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Louisiana Case Law Search

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  1. Louisiana Appeal Costs Law

  2. Manifest Error Rule Cases In Louisiana

  3. Damages For Frivolous Appeal In Louisiana

  4. Investigatory Stop And Detention In Louisiana

  5. Notification Prior To Accepting A Guilty Plea

  6. Involuntary Termination Of Parental Rights Louisiana

  7. Is Pat Down Or Frisk During A Stop In Louisiana Legal ?

  8. Standard For Review Of General Damage Awards On Appeal

  9. Jury Instruction On Reasonable Doubt Cases In Louisiana

  10. Reviewing Factual Findings On Appeal Cases In Louisiana

  11. Requirements To Pat Down A Person Stopped On The Street

  12. Connection Between Accident And Injury Cases In Louisiana

  13. Illegal Pat Down Search (Terry Stop Case Law) In Louisiana

  14. Motion To Withdraw Guilty Plea Of Sexual Crime In Louisiana

  15. Penalty Example For Possession Of A Firearm By A Convicted Felon In Louisiana

  16. Legal Questions

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