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  1. Trees Cut Down Damages Claim

  2. Damages For Inmates Property Loss

  3. Illinois State's Negligence Cases

  4. Punitive Damages Cases In Illinois

  5. Inmate Eye Injury From Debris Damages

  6. Injured Leaning Upon Window Liability

  7. State Employees Knowledge Of An Accident

  8. Slip And Fall Injuries Unlighted Stairway

  9. Public Employee Tort Immunity In Illinois

  10. Motion For Directed Verdict Cases Illinois

  11. Inmate Injury While Lifting Weights Damages

  12. Medicaid Vendor Payments Action In Illinois

  13. Inmates Loss Of Cash Money Claim In Illinois

  14. Glass Door Shattered Causing An Injury Claim

  15. Res Ipsa Loquitur Property Damage In Illinois

  16. Inmate Physical Abuse Damages Claim In Illinois

  17. Fall Injury In Jail Because Of Slippery Surface

  18. Breach Of Duty In In Negligence Action In Illinois

  19. Inmate Foot Problems Inadequate Medical Care Claim

  20. Inmate Property Loss After Release From Segregation

  21. Slip And Fall Because Of Moisture On The Floor Case

  22. Prisoners Injury Operating A Chainsaw Damages Claim

  23. Loss Of Personal Property In Jail Claim In Illinois

  24. Car Accident Because Of Ice Patch On A Highway Claim

  25. Liquidated Damages In Construction Contracts Illinois

  26. Fall Injury In Building Entrance Damages And Liability

  27. Hospitals Liability For Patient Rape By Another Patient

  28. Inmate Car Accident During Transportation Damages Claim

  29. State's Duty To Maintain Highway Intersection In Illinois

  30. Contractor Termination Before The Work Was Completed Claim

  31. Third Party Beneficiary Contract To Procure A Payment Bond

  32. Reimbursement Of Mileage Expenses Of Illinois State Trooper

  33. Liquidated Damages For Delay Clause In Construction Contracts

  34. Crime Victim Denied Compensation For Participating In A Crime

  35. Negligent Medical Treatment To Prisoners Finger Damages Claim

  36. Claim For The Return Of Money - Bail Bond Retention In Illinois

  37. Failure To Secure Exit Ramp On Highway Causing Car Damage Claim

  38. Prison Liabilities To Protect Inmates From Stabbing In Illinois

  39. Police Officer Heart Attack ''In The Line Of Duty'' In Illinois

  40. Police Officer Suffered Radiation Contamination In Training Seminar

  41. Illinois Tollway Authority Liability Negligent Highways Maintenance

  42. Crime Victims Provoking Or Contributing To Death Compensation Reduce

  43. Length Of Time Between Crime And Death - Crime Victims Compensation Act

  44. Death ''in The Line Of Duty'' Must Occur Within One Year From The Injury

  45. Is Death ''On Drill'' Considered ''Killed In The Line Of Duty'' In Illinois ?

  46. The Rosen Test

  47. Equal Division Rule

  48. Res Ipsa Loquitur Illinois

  49. Absolute Privilege Illinois

  50. Federal Rules Of Evidence 703

  51. Cleric Breach Of Duty In Illinois

  52. Prisoner Injured By A Warning Shot

  53. Prisoners Injuries Cases In Illinois

  54. Aiding And Abetting Elements Illinois

  55. Negligent Treatment To A Senile Patient

  56. Illinois Private Cause Of Action Factors

  57. Methods For Dividing Pensions In Illinois

  58. Skip And Fall Injury On A Cracked Sidewalk

  59. Doctrine Of Absolute Privilege In Illinois

  60. Lack Of Injury In Illinois Sex Crime Cases

  61. Suing For Injury Caused By A Manhole Cover

  62. State Failure To Warn Of Water On A Highway

  63. Illinois Case Involving A Missing Stop Sign

  64. Section 10.1 Of The Victims Compensation Act

  65. Supreme Court Rule 183 Illinois Interpretation

  66. Slip And Fall Injury On Soda Spilled On The Steps

  67. Delays In Reporting Crimes To The Police In Illinois

  68. Failure To Advise About Mandatory Supervised Release

  69. Illinois Restricted Driving Permit Not Valid On Sunday

  70. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 303 (A) (1) Interpretation

  71. Prisoner Severely Beaten By Another Prisoner Sued The State

  72. Review Of An Administrative Decision Time Limit In Illinois

  73. Firefighter Died During A Football Game In The Line Of Duty

  74. Illinois Court Of Claims Exhaustion Of Remedies Requirement

  75. Reasonable Conduct Creating An Allegedly Dangerous Condition

  76. Illinois State Duty To Provide Prisoners With Safe Conditions

  77. Illinois Court Of Claims Jurisdiction Based On Federal Statute

  78. Pleading Guilty To Aggravated Battery With A Firearm In Illinois

  79. State Of Illinois Legal Duty To Maintain And Supervise Its Parks

  80. Illinois Court Of Claims Jurisdiction To Grant Injunctive Relief

  81. Unjust Enrichment Through The Refund Of Illegal Taxes In Illinois

  82. New Trial Because Of Biased And Prejudicial Trial Judge's Comments

  83. Can Interest Be Recovered Absent A Statute Or Agreement In Illinois

  84. Protective Custody Of A Child During Investigation Of Alleged Abuse

  85. Damages Arising From Defects In The Roadway And Sidewalk In Illinois

  86. Delaying Ruling On Admissibility Of Prior Convictions Until Testimony

  87. 730 ILCS 5-8-1(C) Illinois Mandatory Natural Life Sentencing Statute

  88. Slip And Fall On Injury On Asphalt That Was Not Level With The Terrain

  89. Illinois Cases About State Negligence For Not Constructing A Guardrail

  90. Motion To Suppress Evidence For Material-Obstruction Statute Violation

  91. Remaining In A Vehicle With An Intoxicated Driver As Contributory Negligence

  92. Not Being Admonished Of A Mandatory Parole Term When Entering A Plea Agreement

  93. Illinois Courts Permitted Experts To State Opinions Regarding Standard Of Care

  94. Reduced Compensation Where A Victim Knowingly Placed Himself In A Dangerous Situation

  95. What Are The ''Zehr Principles'' ?

  96. Are 911 Recordings Testimonial ?

  97. Section 2-1401 Petition Illinois

  98. Healing Art Malpractice Illinois

  99. Crawford Violation Example Cases

  100. 5 ''Problems'' With Police Lineups

  101. The Illinois NPDES Permit Program

  102. Is A School Bus A Common Carrier ?

  103. Freestanding Actual Innocence Claim

  104. Anti-Stacking Provision Example Case

  105. What Is The ''Similar Locality'' Rule ?

  106. How To Prove Intrusion Upon Seclusion ?

  107. Denial Of A Motion To Exclude Witnesses

  108. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Lake'' ?

  109. Do Foreign Nationals Have Miranda Rights ?

  110. Jurisdiction To Hear Interlocutory Appeals

  111. Is Bloodhound Evidence Admissible In Court ?

  112. Do Insureds Have To Attend The Arbitration ?

  113. Case Dealing With IPI Criminal Instructions

  114. Restatement Of Torts Standard In Section 46

  115. Case Involving Error On Nominating Petitions

  116. Collateral Estoppel Doctrine In Illinois Law

  117. Receiving Prolixin Pursuant To A Court Order

  118. Can You Impeach Police Informant's Testimony ?

  119. Paying Truck License Plates Fees Under Duress

  120. Vienna Convention Violation Claim In Illinois

  121. Case About Arresting Another Person By Mistake

  122. Notice Requirements For The Juvenile Court Act

  123. Case Dealing With Pulling Police Officer's Hair

  124. The Tender Years Doctrine In Car Accident Cases

  125. Failure Of The Record To Reflect Lawyer's Review

  126. Truth In Lending Act Section 1641 - Example Case

  127. Case Involving Evidence Of A Subsequent Accident

  128. Escaping Prison By ''Mistake'' (Without Intention)

  129. Is The Compensation Review Act Unconstitutional ?

  130. Opposition To Motion For Appointment Of Receiver

  131. Pollution Exclusion In An Insurance Policy Cases

  132. Judge/Jurors Alleged Sleeping During Trial Cases

  133. Can Foster Parent Appeal Child Removal From Home ?

  134. Not Permitting Physicians Testimony To Permanency

  135. Lawsuit For Work Related Injury On The Spur Track

  136. Cases Dealing With Incorrect Dispositional Orders

  137. Can You Ask A Witness About His Pending Lawsuits ?

  138. Article I Section 18 Of The Illinois Constitution

  139. Are Provision Which Prohibit Class Actions Legal ?

  140. Do Felony Complaints Start The Speedy-Trial Clock ?

  141. Liability For Injuries Under The ''Rescue'' Doctrine

  142. Case Involving A Juror With Prior Drinking Problem

  143. Is Driving Under The Influence Of Insulin Illegal ?

  144. What Is Family Protection Coverage Auto Insurance ?

  145. Defendant's Failure To Request A Sentencing Hearing

  146. Is City Liable For An Injured In A Courthouse Lawn ?

  147. Is Stipulated Bench Trial Considered A Guilty Plea ?

  148. What Are The 4 Principles That Jurors Have To Know ?

  149. Case Involving Conclusory And Inadequate Affidavits

  150. Employment Geared Around And Subservient To Classes

  151. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 604(D) - Interpretation

  152. Out-Of-State Conviction DUI Convictions In Illinois

  153. Can You Fire An Employee For Anti-Union Statements ?

  154. Conviction Of Felony Murder Predicated On Mob Action

  155. Attempted Sexual Assault At Gunpoint After A Robbery

  156. Delay In Filing ''first Forum Non Conveniens'' Motions

  157. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 651 (C) - Interpretation

  158. Is An Electronic Security Belt A Restraining Device ?

  159. Permanent Injunction To Extend A Restrictive Covenant

  160. Unfair Maintenance Waiver In An Antenuptial Agreement

  161. Cases Involving Admissibility Of ''dying Declarations''

  162. Interpretation Of Section 1(D)(M) Of The Adoption Act

  163. Consequences Of ''Playing Games'' With Court Procedures

  164. Definition Of ''Municipality'' In Illinois Pension Code

  165. Failure To Tender Jury Instructions In Criminal Cases

  166. Is A Statement By An Attorney A ''Judicial Admission'' ?

  167. Lawyer's Failure To Present Evidence Cases In Illinois

  168. Is Lay Midwife's Conduct Regulated By The Nursing Act ?

  169. Are There Restrictions On Party Changes By Candidates ?

  170. Case Involving Improper Sentence As A Class X Offender

  171. Tablet-Ballistics Test Performed By A Forensic Chemist

  172. Do School Officials Need A Warrant To Search A Student ?

  173. Personal Jurisdiction In A Lawsuit For Loss Of Business

  174. Are Multiple Convictions Based Upon The Same Act Legal ?

  175. Vacating Multiple Convictions Based On Future Prejudice

  176. Mis-Designation Of A Motion Filed In Court Example Case

  177. Is ''General Acceptance'' Same As ''Universal Acceptance'' ?

  178. May Someone Who Is Resisting Arrest Claim Self-Defense ?

  179. Imposing Class X Sentence Based On A Class 2 Conviction

  180. Lawyer's Failure To Make Closing Arguments Example Cases

  181. Self Defense Jury Instruction In A Resisting Arrest Case

  182. Can A Receiver Be Appointed For A Not-For-Profit Museum ?

  183. Withholding 10 Percent Of The Contract Price As Security

  184. The Privilege To Report On Judicial Proceedings Attaches

  185. Lawsuit For Failure To Install Anti-Lock Brakes In A Car

  186. Application Of Good-Time Credit To Terms Of Imprisonment

  187. Case Dealing With Testimonial Vs Non Testimonial Hearsay

  188. How Many Years In Prison For Sexual Abuse By The Father ?

  189. Exemption Of Corporations From General Interest Statutes

  190. Is ''Screaming'' Considered Provocation In Dog Bite Cases ?

  191. Negligent Entrustment Lawsuit Against The Driver's Father

  192. Illinois Property Tax Code Section 15-35 - Interpretation

  193. Is It Illegal To Engage Plumbing Trade Without A License ?

  194. Assessment Of Interest Against Municipalities In Illinois

  195. Can Contiguity And Nonisolation Be Likened To Each Other ?

  196. Consequences Of ''Forgetting'' Facts During Court Testimony

  197. 3 Factors Used To Determine Whether A Transaction Is Fair

  198. Motion To Quash Subpoenas Because They Are ''overly Broad''

  199. Do Duty Disability Benefits Require Prejudgment Interest ?

  200. Cases About Legal Consequences Of Destruction Of Evidence

  201. Can Eating Breath Mints Affect Alcohol Breathalyzer Test ?

  202. Is A Criminal Complaint Considered A ''Formal Accusation'' ?

  203. The Penalty Under The Fraud Act Is Not A Punitive Measure

  204. Premature Appel On One Of The Counts Pertaining To A Will

  205. Are Maintenance Waivers In Antenuptial Agreements Unfair ?

  206. Illinois Tort Immunity Act Section 3-102 - Interpretation

  207. Can A Criminally Insane Person Be Liable In A Civil Suit ?

  208. Differed Victim In The Indictment From The Victim At Trial

  209. Improper Admonishment About About How To Perfect An Appeal

  210. The ''Actual Innocence'' Rule In A Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

  211. Is It Allowed To Send Of Audio Playbacks To The Jury Room ?

  212. Attempted Burglary By Pounding A Hole Through A Store Wall

  213. Can You Sue DCFS For ''Mistaken Accusation'' Of Child Abuse ?

  214. Can A Settlement For A ''Small Amount'' Establish Bad Faith ?

  215. 4 Circumstances That May Be Indicative Of A Police Seizure

  216. Failure To Prove A Suspect Understood His Miranda Warnings

  217. Can ''Seriousness'' Of An Offense Legitimize Police Conduct ?

  218. Slip And Fall Due To An Alleged Unreasonable Amount Of Ice

  219. Should A Person Who Reports Illegal Activity Be Protected ?

  220. City Liability For Slip And Fall In A Sidewalk Or An Alley

  221. Cases Involving Period Between Beatings And Sexual Assault

  222. Is A Murder Victim's Statements To His Relative Admissible ?

  223. Is A Jury Instruction To Consider The Victim's Age Allowed ?

  224. Bank's Failure To Require Sworn Statement Of Lien Claimants

  225. Unlicensed Practice Of Professional Engineering In Illinois

  226. Does A Police Pat-Down Violate The Personal Privacy Clause ?

  227. Products Liability For Involvement In The Marketing Process

  228. Interpretation Of Section 3-102(A) Of The Tort Immunity Act

  229. Is It Improper To Show Photographs Of An Autopsy To A Jury ?

  230. Are Sexual Misconduct Claims Covered By Insurance Policies ?

  231. Consecutive Prison Terms For Robbery After A Sexual Assault

  232. Warrant To Search An Apartment Resulted In A Death Sentence

  233. Declaratory Judgment Action In Cases Which Involve Shooting

  234. 6 Factors Used To Determine Defendant's Legal Accountability

  235. Do Employee Handbooks Create Enforceable Contractual Rights ?

  236. Can Police Arrest A ''Flight Risk'' Suspect Without A Warrant ?

  237. Does Insurance Cover Damages For Injuries Caused By Mercury ?

  238. Claim Of Market-Timing Trades In The Shares Of A Mutual Fund

  239. Starting A Fire Which Resulted In Death During Home Invasion

  240. Murder Conviction Reversed Based On An Accountability Theory

  241. Can Police Stop A Car Based On Prior Contacts With A Person ?

  242. Case Involving Insufficient Evidence To Prove Consumer Fraud

  243. Illinois Civil Procedure Section 2-619(A) (3) Interpretation

  244. Is A Scheduled Polygraph Examination Admissible As Evidence ?

  245. 5 Requirements For The Admission Of A Breath-Analysis Result

  246. Can The State's Attorney File A Motion To Substitute A Judge ?

  247. Can State's Attorney File A Motion To Change Probation Terms ?

  248. Actual Notice Of A Claim Triggers An Insured's Duty To Defend

  249. Legal Consequences Of Baby's Birth With Cocaine In His System

  250. Client Claimed That Her Lawyer ''Did Not Allow Her To Testify''

  251. What Is Difference Between ''open Plea'' And ''negotiated Plea'' ?

  252. Not Being An Additional Insured Under The Am Insurance Policy

  253. Case Involving Claim Of No Opportunity To Inspect Car Damages

  254. Do Loan Agreements Violate The Terms Of The Contribution Act ?

  255. Can Causation Be Based On Speculation In Slip And Fall Cases ?

  256. Dismissal Of Amended Complaint Which Were Filed Several Times

  257. Reinstatement Of A Discharged Police Officer By An Arbitrator

  258. 7 Ways To Help Determine If An Illegal Arrest Had Taken Place

  259. Who Has The Authority Regarding Petitions To Disconnect Land ?

  260. Can Parents Sue For Mistaken Diagnosis Of Child Sexual Abuse ?

  261. Working A Part Time Job While Enrolling To A Doctoral Program

  262. Is It Legal To Dismiss A Teacher Because He Had A Low Rating ?

  263. Child's Lawsuit Against His Grandparents For Lawn-Mower Injury

  264. Are Evidence Of Prior Sexually Molestation Offence Admissible ?

  265. Are Laws Against Gay People (Homosexuality) ''Legal'' In The US ?

  266. Can An ''Inexperienced'' Police Officer Identify Types Of Drugs ?

  267. How To Determine Whether Felony-Murder Doctrine Is Applicable ?

  268. Lawsuit For Alleged Contamination Of Well Water By Barn Manure

  269. Is An Accident In A Parking Lot Considered ''Recreational Use'' ?

  270. Is ''in Camera'' Hearing Without The Presence Of A Lawyer Legal ?

  271. Attempted Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault And Home Invasion

  272. Suppressing Evidence Which Was Not Named In The Search Warrant

  273. Is A Fireman's Widow Entitled To ''Line Of Duty'' Death Benefits ?

  274. Subpoena Of Emergency 911 Recordings To Corroborate A Testimony

  275. Fact Finding Hearing In Parental Rights Termination Proceedings

  276. The ''Exhaustion Of Remedies'' Doctrine Requirements Example Case

  277. Explanation For The Owner Giving A Quitclaim Deed To The Tenant

  278. What Is The Deadline For Filing A Petition For Leave To Appeal ?

  279. Is A Public Administrator Of An Estate An Officer Of The State ?

  280. Is Being Argumentative Sufficient For Discharge For Misconduct ?

  281. Does ''Selective Prosecution'' Qualify As An Affirmative Defense ?

  282. Lawsuit For Work Related Injury While Installing A Gas Pipeline

  283. Expert Testimony That A Knee Injury Is Permanent - Example Case

  284. Consequences Of Operating Trucks Without Illinois License Plates

  285. On Who The Burden Of Proof Lies In Evidence Contamination Cases ?

  286. Can Emergency Statements To The 911 Dispatcher Be Used In Court ?

  287. Is Stipulated Evidence (Not Live Testimony) Permitted By Courts ?

  288. Can ''Peeing'' Constitute Intrusion Upon The Seclusion Of Another ?

  289. Case Involving Criminal Defendant's Word Against Police Officer's

  290. New Trial On The Apportionment Of Liability In A Negligence Case

  291. Case Involving A Man Who Fell To His Death Down A Dark Staircase

  292. Commencing Employment Without Further Approval From The Employer

  293. Must Police Use Horn Or Siren While Signaling A Vehicle To Stop ?

  294. Case About ''Who Is An Insured'' Definition In An Insurance Police

  295. Class Action For Alleged Duplicate Payments Of Real Estate Taxes

  296. Excessive Loss Of Society Award By A Jury In A Car Accident Case

  297. Can Hearsay Content Of A Police Radio Dispatch Be Used In Court ?

  298. Example Of A Case In Which Court's Good-Faith Order Was Premature

  299. What Can Be The Consequences Of Inmates Challenging An Amendment ?

  300. Settlement Agreement Without A Clear Restriction Of An Assignment

  301. Consequences Of Police Not Allowing A Lawyer Access To His Client

  302. Are Social Workers Liable For Damages Arising From Their Actions ?

  303. May Deputy Accept Late Petition After The Hours Set By The Clerk ?

  304. Can You Appeal Sentences Without Moving To Withdraw Guilty Pleas ?

  305. Proving Driving Under The Combined Influence Of Alcohol And Drugs

  306. Can ''Incoherent Testimony'' Be Considered As Inadmissible Hearsay ?

  307. Example Cases In Which The Mixed Question Of Law And Fact Applies

  308. Case Involving Confusion About The Filing Deadline Of A Complaint

  309. Motion To Dismiss Due To Lack Of Diligence In Serving The Lawsuit

  310. Does Insurance Cover Court Award Damages For Assaulting A Person ?

  311. Does Insurance Cover Injuries Arising Out Of ''Wrongful Eviction'' ?

  312. Can A Third Party/Family Member Invoke Your Right To An Attorney ?

  313. Case Involving An Attempt To Cancel A Family Settlement Agreement

  314. Governmental Agency's Discretion Must Be Done With Reasonable Care

  315. Consequences Of Newly Appointed Lawyer's Failure To Amend A Motion

  316. Medical Malpractice Lawsuit For Baby's Death After Plastic Surgery

  317. Can Department Of Revenue Retroactively Apply Newly Revised Rules ?

  318. Can ''Time Passing'' Indicate Abandonment Of The Right To Arbitrate ?

  319. Can A ''Small Nick Or Cut'' Result In Aggravated Battery Conviction ?

  320. What Is The Maximum Permissible Sentence For Two Class X Offenses ?

  321. Court Jurisdiction Over Someone Who Escaped While Released On Bond

  322. Evidentiary Value Of A Missing X-Ray In A Medical Malpractice Suit

  323. Was The Oral Agreement Illegal And Just An Attempt To Extort Money

  324. Is A Default Judgement Void If It Is Entered Without Jurisdiction ?

  325. Vienna Convention Rights Regarding An Arrest Of A Foreign National

  326. Do Trial Courts Have The Authority To Stay The Entire Proceedings ?

  327. Refusal To Give Information To Booking Police Officer After Arrest

  328. Appealing A Court Decision On Consecutive Sentences For Sex Crimes

  329. Can You Seek To Rescind A Franchise Agreement Through Arbitration ?

  330. Any Issue Not Raised In Post-Sentencing Motion Is Waived On Appeal

  331. Failure To Move For A Mistrial After Introducing Hearsay Testimony

  332. City Council's Discretion In Levying A Tax To Support Pension Funds

  333. Defendant's Right To Be Present At The Jury Instructions Conference

  334. Violent Shaking Of A Baby Resulted In Aggravated Battery Conviction

  335. Can Unlicensed Private Detective Testify As To The Cause Of A Fire ?

  336. How To Determine Whether Damages Constitute Purely Economic Losses ?

  337. Request To Impeach An Off-Duty Officer (On Suspension) Who Was Shot

  338. Judicial Review Without Participating In The Administrative Hearing

  339. Jury Instructions Regarding An Unreasonable Belief In A Murder Case

  340. Can An Insurer By Its Conduct Waive Rights Against Another Insurer ?

  341. Can You Be Accused Of A Sex Crime If There Was ''no Force Involved'' ?

  342. Case About Tenant Not Knowing The Extent Of Liability Under A Lease

  343. Are Arbitration Agreements Regarding Nursing Home Disputes Binding ?

  344. Can An Arbitration Agreement Apply Only To A Portion Of A Contract ?

  345. Slip And Fall Injury On A Crack In An Alley While Disposing Garbage

  346. Is Bank Liable For An Employee Who Acknowledged A Forged Signature ?

  347. Court's Authority To Decide Whether An Agreement To Arbitrate Exists

  348. Reinstatement Of Employees By An Arbitrator After Alleged Misconduct

  349. Alleged Lawyer Misrepresentation For Not Retaining A Forensic Expert

  350. Do Non-Settling Defendants Have The Right To Object To A Settlement ?

  351. Is Evidence Obtained In Violation Of The Sixth Amendment Admissible ?

  352. Is A Police Showup Along Time After A Crime Considered ''Suggestive'' ?

  353. Negligence Suit Against A Nursing Home For Falling From A Wheelchair

  354. Can Police Use A Cell Block Mate To Extract A Confession Of A Crime ?

  355. Wrongful Death Lawsuit In A Fire For Not Installing A Smoke Detector

  356. Promising To Pay A Higher Interest Rate In The Event Of Loan Default

  357. Consequences Of Not Providing Consumer Rights Pamphlet By Contractor

  358. Case Dealing With Disputes Between Grain Producers And Grain Dealers

  359. Lawsuit For Injury Caused By Falling Down An Alley Because Of A Hole

  360. Is ''Information Available To Anyone In The Business'' A Trade Secret ?

  361. Slip And Fall Lawsuit On Ice Located Between Driveway And Front Door

  362. Do Fourth Amendment Protections Apply During Investigatory Seizures ?

  363. Is Validity Of An Arrest Affected By Mistaken Identity Of A Suspect ?

  364. Can Statements Made On A 911 Recording Be Used In Court As Evidence ?

  365. Is It Allowed To Cross Examine A Witness Regarding Alleged Drug Use ?

  366. Lawsuit Against DCFS Illinois For Children's Exposure To Sexual Abuse

  367. Is Chiropractor's Trial Testimony About Medical Treatment Admissible ?

  368. Eyewitness's ''Opposite'' Trial Testimony To His Prior Signed Statement

  369. The Standard For Judicial Review Of The Board Of Elections Dismissals

  370. Title Insurance Policy - Alleged Failure To Disclose Zoning Amendment

  371. Is A Company Responsible For The Safety Of An Employee Of Its Lessee ?

  372. Lawsuit Against The Red Cross For Alleged Injury After Blood Donation

  373. Case Involving Admissibility Of Bank Camera Evidence During A Robbery

  374. Shotgun Barrel Explosion Resulting A Lawsuit Against The Manufacturer

  375. Does Delay In Payment To A City Contractor Warrant An Interest Award ?

  376. Are Evidence Of A ''Violent Character'' Relevant In Self-Defence Cases ?

  377. Are Attorneys Fees (Not Part Of The Employment Agreement) Arbitrable ?

  378. Lawsuit For Death As A Result Of Slip And Fall Accident In The Shower

  379. Application Of State Procedural Rules In Federal Diversity Litigation

  380. Interpretation Of A Referral Contract Between A Union And An Employer

  381. Electrical Contractor's Lawsuit To Recover License And Inspection Fees

  382. Can Tenants Sue Their Landlord Based On The Public Nuisance Ordinance ?

  383. Is Comparisons Between Defendants In Different Criminal Cases Allowed ?

  384. Is A Company List Of ''Well-Known'' Customers Considered A Trade Secret ?

  385. Section 143a-2(3) Information Regarding Underinsured-Motorist Coverage

  386. Is Charitable Solicitations ''Speech'' Protected By The First Amendment ?

  387. The Obligation To Raise A Legal Issue Despite Lack Of Precedent For It

  388. Case Interpreting ''Absolute Pollution Exclusion'' In Insurance Policies

  389. Can A Director Be Liable For Alleged Defamatory Statements On The Air ?

  390. Can State Return Defendant To Federal Prison If His Trial Was Delayed ?

  391. Can An Individual Be In Custody Despite Enjoying Considerable Freedom ?

  392. Is Contact Made ''Through Clothing'' Considered By Law ''Sexual Conduct'' ?

  393. Does Combined Possession Weapons And Drugs Creates A Separate Offense ?

  394. Jurisdiction Over Out Of State Defendant That Was Part Of A Conspiracy

  395. Railroad Flagman Injured In Car Collision Sued For Hazardous Workplace

  396. Case Involving Non-Pattern Jury Instructions Interpreted As Permissive

  397. The Use Of Prior Testimonial Statements During Trial Cross-Examination

  398. Can Court Deny A Motion To Have Blood-Stains Subjected To DNA Testing ?

  399. What Is The Deadline To File A Motion To Reconsider Or For Rehearing ?

  400. Is Police Liable For A Car Accident As A Result Of A High-Speed Chase ?

  401. May A Lawyer Waive His Client's Sixth Amendment Right Of Confrontation ?

  402. Private Nuisance Lawsuit Against Poultry Business Near Residential Area

  403. Lawsuit Against The City For Roller Skating Injury On A Public Sidewalk

  404. In What Circumstances Can A Separate Kidnaping Conviction Be Sustained ?

  405. No Evidence Of Connection Between Stab Wound And Death In Murder A Case

  406. Increasing Prison Sentence After Defendant Filed A Motion To Reconsider

  407. Injunctive Relief Against Former Employees Regarding Their New Business

  408. Shaking A Baby To Death Resulted In Involuntary Manslaughter Conviction

  409. Example Of A Case In Which Polygraph Test (Lie Detector) Was Admissible

  410. Can You Sue A Public Administrator For Real Estate Transaction Damages ?

  411. Can An Audio Recording Be Used In Court Without Witness Authentication ?

  412. Police Officer Slip And Fall Injury Because Of A Defect In The Sidewalk

  413. Case Dealing With A Claim Against A Pastor For Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

  414. Is Lawyer Malpractice Claim An Exception To The Economic Loss Doctrine ?

  415. Do Circuit Courts Have Jurisdiction Over Environmental Pollution Cases ?

  416. Is A Lawyer Who Didn't Call An Independent Expert Considered Ineffective

  417. What Is The Appropriate Standard Of Review For Section 2-1401 Petitions ?

  418. Can You Sue For 1 Million Dollars For Defamation And Wrongful Discharge ?

  419. Can The 1989 Amendment Be Applied Retroactively To The Long-Arm Statute ?

  420. Does ''General Description'' Of A Felon Justify A Police Stop In Illinois ?

  421. Must Directives Of A Federal Court Be Obeyed Even If They Are Erroneous ?

  422. Consequences Of Not Objecting To A Count During Summary Judgment Hearing

  423. How Does The United States Supreme Court Define The Term 'Interrogation' ?

  424. May Lawyer Send Legal Correspondence To Treating Physician During Trial ?

  425. Does Defendant Have To Renew His Objection To The Admission Of Evidence ?

  426. Lawsuit Against Anesthesiologist For Giving The Wrong Kind Of Anesthesia

  427. Is It Allowed For Prosecution To Explain ''Reasonable Doubt'' To The Jury ?

  428. The Authority To Summarily Dismiss A Section 2-1401 Petition In Illinois

  429. Time Limit To File Notice Of Appeal Of Administrative Licence Suspension

  430. Case About Evidence To Prove That Husband's Expenditure's Were Reasonable

  431. Is A City Liable For Its Failure To Provide A Particular Traffic Device ?

  432. 30-Day Notice Requirement For Filing Formal Charges With The Merit Board

  433. Interpretation Of Section 13-217 Of The Illinois Code Of Civil Procedure

  434. Product Liability Lawsuit Against A Manufacturer In Another Jurisdiction

  435. Negligent Spoliation Case Involving Stepping Into A Hole In The Sidewalk

  436. Legally Inconsistent Convictions For Murder And Involuntary Manslaughter

  437. Penalty For Railroad Embankment Maintained In A Manner Prohibited By Law

  438. Should Prospective Jurors Indicated A Bias Against Guns Be Disqualified ?

  439. Cases About Motions To Dismiss Based On Errors And Omissions In Evidence

  440. Does The Word Word ''Park'' Indicate A Statutory For Use As A Public Park ?

  441. Failure To Ask A Question Required By Illinois Supreme Court Rule 431(B)

  442. Can Taking Synthetic Estrogen During Pregnancy Cause Cancer To The Baby ?

  443. Does Packaging Of A Small Amount Of Drugs Demonstrate Intent To Deliver ?

  444. Illinois Section 155 Damages Claim For Refusal To Pay The Settled Amount

  445. Is Criminal Defendant Entitled To His Seized Money To Fund Legal Defense ?

  446. Giving Small Businesses A Chance To Participate In The Rulemaking Process

  447. Consequences Of Filing Post Conviction Petition After Deadline Has Passed

  448. Can A Contract Remain In Force After The Cancellation Period Has Expired ?

  449. Convictions Reversed For Attempted Criminal Sexual Assault - Example Case

  450. Can The Language Of City Ordinance Evince An Intent To Create A Contract ?

  451. Lawsuit About Prisoners Burned With Hot Grease During Work In The Kitchen

  452. Is Court Testimony Of An Eyewitness Who Died Before The Trial Admissible ?

  453. Does The Confrontation Clause Bar Out-Of-Courtroom Testimonial Statement ?

  454. What Does It Mean For An Injury To Arise Out Of The Course Of Employment ?

  455. Can Police Confront A Suspect With A Family Member To Extract Confession ?

  456. Dismissal Of A Claim For Interference With Prospective Business Relations

  457. Difference Between ''Some Evidence'' Standard And ''Reasonably Certain Proof''

  458. Is A New Trial Based On An Affidavit Of A Convicted Co-Defendant Possible ?

  459. Late Filing Of A Call For Party Convention To Nominate Circuit Court Judge

  460. Attempted Armed Robbery Conviction Based On An Anonymous Police Phone Call

  461. Is It Possible To Hold A New Trial Based On A Newly Discovered Eyewitness ?

  462. Is It Legal To Use Additional Charges To Sway A Defendant To Plead Guilty ?

  463. Is It Legal To Conduct Preliminary Hearing More Than 30 Days After Arrest ?

  464. Once An Insurance Policy Is Issued The Insured Is No Longer An ''Applicant''

  465. Can An Out-Of-State Resident Be Charged With Driving On A Revoked License ?

  466. Deceased Intention That The Remainderman Will Honor The Terms Of The Lease

  467. Discovery Of Drugs Behind The Backseat After Traffic Stop For For Speeding

  468. Can Aggravated Battery Be The Underlying Felony In A Felony-Murder Charge ?

  469. Does Insurance Broker Who Acted As An Intermediary Considered A Sub-Agent ?

  470. Is A Contract With Non-Licensed To Practice Architecture Corporation Void ?

  471. Are Special-Use Permits Enforceable After Annexation Agreement Expiration ?

  472. Can Police Officer Arrest Driver If He Sees A Gun On The Floor Of The Car ?

  473. Is Accidentally Stepping On Dog's Tail By A Child Considered ''Provocation'' ?

  474. Are Directors Of A Bank Liable For Losses Due To Dishonesty Of The Cashier ?

  475. Difference Between ''Sexually Dangerous'' And ''Sexually Violent'' Persons Acts

  476. Consequences Of Not Giving Give A ''Comparative Negligence'' Jury Instruction

  477. Arbitrator Reinstated School Bus Driver That Was Fired For Harassing Others

  478. Is Denial Of A Motion For Summary Judgment A Non Appealable Final Judgment ?

  479. Does Failure To Respond To Notices Urging Redemption Constitute Negligence ?

  480. Determining A Acceptance Of A Scientific Principle And Methodology In Court

  481. Can Not Appearing For Plea Bargain Sentencing Result In A Harsher Sentence ?

  482. Can Third-Party Complaint Bolster A Claim As A Putative Additional Insured ?

  483. Does Illinois Section 2-619 Require To File All Motions To Dismiss At Once ?

  484. Alleged Error In Applying A Statute Under A Separate Choice Of Law Analysis

  485. Is Other-Crime Evidence Relevant To Show Intent To Commit Sexually Assault ?

  486. Jury Instruction Error Regarding The Sole Proximate Cause To A Car Accident

  487. DUI Discovery Sanctions For Destroying Police Radio Communications Evidence

  488. Failure To Establish A Proper Chain Of Custody Of Cannabis (Drugs) Evidence

  489. Police Officers Convicted On The Grounds That Their Statements Were Coerced

  490. Does Insurance Policy Duty To Defend Include Legal Fees For A Counterclaim ?

  491. May A Petition Seeking Rule 137 Sanctions Be Filed Prior To Final Judgment ?

  492. Silence Alone Does Not Generally Constitute Fraud In A Business Transaction

  493. Consequences Of A Clerical Mistake In Nominating Petitions Signed By Voters

  494. Does Lawyer's Failure To Call DNA Expert Constitutes Ineffective Assistance ?

  495. Defendant's Appearance For The Sentencing Was Not Part Of The Plea Agreement

  496. Use Of Father's Contest In A Subsequent Adoption Proceeding By Other Parties

  497. What Assistance Is Given To Disabled Voters To Exercise Their Voting Rights ?

  498. Case Involving A Co-Defendant Who Received An Additional Sentence For Murder

  499. Can A Petition Be Granted At The Second Stage Of Postconviction Proceedings ?

  500. Does Dog Biting A Man Who Pulled Its Tail Constitutes ''Provocation Defence'' ?

  501. Does Search Warrant Permit Pat Down Searches Of The People In That Location ?

  502. Are Retirees Third-Party Beneficiaries Of A Collective Bargaining Agreement ?

  503. Car Accident Due To Unconsciousness Because Of Rupture Of Abdominal Aneurysm

  504. Determining Whether Consecutive Sentence Are Necessary To Protect The Public

  505. Causing Injuries To Others After A Robbery During Escape Attempt From Police

  506. Is Actual Proof Of Innocence Required To State A Claim Of Legal Malpractice ?

  507. Is Money Transfer From Public Trusts Fund Into A General Revenue Fund Legal ?

  508. Can Consent For Admission And Treatment Indicate Capacity To Make Decisions ?

  509. Does The 120 Day Period Begin From The Date Defendant Is Taken Into Custody ?

  510. Can You Sue Damages In The US For An Airplane Crash That Occurred In Europe ?

  511. May A Lawyers Make A ''Last Minute'' Change Of Theory During Closing Argument ?

  512. Can You Be Fired For Absence Without Leave To Care For A Sick Family Member ?

  513. Do Circuit Courts Have Jurisdiction To Resolve Workers' Compensation Matters ?

  514. Does The Term ''convicted'' Refer To Defendant's Age At The Time Of Conviction ?

  515. When Does Equitable Estoppel Apply In Cases Involving Statute Of Limitations ?

  516. When Should A Case Be Dismissed Under The Doctrine Of ''Forum Non Conveniens'' ?

  517. Slip And Fall Lawsuit Against The Management Company Of An Apartment Building

  518. Can A Person Be Convicted For Personally Discharging A Firearm That He Owned ?

  519. Are Only Fundamentally Proper Proceedings Subject To Harmless Error Analysis ?

  520. When Can A Defendant Be Excused From Satisfying The Cause-And-Prejudice Test ?

  521. Can Kissing A Child On The Lips Result In A Criminal Sexual Abuse Conviction ?

  522. Is Consent Of An Individual Required By Police Officers To Search His Person ?

  523. May Court Reduced Breach Of Contract Damages Despite Substantial Performance ?

  524. Is Objection To A Settlement Without Conducting An Evidentiary Hearing Legal ?

  525. Is A Driver For A Messenger Service An Employee Or An Independent Contractor ?

  526. Is Claim Of Fraud In The Inducement Against An Arbitration Clause Arbitrable ?

  527. Case About Alleged Ex-Employee Use Of Information To Underbid Former Employer

  528. Are Benefits To Be Paid From The Date Of Death According To The Pension Code ?

  529. Does Breach Of The Safety Appliance Act Give Rise To A Civil Cause Of Action ?

  530. Is Smell Of Cannabis On Driver's Breath Enough Evidence To Convict Him Of DUI ?

  531. Conviction Reversed Because Of Jury ''Confusion'' As To A Certain Word's Meaning

  532. Example Of A Case In Which Defence Lawyer's Failed To Produce A Single Witness

  533. Do Cases Regarding Fraudulent Schemes Exceed The Scope Of The Apprisal Clause ?

  534. Does Merely Associating With Gang Members Indicates Motive Or Criminal Intent ?

  535. Do Witnesses Have The Ability To Summarize Mass Of Documents During Testimony ?

  536. Can Prosecutor Share A Personal Experience With The Jury In Closing Arguments ?

  537. Must Court Explain Immigration Consequences Of A Guilty Plea To The Defendant ?

  538. Should A Child Be Returned To His Mother If Petition To Adopt Has Been Denied ?

  539. What Is Considered ''Reasonable Time'' For Notice Of Insurance Policy Condition ?

  540. Proximity Between Arrest And Confession Is A Factor To Determine Voluntariness

  541. Can The Discovery Rule Rescue A Complaint From The Limitation Period Time Bar ?

  542. Does A Gap Between Medical Examination And Trial Effects On Doctors Testimony ?

  543. Lawsuit For Alleged Employee Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets (Customer List)

  544. Lawyer's Failure To Tender Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions Criminal No. 3.17

  545. Punitive Damages Claims Survive Decedent's Death Under The Public Utilities Act

  546. Is Expert Witness Testimony About Witness's Credibility Admissible As Evidence ?

  547. Does Defendant's Decision Not To Testify Constitute A Constitutional Violation ?

  548. Who Is Liable For A Child Injured While Attempting To Jump Onto A Moving Train ?

  549. Maximum Sentence For Failure To Appear For Sentencing Despite A No Contest Plea

  550. Can Indemnity Be Awarded For Loss Of Property Through Own Negligence And Fault ?

  551. Section 13-214.3(E) Of The Code Of Civil Procedure - Minority Tolling Provision

  552. Is Suggestion Of ''Sexual Interest In Young Girls'' Allowed On Cross-Examination ?

  553. Is Doctor's Expert Opinion Regarding Defendant's Honesty Admissible As Evidence ?

  554. Firing Retained Lawyer In Favor Of Court-Appointed Lawyer By A ''Poor'' Defendant

  555. How To Prove Intention To Keep Non-Marital Assets Separate From Marital Assets ?

  556. Can A Trailer Be Considered A 'building' That Could Be The Object Of A Burglary ?

  557. Arbitrator Reinstated A Police Officer Who Was Fired For Use Of Excessive Force

  558. Is Lawyer's Statement That He Examined Guilty Plea Hearing Transcript Mandatory ?

  559. Does Insurance Cover Suits Which Were Settled Without The Insurer's Involvement ?

  560. Does Punitive Damages Claim Survive The Dissolution Of The Assignor Corporation ?

  561. Late Filing Of A Post-Conviction Petition Because Of Late Discovery Of The Claim

  562. Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Dealing With Reconstructive Surgery And An Infection

  563. What Is The Right Way To Calculate Average Weekly Earnings Of An Injured Worker ?

  564. Murder Conviction Based On A Sole Witness Who Was Was An Accomplice Was Reversed

  565. Self-Defence Claim Despite Proceeding To Beat The Victim After He Was Lying Down

  566. Self-Defense Claim Based On Evidence That Demonstrates That Defendant Was Afraid

  567. Late Filing Of A Petition For Leave To Appeal Presenting New Factual Information

  568. Failure To Pass A Resolution Regarding The Acquisition Of Land By Eminent Domain

  569. Can ''Not Reporting A Crime'' Alone Be Enough To Find Someone Guilty Of The Crime ?

  570. Is It Legal To Arrest If Police Officer (Was Outsidea A House) Saw Drugs Inside ?

  571. Does General Consent Include Consent To Search The Memory Of Electronic Devices ?

  572. Can Punitive Damages Be Recovered In A Survival Action Under Consumer Fraud Act ?

  573. Circumstances Under Which A Stipulated Bench Trial Will Constitute A Guilty Plea

  574. Can Esophageal Reflux Disorder Affect Results Breathalyzer Alcohol Test Results ?

  575. Is A Police Radio Dispatch About A Criminal Act In Progress Admissible In Court ?

  576. Consequences Of Government's Delay To Respond To A Petition To Remit A Forfeiture

  577. Is ''Suspension Of Driving Privilege'' The Same As ''Driver's License Cancellation'' ?

  578. Can You File A Lawsuit Against Corporation's Board Of Directors In Another State ?

  579. Do Value Of Seized Property Or Gravity Of The Offense Effect On The Maximum Fine ?

  580. What Action Can The Condominium Association Take Against A Defaulting Unit Owner ?

  581. Can You Sue Those Who Were Unknown To You At The Time You Signed A Realease Form ?

  582. May Patient Rely On Others To Choose A Particular Medical Facility For Treatment ?

  583. Is Cross Examination Of A Crime Victim About Drug And Alcohol Addictions Allowed ?

  584. Is Not Presenting A Testimony During An Arbitration Hearing Considered Bad Faith ?

  585. May Defendant Ask To Reconsider His Sentence Without Withdrawing His Guilty Plea ?

  586. ''Governmental Entity'' Definition In Section 2-1303 Of The Code Of Civil Procedure

  587. Disability Lawsuit For Permanent Partial Disability Of Chronic Lumbosacral Strain

  588. Is An Ordinance Imposing A Law Library Fee At The Time Of Filing A Lawsuit Valid ?

  589. Personal Liability For Forcible Ejection Of An African-American Person From A Bus

  590. Can Police Seize Stolen Property In An Apartment During A Shooting Investigation ?

  591. Reversal Of Court's Decision That Confession Was Extracted Using Physical Violence

  592. Can You Send Section 34 Demand Letter To The The Landlord Of The Owner's Attorney ?

  593. Is There A Duty To Disclose The Existence Of A Document To Revoke Decedent's Will ?

  594. Department Of Mental Health's Lawsuit For Past Money Debt Owed For Hospitalization

  595. Is A Former Employee Liable For Continuing Events That Began Before His Departure ?

  596. Do Absentee Ballot Application Have To Specify The Reason For Physical Incapacity ?

  597. Does Architectural Firm Under Licensed Architect Supervision Has To Be Registered ?

  598. Injunction Request To Correct Allegedly Deplorable School Conditions Was Dismissed

  599. Do Billboard Owners Who Are Forced To Remove Their Signs Entitled To Compensation ?

  600. Can The Summer Period Between Academic Terms Be Considered Period Of Unemployment ?

  601. 7 Factors To Determine Whether A Warrantless Police Entry Into A Home Is Justified

  602. Difference Between Subrogor-Subrogee Relationship And Debtor/Creditor Relationship

  603. Do Probation Officers Have The Authority To File A Petition To Revoke Supervision ?

  604. Can An Architectural Firm Provide Architectural Services Without Being Registered ?

  605. Can Consent To Police Search Be Given In The Form Of A Gesture (Without Speaking) ?

  606. Can Expert Opinion Testimony Be Based Upon An Examination Conducted 3 Years Prior ?

  607. Can Role Of A ''Broker'' In Marketing A Defective Product Supports Strict Liability ?

  608. Work Related Injury Resulten In A Lawsuit Agains Manufacturer Of Transmission Jack

  609. Can Board Remove A Candidate's Name From The Ballot Due To Insufficient Signatures ?

  610. Can Legal Malpractice In Drafting Decedent's Trust Document Occur Before His Death ?

  611. Court's Duty To Admonish Defendant About The Consequences Of Guilty Plea Withdrawal

  612. What Is The Amount Of Crack Cocaine That Is Inconsistent With Personal Consumption ?

  613. Is It The Duty Of The Municipality To Maintain County Roads For Pedestrian Traffic ?

  614. Must Court Conduct An Evidentiary Hearing On The Allocation Of Settlement Proceeds ?

  615. Does An Accounting Firm Have The Responsibility To Discover Fraud And Embezzlement ?

  616. Is ''Consent To Adoption'' The Same As ''Child Surrendered To An Agency For Adoption'' ?

  617. Does Court Determine Child Custody Based Solely On Financial Conditions Of Parents ?

  618. Does A State Attorney Have Veto Power Over Sanctions Offered By Probation Officers ?

  619. What Is The Punishment For Killing A Bystander During Shootout Between Rival Gangs ?

  620. Private Detectives Licence Payment Under Duress Alleging It Was Illegally Collected

  621. Is A Gas Company Liable For Injuries Caused By A Leak In Pipes Not Installed By It ?

  622. Court Vacated Double-Time Pay For Violation Of Notice Requirement For Shift Changes

  623. Independent Evidence Established Corpus Delicti Of All The Crimes In The Confession

  624. Work-Related Death Of A Minor That Was Employed In Violation Of The Child Labor Law

  625. Lawsuit For Absence Of A Doctor (Neurosurgeon) On Duty In A Hospital Emergency Room

  626. Should Police Questioning Stop Once Defendant Has Asked For A Lawyer To Be Present ?

  627. Should An Individual Testifying In Uniform Be Accorded Greater Weightage By A Jury ?

  628. Case In Which City's Settelment With A Company Was Not Enforceable Against Taxpayers

  629. Does Lender's Right Of Recover A Loan Depend On The Ability Prove The Payment Terms ?

  630. Pre-Development Expenditure Of More Than 27% Of The Total Projected Development Cost

  631. Incomplete Admonition Regarding Defendant's Right Not To Testify Denied A Fair Trial

  632. Can Defendant Be Assumed To Be Guilty Based On Membership In An ''Undesirable'' Group ?

  633. Can Court Impose A Prison Sentence After Sentencing Has Been Postponed Indefinitely ?

  634. Preparatory Or Preliminary Acts Alone Are Insufficient To Invoke Transactional Venue

  635. Example Of A Case In Which Polygraph (Lie Detector) Evidence Was Allowed As Evidence

  636. Is Other-Crimes Evidence Admissible To Show Intent Of Inappropriate Sexual Touching ?

  637. Can A New Motion And Hearing Be Ordered If Proceedings Are Incomplete And Defective ?

  638. Motion For Leave To Add An Additional Negligence Count To A Medical Malpractice Suit

  639. Case Involving Alleged Omission Of Lab Results From An Autopsy Report By Pathologist

  640. Case Involving A Suspect That Made Incriminating Statements After Waiving His Rights

  641. Is Loss Of Opportunity To Knowingly File An Initial Post-Conviction Petition Unfair ?

  642. Does The State Have To Locate And Notify A Noncustodial Father Of Legal Proceedings ?

  643. Is Municipal Corporation That Wrongfully Exacts Money Liable For Interest Payments ?

  644. Is A Customer List Trade Secret If Reasonable Measures To Protect It Are Not Taken ?

  645. Is The Time To Appeal Period Tolled Until Actual Notice Of Trial Court's Final Order ?

  646. Is City Council Bound By Police Pension Fund Board's Decision Regarding Pension Fund ?

  647. Is An Error Harmless If It Does Not Significantly Influence The Outcome Of The Trial ?

  648. Obtaining Jurisdiction Of A Person After The Right Or Cause Of Action Already Existed

  649. Appeal Order Denying Motion To To Appoint A Receiver To Manage The Mortgaged Property

  650. Work Related Injuries As A Result Of An Attempt To Keep Pace With The Production Line

  651. Does ''Spreading Legs And Placing Hands On Head'' Constitutes Consent To Police Search ?

  652. Is Evidence Of Negative Polygraph Test Results Admissible Even For A Limited Purpose ?

  653. Can Mistaken Diagnosis Of Child Sexual Abuse Result In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit ?

  654. Can An Expert Witness Testify Without Any Physical Evidence To Support His Testimony ?

  655. Can You Sue For Alleged Defamation Occurred During Internal Corporate Communications ?

  656. Can A Judge Himself File A Synopsis Of The Proceedings In Absence Of Court Reporters ?

  657. Is A Law Requiring Corporation To Withhold Tax From Dividend Payments Constitutional ?

  658. Does A Defendant's Age Background And Criminal History Justify A Consecutive Sentence ?

  659. Can Ability To Raise Bail Money Be The Reason To Cancel Public Defender's Appointment ?

  660. Consequences Of Trial Court's Failure To Review Postconviction Petition Within 90 Days

  661. Awarding A Lien Amount Equivalent To The Full Amount Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

  662. Is Consent To Search Voluntary After Police Officer Already Gave The Driver A Warning ?

  663. Does A Letter Of Intent Sent By One Party To Another Serve As An Enforceable Contract ?

  664. Does Arguing Without Using Abusive Language Justify Employee Discharge For Misconduct ?

  665. Courts Jurisdiction Period Over A Person Who Had Been Acquitted By Reason Of Insanity

  666. Is Court Authorized To Summarily Dismiss A Post-Conviction Petitions In Capital Cases ?

  667. Can The Court Include Language Used In A Particular Case To Define A Legal Disability ?

  668. Permission To Stack Insurance Coverages For All Vehicles Listed In A Declarations Page

  669. What Is The Deadline To File A Lawsuit Against An Accountant For Alleged ''Bad Advice'' ?

  670. Can ''Unsworn Claims'' In Court Be An Independent Basis To Deny Request For A New Trial ?

  671. Can A Negligence Suit Be Filed If An Individual Is Injured In A Recreational Facility ?

  672. Venue Of Trial In A Lawsuit Against Multiple Public Corporations In Different Counties

  673. 6 Ways To Help Determine Whether Someone Possesses A Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

  674. Does Forgetting Keys In The Car Make You Responsible For Future Car Thieves Accidents ?

  675. Not Informing The Defense Regarding Inducements Offered By Government To Its Witnesses

  676. Intention To Arbitrate Grievances Concerning Layoffs On A ''Lack Of Work'' Determination

  677. Consequences Of Not Objecting To Invalid Signatures In Candidates Nomination Petitions

  678. Can A Person Can Be Guilty Of Two Offenses When A Common Act Is Part Of Both Offenses ?

  679. Is A Fire Marshal Entitled To Discretionary Immunity During The Course Of A Fire Drill ?

  680. Is Granting A License To To The Person Who Donates The Largest Sum To A County Allowed ?

  681. Claim Raised In Amendment Did Not Relate Back To The Claim Raised In Original Complaint

  682. Judgment Reversal Based Upon Closing Argument Despite The Defendant's' Failure To Object

  683. Is A New Trial Required If There Is No 'Structural Error' Under Harmless-Error Analysis ?

  684. Cases In Which Similarities To The Charged Crime Did Not Establish A Common Design/Plan

  685. Are Testimonial Hearsay Statements Of A Witness Who Is Unavailable At Trial Admissible ?

  686. Does The Tort Immunity Act Give Immunity To A Doctor For Failing To Diagnose A Disease ?

  687. Does The Term 'Disability' Refer To Mental And Physical Condition Or Economic Condition ?

  688. Is It Legal To Fire Someone For Speaking With Fellow Employees About Layoff Procedures ?

  689. What Is Level Of Accuracy Of An Alcohol Breathalyzer Machine Required To Be Admissible ?

  690. Girl Struck By A Car Because A Driver Waved To Her That It Was Safe To Cross The Street

  691. Can An Owner Of A Saloon Be Considered The Winner Of A Poker Game Played By His Agents ?

  692. Mitigation Of Damages Where Patient Does Not Follow Advice In Medical Malpractice Cases

  693. Can ''Asking The Police To Arrest Someone'' Result Being Charged With False Imprisonment ?

  694. Can Superiors Be Liable For Fraud Carried Out By A Subordinate Without Their Knowledge ?

  695. Consequences Of A Person Initially Agreeing To Adopt A Child And Then Changing Her Mind

  696. May Court Presume That A Defendant Has Waived His Right To An Attorney Without Inquiry ?

  697. Case About A Juvenile With No Criminal History That Was Cajoled To Commit Armed Robbery

  698. Is Hospital's Executive Committee Authorized To Terminate An Agreement With An Employee ?

  699. Can A Defendant's Probation Order Be Revoked If Evidence Provided By The State Is Vague ?

  700. Is A State Statute Governing Arbitration Clauses Preempted If It Conflicts With The FAA ?

  701. Preliminary Injunction From Withdrawing Funds Because Status Quo Needed To Be Maintained

  702. A Customer List Is A Trade Secret If It Meets Requirements In Illinois Trade Secrets Act

  703. Can A Store Be Held Negligent If A Driver Loses Consciousness And Drives Into The Store ?

  704. Is Mere Presence On Private Property Constitute ''Provocation Defense'' In Dog-Bite Cases ?

  705. Is Additional Evidence Besides Conscious Parallelism Required To Prove Conspiracy Cases ?

  706. DCFS Employee Fired For Failure To Prepare Service Plans For Children - Arbitration Case

  707. May A Defendant Withdraw A Guilty Plea Because He Was Not Aware Of Restitution Payments ?

  708. Is Shooting At A Car Believing Driver Is Trying To Steal It Considered Attempted Murder ?

  709. Does A Contract In Corporation Business Require Board Approval And Should It Be Written ?

  710. Living In A Rented Trailer In Your Own Land After Your House House Becomes Uninhabitable

  711. Exemption From Products Liability For Not Being In The Distributive Chain Of The Product

  712. Does Loss Of Memory Of A Witness Prevent An Opportunity For Effective Cross-Examination ?

  713. Can A Home-Rule Unit Exercise Its Authority Without A Majority Vote Of The City Counsel ?

  714. Can A Franchisor Be Held Liable For Injuries Sustained By A Worker During Store Robbery ?

  715. Are Surveillance Officers Required To Disclose Surveillance Points On Cross-Examination ?

  716. How To Determine Whether Multiple Crimes Have Been Committed As Part Of A Common Design ?

  717. Can Empolyee's Doctor Testify Even Though No Medical Report Was Tendered To The Employer ?

  718. Is It Correct To File Nomination Papers At The City Clerk's Residence At Around Midnight ?

  719. Can The Court Consider A Third Party Complaint In Determining A Carrier's Duty To Defend ?

  720. Can The Fireman's Rule Be Applied If Defects In The Building Are Not Related To The Fire ?

  721. Conviction Reversed Due To Police Officer's Testimony Lack Of Adequate Level Of Expertise

  722. Is Police Arrest Of A Person Standing In The Doorway Of His House Considered ''In Public'' ?

  723. Medical Malpractice Lawsuit For Alleged Failure To Accurately Diagnose And Treat Lymphoma

  724. Does Enhancement Of Sentence For Armed Robbery Violate The Proportional-Penalties Clause ?

  725. Is It ''claim-Splitting'' To Volunrarily Dismisses A Claim And Subsequently Refiling Claim ?

  726. Can Forum Selection Clause Be Circumvented Because Foreign Law Might Be ''Less Favorable'' ?

  727. Does The Statute Of Limitations Start When The Taxpayer Registers Agreement With The IRS ?

  728. Can An Affirmative Defense Based Upon An 'Act Of God' Be The Basis Of A Summary Judgement ?

  729. When Does The Statute Of Limitations Begin In Lawsuits Regarding Buying Into Corporation ?

  730. Does Defendant's Tender Of Payment To Plaintiff Allow Him To Avoid Defending Class Action ?

  731. Debtor Corporation Made Voluntary Transfers To Debtor's President In A Bankruptcy Law Case

  732. Is Wearing Black Clothes At Night Enough To Cause Reasonable Police Suspicion Of Burglary ?

  733. Consequences Of Dismissal Of The Charge Which Triggered Prosecution Of A Minor As An Adult

  734. Is A Borrower Entitled To Be Informed Of The Amount Due On A Loan Without Incurring A Fee ?

  735. ''Transactional Test'' To Decide Whether Separate Claims Considered The Same Cause Of Action

  736. Lawsuit For Alleged Damages Suffered By Delay In Exercising Eminent Domain Power Over Land

  737. Are Bifurcated Hearings Required In Involuntary Involuntary Mental Health Admission Cases ?

  738. Is Mixing Substances Together (Found On A Crime Scene) Considered Tampering With Evidence ?

  739. Was Time Limit Waived Because Letter Of Retirement Notifying Board Decision Was Misleading

  740. Does A Son Become An Alternate Successor If Initial Legatee (Wife) Dies Before His Father ?

  741. Can A Teacher Be Fired Without Notice For Using Physical Force When Disciplining Students ?

  742. Is Prepayment Penalty As Part Of The Balance To Pay The Account In Full On Mortgage Legal ?

  743. Alleged Filing Of Frivolous Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition Was Not Barred By Res Judicata

  744. What Determines Whether Common-Fund Doctrine Is Applicable To An Employee Retirement Plan ?

  745. Is Police Officer Entitled To Interest Payments On Refunded Contributions To Pension Fund ?

  746. Can A Plea Be Vacated If Court Fails To Inform A Defendant The Results Of His Guilty Plea ?

  747. Is A ''second Interrogation'' Considered ''Break In Custody'' Regarding Miranda Rights Waiver ?

  748. Does Limited Admonition Of Facts Violates Of Due Process Entering A Fully Negotiated Plea ?

  749. Can A Contractor File A Mechanic's Lien Complaint Without A Written Contract Or Work Order ?

  750. Court Testimony About Effect Of Down's Syndrome Suffered By A Surviving Child Of A Decedent

  751. Authority To Issue An Orders Of Drug Treatment For Parents Of Neglected And Abused Children

  752. Was Testimony Of Suspended Police Officer Influenced By His Desire To Return To Active Duty

  753. Must Counties Pay Interest For Construction Work In The Absence Of A Contractual Agreement ?

  754. Can The Confidentiality Act Be Used To Prevent Disclosure Of Otherwise Admissible Evidence ?

  755. Did Attempted Restriction Of Car Accident Coverage Violated The Uninsured Motorist Statute ?

  756. Is Duration Of Statutes Of Limitation In Medical Malpractice Cases ''Potentially Unlimited'' ?

  757. Can Threatning To Use A Dangerous Weapon Lead The Victim To Believe That The Weapon Exists ?

  758. Do Irregularities Taking Place During Deliberation Constitute Extraneous Influence On Jury ?

  759. Are Questions Concerning The Scope Of Binding Arbitration Clause Determined By Federal Law ?

  760. Is Crossing Dog's Chain Perimeter Considered ''Provocation'' (As A Defense In Dog Bite Cases) ?

  761. Is Conviction Despite ''Controversial Reliability'' Of Arresting Officer's Testimony Possible ?

  762. Does A Claim For Intentional Interference With An Expectancy Contest The Validity Of A Will ?

  763. Is Shaking A Baby Without Intention To Harm Him Considered A Crime (Causing Brain Injuries) ?

  764. Probable Cause Requirements For Search Warrant To Search The Residence For Child Pornography

  765. Is It Possible To Recover Punitive Damages After Assigning Lawsuit Interest To Shareholders ?

  766. Does Failure To Bring An Interpreter Alone Constitute Failure To Participate At Arbitration ?

  767. Are Evidence Of Prior Homosexual Relations Relevant In Cases About Sex Crimes Agains Minors ?

  768. Does The Duty To Refrain From 'Willful And Wanton Conduct' Also Apply To Full-Contact Sports ?

  769. Does Memory Loss Of A Witness (About Prior Statements) Deprives Effective Cross-Examination ?

  770. Does The Fedral Exclusionary Rule Apply To Violations Of The Knock-And-Announce Requirement ?

  771. Is Supplying Someone's Name As A Suspect Of Murder Constitute Extreme And Outrageous Conduct ?

  772. Weight Of Police Testimony To A Statement Made In Spanish Which Was Translated By A Bystander

  773. Challenging Competency Of An Attorney In Proceedings Under The Sexually Dangerous Persons Act

  774. Is Customer List And Pricing Information Of A ''Well Known'' Service Considered A Trade Secret ?

  775. How Many Opportunities May Court Give To ''Correct Defects'' In Complaint Before Dismissing It ?

  776. Is There An Actionable Claim Against The Insurer In The Absence Of Assignment By The Insured ?

  777. Fired Employee Lawsuit For Defamatory Statements Made By Other Employees About The Dismissal

  778. When Does The Need For Review An Individual Claims Of Inadequate Lawyer Representation Arise ?

  779. Is Killing Of Grandparents By A Minor Considered First Degree Murder Or Second Degree Murder ?

  780. Did Limestone Belonged To The Owner Of The Mineral Estate Or The Owner Of The Surface Estate ?

  781. Can Charges Against A Defendant Be Dismissed If The State Violates His Right To Speedy Trial ?

  782. What Are The Different Approaches Taken By Different States To Silent Witness Authentication ?

  783. Court Didn't Inform Defendant That He Might Face Consecutive Sentencing Before His Guilty Plea

  784. Are Testator's Children Who Were Not Identified By Name (In His Will) Entitled To Inheritance ?

  785. Request For Interest For The Period Between Commission's Original Award And Decision On Remand

  786. Are Negligent Claims Preempted By The Language Of Federal Boat Safety Act's Preemption Clause ?

  787. Is A Statement About ''Intention To Kill Someone'' During Conversation With A Friend Admissible ?

  788. Should A Defendant Be Given A Notice And An Opportunity To Respond To Any Motion By The State ?

  789. Lawsuit Against School District For Negligent Hiring Of A Bus Driver Who Committed A Sex Crime

  790. Are Changes In Premium And Benefits Considered A New Policy Or Continuation Of A Previous One ?

  791. Are Third-Party Suits In Medical Malpractice Cases Subject To The Four-Year Statute Of Repose ?

  792. Are Lawyers Advice Limited To Attorney-Client Contract Terms Orextend To Other Claims As Well ?

  793. Is It Legal To Fire Someone For Refusing To Engage In Conduct That May Endanger Public Safety ?

  794. Can Statement Of Witness Who Had No Personal Knowledge Of The Subject Matter Be Used In Court ?

  795. Is Disclosure Of Confidential Information Regarding A Person To A Limited Audience Actionable ?

  796. Does Incomplete Impeachment In Cross-Examination Constitutes Improper Questioning By A Lawyer ?

  797. Is There Exclusive Jurisdiction In A Malpractice Suit Against Doctors Who Are State Employees ?

  798. Can Petition To Reduce Sentence Without Supporting Documentation Satisfy The Law Requirements ?

  799. Can A Motion Be Dismissed Based On Failure To Exhaust Administrative Remedies Under Castaneda ?

  800. Is Surveillance Officer's Testimony About Fellow Police Officer's Reasons To Arrest Admissible ?

  801. A Statutory Employers Liability For Work Related Injury In A Fall From A Ladder While Painting

  802. Does A Judge Exceed The Grounds Of Judicial Propriety If He Acts As Both Judge And Prosecutor ?

  803. State's Failure To Allege Sufficient Potential Conflicts Between The Positions In Its Complaint

  804. Would Interpreting 'proceeds' To Mean 'profits' Make Money Laundering More Difficult To Prosecute

  805. Does General Coverage Provision Of CGL Policy Covers Damages Resulting From Breach Of Contract ?

  806. Under What Circumstances Can Cause Of Action For Damages Based On Promissory Estoppel Be Taken ?

  807. Can Both Treble Damages As Well As Common-Law Punitive Damages Be Recovered Under Survival Act ?

  808. Can Difference In Sentences Be Supported By Difference In The Roles Of Codefendants In A Crime ?

  809. Is A ''Release Of All Claims'' (Including Later Injuries) Clause In A Retirement Agreement Legal ?

  810. Alleged Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel By Telling The Defendant That He Has No Valid Defense

  811. Claim Of Failure To Redeem Property On Account Of Not Receiving Notice Of Tax Sale Was Rejected

  812. Medical Malpractice Suit Against A Psychiatrist For Discharging A Patient From Psychiatric Ward

  813. Can A Defendant Be Convicted Of Aggravated Assault If He Unknowingly Assaults A Police Officer ?

  814. Does Family Of Non-Custodial Father Has Visitation Rights During His Military Service Overseas ?

  815. Postconviction Lawyer's Failure To Make A Routine Amendment To A Petition To Avoid Bar Of Waiver

  816. Limitation On The Court's Jurisdiction Applies To Civil Rights Violations Under The Illinois Act

  817. Sex Discrimination In Employment Damages Under Article 1 Section 17 Of The Illinois Constitution

  818. Is There Hospital Medical Malpractice Liability For Failure To Provide Specially Trained Nurses ?

  819. Is Lien Is Enforceable If Installation Of Power Lines Improve The Land Or Benefit The Landowner ?

  820. Is ''Waiver Of Rights To A Judge Or Jury Trial'' (In A Contract) Considered An Arbitration Clause ?

  821. Does The Equitable Doctrine Help Those Who Are Aware Of Their Rights And Do Not Sleep Over Them ?

  822. Can A Police Officer Stop A Someone Based On A Hunch That He Might Be Involved In Drug Activity ?

  823. What Must A Plaintiff Prove To Establish A Negligence Claim For A Defective Design Of A Product ?

  824. Should Police Interrogation Be Interrupted If Length Is Reasonable And Statements Are Voluntary ?

  825. Can Evidence Found Through Dog Sniff Car Search (Without Reasonable Suspicion) Be Used In Court ?

  826. How Does Late Discovery Of Arm Injury Affect Statute Of Limitation In Medical Malpractice Cases ?

  827. Prior Conviction May Impeach Credibility If It's Punishable By Imprisonment In Excess Of One Year

  828. Does The Nature Of A Testimony Determine Whether It Violates An Accused's Right To Confrontation ?

  829. Can Manufacturer's Representative Be Sued Without Placing The Product Into Chain Of Distribution ?

  830. Trial Court's Alleged Failure To Admonish Of The Need To File A Motion To Reconsider The Sentence

  831. Does A Claim Of Actual Innocence Excuse A Defendant From Satisfying The Cause-And-Prejudice Test ?

  832. Failure To Raise Possible Drug Side Effects At Trial Prohibits Appeal Court From Considering Them

  833. Evidence Of The Intent To Have ''Intercourse'' To Be Convicted Of Attempted Criminal Sexual Assault

  834. Can Election Candidate Assist Voters In Preparing Their Ballots Because Of Illness Or Disability ?

  835. Setting Aside Fraudulent Corporation Transfers After Obtaining A Judgment In A Different District

  836. May A Prisoner (Incarcerated In Another State) Participate ''Telephonically'' In Legal Proceedings ?

  837. Is Failure To Give Correct Jury Instructions On The Presumption Of Innocence A Reversible Error ?

  838. Does Police Roadside Questioning After Routine Traffic Stop Considered A Custodial Interrogation ?

  839. Can Police Stop A Car It There Is Reason To Believe That The Driver Subject Of An Arrest Warrant ?

  840. Can Extensive Injuries Be Sufficient Evidence To Convict A Defendant Of Involuntary Manslaughter ?

  841. Should Settlement Between Agent And Plaintiff Also Extinguish The Principal's Vicarious Liability ?

  842. Widow's Lawsuit For Work Related Death As A Result Of He Falling From A Ladder During Construction

  843. Lawyer's Failure To Object To Distortion Of Critical Evidence During Closing Argument Consequences

  844. In A Case Of Wrongful Death Should The Place Of Decedent's Death Be Proper Venue For Legal Action ?

  845. Example Cases In Which Employer Made Changes In Employee Handbook To The Disadvantage Of Employees

  846. Is A Statement Made Without Having Access To A Lawyer After Invoking Right To A Lawyer Admissible ?

  847. If Two Lawyers Jointly Represent A Client The Relationship Between Them Is That Of Joint Venturers

  848. Is A Municipality Liable For Injuries Suffered By Individual Due To Negligent Repair Of A Pothole ?

  849. Can Inadmissible Evidence May Become Admissible If The Defense Opens The Door To Its Introduction ?

  850. Lawyer's Alleged Failure To Interview A Witnesses Who Would Have Corroborated The Defendent's Alibi

  851. Is It Legal To Divert Funds From The Legislature To A A Statutorily Created Nonprofit Corporation ?

  852. Can Defendant Challenge Court's Authority To Impose A Sentence Without Withdrawing His Guilty Plea ?

  853. Husband Signed Wife's Consolidating Loans Because The Bank Made Him Believe That He Was Responsible

  854. Is Arrest Illegal After Police Entered Suspect's Home Without A Warrant To Investigate DUI Offence ?

  855. 5 Factors To Consider In Determining Whether Removal From Parent Is In The Best Interest Of A Child

  856. Does The Constitution Permit An Individual Home Rule Unit To Legislate On Matters Of Disconnection ?

  857. May Court Impose A Longer Imprisonment For Not Appearing For Sentencing After Acceptance Of A Plea ?

  858. Co-Custody Of A Child To The Wife And Her Parents Made Void Because Of Due Process Rights Violation

  859. What Makes A Judge Qualified For A Judgeship In A Geographical Unit That Is Smaller Than A Circuit ?

  860. Non English Speaking Witness Not Testifying Due To Failure To Provide An Interpreter In Arbitration

  861. Is Activating Police Car Siren In The Absence Of Reasonable Suspision Of Criminal Activity Allowed ?

  862. Causing Police Officers To Lose Control Over A Group Of Boys And To Be Unable To Complete An Arrest

  863. Does The Disconnection Statute State That No Part Of A Municipality Be Isolated From The Remainder ?

  864. Is Police Officer's Injury During Escape Attempt After A Traffic Stop Considered Aggravated Battery ?

  865. Erroneous Jury Instructions About Defendant's Statements Which Did Not Relate To The Criminal Charge

  866. Can The Defendants File A Motion To Vacate A Default Judgement More Than 30 Days After It Was Given ?

  867. Does Existence Of Annexation Agreement Demonstrate That A Property Is Not Entitled To Disconnection ?

  868. Remoteness Doctrine In Damages Claims Against Tobacco Manufacturers For The Cost Of Treating Smokers

  869. Does A Contractor Need To Give A Written Estimate Of The Total Costs For A Home Improvement Project ?

  870. Disbelief Of Oral Testimony Does Not Necessarily Indicate That The Reverse Of That Testimony Is True

  871. May Evidence Of Precautions Taken After An Accident Be Interpreted As Confession Of Past Negligence ?

  872. Mandamus To Force County Collector To Make Assessments Of Delinquent Property And Hold Special Sales

  873. Case In Which Trial Errors Resulted In Conviction Reversal For Shooting And Killing A Police Officer

  874. Should Ex Parte Conferences Between A Plaintiff's Physician And Defendant Or His Lawyer Be Permitted ?

  875. Is An Independent Felonious Purpose Required For A Predicate Felony To Be The Basis Of Felony Murder ?

  876. Should Determination Of Treatment Of A Mentally Ill Person Be A Matter Of Medical Or Legal Judgement ?

  877. Are Statements Before Arrest As The Result Of An ''On-The-Scene Investigation'' Admissible As Evidence ?

  878. Is Compensation Under Workers' Comp Act Of Another State Possible If The Injury Accured In That State ?

  879. Insurer's Duty To Provided A Description Of UM Coverage And Also An Opportunity To Reject The Coverage

  880. Can A Bank Collect A Loan That A Woman's Ex-Husband Took Before He Died While They Were Still Married ?

  881. Should Hearsay Rule Be Applied Where Constitutional Rights Directly Affect The Ascertainment Of Guilt ?

  882. Lawsuit Regarding Pictures Of Medical Examinations Unintentionally Captured On A Security Video Camera

  883. Does Court Have Jusrisdiction If The Appellant Failed To Name A Certain Party In The Notice Of Appeal ?

  884. Did A Suspicious Movement In A Parked Car Create A Reasonable Belief That Criminal Activity Was Afoot ?

  885. Can A Court Exercise Jurisdiction If A Petitioner Fails To Serve The Necessary Parties Within 10 Days ?

  886. Is Failure To Secure A Written Contract Before Initiating Construction A Violation Of Home Repair Act ?

  887. Is Delay In Presenting A Suspect Before A Judge To Follow Up On Information Given To The Police Legal ?

  888. Should The Claimant Present A Clear And Comprehensive Evidence Of Employment For Calculation Of Wages ?

  889. Visitation Rights Based On A Lesbian Relationship When A Child Is Born Through Artificial Insemination

  890. Can Net Income From The Interstate Operations Of A Foreign Corporation Be Subjected To State Taxation ?

  891. Judge Ordered Mistrial When Defendants Represented Themselves On The Basis Of Competing-Harms Doctrine

  892. Medical Malpractice Lawsuit For Alleged Negligent Treatment Of A Patient Who Died From Cervical Cancer

  893. Does A Provocation Exist If A Dog's Attack Is Out Of Proportion To An Unintentional Act Of Exciting It ?

  894. Is A Person Guilty Of Vehicular Hijacking If The Vehicle Is Not Within Immediate Control Of The Victim ?

  895. Does A Court Of One State Have Jurisdiction To Freeze The Assets Of An Estate Located In Another State ?

  896. Are Fax And Statement Fees Charges With Respect To But Not Exclusively Related To Prepayment Of A Loan ?

  897. Does A Lease Which Uses A Financing Device In Place Of Conventional Financing Qualify For An Exemption ?

  898. Was The Commission's Application Of 'full-Weeks-Worked-Formula' Correct For Computing Claimant's Earnings

  899. Is Ex-Husband Obligated To Pay Car Loan As A Part Of Property Settlement Even After The Wife Remarried ?

  900. Can Recovery For Work On A Residence Exceeding $ 1000 Be Made Without A Written Contract Or Work Order ?

  901. Can The Court Deny The Admission Of A Copied Videotape Based On A Failure To Explain Copying Procedure ?

  902. Does Limitation Period Begin When Person Is Injured Or When He Realizes The Consequences Of His Injury ?

  903. Can A Person Be Guilty Of Vehicular Hijacking If The Victim Is Not In The Immediate Vicinity Of The Car ?

  904. Does An Action Against An Insurer Become Time-Barred If It Is Filed After The 10-Year Limitation Period ?

  905. Is A Manufacturer Liable If He Is Not Aware Of The Danger A Product May Cause After Leaving Its Control ?

  906. Is A Person Who Authorizes A Trespass Liable For Damages Caused Even Though He Does Not Benefit From It ?

  907. Is A Rare Genetic Variant Present At The Crime Scene Admissible As Testimony After Statistical Analysis ?

  908. Should Consents In Adoption Cases Be Limited To Specific Cases And Not Considered As General Surrenders ?

  909. Does Invoking One's Sixth Amendment Right To An Attorney Also Imply Invoking One's Fifth Amendment Right ?

  910. Can An Architect Enforce A Mechanics Lien If A Contract Was Entered Before The Defendant Owned The Land ?

  911. Is Due Process Violated If Defence Lawyes Is Not Given Notice Regarding Postconviction Petition Hearing ?

  912. Is Establishing Identity And Modus Operandi By Admission Of Testimony And Other Crimes Evidence Allowed ?

  913. Did The Fact That A Medical Examination Accrued Long Time Prior To Trial Weakened The Doctor's Testimony ?

  914. Not Requesting A Rehearing Before Petition Of Administrative Review Of Pollution Control Board's Decision

  915. Does Inability Of State To Find A Paying Child Support Parent That Was ''easy To Locate'' Deny Due Process ?

  916. Murder Conviction After A Violent Crime Victim Choked To Death (While Eating) A Few Days After The Attack

  917. Can A Bank Refuse To Comply With The Terms Of The Parties Alleged Oral Agreement To Restructure The Loan ?

  918. Does Nonhearsay Evidence Establish An Agreement Between Two Defendants To Prove An Element Of Conspiracy ?

  919. Does The Home Repair Act Require A Written Agreement For Any Home Repair And Remodelling Exccding $ 1000 ?

  920. Is Failure To Purchase Requisite Insurance As Directed By The Contractor Considered A Breach Of Contract ?

  921. Two Claims Are Not The Same Cause Of Action Simply Because They Involve The Same Contractual Relationship

  922. Is It A Harmless Error If A Court Fails To Inform And Question Jurors Regarding All Four Zehr Principles ?

  923. Does The State Of Incorporation Governs All Issues With Respect To The Internal Affairs Of A Corporation ?

  924. Is Service Of A Decision On The Plaintiff's Attorney Rather Than The Plaintiff Sufficient To Be Effective ?

  925. Case About Alleged Physician's Inappropriate Interpretation Of Fetal Stress Clinical Evidence During Labor

  926. Driver's License Testee Accidently Hit The People Sitting In The Waiting Area Of A Driver Service Facility

  927. Lawsuit Against Corporation Alleging That The Franchisee's Periodic Financial Reports Were False Justified

  928. Can Grand Jury Subpoena To Appear In A Lineup And Submit To Fingerprinting And The Taking Of Hair Samples ?

  929. Is 'Absolute Pollution Exclusion' Restricted To Only Those Hazards Associated With Environmental Pollution ?

  930. Will A Policy Prohibiting Civil Liability For Insane Murderers Encourage Pleas Of Insanity In Civil Suits ?

  931. Does Permitting Certain Prosecutional Remarks At Closing Statement Amount To Abuse Of Discretion By Court ?

  932. Does A Defense Counsel's Incomplete Impeachment Of A Principal Medical Witness Amount To Prejudicial Error ?

  933. Does Absolute Pollution Exclusion Include Coverage For Injuries Arising Out Of A Minor's Ingestion Of Lead ?

  934. Petition To Strike Individual Signatures Left Candidate Below Minimum Threshold For Appearing On The Ballot

  935. Should Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs Be Considered Evidence Of Irresponsible Act In Reckless Homicide Cases ?

  936. What Is The Meaning Of 'underinsured' And How Does The Statutory Language Define 'underinsured Motor Vehicle' ?

  937. Can Court Dismiss A Case As Time-Barred Without Giving An Opportunity To Be Heard On A Discovery Rule Issue ?

  938. Is The Extent To Which Seperate Sentences For Seperate Class X Offences May Be Served Consecutively Limited ?

  939. Is Laser Technology (LIDAR Device) A Reliable And Acceptable Method To Measure The Speed Of A Motor Vehicle ?

  940. Can A Second Interrogation Be Held When The Defendant Has Been In Custody For A Long Time For Another Crime ?

  941. What Are The The Illinois Trade Secrets Act Two Requirements For Considering A Customer List A Trade Secret ?

  942. Consequences Of A Defendant Filing A Writ Of Mandamus Based On The State's Violation Of The Vienna Convection

  943. Does Individual's Silence Constitute Acceptance If He Uses Services Offered With Expectation Of Compensation ?

  944. Can A Former Employee Use His Knowledge Of Employers's Strategies After He Began Working With His Competitor ?

  945. What Is The Duty Of A Company That Knows That Its Product Will Be Used As A Component Of A Defective Product ?

  946. Had The City Clerk Acted With Malice In Issuing Defamatory Statement Against The Aldermen On The City Council

  947. Despite Evidence Of Multiple Offences Of Delinquency Dispositional Order Does Not Refer To Any Of The Charges

  948. Is Dismissing Criminal Charges Against A Defendant Who Was Not Given An Occurred Date Of The Crime Justified ?

  949. Can An Administrative Complaint Be Dismissed By A Police Board For Not Being Filed Within The 35-Day Period ?

  950. In The Absence Of Exigent Circumstances Is Probable Cause Enough To Justify A Warrantless Search And Seizure ?

  951. Can A Defendant Withdraw His Plea Of Guilt After Being Advised By Trial Court Of His Right To Have A Counsel ?

  952. Is A Conversation Which Took Place Prior To The Defendant's Arrival At The Crime Scene Admissible As Evidence ?

  953. Was There A Link Between Employees Unauthorized Trip Outside A Mental Health Facility And The Resident's Death

  954. No Coverage If Insurance Company Reserves The Right To Approve Application Materials Before Extending Coverage

  955. Can Impact Fee And Certain Taxes Be Levied Universally On All Individuals Falling Under A Particular Category ?

  956. Does Representation By An Attorney For Both Defendant And A Witness For The State Create Conflict Of Interest ?

  957. Do Manufacturers Have The Duty To Warn If They Knows That The Product Is Defective When It Left Their Control ?

  958. Contributary Negligence Defense In A Case Of Personal Injuries And Wrongful Death Resulting From Car Accidents

  959. Can The Edwards Rule Be Triggered Despite The Defendant Invoking His Right To Counsel Before Being Questioned ?

  960. Rents Or Compensation For Use And Occupation Can Be Recovered Only When Relation Of Landlord And Tenant Exists

  961. Is Removal Of A Petitioner's Name From The Ballot Justified For Guarding The Integrity Of The Electoral System ?

  962. Are There Valid Reasons To Uphold Antiassignment Provisions In The Context Of Structured Settlement Agreements ?

  963. Is Relief From Sentences Imposed Pursuant To A Negotiated Guilty Plea Available To A Postconviction Petitioner ?

  964. Employer's Efforts To Find An Alternate Employment For An Injured Employee As Evidance For Mitigated His Damages

  965. If A Case Is Dismissed Because Of Improper Venue Is The FELA Limitation Tolled During The Pendency Of State Suit

  966. How To Determine If A Prolonged Contact Following A Traffic Stop Was A Consensual Encounter Or A Second Seizure ?

  967. Are TCPA Claims Covered By Advertising-Injury Provisions In Commercial And General Liability Insurance Policies ?

  968. Does A Village's Sign Code And Sign Ordinance Unconstitutionally Infringe A Company's Right To Erect A Billboard ?

  969. Can A Trial Judge Declare A Mistrial If Jury Does Not Reach Verdict After Giving Defendant Opportunity To Object ?

  970. Can The Court Deny Leave To File The Postconviction Petition For Failure To Satisfy The Cause-And-Prejudice Test ?

  971. Does The Uniform Law Set Forth A Particular Procedure For A Creditor To Seek Relief Against Fraudulent Transfers ?

  972. Factory Insurance Coverage When Fire Originated From Desired Products Of Tire-Recycling Process And Not Its Waste

  973. Sentencing Credit For Both Offences If Defendant Is Simultaneously In Presentence Custody On Two Unrelated Crimes

  974. Can Deviate Sexual Assault Conviction Be Reversed If There Is No Evidence Of Force Or Threat Of Force Being Used ?

  975. Is Contract For Support An Illegitimate Child Obtained As A Result Of ''fear Of Paternity Proceeding'' Enforceable ?

  976. Can A Contractor File For Recovery Under A Mechanics Lien If Homeowners Fail To Pay The Dues Of An Oral Contract ?

  977. Department Of Transportation's Refusal To Pay Landowners For Land Already Encumbered By A Right Of Way Access Road

  978. Can A Person's Parental Rights Be Terminated If It Is Proved That He Or She Is An Unfit Parent As A Matter Of Law ?

  979. Would Fraud In Execution Or Inducement Vitiate Release And Is Release Effective If Allegations Of Fraud Are Absent

  980. The State Have To Prove Unjustified Use Of Force When Evidence Of Both First And Second Degree Murder Is Presented

  981. Lawyer's Obligation To Obtain Affidavits From Witnesses And Present A Petitioner's Claims In Appropriate Legal Form

  982. Dispute About Distribution Of Profits From Contingent Fee Cases Pending At The Time Of Law Partnership Dissolution

  983. Evidence Showed Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That Defendant Knew That The Person He Was Shooting Was A Police Officer

  984. Defendant's Fourth Amendment Rights Not Violated As Police Officers Peacefully Entered Porch To Knock On Front Door

  985. Does The Safety Appliance Act Apply If A Car Is Being Used As A Part Of Railroad's Business In Interstate Commerce ?

  986. Is The Management Committee Obliged To Follow The Guidelines That Are To Be Followed By The Compensation Committee ?

  987. Do Errors Which Not Involve A Fundamental Right Or Constitutional Protection Rise To The Level Of Structural Error ?

  988. Is Granting A Preliminary Injunction After Expiration Of Restrictive Covenant An Unreasonable Restriction Of Trade ?

  989. Can An Employer Be Charged Under ADA With The Duty Of Providing Transportation To An Employee With Vision Problems ?

  990. Are Oral Statements Of Medical Personnel And Blood-Alcohol Test Admissible To Establish Probable Cause For Arrest ?

  991. If Two Claims Do Not Arise Out Of The Same Factual Allegations Then Can One Of The Claims Be Barred By Res Judicata

  992. May Court Reanalyze Arbitrators' Determination In Professional Liability Suit Where Parties Had Agreed To Arbitrate ?

  993. Case Filed Against A City Ordinance Can Be Taken To A Higher Court Only After Exhaustion Of Remedies Under State Law

  994. Can A Case Be Transferred If The Public Interest Factors Weigh Strongly In Favor Of The Place As A Preferable Forum ?

  995. The Definition Of An Insured For Purposes Of UIM Coverage Should Not Be More Restrictive Than The Liability Coverage

  996. Does A Lawyer Obligated To Inform His Client About Maximum And Minimum Sentences That Can Be Imposed In A Plea Offer ?

  997. Is Police Terry Stop Of Someone Who Had A Bulge At His Waistband And Took An Evasive Step In A High-Crime Area Legal ?

  998. Should Flexibility Be Adopted In Cases Where Minors Are Engaged In Conduct Involving Touching Or Exposing Sex Organs ?

  999. Can A Warrantless Search And Thereafter An Issuance Of A Warrant Be Upheld Due To Clear Evidence Of Drug Trafficking ?

  1000. Repetition Of Strong Infrences That Co-Defendants Implicated The Defendant And Investigative Process Hearsay Exeption

  1001. Did The Arbitrator's Reinstatement Of An Employee Violate Public Policy As She Had Been Fired For Negligence Of Duty ?

  1002. Can Negligence Action Be Brought Against An Individual Who Is The President Sole Shareholder And Manager Of A Company ?

  1003. Can A Petition Be Dismissed As Untimely If It Is Presented After The Hours Set By The Rule On The Day Of The Deadline ?

  1004. Can A Lien Claim Be Invalidated Because It Contains An Overstatement And Is That Evidence Enough Of Fraudulent Intent ?

  1005. Is Circumstantial Evidence Including Medical Testimony Enough To Prove Intentionally Inflicted Injuries To The Victim ?

  1006. Is A Chariatable Institution Exempted Form Tax On A Property In Which It Has Substantial Interest But Not Owned By It ?

  1007. Does The Applicable Limitations Period Begin When An Individual Is Informed That His Contract Will Expire In One Year ?

  1008. Can Duty Death Benefit Be Given To A Person Who Was Permanently Disabled On Duty But Later Died Of An Unrelated Cause ?

  1009. Is A Signed Contract Required For Anyone In Home Repair And Remodeling Business Before Initiating Work Exceeding $1000 ?

  1010. Employees Holding Key Positions Formed A Competing Business And Solicit Employer's Customers 18 Months Before Resigning

  1011. Is Consent To A Police Search After Telling The Suspect That ''A Search Warrant Would Be Obtained' Considered Voluntary ?

  1012. Is An Insurer Required To Make An Offer Of Additional Uninsured Motorist Coverage To All Named Insureds Under A Policy ?

  1013. Is Statutory Defense To Arbitration Provisions A Ground For Revocation Of Any Contract And Is It Preempted By The FAA ?

  1014. What Were The Factors That Determine The Application Of The Freeze Act's Like-Kind Provision To Machinery And Equipment ?

  1015. Is It Reasonable To Attribute The Same Intent Into A Child's Action As That Of An Adult In A Criminal Sexual Abuse Case ?

  1016. Is An Arrest Which Is Set In Motion In Public View Even Though Defendant Retreats Into The Vestibule Of Her House Legal ?

  1017. Are All Statements Obtained From Victims Or Witnesses By Police Officers Responding To Emergency Calls Be Used In Court ?

  1018. Can A Law Firm's Legal Misconduct Be Considered Client Service With Regard To Violation Of Law Prohibiting Fee-Splitting ?

  1019. Can Collateral Estoppel Be Applied Considering Prior Litigation With The Same Corporation But With A Different President ?

  1020. ''Proportionality'' Factor To Determine Whether Property Owner Made Substantial Position Change Regarding To Building Permi

  1021. Would Allowing State Challenges Impede The Congressional Objective Of Achieving Uniformity In Tele-Communication Services

  1022. Lawyers Alleged Failure To Argue That The Police Denied Defendant's Request To Have An Attorney Present During Questioning

  1023. Does Transferring A Company's Assets To Individuals Or Companies Owned By Them Come Under Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act ?

  1024. Should Compensatipon Be Given To An Individual For An Injury During Working Hours Caused By A Disease Unconnected To Work ?

  1025. Final Judgement Being A Prerequisite To Appelatte Jurisdiction Is An Order Denying Summary Judgement Not A Final Judgement

  1026. In What Circumstances Can A New Lawyer Be Appointed To Address A Posttrial Pro Se Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Claim ?

  1027. Who Has Jurisdiction Over The Interpertation Of Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy The Commission Or The Circuit Court ?

  1028. Can A Person With A Pending Lawsuit Also File A Worker's Compensation Claim To Avoid The Bar Of The Statute Of Limitations ?

  1029. If An Injury Occurs Before A Chase Is Called Off The Jury Determines Whether The Quarry's Negligence Is A Superseding Cause

  1030. Does The Federal Arbitration Act Supersede State Laws When Parties Agree To Arbitrate Any Dispute Arising Under A Contract ?

  1031. Can A Verdict Favour The Defendant If Evidence Shows That Car Accident Was Not Because Of Negligence But Some Other Reason ?

  1032. Are Nominating Papers Invalid When The Statement Of Candidacy Does Not Correctly List The Office That The Petitioner Seeks ?

  1033. Does An Erroneous 'after Hours'telephone Listing That Resulted In Numerous Calls At Late Hours Cause An Actionable Nuisance ?

  1034. Do Double Jeopardy And Collateral Estoppel Bar Filing A Petition To Revoke Probation For Committing The Same Offence Again ?

  1035. Can A New Trial Be Granted On The Basis Of Newly Discovered Evidence Consisting Of Affidavits Executed By The Codefendants ?

  1036. Is A Foreign Corporation Doing Business In A State Under License Authorised By Law Subject To Attachment As A Non-Resident ?

  1037. Are Employers Whose Business Is To Maintain Structures As Rental Properties Accountable Under The Workers' Compensation Act ?

  1038. Can You Claim Compensation For Inconvenience And Discomfort If Rented House Becomes Uninhabitable Due To Owner's Negligence ?

  1039. Does Nature Of A Person's Injury Rather Than The Facts From Which The Claim Arises Determine What Limitation Period Governs ?

  1040. Can An Assignment Of Structured Settlement Payments Be Approved If The Settlement Agreement Has An Antiassignment Provision ?

  1041. Is Imposing Strict Liability For Defective Product If There Is No Participatory Connection For Its Personal Profit Possible ?

  1042. Insurance Companies Must Provide Insureds With Sufficient Information Regarding Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage

  1043. Can An Individual Injured While Connecting Railcars Into A Train File A Suit Under FSAA And Federal Employees Liability Act ?

  1044. Is An Insurance Claim Assignable And Enforceable When The Contract Has Been Completed And Only The Amount Due Is To Be Paid ?

  1045. Is The Defendant Liable For Injuries Suffered By Worker If He Retains Sufficient Control Over Safety Aspects Of The Project ?

  1046. Is A Franchisor Liable For Sexual Assault On An Employee Whom It Is Optional To Imlpement The Reccomended Security Measures ?

  1047. Does The Legislative Amendment To The Statute Of Limitations Permit Revival Of Time-Barred Claims In ''serious'' Crimes Cases ?

  1048. Does Police Officer's Show Of Authority Constitute An Illegal Seizure If It Is Not Supported By Reasonable Objective Grounds ?

  1049. Doctor's Testimony Regarding Causation Of Heart Attack ''set Aside'' As He Had Never Treated The Employee For A Heart Condition

  1050. Is Age Difference Between Minors Enough To Prove The Element Of Force Despite The Victim Not Resisting During Attempted Rape ?

  1051. Course Of Action Of Jury If Evidence Supporting Instruction On Self Defense Also Supports Instruction On Second Degree Murder

  1052. Is An Identification Statement Of A Witness Who Cannot Testify The Basis Of Identification Because Of Memory Loss Admissible ?

  1053. Does Failure To File Charges Within First 30 Days Of Suspension Deprive The Board Of Jurisdiction To Hear A Termination Case ?

  1054. Does One-Act One-Crime Rule Apply In Juvenile Proceedings And Should The Respondent Be Sentenced On The Most Serious Offense ?

  1055. Is It Illegal To Register An Automobile At An Address Other Than Residential Place But From Where All Mail Will Be Available ?

  1056. Do Time Qualifications Control The Coverage Provision And Relate Directly To The Coverage Afforded Under An Insurance Policy ?

  1057. Can A Defendant's Conduct Be Considered Willful And Wanton If He Does Not Do Anything To Rectify Existing Dangerous Condition ?

  1058. What Is The Difference Between Obtaining Personal Jurisdiction Over A Corporation And Over One Of The Corporation's Employees ?

  1059. Difference Between Reliability Of Unknown Person Who Informs Police About A Crime In Person And An Anonymous Police Phone Call

  1060. Duty To Protect Workers Of A Franchisee When The Company's Security Manager Also Served As The Franchisee's Security Supervisor

  1061. Is It Fair For The Police To Enter A Premises To Search For Evidence Of Crime While Consent Was Granted On Some Other Pretext ?

  1062. Can A Contract Matter Be Resolved Without Resolving The Ecclesiastical Controversy Between Discharged Minister And The Church ?

  1063. Are Public Bodies Such As Board Of Education Liable To Pay Prejudgement Interest For Breach Of Contract Case Filed Against It ?

  1064. Do Witness's Inconsistent Statements Combined With Lack Of Evidence Render His Testimony Insufficient To Convict An Individual ?

  1065. Can A Defendant Offer Evidence To Counter A Physician's Conclusion And Argue That Opinion Was Unconvincing On Account Of Delay ?

  1066. Can A Physician Who Had A Brief Communication Which Revealed No Confidential Information With Defendant's Lawyer Give Testimony ?

  1067. Can A Warrant Be Issued To Search The Defendant's Apartment And Seize His Computer And Documents In A Case Of Child Pronography ?

  1068. Is Preliminary Investigation To Determine Defendant's Entitlement To A New Lawyer On Motion To Withdraw A Guilty Plea Mandatory ?

  1069. Do Multiple Fire Protection Districts Serve One Municipality Regardless Of The Population Of The Country In Which It Is Located ?

  1070. Can The Provision Of Treble Damages Be Applied Retroactively If There Is Evidence Of Willful And Wanton Misconduct Of Defentant ?

  1071. Can Only Those Portions Of A Trial Court's Order That Granted Summary Judgement Be Reviewed Which Are Listed In Notice Of Appeal ?

  1072. Is Unreasonable Unwarranted Or Unlawful Use By A Person Of His Own Property That Interferes With The Rights Of Others A Nuisance ?

  1073. Could The Defendants Be Held Accountable For Each Other's Conduct When They Began Shooting At One Another And Injured A Bystander ?

  1074. Is The Commission Divested Of Its Review Jurisdiction For Change Of Disability 30 Months After Agreement Or Award Of Compensation ?

  1075. Was The Boards Decision To Reduce The Amount Of Annuity Benefits To Widows Applicable As It Failed To Notify Them Of This Decision

  1076. Did The Commission Have Exclusive Original Jurisdiction Over Claims Of Refund Filed By The Municipality Against A Service Provider ?

  1077. Defendant Guilty Sexual Abuse Contended That His Trial Lawyer Elicited Testimony From Witnesses That Corroborated The Victim's Story

  1078. Does The State Have To Prove That Test Results Of Urine Samples Are Not Affected By Prescribed Medication As An Element Of Its Case ?

  1079. Does Downloading And Copying Data From Employer's Limited Access Server Before Resigning Amount To Misappropriation Of Trade Secrets ?

  1080. Does An Arbirator Have The Authority To Reinstate A Police Officer Diacharged For Using Excessive Force Against A Group Of Teenagers ?

  1081. If An Association Controls The Financing Of A Plan Is A Percentage Of Fees Collected Amount To Violation Of Fee-Splitting Prohibition

  1082. Is Warrantless Arrest And Seizure Of Evidence Justified If Police Officer's Entry Into Defendant's Apartment Was Peaceable And Minimal ?

  1083. Can A Petition For Postconviction Relief Be Dismissed If Defendant Fails To Assert His Right To Testify And Does Not Allege Prejudice ?

  1084. Motion To Transfer Medical Malpractice Suit Filed In Another County To The County Where Treatment Took Place - Based On Improper Venue

  1085. Proving ''reasonable Expectancy Of Employment'' With A Third Party In Intentional Interference With Prospective Economic Advantage Claims

  1086. Not Double Jeopardy Because Court Had No Jurisdiction Over A Misdemeanor Charge As Defendant Was Already Indicted Before Pleading Guilty

  1087. Is Filing Personal Injury Claim In Another County After Voluntarily Dismissing It From The County Where It Was Originally Filed Possible ?

  1088. Does Restoration Of Seniority Of A Claimant Establish That His Contract Of Employment Which Began In One State Continues In Another State ?

  1089. Board Of Trustees Of The Police Pension Fund Have Exclusive Authority Over Issues Of Eligibility To Participate In The Police Pension Fund

  1090. Does Lawyer's Incompentency Depend Upon Whether Client Would Have Testified Knowing That His Prior Convictions Would Be Used To Impeach Him ?

  1091. Can State ''change'' A Promise Made To A Defendant At The Time Of Entering A Negotiated Guilty Plea Without Violating His Constitutional Rights ?

  1092. Statements Made To A Victim's Friend Are Not Testimonial Therefore Their Admission Does Not Violate The Constitution Under The Rule Of Crawford

  1093. Does Inclusion Of Third-Party Actions For Implied Indemnity Within Ambit Of Medical Malpractice Period Of Repose Reduce Liability Of Hospitals ?

  1094. Is There A Connection Between Country-Wide Population And The Desirability Of Eliminating Smaller Fire Protection Districts Within A Municipality ?

  1095. Ables v. United States

  1096. Aetna Insurance Co. v. State

  1097. Albin Carlson & Company v. State

  1098. Allen v. State

  1099. Alper v. Altheimer & Gray

  1100. American Economy Insurance Co. v. Holabird & Root

  1101. Aquino v. Automotive Serv. Indus. Ass'n

  1102. Arsbery v. State

  1103. Baca v. State

  1104. Badali v. State

  1105. Bank of Lyons v. State

  1106. Baren v. State

  1107. Berghoff v. R.J. Frisby Manufacturing

  1108. Berry v. State

  1109. Billman v. Frenzel Construction Company

  1110. Board of Commissioners of the Wood Dale Public Library District v. County of Du Page

  1111. Board of Directors, Green Hills Country Club v. Illinois Human Rights Commission

  1112. Board of Directors of Kennelly Square Condominium Ass'n. v. Mob Ventures

  1113. Bock v. State

  1114. Bodine Electric of Champaign v. City of Champaign

  1115. Boe v. State

  1116. Bolden v. State

  1117. Bosio v. Branigar Organization, Inc

  1118. Bouhl v. Smith

  1119. Brockman v. State

  1120. Bullard v. Barnes

  1121. Butler v. State

  1122. Byrd v. State

  1123. Callen v. State

  1124. Calvin v. State

  1125. Carlisle v. Harp

  1126. Carlson v. Board of Regents

  1127. Castleman v. State

  1128. Cincinnati Ins. Co. v. Gateway Construction Co., Inc

  1129. City of Chicago v. Lehmann

  1130. City of Rockford v. Elliott

  1131. City of St. Louis v. State

  1132. Clay v. Kuhl

  1133. Cole v. City of East Peoria

  1134. Commercial Union Insurance Co. v. State

  1135. Comte v. O'Neil

  1136. Consolidated Freightways v. State

  1137. Continental Insurance and Norman Brothers v. State

  1138. Cotner v. State

  1139. Cox v. State

  1140. Cwik v. Forest Preserve District

  1141. Daley v. License Appeal Comm'n

  1142. Davis v. State

  1143. Dellorto v. State

  1144. Dever v. State

  1145. DiBenedetto v. Flora Township

  1146. Dildine v. Hunt Transp., Inc

  1147. Disciplined Investment Advisors, Inc. v. Schweihs

  1148. Doe v. Board of Education of Hononegah Community High School District 207

  1149. Doe v. State

  1150. Doe v. State Of Illinois

  1151. Dorsey v. State

  1152. Ebert v. Nassau Terrace Condominium, Inc

  1153. Economy Fire & Casualty Co. v. Kubik

  1154. Economy Fire & Casualty Co. v. State Farm Mutual Insurance Co

  1155. Emm v. State

  1156. English v. State

  1157. Ernest Calvert and Kenneth Williams v. State

  1158. Evans Construction Co. v. State

  1159. Evans v. State

  1160. F M C Corp. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co

  1161. Fayhee v. State Board of Elections

  1162. Federal Insurance Co. v. Turner Construction Co

  1163. Fleming Sales Co. v. Bailey

  1164. Foley v. Greer

  1165. Forsythe v. Clark USA, Inc

  1166. Foster v. Englewood Hospital Ass'n

  1167. Fumarolo v. Chicago Board of Education

  1168. Garimella v. Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

  1169. Garland v. State

  1170. Garley v. Columbia LaGrange Hospital

  1171. Garlick v. Oak Park and River Forest High School District 200

  1172. Garner v. Wolfinbarger

  1173. Geick v. Kay

  1174. Genie Construction Company, Inc. v. State of Illinois

  1175. George W. Kennedy Construction Co. v. City of Chicago

  1176. Getto v. City of Chicago

  1177. Girard v. White

  1178. Golen v. Chamberlain Manufacturing Corp

  1179. Goluszek v. Smith

  1180. Gomien v. Wear-Ever Aluminum, Inc

  1181. Gonzalez v. Danaher

  1182. Gower v. State

  1183. Grady v. Sikorski

  1184. Gramlich v. State

  1185. Gruchow v. White

  1186. Hall v. Grosvenor

  1187. Hall v. State

  1188. Hamilton v. State

  1189. Hanawell v. State

  1190. Harder v. State

  1191. Harris Trust & Savings Bank v. McCray

  1192. Harris v. State

  1193. Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport Authority v. Department of Revenue

  1194. Hartford Insurance Co. of Illinois v. Jackson

  1195. Hawkeye Invs. Ltd. P'ship v. Lanz (In re County Treasurer)

  1196. Hayes v. State

  1197. Heimann v. State

  1198. Heller Financial, Inc. v. Johns-Byrne Co

  1199. Hickey v. Illinois Central Railroad Company

  1200. Hillers v. Boylan

  1201. Hobart v. Shin

  1202. Hobert v. Covenant Children's Home

  1203. Hodge v. State

  1204. Holland v. Arthur Andersen & Co

  1205. Holt v. State

  1206. Holton v. Memorial Hospital

  1207. Hoover v. Crippen

  1208. Housman v. Albright

  1209. Hubbard v. Sherman Hospital

  1210. Huber v. Seaton

  1211. Hughes v. State

  1212. Ignarski v. Norbut

  1213. Imm Acceptance Corp. v. First National Bank & Trust Co. of Evanston

  1214. Immordino v. State

  1215. In re Application of Anaya

  1216. In re Application of Feehan

  1217. In re Application of Lavorini

  1218. In re Application of Louis P. Cardwell

  1219. In re Application of Mary Feehan

  1220. In Re application of Medlicott

  1221. In re Application of Shaw

  1222. In Re Application of Sparling

  1223. In Re Application of Winchester

  1224. In re C.K.G

  1225. In re Estate of Garrett

  1226. In re Estate of Hoellen

  1227. In re Hamilton

  1228. In re J.W

  1229. In Re Kolowski

  1230. In Re Marriage of Brown

  1231. In re Marriage of Callaway

  1232. In re Marriage of Dellitt

  1233. In re Marriage of Kennedy

  1234. In re Marriage of Kessler

  1235. In re Marriage of Leopando

  1236. In re Marriage of Lewis

  1237. In re Marriage of Morse

  1238. In re Marriage of Nuechterlein

  1239. In re M.T

  1240. In re M.W

  1241. In re Petition of Conrad Gacki Profit Sharing Fund for Tax Deeds

  1242. In re Swan

  1243. In re T.A.B

  1244. Indlecoffer v. Village of Wadsworth

  1245. International Business Machines Corp. v. Martin Property & Casualty Insurance Agency, Inc

  1246. Interstate Bakeries v. State

  1247. Jack Bradley Inc. v. Department of Employment Security

  1248. Jackson v. Victory Memorial Hospital

  1249. JI Aviation, Inc. v. Department of Revenue

  1250. Jokich v. Union Oil Co. of California

  1251. Jones v. Illinois

  1252. Joyce v. DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary LLP

  1253. Just Pants v. Bank of Ravenswood

  1254. Kellman v. Twin Orchard Country Club

  1255. Kelly v. State

  1256. Kent v. State

  1257. Kiel v. City of Girard

  1258. Kimbrough v. Jewel Cos

  1259. Kokosing Construction Co. v. Dixon

  1260. Kostal v. Pinkus Dermatopathology Laboratory, P.C

  1261. Kozak v. Retirement Board of the Firemen's Annuity & Benefit Fund

  1262. Kraemer v. State

  1263. La Salle National Bank v. County Board of School Trustees

  1264. Lamkey v. State of Illinois

  1265. Landon v. Jarvis

  1266. Leo Michuda & Son Co. v. Metropolitan Sanitary District of Greater Chicago

  1267. L.J. Dodd Construction, Inc. v. Federated Mutual Insurance Co

  1268. Loane v. Illinois

  1269. Lohmann Golf Designs, Inc. v. Keisler

  1270. Louis v. State

  1271. L.P. v. Zehnder

  1272. Lubbers v. Norfolk & Western

  1273. Lutz v. State

  1274. Lynch v. State

  1275. Lyons v. State

  1276. Lyons v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Co

  1277. Mangan v. F.C. Pilgrim & Co

  1278. Marasovic v. State

  1279. Marshall v. Burger King Corp

  1280. Martin v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co

  1281. Maryland Casualty Company v. Peppers

  1282. McBride v. State of Illinois

  1283. McCoy v. State

  1284. McKee v. State

  1285. McKinley v. City of Chicago

  1286. McNamee v. Sandore

  1287. M.E.H. v. L.H

  1288. Melvin v. State

  1289. Memorial Medical Center v. State

  1290. Michigan Central v. State

  1291. Mid-Am Builders. Inc. v. Federated Mutual Ins. Co

  1292. Miskunas v. Chicago Transit Authority

  1293. Mitsch v. General Motors Corp

  1294. Monti v. Silver Cross Hospital

  1295. Morris v. Halsey Enterprises Co

  1296. Moy v. County of Cook

  1297. Murphy v. Urso

  1298. National Bank of Bloomington v. State

  1299. Neylon v. State

  1300. Nolan v. State

  1301. Nolen v. State

  1302. Northern Trust Co. v. Upjohn Co

  1303. Olander v. Johnson

  1304. Oliveira-Brooks v. Re Max International, Inc

  1305. Ondes v. State of Illinois

  1306. O'Neill v. State

  1307. Ordman v. Dacon Management Corp

  1308. Orlak v. Loyola University Health System

  1309. Ostergren v. Forest Preserve District

  1310. Parkis v. Arrow Financial Services, LLS

  1311. Patsis v. Zion-Benton Township High School, No. 126

  1312. Paulson v. County of De Kalb

  1313. Pekin Insurance Co. v. Miller

  1314. Pelham v. Griesheimer

  1315. People ex rel. Palmer v. Twomey

  1316. People v. Allan

  1317. People v. Anderson

  1318. People v. Bagley

  1319. People v. Benford

  1320. People v. Borst

  1321. People v. Brown

  1322. People v. Burtron

  1323. People v. Chicago Title & Trust Co

  1324. People v. Clifton

  1325. People v. DelVillar

  1326. People v. Ehlert

  1327. People v. Escobedo

  1328. People v. Evans

  1329. People v. Flowers

  1330. People v. Friedman

  1331. People v. Galmore

  1332. People v. Gancarz

  1333. People v. Giampaolo

  1334. People v. Gibson

  1335. People v. Gilbert

  1336. People v. Green

  1337. People v. Guajardo

  1338. People v. Hall

  1339. People v. Harris

  1340. People v. Hattery

  1341. People v. Higginbotham

  1342. People v. Hill

  1343. People v. Holmes

  1344. People v. Holt

  1345. People v. Hopkins

  1346. People v. Hopp

  1347. People v. House

  1348. People v. Houston

  1349. People v. Jackson

  1350. People v. Janes

  1351. People v. Jarrett

  1352. People v. Jefferson

  1353. People v. Johnson

  1354. People v. Kegley

  1355. People v. Leroy

  1356. People v. Lewis

  1357. People v. Littlejohn

  1358. People v. Lucente

  1359. People v. Maretti

  1360. People v. Marshall

  1361. People v. McCarter

  1362. People v. Mendez

  1363. People v. Mendoza

  1364. People v. Mescall

  1365. People v. Miller

  1366. People v. Miranda

  1367. People v. Mitchell

  1368. People v. Montgomery

  1369. People v. Morgan

  1370. People v. Munoz

  1371. People v. Newell

  1372. People v. Nolan

  1373. People v. Ogunsola

  1374. People v. Oliver

  1375. People v. Owens

  1376. People v. Parisie

  1377. People v. Parsons

  1378. People v. Patrick

  1379. People v. Pearson

  1380. People v. Perry

  1381. People v. Pitchford

  1382. People v. R.D.S

  1383. People v. Redlich

  1384. People v. Reed

  1385. People v. Richmond

  1386. People v. Rivera

  1387. People v. Rosemond

  1388. People v. Saldivar

  1389. People v. Salinas

  1390. People v. Sanchez

  1391. People v. Shellstrom

  1392. People v. Smith

  1393. People v. Sparks

  1394. People v. Stacey

  1395. People v. Stanley

  1396. People v. Steffens

  1397. People v. Sutherland

  1398. People v. Tenny

  1399. People v. Thomas

  1400. People v. Toran

  1401. People v. Treadway

  1402. People v. Tucker

  1403. People v. Watkins

  1404. People v. Weaver

  1405. People v. Whitfield

  1406. People v. Williams

  1407. People v. Witt

  1408. People v. Woods

  1409. People v. Youngbey

  1410. People v. Zehr

  1411. Peter J. Hartmann Co. v. Capitol Bank & Trust Co

  1412. Peterson v. State

  1413. Petrusak v. State

  1414. Pfaff v. Chrysler Corp

  1415. Philco Corp. v. Department of Revenue

  1416. Piacentini v. Bonnefil

  1417. Pippion v. State

  1418. Platson v. NSM, America, Inc

  1419. Ploense v. Electrolux Home Products, Inc

  1420. Presley v. P&S Grain Co

  1421. Protective Insurance Co. v. State

  1422. Pughsley v. State

  1423. Pyle v. State

  1424. Raethz v. Aurora University

  1425. Ramirez v. Palisades Collection LLC

  1426. Rapp v. State

  1427. Ratts v. State

  1428. Ray v. State

  1429. Reidy v. State

  1430. Rein v. David A. Noyes & Co

  1431. Renner v. Grand Trunk Western R.R. Co

  1432. Republic Life Insurance Co. v. Swigert

  1433. Reynolds v. State

  1434. Rickey v. Chicago Transit Authority

  1435. Risner v. City of Chicago

  1436. Robertson v. Sky Chefs, Inc

  1437. Robertson v. State

  1438. Robidoux v. Oliphant

  1439. Robinson v. State

  1440. Rosario v. State

  1441. Rosen v. Village of Downers Grove

  1442. Rutledge v. Board of Governors

  1443. Rutledge v. State

  1444. Ryan v. State

  1445. Sallee v. State

  1446. Sandelman v. Buckeye Realty, Inc

  1447. Sanders v. State

  1448. Sass v. State

  1449. Savino v. Robertson

  1450. Scattered Corp. v. Midwest Clearing Corp

  1451. Schenk v. State

  1452. Schroeder v. Northwest Community Hospital

  1453. Schuett v. State

  1454. Schulte v. Burch

  1455. Scott & Fetzer Co. v. Montgomery Ward & Co

  1456. Sears v. Sears

  1457. Secura Insurance Co. v. Illinois Farmers Insurance Co

  1458. Seipp v. Chicago Transit Authority

  1459. Sepesy v. Archer Daniels Midland Co

  1460. Serritos v. Chicago Transit Authority

  1461. Sheffer v. Springfield Airport Authority

  1462. Shell Oil Co. v. Department of Revenue

  1463. Sherrod v. State

  1464. Shields v. State

  1465. Shoemaker v. Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center

  1466. Siefert, et al. v. State

  1467. Siemieniec v. Lutheran General Hospital

  1468. Silverstein v. Brander

  1469. Simmon v. Iowa Mutual Casualty Co

  1470. Skinner v. State

  1471. Slagel v. State

  1472. Slates v. International House of Pancakes, Inc

  1473. Smart Growth Sugar Grove, LLC v. Village of Sugar Grove

  1474. Smith v. Central Illinois Regional Airport

  1475. Smith v. Tri-R Vending

  1476. Snover v. McGraw

  1477. Softcheck v. Imesch

  1478. Spivey Marine & Harbor Service Co. v. State of Illinois

  1479. St. John v. City of Naperville

  1480. St. Joseph Hospital v. Corbetta Construction Co

  1481. State v. Mitchell

  1482. Stephens v. McBride

  1483. Suarez v. Pierard

  1484. Susnis v. Radfar

  1485. Sutter v. State

  1486. Talbott v. State

  1487. Terry v. State

  1488. Texaco-Cities Service Pipeline Co. v. McGaw

  1489. Thompson v. County of Cook

  1490. Thompson v. Village of Newark

  1491. Thornton v. State

  1492. Tinder v. Department of Public Aid

  1493. Tonkovic v. Retirement Board of the Fireman's Annuity & Benefit Fund

  1494. Townsend v. University of Chicago Hospitals

  1495. Travelers Casualty & Surety Co. v. Bowman

  1496. Tully v. Edgar

  1497. United City of Yorkville v. Village of Sugar Grove

  1498. United States Fire Insurance Co. V. Hartford Insurance Co

  1499. Valdovinos v. Luna-Manalac Medical Center, Ltd

  1500. Village of Harristown v. Illinois

  1501. Village of Pawnee v. Johnson

  1502. Village of Wilsonville v. SCA Services, Inc

  1503. Villanueva v. Toyota Motor Sales

  1504. Virginia Surety Co. v. Northern Insurance Co. of New York

  1505. Vision Point of Sale, Inc. v. Haas

  1506. Wachta v. Pollution Control Board

  1507. Wagner v. Illinois

  1508. Waliczek v. Retirement Board of the Fireman's Annuity & Benefit Fund

  1509. Walker v. State Board of Elections

  1510. Ward v. K Mart Corp

  1511. Warner v. City of Chicago

  1512. Wasserman v. City of Chicago

  1513. Waterfront Estates Development, Inc. v. City of Palos Hills

  1514. Webb by Harris v. Jewel Companies, Inc

  1515. Weber v. St. Paul Fire &Marine Insurance Co

  1516. Weidmann v. State

  1517. Welch v. Educational Officers Board for Provision High School District 209

  1518. Wells v. State

  1519. White v. State

  1520. Whitehouse Trucking Co. v. State

  1521. Whitney Productions v. Industrial Comm'n

  1522. Wicker v. Conrail

  1523. Wilkey v. Illinois Racing Board

  1524. Willaby v. Bendersky

  1525. Williams v. American Country Insurance Co

  1526. Wilson v. State

  1527. Witt v. State

  1528. Wodziak v. Kash

  1529. Woods v. State

  1530. W.W. Vincent & Co. v. First Colony Life Insurance Co

  1531. Yanan v. Ewing

  1532. Zonta v. Village of Bensenville

  1533. Legal Questions

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