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  1. Michigan Sbt Tax Cases

  2. 3 Elements Of A Valid Gift

  3. Unresponsive Testimony Mistrial

  4. Arrest Without Warrant In Michigan

  5. Guilty But Mentally Ill Michigan Cases

  6. Jury Instruction Error Cases In Michigan

  7. Tenants In Common After Divorce In Michigan

  8. Slip And Fall Hotel Bathroom With A Wet Spot

  9. Workers Compensation Hearings Evidentiary Rules

  10. Joint Tenancy Right Of Survivorship Divorce In Michigan

  11. New Trial Based On Newly Discovered Evidence In Michigan

  12. Defendant's Voluntary Statement In A Pretrial In Michigan

  13. Joint Tenancy With Full Rights Of Survivorship In Michigan

  14. Illegal Discharge Of A Firearm Penalty Example In Michigan

  15. ''Custody'' Definition In Connection With Miranda Warnings

  16. Breaking And Entering With Intent To Commit Larceny Elements

  17. Prosecutorial Misconduct - False Testimony To Obtain A Conviction

  18. Harmless Error Test After Prosecutor's Confession Of Error In Michigan

  19. Juvenile Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Penalty Example In Michigan

  20. 28 U.S.C 1654 Interpretation

  21. 4 Elements Of Defamation Michigan

  22. 4 Elements Of Tortious Interference With Economic Advantage

  23. 5 Factors Of Possession Of A Weapon In A Motor Vehicle In Michigan

  24. 7 Factors To Determine Amount Of Alimony In Michigan

  25. 9 Factors Of Distribution Of Marital Assets In Michigan

  26. Absolute Or Qualified Immunity

  27. Acquiescence To A Boundary Line In Michigan

  28. Affidavit From A Physician That Did Not Qualify As An Expert Witness

  29. Allowing Prosecutors To Amend Information With A New Charge

  30. Avoiding Forfeiture Under the Plain Error Rule

  31. Bifurcated Trial Factors Michigan

  32. Brady Violation In Michigan

  33. Circuit Court Jurisdiction Michigan

  34. Claim Of Unpreserved Error

  35. Convictions For Carjacking And Armed Robbery

  36. Corpus Delicti Of Murder In Michigan

  37. Delay Of More Than 48 Hours After Arrest In Michigan

  38. Disclosure Of Medical Information For Patients Who Are Not Parties To A Lawsuit

  39. Doctrine Of Chances Michigan

  40. Due Process Claim Elements

  41. Elements Of Assault With Intent To Murder In Michigan

  42. Elements Of Fraud Michigan

  43. Elements Of Premeditation And Deliberation In Michigan

  44. Evidence Sufficiency In An Arson Case

  45. Exceptions To The General Warrant Requirement In Michigan

  46. Expert Witness Unable To Testify Because Of Medical Reasons

  47. FRE 804(B)(5) Interpretation

  48. Failure To File A Cross Appeal

  49. First Degree CSC Michigan

  50. First Degree Felony Murder And Assault With Intent To Rob

  51. General Contractor Liability For Subcontractor's Employee Injuries

  52. Gross Indecency Legal Definition

  53. Guardian And Conservator Fees In Michigan

  54. Hospital Liability For Independent Contractors Physicians Negligence

  55. Imperfect Self Defense Doctrine

  56. Intentionally Discharging A Firearm In Michigan

  57. Involuntary Manslaughter With A Motor Vehicle In Michigan

  58. Juvenile's Right To A Competency Determination

  59. Law Of The Case Doctrine Michigan

  60. Lesser Included Misdemeanor Jury Instruction

  61. Lesser Included Misdemeanor Jury Instructions

  62. Lie Detector Results Law In Michigan

  63. Lineup Identification In A Sex Crime Case In Michigan

  64. MCL 331.531 Example Case

  65. MCL 37.2101 Interpretation

  66. MCL 380.1312 Example Case

  67. MCL 408.342 Interpretation

  68. MCL 418.311(11) Interpretation

  69. MCL 418.435 Interpretation

  70. MCL 438.7 Interpretation

  71. MCL 440.2608 Interpretation

  72. MCL 484.2601 Interpretation

  73. MCL 500.3105(1) Interpretation

  74. MCL 565.29 Interpretation

  75. MCL 712a.19b(5) Interpretation

  76. MCL 722.27(1)(C) Example Cases

  77. MCL 750.10a Interpretation

  78. MCL 750.239 Interpretation

  79. MCL 750.317 Example Case

  80. MCL 750.520b(1)(A) Example Case

  81. MCR 2.112(K) Interpretation

  82. MCR 2.114(E) Interpretation

  83. MCR 2.116(C)(10) Interpretation

  84. MCR 2.116(C)(10) Standard Of Review

  85. MCR 2.502 Interpretation

  86. MCR 2.513(B) Interpretation

  87. MCR 2.613 Interpretation

  88. MRE 404(B)(1) Interpretation

  89. MRE 404(B) Interpretation

  90. MRE 701 Example Case

  91. MRE 706 Interpretation

  92. MRE 803(24) Interpretation

  93. MRE 803(4) Case Example

  94. MRE 804(B)(3) Interpretation

  95. MRE 804 Example Case

  96. Manufacturers Liability In Michigan

  97. May Prosecutor Vouch For The Credibility Of A Witness ?

  98. Michigan Cases About Default Judgment

  99. Michigan Confrontation Clause

  100. Michigan Entrapment Test

  101. Michigan Hospitals Liability For Independent Contractor Physicians Negligence

  102. Michigan Nursing Care Benefits

  103. Michigan Parol Evidence Rule

  104. Michigan Riparian Owner Rights

  105. Michigan Wrongful Death Venue MCL 600.1629

  106. Minimum Sentences Drug Trafficking Michigan

  107. Mortgage Clause Free Sample

  108. Motion For Summary Disposition Michigan

  109. No Fault Insurance Act Parked Vehicles

  110. Occurrence Insurance Policy Definition

  111. Omission Of A Jury Instruction In Michigan

  112. Open And Obvious Danger Doctrine

  113. Opinion Testimony Of Medical Experts Regarding Mental Capacity In Michigan

  114. Polygraph Examination Warrant In Michigan

  115. Preliminary Examination In Michigan

  116. Prescription For The Controlled Substance In Michigan

  117. Prosecutorial Misconduct Based On A Civic Duty Argument

  118. Prosecutorial Misconduct In The Context Of Plea Agreements

  119. Proving Gross Negligence Michigan

  120. Proving Intent To Deliver In Michigan

  121. Rape Victim Lineup Identification

  122. Rebuttal Witness Michigan

  123. Right To A Lawyer During A Pre-Custody In Michigan

  124. Right To A Speedy Trial Michigan

  125. Right To The Continuance Of Probation In Michigan

  126. Sentencing For Habitual Offenders In Michigan

  127. Serious Burns In A Work Related Accident In Michigan

  128. Slip And Fall On A Grape

  129. Slip And Fall On A Patch Of Ice In A Parking Lot

  130. Statements Indicative Of The Declarant's State Of Mind Are Admissible In Michigan

  131. Suing For Collision With A Ski Lift Tower

  132. Suing The Lawuer Who Drafted A Will In Michigan

  133. The Right To A Jury Trial In Contempt Cases In Michigan

  134. Venue For Legal Malpractice In Michigan

  135. What Is An Anticipatory Search Warrant ?

  136. ABATE v Public Service Comm

  137. Adams v Auto Club Ins Ass'n

  138. Akyan v Auto Club Ins Ass'n

  139. Alken-Ziegler, Inc v Waterbury Headers Corp

  140. Altairi v Alhaj

  141. American Transmissions v Attorney Gen'l

  142. Anderson v Chrysler Corp

  143. Anderson v Merkel

  144. Andrews v Kmart Corp

  145. Auto-Owners Ins Co v Michigan Mutual Ins Co

  146. BPS Clinical Laboratories v Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan

  147. Babula v Robertson

  148. Bailey v Grover

  149. Banish v Hamtramck

  150. Barber v SMH (US), Inc

  151. Barr v Mt Brighton, Inc

  152. Beason v Beason

  153. Becker v Halliday

  154. Bell River Associates v China Charter Twp

  155. Bergeron v Busch

  156. Bertrand v Alan Ford, Inc

  157. Bianchi v Automobile Club of Michigan

  158. Bikos v Nobliski

  159. Bivens v Grand Rapids

  160. Brashear v DAIIE

  161. Brotman v Roelofs

  162. Brown v Eller Outdoor Advertising Co

  163. Broyles v Aeroquip Corp

  164. Bruce v Meijer Supermarkets, Inc

  165. Buczkowski v Allstate Ins

  166. Bullock v Huster

  167. Bush v Beemer

  168. Butler v Ramco-Gershenson, Inc

  169. Cahill v Fifteenth Dist Judge

  170. Calvert Ins Co v Herbert Roofing & Insulation Co

  171. Carleton Sportsman's Club v Exeter Twp

  172. Cassidy v McGovern

  173. Century Mut Ins Co v League General Ins Co

  174. Chiles v Machine Shop, Inc

  175. Cincinnati Ins Co v Citizens Ins Co

  176. Cockels v Int'l Business Expositions, Inc

  177. Cole v Michigan Mut Ins Co

  178. Collins v Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

  179. Consumers Power Co v Public Service Comm

  180. Couch v Schultz

  181. Countrywalk Condominiums, Inc v Orchard Lake Village

  182. Couper v Metropolitan Life Ins Co

  183. Cremonte v Michigan State Police

  184. Czars, Inc v Dep't of Treasury

  185. DAIIE v McMillan

  186. Daley v LaCroix

  187. Dampier v Wayne County

  188. Daubenspeck v Auto Club of Michigan

  189. De May v. Roberts

  190. Dean v Tucker

  191. Dearborn Heights School Dist No 7 v Wayne Co MEA-NEA

  192. Deflaviis v Lord & Taylor, Inc

  193. Denham v University of Michigan

  194. Dep't of Consumer & Industry Services v Greenberg

  195. Detroit Bank & Trust Co v Dickson

  196. Detroit Trust Co v Mason

  197. Dierickx v Cottage Hosp Corp

  198. Doe v Kelley

  199. Domako v Rowe

  200. Dorris v Detroit Osteopathic Hospital Corp

  201. Dow v Michigan

  202. Downey v Charlevoix Co Bd of Rd Comm'rs

  203. Dykstra v DNR

  204. Environair, Inc v Steelcase, Inc

  205. Evens v Shiawasee Co Rd Comm

  206. Falcon v Memorial Hosp

  207. Feaheny v Caldwell

  208. Feick v Monroe Co

  209. Felice v Cheboygan Co Zoning Comm

  210. Fera v Village Plaza, Inc

  211. First Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n v City of Flint

  212. First State Savings Bank of Muskegon Heights v Dake

  213. Fitzpatrick v Simmons Airlines, Inc

  214. Fletcher v Fletcher

  215. Fletcher v Harafajee

  216. Foremost Ins. Co. v. Allstate Ins. Co

  217. Frankenmuth Mutual Ins Co v Masters

  218. Frasier v Model Coverall Service, Inc

  219. Frederick v Presque Isle Co. Circuit Judge

  220. GRP Ltd v United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc

  221. Gilman v Northwest Airlines, Inc

  222. Gobler v Auto-Owners Ins Co

  223. Golec v Metal Exchange Corp

  224. Goodall v Whitefish Hunting Club

  225. Gracey v Wayne Co Clerk

  226. Great Lakes Concrete Pole Corp v Eash

  227. Guider v Smith

  228. Guntzviller v Gitre

  229. Habersack v Rabaut

  230. Halstead v City of Flint

  231. Harless v. Willis Day Warehousing Co

  232. Harris-Fields v Syze

  233. Hart v Ludwig

  234. Hartman v. Ins. Co. of North America

  235. Harts v Farmers Ins Exchange

  236. Harvey v Harvey

  237. Hawkeye-Security Ins Co v Vector Construction Co

  238. Hayes Const Co v Silverthorn

  239. Heinz v Auto Club Ins Ass'n

  240. Heniser v Frankenmuth Mut Ins

  241. Henry v Prusak

  242. Herrera v Levine

  243. Hicks v Auto Club Ins Ass'n

  244. Horace v City of Pontiac

  245. Horn v Dep't of Corrections

  246. Hospital Purchase Service of Michigan v City of Hastings

  247. Hoste v Shanty Creek Management, Inc

  248. Hovanesian v Nam

  249. Howe v Detroit Free Press, Inc

  250. Hughes v PMG Building, Inc

  251. Hurt v Michael's Food Center, Inc

  252. In re Arntz

  253. In re Baldwin's Estate

  254. In re Conant Estate

  255. In re Dawson

  256. In re Gondek

  257. In re Hall

  258. In re Jackson

  259. In re Miller

  260. In re Moore

  261. In re Prichard Estate

  262. In re Sloan Estate

  263. In re Soltis Estate

  264. In re Tranter

  265. In re Trejo

  266. In re Weber's Estate

  267. Independence Twp v Eghigian

  268. Ishpeming Supervisory Employees' Chapter of Local 128 v Ishpeming

  269. Jacobs v Lyon Twp

  270. Jacobson v Parda Federal Credit Union

  271. Jaffe v Harris

  272. Jeffrey v Rapid American Corp

  273. Joan Automotive Industries, Inc v Check

  274. Johnson v Detroit

  275. Johnson v Menominee

  276. Jones v East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority

  277. Jones v Jackson National Life Ins Co

  278. Jordan v Whiting Corp

  279. Joy Management Co v Detroit

  280. Kal-Aero v Dep't of Treasury

  281. Kalamazoo Oil Co v Boerman

  282. Kar v Hogan

  283. Kaszyk v Kloetstra

  284. Kellogg Co v Dep't of Treasury

  285. Kewin v Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co

  286. Korash v Livonia

  287. Kraus v Dep't of Commerce

  288. Krohn v Saginaw

  289. Krueger v Lumbermen's Mut Casualty Co

  290. LaBar v Cooper

  291. Lane v KinderCare Learning Centers, Inc

  292. Lanni v Engler

  293. Laury v General Motors Co

  294. Lawrence v Toys R Us

  295. Layman v Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc

  296. Lichon v American Universal Ins Co

  297. Little v Howard Johnson Co

  298. Lombardo v Lombardo

  299. Lothian v Detroit

  300. Lundy v Groty

  301. Lytle v Malady

  302. MacDonald v State Farm Mutual Ins Co

  303. Maddox v Burlingame

  304. Mager v Dep't of State Police

  305. Manning v East Tawas

  306. Martin v Raker

  307. Mathis v Interstate Motor Freight System

  308. Matich v Modern Research Corp

  309. Matthews v Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan

  310. McAlpine v State Mut Fire Ins Co of Michigan

  311. McAuley v General Motors Corp

  312. McCollum v Community Service Ins Co

  313. McCune v Meijer

  314. McDougal v McDougal

  315. McKenzie v Auto Club Ins Ass'n

  316. McKiney v Clayman

  317. Meadows v Detroit

  318. Mieras v DeBona

  319. Miller v State Farm Mut Automobile Ins Co

  320. Mims v Electronic Data Systems Corp

  321. Mion v. Aftermarket Tool &c. Group

  322. Molengraff v Holland Transmission Services, Inc

  323. Montgomery Ward & Co v Williams

  324. Morosini v Citizens Ins Co of America

  325. Morris v Clawson Tank Co

  326. Mudel v Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co

  327. Munro v Munro

  328. Munson v County of Menominee

  329. Murdock v Higgins

  330. Murphy v Sears, Roebuck & Co

  331. Nabozny v Burkhardt

  332. Neal v Oakwood Hospital Corp

  333. Nummer v Dep't of Treasury

  334. Oakland Co Drain Comm'r v Royal Oak

  335. Olsen v Porter

  336. Osner v Boughner

  337. Pacific Employers Ins Co v Michigan Mut Ins Co

  338. Panagos v North Detroit Gen'l Hosp

  339. Paragon Properties Co v Novi

  340. Parker v Cadillac Gage, Inc

  341. Penny v ABA Pharmaceutical Co

  342. People v Adkins

  343. People v Anderson

  344. People v Armendarez

  345. People v Austin

  346. People v Bahoda

  347. People v Bell

  348. People v Bender

  349. People v Benevides

  350. People v Bettistea

  351. People v Bigelow

  352. People v Blasius

  353. People v Bloxson

  354. People v Bohm

  355. People v Brisco

  356. People v Briseno

  357. People v Brocato

  358. People v Budzyn

  359. People v Butler

  360. People v Carines

  361. People v Carpentier

  362. People v Cartwright

  363. People v Catanzarite

  364. People v Cetlinski

  365. People v Chapman

  366. People v Cipriano

  367. People v Clark

  368. People v Cocuzza

  369. People v Coles

  370. People v Conte

  371. People v Coones

  372. People v Courts

  373. People v Dalessandro

  374. People v Darwich

  375. People v Davis

  376. People v Dawson

  377. People v DeGeer

  378. People v DeLisle

  379. People v Denton

  380. People v DerMartzex

  381. People v Djordjevic

  382. People v Dye

  383. People v Eaton

  384. People v Echavarria

  385. People v Emery

  386. People v Fetterley

  387. People v Fields

  388. People v Fisher

  389. People v Fobb

  390. People v Fox

  391. People v Furman

  392. People v Gabor

  393. People v Garcia

  394. People v Gayton

  395. People v Givans

  396. People v Glover

  397. People v Godsey

  398. People v Goforth

  399. People v Goodwin

  400. People v Gregorczyk

  401. People v Grove

  402. People v Guilmette

  403. People v Hadley

  404. People v Haney

  405. People v Harris

  406. People v Head

  407. People v Hellis

  408. People v Hendrick

  409. People v Howard

  410. People v Hunt

  411. People v Hyland

  412. People v Ingram

  413. People v Jaffray

  414. People v Jansson

  415. People v Jendrzejewski

  416. People v Johnson

  417. People v Kennedy

  418. People v Kreger

  419. People v Kyllonen

  420. People v LeBlanc

  421. People v Lee

  422. People v Lemons

  423. People v Leonard

  424. People v Leverette

  425. People v Lewis

  426. People v Lilly

  427. People v Makela

  428. People v Marsack

  429. People v Marshall

  430. People v Martinez

  431. People v McCoy

  432. People v McIntire

  433. People v McKendrick

  434. People v McKenzie

  435. People v McLemore

  436. People v Measles

  437. People v Meatte

  438. People v Meeboer

  439. People v Mehall

  440. People v Melotik

  441. People v Merriweather

  442. People v Meyer

  443. People v Mikulin

  444. People v Missouri

  445. People v Montevecchio

  446. People v Moon

  447. People v Morse

  448. People v Mosko

  449. People v Moten

  450. People v Mumford

  451. People v Murray

  452. People v Naugle

  453. People v Neal

  454. People v Noble

  455. People v Parker

  456. People v Peerenboom

  457. People v Pena

  458. People v Petrella

  459. People v Pickens

  460. People v Place

  461. People v Poole

  462. People v Pullins

  463. People v Ramsdell

  464. People v Rand

  465. People v Reed

  466. People v Robinson

  467. People v Sabin

  468. People v Schollaert

  469. People v Sclafani

  470. People v Shields

  471. People v Sholl

  472. People v Sinistaj

  473. People v Smith

  474. People v Snider

  475. People v Stephens

  476. People v Stiff

  477. People v Stinson

  478. People v Storch

  479. People v Stumpf

  480. People v Tebo

  481. People v Thomas

  482. People v Tinskey

  483. People v Tinsley

  484. People v Tobey

  485. People v Tracey

  486. People v Travis

  487. People v Tyburski

  488. People v Underwood

  489. People v Vallance

  490. People v VanderVliet

  491. People v Vronko

  492. People v Walker

  493. People v White

  494. People v Whitfield

  495. People v Wilkins

  496. People v Willis

  497. People v Winters

  498. People v Wolford

  499. People v Woods

  500. People v Woodward

  501. People v Young

  502. People v Zak

  503. People v Zuccarini

  504. Pick v Szymczak

  505. Pierson Sand & Gravel, Inc v Keeler Brass Co

  506. Pingree v Mutual Gas Co

  507. Pleger v Bouwman

  508. Plumley v Klein

  509. Poffenbarger v Kaplan

  510. Pollock v Fire Ins Exchange

  511. Pompey v General Motors Corp

  512. Pond v People

  513. Popp v Crittenton Hosp

  514. Portelli v I R Constr Products Co, Inc

  515. Porter v Michigan Osteopathic Hosp Ass'n, Inc

  516. Postill v Postill

  517. Precopio v Detroit

  518. Putkamer v Transamerica Ins Corp of America

  519. Quinn v Pere Marquette R Co

  520. RCA Corp v Dep't of Treasury

  521. Randazzo v Kroenke

  522. Reeder v Hammond

  523. Reetz v Kinsman Marine Transit Co

  524. Reitmeyer v Schultz Equipment & Parts Co, Inc

  525. Rembert v Ryan Family Steakhouse, Inc

  526. Reno v Chung

  527. Ritter v Meijer, Inc

  528. Romska v Opper

  529. Rothenberg v Follman

  530. Rourk v Oakwood Hospital Corp

  531. Saginaw General Hospital v Saginaw

  532. Sands v Sands

  533. Sarin v Samaritan Health Center

  534. Sawka v Prokopowycz

  535. Scarsella v Pollak

  536. Schechet v Kesten

  537. Schlender v Schlender

  538. Selk v Detroit Plastic Products

  539. Senters v Ottawa Savings Bank

  540. Shepherd v Shepherd

  541. Shipman v Fontaine Truck Equipment Co

  542. Shoulters v Allen

  543. Singerman v Municipal Service Bureau, Inc

  544. Sirovey v Campbell

  545. Skinner v Square D Co

  546. Smith v Cliffs on the Bay Condominium Ass'n

  547. Smith v Dep't of Public Health

  548. Smith v Michigan Basic Property Ins Ass'n

  549. Solowy v Oakwood Hosp Corp

  550. Sparks v Sparks

  551. Sparling Plastic Industries, Inc v Sparling

  552. Specht v Citizens Ins Co of America

  553. Spencer v Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co

  554. Stachowiak v Subczynski

  555. Star Transfer Line v General Exporting Co

  556. State Hwy Comm v Redmon

  557. State Hwy Comm v Vanderkloot

  558. Stratton-Cheeseman Management Co v Dep't of Treasury

  559. Straub v Straub

  560. Teledyne Continental Motors v Muskegon Twp

  561. Thomas v Ledger

  562. Tousignant v Allstate Ins Co

  563. Trinova Corp. v. Department of Treasury

  564. Upjohn Co v New Hampshire Ins Co

  565. Van v Zahorik

  566. VandenBerg v VandenBerg

  567. Vermilya v Dunham

  568. Wade v Dep't of Corrections

  569. Walker-Bey v Dep't of Corrections

  570. Waple v Waple

  571. Wells v Firestone Tire & Rubber Co

  572. Weymers v Khera

  573. Williams v DAIIE

  574. Wise v Yunker

  575. Wohlfert v Kresge

  576. Wood v. DAIIE

  577. Yaldo v North Pointe Ins Co

  578. Zander v Ogihara

  579. Zarka v Burger King

  580. Zine v Chrysler Corp

  581. Zurcher v Herveat

  582. Legal Questions

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