' Subject To Governmental Immunity

  957. The Court Found Insufficient Evidence To Establish CCP Because Defendant Was Unaware Of The Victim's Presence In The Premises

  958. School Board Must Maintain Its Full Budgetary Flexibility Despite Lease Penalties Imposed Due To Failure To Appropriate Funds

  959. Death Penalty Where Trial Court Found The Same Four Aggravators One Statutory And Eight Nonstatutory Mitigating Circumstances

  960. On What Basis Did The Court Determine That The Defendant's Sentence Was Illegal Even Though It Did Not Violate Double Jeopardy

  961. Consequences Of The Defendants Rejection Of The Trial Judge's Offer After Defense Lawyer Asked About The Possibility Of A Plea

  962. Did The Trial Judge Commit Reversible Error By Telling The Jury That There Is Really No Provision To Have Testimony Read Back ?

  963. Can Sentencing Error Based On Habitual Violent Felony Sentence Not Objected To By Defendant Be Raised On Appeal And Corrected ?

  964. Under What Circumstances Can A Court Intrude Upon The Parent-Child Relationship By Awarding Visitation Rights To A Grandparent

  965. Are County And Deputy Sheriffs 'Public Employer' And 'Public Employees' Under Florida Statutory Scheme Of Collective Bargaining ?

  966. Do All Indigent Participants In Juvenile Dependency Proceedings Have A Fundamental Right To Have Counsel Supplied By The State ?

  967. Prospective Procedures On Resentencing If Defendant Does Not Challenge Death Penalty And Refuses To Present Mitigation Evidence

  968. The Prosecution Must Demonstrate Witness's Unavailability Prior To Allowing Former Testimony From A Previous Judicial Proceeding

  969. Did Defendants Purposely Direct Any Activity Towards Florida By Filing Patent Application Which Was Subsequently Granted By Pto ?

  970. Additional Findings Beyond The Bare Fact Of A Prior Conviction Are Required Before It Can Be Used As An Aggravating Circumstance

  971. To Obtain Relief In A Deportation Case One Needs To Prove That Had He Declined The Plea Offer He Would Most Probably Be Acquitted

  972. Is There A Danger Of Improperly Influencing The Jury If A Story Told By A Testifying Witness Is Corroborated By A Police Officer ?

  973. Does Lack Of A Definition Of An Operative Term In A Policy Render The Term Ambiguous And In Need Of Interpretation By The Courts ?

  974. Can A Landowner Be Held Responsible For An Accident Caused As A Result Of Foliage On The Premises That Impaired The Driver's View ?

  975. Trial Court's Responsibility To Determine Specific Aggravating And Mitigating Circumstances Before Directing The Preparation Order

  976. If A Criminal Defendant Entered A House With Consent Can His Subsequent Act Of Crime Convert A Lawful Entry Into An Unlawful Entry

  977. Does The One Year Statute Of Limitations Apply When The Commission Fails To Make A Reasonable Cause Determination Within 180 Days ?

  978. The State May Adduce Any Testimony That The Trial Court Deems Relevant In Support Of Prior Violent Felony Aggravating Circumstance

  979. Petition For Mandamus In Challenging Proposed Amendment To Constitution Concerning Homestead Exemptions For Placement On The Ballot

  980. Are Changes In Crimial Statues Which Do Not Alter The Definition Of The Crime Or Make The Punishment More Burdensome Ex Post Facto ?

  981. Will A Jury Disregard Mitigating Evidence Which Evokes Sympathy When Instructed That It Can Not Consider Sympathy In Deliberations ?

  982. Can The Insurer Refuse To Settle A Claim If An Uninsured Motorist Is Not Liable To The Insured For Damages Arising From An Accident ?

  983. Can Commercial Fishermen Be Allowed To Recover Against The Polluter Where Collision Of Ships Resulting Discharge Of Toxic Chemicals ?

  984. Per Se Reversible Errors Are Limited To Those Errors Which Are So Basic That Their Infraction Can Never Be Treated As Harmless Error

  985. Authenticated And Verified Transcript Of The Defendant's Tape-Recorded Statement Published To The Jury But Not Admitted Into Evidence

  986. Can A Recall Proceeding Serve As The Basis Of Recall Election When 3 Of The 4 Substantive Charges Are Striken As Legally Insufficent ?

  987. Guidance As To When Imposing Consecutive Mandatory Minimum Terms Is Permissible For Crimes Occurring During A Single Criminal Episode

  988. Can A Prisoner's Lack Of Mental Capacity To Understand The Fact Of The Pending Execution Be A Deterrence Aspect Of Capital Punishment ?

  989. Do The Terms 'Remains Unlawfully' And 'Remaining In' Refer To Lawful Entry But Unauthorized Remaining Without The Knowledge Of The Host ?

  990. Unlicensed Practice Of Law Prohibited To Protect The Public From Being Advised And Represented In Legal Matters By Unqualified Persons

  991. Is The Statute Prohibiting Public Adjuster Representing Insureds From Soliciting Business Related To Public's Welfare Unconstitutional ?

  992. Does The Combination Of Investigative And Adjudicative Functions Create An Unconstitutional Risk Of Bias In Administrative Adjudication ?

  993. Trial Court Can Enlarge The Time For Ruling When It Is Unable To Rule Upon A Timely Filed Motion To Mitigate Within The Sixty-Day Window

  994. Consequenses Of A First-Degree Murder Defendant Moving To Dismiss Information On The Ground That He Was Immune Form Criminal Prosecution

  995. Can A Parent Who Acts As A Coguarantor To Secure Financing For A Child's Car Be Held Liable Under The Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine ?

  996. Relief Through Writ Of Habeas Corpus Should Be Available To All Through Simple And Direct Means Subject To Certain Reasonable Limitations

  997. Failure To Provide Miranda Warnings Before An Uncoerced Confession Does Not Necessarily Render A Second And Warned Statement Inadmissible

  998. Use Of The Fact That Murder Was Committed While The Defendant Was On Community Control Did Not Violate The Defendant's Ex Post Facto Rights

  999. Is Non Disclosed Evidence Or False Testimony Material If There Is Any Reasonable Probability That It Could Have Affected Judgement Of Jury ?

  1000. Should The Defendant Be Informed Of The Reasonable Consequences Of Habitualization Before Sentencing Him Under The Habitual Felony Statute ?

  1001. Court Distinguishes Works Of Artistic Expression From Pure Commercial Speech In Commercial Misappropriation Claim Based On A Motion Picture

  1002. Court Denied Bar's Request For Delay In Proceedings Since The It Failed To Demonstrate That It Could Not Have Obtained This Evidence Earlier

  1003. Is It Appropriate For A Procecutor To Convey To The Jury That He Considered The Matter And Concluded That Death Penalty Should Be Requested ?

  1004. Conviction Of Conspiracy To Traffic Cocaine Despite Being Less Than 28 Grams Based On The Intent Of Parties At The Time Of Initial Agreement

  1005. Can Bankers Change The Initial Adjustor Who Has Settelment Authority And Had Entered Into Verbal Agreement Deretmining The Amount Of Damage ?

  1006. Generalized Complaints About Court Appointed Counsel's Trial Strategy Or Lack Of Communication Do Not Entitle A Defendant To A Nelson Hearing

  1007. Defendants Who Refuse Appointed Counsel But Do Not Provide Their Own Counsel Are Presumed To Be Exercising Their Right To Self-Representation

  1008. Do Prison Overcrowding Statutes Which Effectively Make The Petitioners Ineligible To Receive Any Credits Constitute An Ex-Post-Facto Violation ?

  1009. Can Employer's Lien Recovery Be Capped At Net Recovery As The Amount To Be Satisfied Before Carrier Recommences Full Payment Of Future Benefits ?

  1010. Employer Is Entitled To Reimbursement Of Compensation Paid To Employee During Period Of Disability By Furnishing Satisfactory Proof To The Judge

  1011. Can A Mortgage Or Lien Holder Obtain A Writ Of Sequestration To Forestall Waste Or Alienation Of Encumbered Property On An Ex Parte Application ?

  1012. General Conditions Of Probation Need Not Be Orally Pronounced At The Sentencing Hearing As Long As They Are Included In Written Sentencing Order

  1013. Richardson Violation Florida

  1014. How To Rehabilitate A Juror ?

  1015. Unambiguous Statute In Florida

  1016. Gifts During Marriage In Florida

  1017. Medical Monitoring Cause Of Action

  1018. What Constitutes A ''Related'' Act ?

  1019. Permanency Of Injury Cases In Florida

  1020. Adjudicate Child Dependent In Florida

  1021. Equitable Distribution Florida Divorce

  1022. Motion To File Belated Appeal In Florida

  1023. Tax Reform Act Of 1984 Legislative History

  1024. Florida Training Investment Program Benefits

  1025. Abuse Of Discretion Standard Cases In Florida

  1026. School Expelled Students For Battery In Florida

  1027. Can You Appeal Probation Conditions In Florida ?

  1028. Is A Lug Nut Wrench Considered A Burglary Tool ?

  1029. Deposing A Witness Right Before Trial In Florida

  1030. Dependency Exemption Custodial Parent In Florida

  1031. Car Accident Neck Injury Compensation In Florida

  1032. Waiver Of Statute Of Limitations Defense Florida

  1033. Sales Tax Refund Motor Vehicle Dealer In Florida

  1034. Attorney Liability In Resolving Settlement Issues

  1035. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Cases In Florida

  1036. Liability For Actions Of A Fellow Physician Partner

  1037. Test Fire A Gun That Was Seized From A Car Testimony

  1038. Fingerprints Sole Evidence Acquittal Cases In Florida

  1039. Is Not Knowing The Age Of Minor Victim A Viable Defense ?

  1040. Admission Of Will To Probate - Later Discovered Codicils

  1041. Florida Jury Instructions Justifiable Use Of Deadly Force

  1042. Injunction For Protection Against Repeat Violence Florida

  1043. Failure To State The Reason The Offense Is Not Time Barred

  1044. Quantity Of Drugs In A Crime In Departure Sentence Florida

  1045. Double Jeopardy May Be Raised For The First Time On Appeal

  1046. Motion To Intervene In Post Judgment Proceedings In Florida

  1047. Revoking Probation Based On Only Hearsay Evidence In Florida

  1048. Employee Discharged After One Incident Of No Show In Florida

  1049. Certificate Of Need For A Kidney Transplant Program In Florida

  1050. Mothers Failure To Protect From Fathers Child Abuse In Florida

  1051. Filing The Wrong Motion Concerning An Ambiguous Plea Agreement

  1052. Burglary Charge Based Only on a Fingerprints Evidence Acquittal

  1053. Discrepancy Between The Trial Court's Oral And Written Sentence

  1054. Appeal On Denying Application For Supervisor License In Florida

  1055. Divorced Spouse's Right To Half Of Proceeds From Real Estate Sale

  1056. How Long Do I Have To Challenge The Validity Of A Will In Florida ?

  1057. Is There Consequence Whether A Dwelling Was Occupied During Burglary ?

  1058. Attorney's Failure To Advise The Risks In Rejecting A Settlement Offer

  1059. AIU Insurance Co. v. Block Marina Investment, Inc

  1060. Arand Construction Co. v. Dyer

  1061. Archer v. State

  1062. Auto-Owners Ins. Co. v. Tompkins

  1063. Baber v. State

  1064. Baglio v. State

  1065. Billiot v. State

  1066. Branam v. State

  1067. Brown v. State

  1068. Burdess v. State

  1069. Butler v. State

  1070. C.T. v. State

  1071. Casto v. Casto

  1072. Chacon v. State

  1073. Chiles v. Department of State, Division of Elections

  1074. Christopher v. State

  1075. City of St. Petersburg v. Collom

  1076. Commerce Partnership 8098 Limited Partnership v. Equity Contracting Co

  1077. Crump v. State

  1078. Cummo v. State

  1079. Davidson v. Howard

  1080. De La Rosa v. Zequeira

  1081. Dean v. State

  1082. Decile v. State

  1083. Department of Professional Regulation v. Toledo Realty, Inc

  1084. Department of Transp. v. Anglin

  1085. Doney v. State

  1086. Fenelon v. State

  1087. Florida Bar v. Cox

  1088. Florida Bar v. Temmer

  1089. Florida Bar v. Walter

  1090. Florida Bar v. Weinstein

  1091. Florida Bar v. Weintraub

  1092. Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering v. Investment Corp. of Palm Beach

  1093. Foote v. Unemployment Appeals Commission

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  1099. Grier v. Metropolitan Dade County

  1100. Guzman v. State

  1101. Herrin v. State

  1102. Hillsborough County v. Unterberger

  1103. Hoskins v. State

  1104. Hunter v. Hunter

  1105. Integrated Health Servs. v. Hyde

  1106. Jackson v. State

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  1119. Memorial Hospital-West Volusia, Inc. v. News-Journal Corp

  1120. Merrill Crossings Associates v. McDonald

  1121. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. v. Melamed

  1122. Mondesir v. State

  1123. Negron v. State

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  1125. O'Brien v. State

  1126. Padgett v. West Florida Elec. Coop., Inc

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  1128. Palm Beach County Health Care District v. Everglades Memorial Hospital, Inc

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  1130. Perkins v. State

  1131. Priestes v. Priestes

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  1136. San Martin v. State

  1137. Shelton v. State

  1138. Sher v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co

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  1140. State ex rel. Butterworth v. Kenny

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  1143. State v. Pautier

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  1146. State v. Spioch

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  1150. Stevens v. State

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  1173. Ziontz v. Ocean Trail Unit Owners Ass'n, Inc

  1174. Zipperer v. Zipperer

  1175. Legal Questions

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