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Frisk & Search Case Law

Frisk & Search

  1. Scope Of Search During A Stop

  2. Fourteenth Amendment Search And Seizure

  3. What Is A Reasonable Suspicion To Frisk ?

  4. Articulable Suspicion After Anonymous Tip

  5. Community Caretaking Searches In Wisconsin

  6. Plain Feel Doctrine Frisking Suspects Cases

  7. Investigatory Stop And Detention In Louisiana

  8. Is It Legal For A Teacher To Search A Student ?

  9. Requirements For A Reasonable Search And Seizure

  10. Is Pat Down Or Frisk During A Stop In Louisiana Legal ?

  11. Requirements To Pat Down A Person Stopped On The Street

  12. Terry Stop Frisk Or Pat Down Search In Virginia Case Law

  13. Motion To Suppress Evidence Recovered At Police Searches

  14. Illegal Pat Down Search (Terry Stop Case Law) In Louisiana

  15. Reasonable Articulable Suspicion Engaging Criminal Activity

  16. Answering Telephone During Illegal Police Search In An Apartment

  17. Legal Questions

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