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Georgia Case Law Search

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  1. Fraud Elements Georgia

  2. Georgia Negligence Elements

  3. Georgia Materialman's Lien Law

  4. Double Jeopardy Cases In Georgia

  5. Voluntary Payment Doctrine Georgia

  6. Similar Transaction Evidence Georgia

  7. Obstruction Of An Officer In Georgia

  8. Motions For Summary Judgment Georgia

  9. Burglary Maximum Sentence In Georgia

  10. Inconsistent Verdict Rule In Georgia

  11. Breaking Baby Arm Charges In Georgia

  12. Negligent Misrepresentation Georgia Law

  13. Is Police Officer Agent Of The Company ?

  14. Lease Cancellation After Tornado Damage

  15. Appeal Of A Criminal Contempt In Georgia

  16. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Georgia

  17. Stock Transfer Agent Liability In Georgia

  18. Presentence Investigation Reports In Georgia

  19. Contradictory Testimony Definition In Georgia

  20. Not Filing A Notice Of Commencement In Georgia

  21. Slip And Fall In A Grocery Store Injury Action

  22. Driver Refusal To Submit To Testing In Georgia

  23. Statute Of Limitations On Sex Crimes In Georgia

  24. Selling Bb Gun To Unsupervised Child In Georgia

  25. Criminal Contempt For Being Late For Court Cases

  26. Public Officials Immunity From Damages In Georgia

  27. Insufficient Service On Secretary Of State Georgia

  28. Cruel And Unusual Maximum Sentence For Misdemeanor

  29. Criminal Contempt For Failure To Appear DUI Georgia

  30. Claiming Damages From Uninsured Motorist In Georgia

  31. Is Slip Of The Tongue During Trial A Reversible Error ?

  32. Not Allowing A Defendant To Address The Court Directly

  33. Tortious Interference With Employment Relations Georgia

  34. Filing Motion For Correction Of Judgment After Acquittal

  35. Can A Witness Be Compelled To Testify In A Foreign State ?

  36. Water Damage After Turning Water Back Without Giving Notice

  37. Expert Affidavit In Professional Malpractice Damages Action

  38. Statute Of Limitations On Child Molestation Charges In Georgia

  39. Declaratory Judgment In The Absence Of A Justiciable Controversy

  40. Georgia Failure To State A Claim Upon Which Relief Can Be Granted

  41. Failure To Serve Uninsured Driver In Time (Statute Of Limitation)

  42. Prosecutors Intention To Cause A Mistrial In Order To Gain A Delay

  43. Insufficient Evidence For Of Aggravated Assault Conviction In Georgia

  44. Health Insurance - Charging Fees In Excess Of Hospital Services Agreement

  45. Omitting Information From Search Warrant Request To Mislead The Magistrate

  46. Judge Remarks Assigning A Reason For Ruling In Not An Expression Of Opinion

  47. Actual Evidence Test And Required Evidence Test

  48. Admissibility Of A Pediatrician's Opinion In Child Abuse Cases

  49. Aiding And Abetting A Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Georgia

  50. Allowing The State's Attorney To Argue Defendant's Lack Of Remorse

  51. Appealing Denial Of A Motion To Set Aside In Georgia

  52. Applying Tennessee Law On Accident Occurred In Georgia

  53. Are All Deprivation Actions Between Parents Custody Matters ?

  54. Are Children Born Of A Marriage Which Is Subsequently Declared Void Legitimate ?

  55. Are Liquidated Damages Clauses Enforceable In Georgia ?

  56. Behaviour Necessary To Support A Terry Investigative Stop In Georgia

  57. Can A Child Therapist Opine The Occurence Of Sexual Abuse Without Physical Evidence Of Abuse ?

  58. Can A Father Be Held Liable For The Neglience Of His Non-Dependant Self-Supporting Adult Son Living At Home With Parents ?

  59. Can A Lawful Conviction Be Obtained Without Carrying Out A Scientific Test Of A Controlled Substance ?

  60. Can A Suit Be Brought For The Benefit Of The Corporation If It Refuses To Take Action Against Corporate Wrongs ?

  61. Can Alternate Jurors Replace Jurors Who Do Not Make A Decision Because They Have Reasonable Doubt Regarding Evidence ?

  62. Can Joint Custody Be Awarded To A Third Party If It Is In The Best Interest Of A Child ?

  63. Can The Bankruptcy Code Preempt State Law Claims For Conduct Violating A Stay In Bankruptcy ?

  64. Challenging Property Taxes In Georgia

  65. Child's Statement Reliability In Georgia Courts

  66. Conflicting Evidence Regarding Identity Of Driver At The Time Of A Car Accident

  67. Continuing Witness Objection In Georgia

  68. Court Testimony About The Value Of Stolen Property In Georgia

  69. Court Witnesses Ability To Recognize A Voice From A Far Distance

  70. Credibility Of A Witness In Georgia

  71. Cruelty To Animals Georgia Law

  72. Denying Motion To Withdraw Guilty Plea In Georgia

  73. Difference Between A Statute Of Limitation And A Statute Of Repose

  74. Discretion To Allow The Corpus Of A Estate To Be Used For The Maintenance And Education Of Ward

  75. Do Unfulfilled Promises Made By Employer To Employee Amount To Fraud

  76. Doctor's Affidavit That Death Was Not Inevitable

  77. Does A Not Guilty Plea Serve As A Challenge To Venue At A Criminal Trial ?

  78. Does A Trial Court's Use Of Mechanical Sentencing Policy Amount To An Abdication Of Judicial Responsibility ?

  79. Does An Individual Who Is Not On Trial Have The Constitutional Right To Appear Before A Grand Jury ?

  80. Does Exhibition Of Identification Photograph Of Defendant From Police Files Put His Character In Issue ?

  81. Does Flight Upon The Approach Of Patrolling Police Officers In High Crime Areas Provide Articuable Suspicion For A Terry Stop ?

  82. Does Indictment Alleging Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Require Proof That Drugs Made Individual A Less Safe Driver ?

  83. Does The Notice Requirement Of Rule 31.4 Serve Legitimate State Interests In Protecting Against Undue Delay ?

  84. Does The Release Of One Joint Tortfeasor Release All Of Them From Liability ?

  85. Entrapment Defense Georgia

  86. Failure To Give Jury Instructions In The Exact Language Requested

  87. Family Purpose Doctrine Georgia

  88. ''Forced Against Her Will'' Legal Definition In Georgia

  89. Forum Selection Clause Georgia

  90. Foster Parents Right To Adopt In Georgia

  91. Garza Kidnapping

  92. Georgia Assumption Of The Risk Defense

  93. Georgia Fourth Amendment Search And Seizure Law

  94. Georgia HGN Test

  95. Georgia Motion To Dismiss For Lack Of Personal Jurisdiction

  96. Georgia Prosecutors Knowledge Of All The Charges

  97. Georgia State's Comment Upon A Defendant's Silence

  98. Harmless Error When There Is Overwhelming Evidence Of Guilt

  99. Hospital Not Required To Give Adequate Notice To Doctor Regarding Revocation Of His Staff Privileges

  100. Inconsistent Jury Verdicts

  101. Informant Unreliable As Officer Failed To Inform Magistrate Regarding His Criminal Background And Activites

  102. Interspousal Tort Immunity Georgia

  103. Intoxilyzer 5000 Test Georgia

  104. Invasion Of Privacy Tort In Georgia

  105. Investigative Stop In Georgia

  106. Is A Seller Of An Extensively Used Vehicle Required To Inform The Buyer Of All Repairs ?

  107. Is An Action For Malicious Prosecution The Only Remedy If An Illegal Arrest Is Made By Valid Process ?

  108. Is Impeachment The Only Method Of Attacking The Credibility Of Hearsay ?

  109. Is It Necessary To Name The Victim In An Indictment For Burglary ?

  110. Is It The Intent Of The Legislature To Balance Strict Application Of The Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity ?

  111. Is Separate Classification Of Statute Of Limitation For Medical Malpractice Actions Constitutional ?

  112. Is The Division Of Forensic Sciences Required To Seek Approval Of Testing Methods Through The Administrative Procedure Act ?

  113. Joint Disposition Of Unrelated Charges In Georgia

  114. Judicial Review Of An Administrative Agency's Action Georgia Cases

  115. Landlord Re-Taking Property Vacated By A Tenant

  116. Lawsuit Against DHR For Negligent Juvenile Placing In A Home

  117. Leading Questions Regarding A Previous Testimony In Another Proceeding

  118. Limits On Cross Examination In Georgia

  119. Livestock Owners Liability For Injuries As A Result Of Dangerous Tendency Of An Animal

  120. Mandatory Minimum Sentence For Sexual Exploitation Of Children In Georgia

  121. Motion In Arrest Of Judgment Georgia

  122. Nominal Damages Georgia

  123. OCGA 10-1-396 Interpretation

  124. OCGA 14-3-1401 Interpretation

  125. OCGA 14-5-7 (A) Interpretation

  126. OCGA 15-1-9.1 Interpretation

  127. OCGA 15-11-40 Interpretation

  128. OCGA 15-11-63 Interpretation

  129. OCGA 15-12-166 Interpretation

  130. O.C.G.A 16-13-40 (O) (3) Interpretation

  131. OCGA 16-13-49 Interpretation

  132. OCGA 16-6-3 Interpretation

  133. OCGA 16-6-5.1 (B) Interpretation

  134. OCGA 17-8-57 Interpretation

  135. OCGA 19-6-15 (H) (3) Interpretation

  136. OCGA 24-3-10 Interpretation

  137. OCGA 24-3-2 Interpretation

  138. OCGA 24-3-50 Interpretation

  139. OCGA 24-9-84.1 (A) (2) Interpretation

  140. OCGA 24-9-84.1 Interpretation

  141. OCGA 31-3-4 (A) (3) Interpretation

  142. OCGA 33-7-11 (B) (1) (D) (Ii) Interpretation

  143. OCGA 34-9-221 Interpretation

  144. OCGA 34-9-8 Georgia Statutory Employer Doctrine

  145. OCGA 44-14-3 Interpretation

  146. OCGA 44-14-610 Interpretation

  147. OCGA 48-5-41 Interpretation

  148. O.C.G.A. 48-5-48.2 Interpretation

  149. OCGA 5-6-34 (B) Interpretation

  150. OCGA 5-6-38 Interpretation

  151. OCGA 51-3-1 Interpretation

  152. OCGA 8-2-106 Interpretation

  153. OCGA 9-10-91 Interpretation

  154. OCGA 9-11-3 (A) Interpretation

  155. OCGA 9-12-60 (A) Interpretation

  156. OCGA 9-15-14 Interpretation

  157. OCGA 9-3-30 Interpretation

  158. O.C.G.A. 9-3-71 Interpretation

  159. Official Immunity Doctrine Georgia

  160. Oral Settlement Agreements In Georgia

  161. Parents Liability For Children's Torts Georgia

  162. Police-Citizen Encounters In Georgia

  163. Possession Of A Car By A Service Station Employee For The Limited Purpose Of Delivering It To The Owner

  164. Proof Of The Value Of Lawyers Professional Services In Georgia

  165. Reliability Of A Child's Statements In Georgia

  166. Request From Court For Independent Testing Of A Substance

  167. Res Gestae Exception To The Hearsay Rule In Georgia

  168. Restatement Of The Law Agency 267

  169. Restatement Second Of Torts 339

  170. Second Permittee Doctrine

  171. Separate Convictions And Sentences Authorized For Aggravated Assault In Georgia

  172. Severance Of Offenses Georgia

  173. Should A Doctor Inform His Patients Regarding His Use Of Drugs Which Might Adversely Affect His Performance ?

  174. Should Trial Courts Include Specific Finding Of Facts And Conclusions Of Law In Child Custody Cases ?

  175. Slip And Fall Water On Floor Cases In Georgia

  176. Sovereign Immunity Georgia Municipalities

  177. Statement From A Named Informant Regarding Drugs In Georgia

  178. Statute Of Limitations On Failure To Diagnose In Georgia

  179. Substantial Step Requirement

  180. Terry Stop Georgia

  181. The Berry Test

  182. The Garza Test

  183. The ''Plain Error'' Rule In Georgia

  184. The Slight Movement Test

  185. Uniform Superior Court Rule 31.3 (B)

  186. Unjust Enrichment Without Getting Money

  187. Vanishing Venue Doctrine Georgia OCGA 9-10-31

  188. Voidable Title Doctrine OCGA 11-2-403

  189. ''Waiver Of Attorney'' Form Example

  190. What Does ''Nolle Prosequi'' Mean In Georgia ?

  191. What Is Plain Feel Doctrine ?

  192. What Is The Crime-Fraud Exception To The Attorney-Client Privilege Of Confidential Communication ?

  193. When Can The Doctrine Of Res Judicata Be Applied ?

  194. When Does An Organization In Georgia Qualify As A Purely Public Charity ?

  195. Witness Impeachment In Georgia

  196. Adams v. Carlisle

  197. Adams v. Hercules, Inc

  198. Adams v. State

  199. Allen v. State

  200. Allison v. State

  201. Allstate Ins. Co. v. Thompson

  202. Ambler v. Archer

  203. Apollo Travel Svcs. v. Gwinnett County Bd. of Tax Assessors

  204. Arnold v. State

  205. Ashburn Health Care Ctr., Inc. v. Poole

  206. Ashburn v. Baker

  207. Atkinson v. Cook

  208. Attaway v. State

  209. Backensto v. Dept. of Transp

  210. Backey v. State

  211. Baez v. State

  212. Baker v. Brannen Goddard Co

  213. Baker v. State

  214. Ballew v. State

  215. Bardo v. Liss

  216. Bd. of Commrs. of Dougherty County v. Saba

  217. Beam v. State

  218. Beamon v. Ga. Power Co

  219. Beasley v. Northside Hosp

  220. Beck v. Dennis

  221. Beck v. State

  222. Beckom v. State

  223. Bell v. Figueredo

  224. Beringause v. Fogleman Truck Lines

  225. Billingsley v. State

  226. Bishop, Howden v. State

  227. Bishop v. State

  228. Bituminous Cas. Corp. v. Northern Ins. Co. &c

  229. Black v. State

  230. Bloch v. Herman's Sporting Goods

  231. Bloodworth v. State

  232. Boggs v. State

  233. Bowers v. State

  234. Bowman v. Richardson

  235. Boyt v. State

  236. Bozzuto v. State

  237. Bradford v. State

  238. Bradley Center v. Wessner

  239. Brakebill v. Hicks

  240. Brandon v. State

  241. Braswell v. State

  242. Brinson v. Martin

  243. Brock v. Patterson

  244. Brodes v. State

  245. Brown v. State

  246. Bruck v. Temple

  247. Burritt v. Media Marketing Svcs

  248. Butler v. State

  249. Bynum v. Gregory

  250. Byrd v. State

  251. CSX Transp., Inc. v Williams

  252. Caldwell v. Walraven

  253. Callaway v. Carswell

  254. Cambron v. Canal Ins. Co

  255. Cameron v. Lang

  256. Canales v. Wilson Southland Ins. Agency

  257. Canas v. Al-Jabi

  258. Cann-Hanson v. State

  259. Cavalier Convenience v. Sarvis

  260. Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. v. Asuamah

  261. Central R. & Banking Co. v. Denson

  262. Central State Hosp. v. James

  263. Cerulean Cos. v. Tiller

  264. Chamberlain v. State

  265. Chancey v. State

  266. Chandler v. State

  267. Chaparral Boats, Inc. v. Heath

  268. Chapman v. State

  269. Chase v. State

  270. City of Atlanta v. Clayton County Bd. of Tax Assessors

  271. City of Atlanta v. Kleber

  272. City of Bowman v. Gunnells

  273. City of Chamblee v. Maxwell

  274. City of Eatonton v. Few

  275. City of Lithonia v. Ga. Public Svc. Comm

  276. City of Macon v. Macrive Constr., Inc

  277. Clarendon Nat. Ins. Co. v. Johnson

  278. Clark v. Perino

  279. Clark v. Singer

  280. Cline v. State

  281. Clinton v. Gunn-Willis Lumber Co

  282. Cloud v. State

  283. Clough v. Lively

  284. Coffey v. Fayette County

  285. Coleman v. State

  286. Collins v. Bazan

  287. Collins v. State

  288. Colonial Properties Realty v. Lowder Constr. Co

  289. Cooper v. State

  290. Costrini v. Hansen Architects

  291. Cotton States Mut. Ins. Co. v. Brightman

  292. Craig v. Bailey Bros. Realty

  293. Crossley v. State

  294. Culpepper v. State

  295. Cuzzort v. State

  296. D'Auria v. State

  297. D. S. Ameri Constr. Corp. v. Simpson

  298. Daniel v. Ga. R. Bank & Trust Co

  299. Darby & Assocs. v. Fed. Deposit Ins. Corp

  300. Dasher v. Davis

  301. Davis v. State

  302. Decatur Auto Center v. Wachovia Bank

  303. Dees v. Logan

  304. Delacruz v. State

  305. Delaney v. State

  306. Dept. of Public Safety v. MacLafferty

  307. Dept. of Transp. v. Adams

  308. Deriso v. Cooper

  309. Diamond Power Intl. v. Davidson

  310. Dix v. Kroger Co

  311. Dougherty v. State

  312. Dowdell v. Volvo Commercial Fin., LLC

  313. Downey v. Bexley

  314. Drinkard v. Walker

  315. Duke v. State

  316. Dukes v. Board of Trustees for the Police Officers Pension Fund

  317. Durden v. State

  318. E-Z Serve Convenience Stores v. Crowell

  319. E. C. Long, Inc. v. Brennan's of Atlanta

  320. Edgell v. State

  321. Edmonds v. State

  322. Ekeledo v. Amporful

  323. Eller v. Matthews

  324. Elsberry v. Ivey

  325. Engram v. Engram

  326. Eyzaguirre v. Baker

  327. Finnocchio v. Lunsford

  328. First Born Church &c. v. Hill

  329. First Evangelical Methodist Church v. Clinton

  330. First Nat. Bank &c. v. Childress-Ross Properties

  331. Flagg Energy Dev. Corp. v. Gen. Motors Corp

  332. Flewellen v. Atlanta Cas. Co

  333. Florence v. Knight

  334. Fluker v. State

  335. Ford v. State

  336. Foskey v. Foster

  337. Fountain v. Thompson

  338. Fox v. State

  339. Fox v. Washburn

  340. Francis v. State

  341. Fulton County v. Legacy Inv. Group, LLC

  342. Ga. Dist. Council of the Assemblies of God v. Atlanta Faith Mem. Church

  343. Ga. Farm &c. Ins. Co. v. Burch

  344. Ga. Power Co. v. McGruder

  345. Gardner v. Blackston

  346. Gary v. Gowins

  347. Garza v. State

  348. Gatefield Corp. v. Gwinnett County

  349. Gentry v. Volkswagen of Am

  350. Georgia Dept. of Transp. v. Strickland

  351. Gilbert v. Richardson

  352. Gillis v. Goodgame

  353. Gilstrap v. State

  354. Glens Falls Ins. Co. v. Donmac Golf Shaping Co

  355. Globe Indem. Co. v. Simonton

  356. Gnann v. Woodall

  357. Gore v. State

  358. Gowins v. Gary

  359. Grace v. State

  360. Grant v. State

  361. Great American Indem. Co. v. Jeffries

  362. Green v. Bd. of Directors of Park Cliff Unit Owners Assn

  363. Green v. Green

  364. Greene v. State

  365. Greer v. Provident Bank

  366. Gremillion v. State

  367. Griggs v. Columbus Bank & Trust Company

  368. Grimes v. State

  369. Guarantee Mut. Ins. Co. v. Wade Investments

  370. Gunby v. Yates

  371. Gwinnett County Bd. of Tax Assessors v. Ackerman Indian Trail Ass'n

  372. Haisman v. State

  373. Hall v. State

  374. Hamilton v. State

  375. Hardeman v. State

  376. Hardison v. Fayssoux

  377. Hardison v. Orndorff

  378. Harris v. State

  379. Harrison v. Arrendale

  380. Harry S. Peterson Co. v. Nat. Union Fire Ins. Co

  381. Hart v. State

  382. Harvey v. State

  383. Hayes v. State

  384. Haywood v. Hughes

  385. Health Horizons v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co

  386. Health Mgmt. Assocs. v. Bazemore

  387. Heard v. Sexton

  388. Henderson v. State

  389. Herndon v. Waller

  390. Hibbs v. State

  391. Hill v. Clayton County Bd. of Commrs

  392. Hill v. State

  393. Hill v. Willis

  394. Hinton v. State of Ga

  395. Holcomb v. Walden

  396. Holmes v. State

  397. Hood v. State

  398. Horton v. State

  399. Howard v. City of Columbus

  400. Howard v. Howard

  401. Huff v. McLarty

  402. Hughes v. State

  403. Humphrey v. Wilson

  404. Hurst v. Grange Mut. Cas. Co

  405. Hurst v. Grange Mutual Casualty Company

  406. Hurston v. State

  407. Hutto v. State

  408. Hyde v. Klar

  409. Hyre v. Paxson

  410. In re Baby Girl Eason

  411. In re J. M

  412. In re Jane Doe

  413. In re Jefferson

  414. In re L. H. R

  415. In re McKesson HBOC, Inc. Securities Litigation

  416. In re Serpentfoot

  417. In the Interest of A.S.M

  418. In the Interest of C. P

  419. In the Interest of D.S

  420. In the Interest of D. H

  421. In the Interest of D. S. P

  422. In the Interest of D. W. A

  423. In the Interest of J. D. F

  424. In the Interest of S. B

  425. In the Interest of T.A.G

  426. Innovative Clinical & Consulting Servs. v. First Nat'l Bank

  427. Innovative Clinical & Consulting Svcs. v. First Nat. Bank

  428. Innovative Clinical, etc. Svcs. v. First Nat. Bank, etc

  429. Intl. Longshoremen's Assn. v. Saunders

  430. Jackson Electric Membership Corp. v. Georgia Power Co

  431. Jackson v. Beech Aircraft Corp

  432. Jackson v. State

  433. James v. Vineville Christian Towers

  434. Jenkins v. Evans

  435. Jim Anderson & Co. v. ParTraining Corp

  436. Johnson v. Hames Contracting

  437. Johnson v. State

  438. Johnson v. Trust Co. Bank

  439. Jones v. State

  440. Jordan v. Atlanta Replex Corp

  441. Jordan v. Farmers & Merchants Bank of South Carolina

  442. Kaminer v. Canas

  443. Keenan v. Plouffe

  444. Kelly v. Vargo

  445. Ketchup v. Howard

  446. Key v. Naylor

  447. Kidist Mariam Ethiopian &c. Church v. Kidist Mariam Ethiopian &c. Church

  448. King v. State

  449. Knight v. State

  450. Koritta v. State

  451. Krause v. Vance

  452. Krull v. State

  453. Kruse v. Todd

  454. LaBrec v. Davis

  455. LaSonde v. CitiFinancial Mtg. Co

  456. Lager's, LLC v. Palace Laundry

  457. Lamar-Rankin Drug Co. v. Copeland

  458. Lamp v. Smith

  459. Land v. State

  460. Laster v. State

  461. Latham v. State

  462. Lau's Corp. v. Haskins

  463. Lavelle v. State

  464. Lawrence v. State

  465. Leake v. Murphy

  466. Leaptrot v. State

  467. Lee v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co

  468. Leeds Building Products, Inc. v. Sears Mortgage Corp

  469. Lester v. S. J. Alexander, Inc

  470. Levetan v. Lanier Worldwide

  471. Lincoln County v. Edmond

  472. Lingerfelt v. State

  473. Little v. Liberty Sav. Bank

  474. Lloyd v. State

  475. Logan v. Chatham County

  476. Love v. State

  477. Lumbermen's Mut. Cas. Co. v. Pattillo Constr. Co

  478. Lunceford v. Peachtree Cas. Ins. Co

  479. Lyons v. State

  480. MTW Investment Co. v. Alcovy Properties

  481. Mallory v. Upson County Bd. of Educ

  482. Manuel v. Koonce

  483. Maples v. Seeliger

  484. Marshall v. State

  485. Mason v. State

  486. Massaline v. Williams

  487. Matheson v. Stilkenboom

  488. Maxwell v. Mayor &c. of Savannah

  489. McBride v. Wasik

  490. McCall v. Henry Medical Center

  491. McCullough v. Reyes

  492. McGuire v. State

  493. McKenzie v. State

  494. McLain Bldg. Materials v. Hicks

  495. McLane v. Atlanta Market &c. Co

  496. McSwain v. State

  497. Meason v. Gilbert

  498. Mikell v. State

  499. Miller v. State

  500. Mitchell Realty Group, LLC v. Holt

  501. Mitchell v. State

  502. Mitsubishi Motors Corp. v. Colemon

  503. Montero v. State

  504. Montes v. State

  505. Montgomery v. State

  506. Moody v. Martin Motor Co

  507. Moon v. CSA--Credit Solutions of America

  508. Morehouse College v. McGaha

  509. Moreland v. Austin

  510. Moreton Rolleston, Jr. Living Trust v. Glynn County Bd. of Tax Assessors

  511. Murphy v. Bajjani

  512. Mut. Life Ins. Co. v. Bishop

  513. Nadew v. Alemu

  514. Nalley Northside Chevrolet v. Herring

  515. Nash v. State

  516. Nationwide Mut. Fire Ins. Co. v. Lam

  517. Nee v. State Farm Fire &c. Co

  518. Neugent v. State

  519. Nodvin v. Plantation Pipe Line Co

  520. North Georgia Electric Membership Corp. v. City of Dalton

  521. O'Donnell v. State

  522. OFC Capital v. Colonial Distrib

  523. O'Neal v. Deese

  524. Odum v. State

  525. Oglethorpe Power Corp. v. Goss

  526. Owen v. State

  527. Oxford v. Shuman

  528. Parker v. Peaceful Valley Property Owners Assn

  529. Parker v. State

  530. Patel v. State

  531. Patron Aviation v. Teledyne Industries

  532. Patton v. State

  533. Paul v. State

  534. Payne v. State

  535. Peagler v. Georgetown Assoc

  536. Penn. Nat. &c. Ins. Co. v. Person

  537. Perkins v. Dept. of Med. Assistance

  538. Perkins v. Morgan County School Dist

  539. Perry v. State

  540. Phillips v. State

  541. Pickett v. Paine

  542. Pitts Properties v. Auburn Bank

  543. Pitts v. State

  544. Polston v. Boomershine Pontiac-GMC Truck

  545. Ponce de Leon Condo. v. DiGirolamo

  546. Posey v. Medical Center-West

  547. Powell v. Cohen

  548. Pritchard v. State

  549. Progressive American Ins. Co. v Horde

  550. Prophecy Corp. v. Charles Rossignol, Inc

  551. Public Svc. Comm. v. Campaign for a Prosperous Ga

  552. Quiroz v. State

  553. Raven v. Laurens

  554. Rayburn v. State

  555. Reagan v. Lynch

  556. Reaves v. State

  557. Reece v. Turner

  558. Reed v. Auto-Owners Ins. Co., Reed v. Auto-Owner's Ins. Co

  559. Reeves v. Reeves

  560. Reliance Electric Co. v. Brightwell

  561. Rickets v. Tri-State Systems

  562. Ricketts v. Liberty Mutual Ins. Co

  563. Riverdale Pools & Constr. v. Evans

  564. Rivers v. State

  565. Robert & Co. Assoc. v. Rhodes-Haverty Partnership

  566. Roberts v. Burke County School District

  567. Robertson v. CRI, Inc

  568. Robinson v. Kroger Co

  569. Robinson v. State

  570. Rocco v. State

  571. Rocha v. State

  572. Rodriguez v. State

  573. Roman v. Terrell

  574. Rose v. Thorpe

  575. Ross v. State

  576. Row v. United States Automobile Assn

  577. Rowland v. Dept. of Administrative Svcs

  578. Russell Morgan Landscape Mgmt. v. Velez-Ochoa

  579. Rutledge v. State

  580. Ryder Integrated Logistics v. BellSouth Telecommunications

  581. Sadie G. Mays Mem. Nursing Home v. Freeman

  582. Salcedo v. State

  583. Salmeron v. State

  584. Sanchez v. State

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  588. Sarno v. Hoffman

  589. Savannah, Fla. & Western R. Co. v. Beavers

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  591. SawHorse, Inc. v. Southern Guaranty Ins. Co. of Ga

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  594. Self v. State

  595. Selvy v. Morrison

  596. Shadburn v. Whitlow

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  598. Shearin v. State

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  602. Shore v. Shore

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  605. Silman v. Assocs. Bellemeade

  606. Smith v. Jensen

  607. Smith v. McDowell

  608. Smith v. Sherman

  609. Sosebee v. State

  610. Southeastern Land Fund v. Real Estate World

  611. Southern Electronics Distrib. v. Anderson

  612. Southern Guaranty Ins. Co. v. Miller

  613. Southmark Corp. v. Trotter, Smith & Jacobs

  614. Spector v. Lankford

  615. St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church v. Townsend

  616. St. Mary's Hosp. v. Radiology Professional Corp

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  619. Stapleton v. State

  620. State v. Anderson

  621. State v. Ashmore

  622. State v. Bell

  623. State v. Blackwell

  624. State v. Butler

  625. State v. Dixson

  626. State v. Felton

  627. State v. Germany

  628. State v. Hanson

  629. State v. Johnson

  630. State v. Lowe

  631. State v. Mallard

  632. State v. Morgan

  633. State v. Palmer

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  646. Taylor v. Chester

  647. Taylor v. State

  648. Tenorio v. State

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  651. Thomas v. State

  652. Thomas v. Warren

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  654. Thompson v. Ledbetter

  655. Thompson v. State

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  658. Tindol v. State

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  695. Zwiren v. Thompson

  696. Legal Questions

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