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  1. Waiver Of Double Jeopardy On Appeal

  2. Signing Without Reading Cases In Nebraska

  3. Relying Upon A Positive Statement Of Fact

  4. Enhanced Sentence For Prior DUI Conviction

  5. Custody Agreement Child Support In Nebraska

  6. Nebraska Petition To Increase Child Support

  7. Miranda Rights ''Interrogation'' Definition

  8. Abuse Of Judicial Discretion Cases In Nebraska

  9. Fraudulent Misrepresentation Elements In Nebraska

  10. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Cases In Nebraska

  11. Criminal Property Forfeiture Double Jeopardy Clause

  12. Motion To Suppress Evidence Appeal Cases In Nebraska

  13. Review And Modification Of Child Support Cases Nebraska

  14. Adducing Prior Bad Acts Evidence During Cross-Examination

  15. Sentence Enhancement For Prior DUI Conviction In Nebraska

  16. Driving With A Revoked License In Nebraska Penalty Example

  17. Sentencing Court Is Not Bound By Prosecutors Recommendations

  18. Second Degree Sexual Assault Of A Child In Nebraska Penalty Example

  19. Legal Questions

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