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New Jersey Case Law Search

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  1. N.J.S.A. 22a Cases

  2. ''A Lawyer's Word Is His Bond''

  3. Equitable Lien Cases In New Jersey

  4. What Is Meant By A Brady Violation ?

  5. Civil Contempt For Refusing To Testify

  6. Prisoners Due Process Rights In New Jersey

  7. Video Authentication Evidence In New Jersey

  8. Proving Age Discrimination Case In New Jersey

  9. Is It Legal For A Teacher To Search A Student ?

  10. Age Discrimination Proof Required In New Jersey

  11. Wrongful Death Statute Of Limitations New Jersey

  12. Request Costs To The Prevailing Party In New Jersey

  13. Motion Picture Evidence In A Personal Injury Action

  14. Intra Family Exclusion Clause In An Insurance Policy

  15. Failure To Disclose Witnesses Conviction During Discovery

  16. Doctrine Of Substantial Compliance In Wrongful Death Action

  17. Non Disclosure Of Evidence Affecting Witness Credibility Cases

  18. Being In An Unauthorized Area In Prison Disciplinary Hearing Appeal

  19. The Role Of Ambiguity In Insurance Policy Interpretation In New Jersey

  20. Allowing Husband To Repudiate Paternity Because Of Wife's Alleged Extramarital Affair

  21. Appealing University Internal Decisions

  22. Arbitration Clause New Jersey

  23. Attorney Client Privilege New Jersey

  24. Bicyclist Struck By An Object Thrown By A Passenger From A Moving Car

  25. Burden Shifting New Jersey

  26. Child Abuse Allegations Against A Teacher In New Jersey

  27. College Tuition Child Support NJ

  28. Communicating Radiologist's Finding As To X-Rays

  29. Delegated Powers Of New Jersey Municipalities

  30. Denial Of An Application For The Position Of Flight Officer

  31. Determining The Best Interests Of The Child In New Jersey

  32. Determining Whether Evidence Is Relevant In New Jersey

  33. Determining Whether Forfeiture Should Be Remitted In Whole Or In Part

  34. Discriminatory Enforcement New Jersey

  35. Doctrine Of Preemption New Jersey

  36. Doctrine Of Substituted Judgment New Jersey

  37. Domestic Violence Household Member

  38. Dual Capacity Doctrine New Jersey

  39. Employer's Intent To Injure Claim In New Jersey

  40. Equitable Distribution New Jersey

  41. Expert Testimony To The Value Of Vacant Land Based On The Projected Income

  42. Extraordinary Circumstances Legal Definition

  43. Failure To Obtain Informed Consent New Jersey

  44. Fed. R.Civ.P. 26(B)(3) Interpretation

  45. Firearm Is Definition New Jersey

  46. Foreign Court Judgment Under The Principle Of Comity

  47. Forum Selection Clause Enforceable New Jersey

  48. Gender Dysphoria USA

  49. Gestational Surrogacy Contract

  50. Hate Crime Law New Jersey

  51. Injuries Sustained During The Course Of Unloading Process

  52. Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress New Jersey

  53. Legal Duty To Prevent A Risk Of Harm To Another In New Jersey

  54. Legal Malpractice Insurance Claims Made Policy New Jersey

  55. Misapplication Of Entrusted Property NJ

  56. NERA Sentence

  57. N.J.R.E. 404(B) Interpretation

  58. N.J.S.A. 2a:4a-45 Interpretation

  59. N.J.S.A. 2c:43-7.2 Interpretation

  60. N.J.S.A. 2c:52-2b Interpretation

  61. N.J.S.A. 30:4-123.51(A) Interpretation

  62. NJ Requirement To Provide Each Defendant With An Affidavit Of Merit

  63. New Jersey Forfeiture Statute

  64. New Jersey Judges Discretion To Preclude Expert Testimony

  65. New Jersey Jury Instructions Regarding Prior Inconsistent Statements

  66. New Jersey Product Line Exception

  67. New Jersey Rules Of Evidence 603

  68. New Jersey Rules Of Evidence 808

  69. Parallel Suits Legal Definition

  70. Per Quod Damages New Jersey

  71. Placing Stepfather Name On A Birth Certificate

  72. Presumed Damages Defamation New Jersey

  73. Prior Inconsistent Statement New Jersey

  74. Prisoner Suit For Psychological Trauma After Being Sodomized By A Jail Guard

  75. Psychological Parentage In New Jersey

  76. Public Trust Doctrine New Jersey

  77. RPC 1.6 New Jersey

  78. RPC 1.7(B) Interpretation

  79. RPC 1.9(A) Interpretation

  80. Recognizing Double Jeopardy Violations On Appeal Under The Plain Error Rule

  81. Requirements For A Variance To Construct A Communications Tower

  82. Rescission Of Life Insurance Policy For Failure To Disclose A Health Condition

  83. Second Degree Sexual Assault Of A Child NJ

  84. Special Driver's License For A Bus In New Jersey

  85. Special Mission Exception

  86. Store Owner Sued By Customer Who Was Abducted

  87. Substantial Compliance Doctrine New Jersey

  88. Suppression Of A Search Warrant During A Murder Investigation

  89. Third Party Liability Under New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

  90. Third Party's Claim To Joint Custody In New Jersey

  91. Type 4 Fracture Injury Cases

  92. Voluntarily Placing Child in Foster Care Due to Parents Mental Illnesses

  93. Voluntary Surrenders Within 72 Hours After The Birth Of The Child

  94. What Are Adjudicative Facts ?

  95. Abtrax Pharmaceuticals. Inc., v. Elkins-Simm. Inc

  96. Accountemps Division of Robert Half, Inc. v. Birch Tree Group, Ltd

  97. Ackerman v. The Money Store

  98. Adco Service, Inc. v. Graphic Color Plate

  99. Aetna Life and Cas. Co. v. Imet Mason Contractors

  100. Ainsworth v. State Farm Mut. Ins. Co

  101. Alamo Rent A Car, Inc. v. Galarza

  102. Alan J. Cornblatt, P.A. v. Barow

  103. Albano v. Mayor of Washington Township

  104. Alderiso v. Med. Ctr. of Ocean County

  105. Alfred Vail Mutual Ass'n v. Halpin

  106. Allen v. Toms River Regional Board of Educ

  107. Alloway v. Bradlees, Inc

  108. Allstate Ins. Co. v. Moraca

  109. Amato v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Essex

  110. Ambassador Ins. Co. v. Montes

  111. American Home Assurance Co., Inc. v. Hermann's Warehouse Corp

  112. American Home Products v. Adriatic Ins. Co

  113. Anastasio v. Planning Bd. of Township of West Orange

  114. Anderson v. Somberg

  115. Arena v. Saphier

  116. Aronsohn v. Mandara

  117. Asaadi v. Meltzer

  118. Asbestos Workers Local Union No. 32 v. Shaughnessy

  119. Astro Pak Corp. v. Fireman's Fund Insurance Co

  120. Avallone v. Mortimer

  121. Avant v. Clifford

  122. Avdel Corporation v. Mecure

  123. Aversano v. Atlantic Employers Ins. Co

  124. Bainhauer v. Manoukian

  125. Banca v. Phillipsburg

  126. Bandel v. Friedrich

  127. Bango v. Carteret Lions Club

  128. Barner v. Sheldon

  129. Bartels v. Romano

  130. Bauman v. Royal Indem. Co

  131. Baures v. Lewis

  132. Bauter v. Hanover Ins. Co

  133. Beck v. Tribert

  134. Bello v. Comm'r, Dept. of Labor and Indus

  135. Benjamin v. Corcoran

  136. Beukas v. Board of Trustees of Fairleigh Dickinson Univ

  137. Bieker v. Community House of Moorestown

  138. Biondi v. Nassimos

  139. Black v. Public Serv. Elec. & Gas, Co

  140. Blazovic v. Andrich

  141. Bligen v. Jersey City Hous. Auth

  142. Blunt v. Klapproth

  143. Board of Trs. of Mercer County Comm. College v. Sypek

  144. Board of Trustees v. L.B.S. Construction Co., Inc

  145. Boldt v. Correspondence Management, Inc

  146. Bolinger v. Bell Atl

  147. Borges v. Hamed

  148. Borough of Belmar v. Buckley

  149. Borough of Glassboro v. Vallorosi

  150. Borough of Rockaway v. Donofrio

  151. Boss v. Rockland Elec. Co

  152. Bowler v. Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York

  153. Boyle v. G. & K. Trucking Co

  154. Breitenbach v. Motor Club of America Insur. Co

  155. Brill v. Guardian Life Insurance Co

  156. Brody v. Alfieri

  157. Brooks v. Odom

  158. Brooks v. Public Serv. Elec. & Gas

  159. Brookside Apartments, Inc. v. C.S

  160. Broome County Co--Operative Fire Ins. Co. v. Aetna Life and Casualty Co

  161. Brower v. ICT Group

  162. Brown v. Selective Insurance Co

  163. Brunetti v. Grandi

  164. Bruno v. Atlantic City

  165. Bryan Constr. Co. Ins. v. Employers' Surplus Lines Ins. Co

  166. Burns v. Belafsky

  167. Butler v. Acme Mkts., Inc

  168. Byrd v. Manning

  169. C.I.C. Corp. v. Township of East Brunswick

  170. Callahan v. Stanley Works

  171. Camden County Board of Social Services v. Yocavitch

  172. Campione v. Adamar of N.J

  173. Canico v. Hurtado

  174. Capelli v. Twin City Fire Ins. Co

  175. Carey v. Lovett

  176. Carmagnola v. Hann

  177. Carr v. Carr

  178. Carroll v. Cobb

  179. Carter-Wallace Inc. v. Admiral Ins. Co

  180. Carter v. Reynolds

  181. Caruso v. Ravenswood Developers, Inc

  182. Carvalho v. Toll Bros. & Developers

  183. Casamasino v. City of Jersey City

  184. Casino Reinv. Dev. Auth. v. Cohen

  185. Cenno v. West Virginia Paper & Pulp Co

  186. Charnecky v. American Reliance Ins

  187. Chimes v. Oritani Motor Hotel, Inc

  188. Chin v. Coventry Square Condominium Ass'n

  189. Chirichello v. Zoning Board of Adj. of Monmouth Beach

  190. Ciluffo v. Middlesex General Hosp

  191. City Check Cashing, Inc. v. National State Bank

  192. City of Camden v. Civil Serv. Comm'n

  193. City of Newark v. Benjamin

  194. Clohesy v. Food Circus Supermarkets, Inc

  195. Clowes v. Terminix Intern, Inc

  196. Coalition of New Jersey Sportsmen v. Florio

  197. Cohen v. Radio-Elecs. Officers Union

  198. Coleman v. Fiore Bros

  199. Collins v. Union County Jail

  200. Colon v. Tedesco

  201. Colonnelli Bros., Inc. v. Village of Ridgefield Park

  202. Colton v. Depew

  203. Community Realty Management, Inc. v. Harris

  204. Cooper v. Cooper

  205. Cornblatt v. Barow

  206. Corrado v. Tp. of Montclair

  207. Cotton v. Worthington Corp

  208. County Coll. of Morris Staff Ass'n v. County Coll. of Morris

  209. County of Monmouth v. Department of Corrections

  210. County of Morris v. Fauver

  211. County of Morris v. Riverview Condominiums, Inc

  212. Cox v. Sears Roebuck Co

  213. Crawn v. Campo

  214. Creative Business Decisions, Inc. v. Magnum Communications Ltd., Inc

  215. Cumberland Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. Beeby

  216. Cunningham v. Department of Civil Serv

  217. Cuprowski v. City of Jersey City

  218. Czura v. Siegel

  219. D'Amore v. D'Amore

  220. DEP v. Larchmont Farms

  221. D'Ercole v. Mayor & Council, Etc

  222. Daily v. Somberg

  223. Dalton, Dalton, Little, Inc. v. Mirandi

  224. Daus v. Marble

  225. DeFelice v. Beall

  226. DeHanes v. Rothman

  227. DeMarco v. DeMarco

  228. Decker v. Princeton Packet Inc

  229. Deerhurst Estates v. Meadow Homes, Inc

  230. DelPresto v. DelPresto

  231. Delbridge v. Office of Public Defender

  232. Dempsey v. Mastropasqua

  233. Dendrite International, Inc. v. John Doe No. 3

  234. Desiato v. Abbott

  235. Dewey v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co

  236. Di Ciurcio v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co

  237. Diehl v. Cumberland Mut. Fire Ins. Co

  238. Dienco, Inc. v. Security National Bank

  239. Doe v. Greater New York Blood Program

  240. Doe v. Poritz

  241. Dome Realty, Inc. v. City of Paterson

  242. Drew Chemical Corp. v. American Fore Loyalty Group

  243. Dunn v. Borough of Mountainside

  244. East Cape May Assocs. v. State, Dep't of Envtl. Prot

  245. East Mill Assocs. v. Township Council of Tp. of East Brunswick

  246. Ehrlich v. Strawbridge & Clothier

  247. Elberon Bathing Co., Inc. v. Ambassador Ins. Co

  248. Enourato v. N.J. Building Auth

  249. Estate of Louis Penn v. Amalgamated Gen. Agencies

  250. F & M Schaefer Brewing Co. v. Forbes Food Div

  251. Fairfield Leasing Corporation v. Techni-Graphics, Inc

  252. Falter v. Veterans Admin

  253. Fantony v. Fantony

  254. Fellerman v. Bradley

  255. Fenwick v. Kay American Jeep, Inc

  256. Fernandi v. Strully

  257. Fiore v. Consolidated Freightways

  258. Foldi v. Jeffries

  259. Ford Motor Co. v. Township of Edison

  260. Forsythe v. Teledyne Turner Tube

  261. Freda v. Commercial Trust Co

  262. Fu v. Fu

  263. Furey v. County of Ocean

  264. GEI Int'l Corp. v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co

  265. Gabriele v Lyndhurst Residential Cmty., LLC

  266. Galante v. Sandoz

  267. Galligan v. Westfield Centre Service, Inc

  268. Garden State Farms, Inc. v. Bay

  269. Gardner v. New Jersey Pinelands Comm'n

  270. Garfinkel v. Morristown Obstetrics & Gynecology Assocs

  271. Garlinger v. Garlinger

  272. George Harms Construction Co., Inc. v. Borough of Lincoln Park

  273. Gerzsenyi v. Richardson

  274. Giannone v. Carlin

  275. Gibson v. Board of Education of Newark

  276. Gibson v. Callaghan

  277. Gilborges v. Wallace

  278. Gilhooly v. Zeta Psi Fraternity

  279. Glen View Dev. Co. v. Public Serv. Elec. & Gas, Co

  280. Glowacki v. Underwood Memorial Hosp

  281. Goldson v. Carver Boat Corp

  282. Golinski v. Hackensack Med. Ctr

  283. Gordon v. Borough of Middlesex

  284. Gosschalk v. Gosschalk

  285. Grasser v. United HealthCare Corp

  286. Grasso v. Borough Council of Glassboro

  287. Green v. Bittner

  288. Green v. General Motors

  289. Griggs v. Bertram

  290. Grill v. City of Newark

  291. Grunwald v. Bronkesh

  292. Guernsey v. Allan

  293. Guttenberg S. & L. Ass'n. v. Rivera

  294. H.I.P. v. Hovnanian at Mahwah VI, Inc

  295. H. & H. Ranch Homes, Inc. v. Frank H. Smith

  296. Haber v. Haber

  297. Habick v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co

  298. Hahnemann Univ. Hosp. v. Dudnick

  299. Hallion v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co

  300. Hamilton Amusement Ctr. v. Verniero

  301. Hammer v. Township of Livingston

  302. Handlon v. Town of Belleville

  303. Harriott v. Harriott

  304. Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co. v. Aetna Life & Cas. Ins. Co

  305. Hartsfield v. Fantini

  306. Hedgebeth v. Medford

  307. Heldor Industries, Inc. v. Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co

  308. Henry v. Rahway State Prison

  309. Herman v. Sunshine Chem. Specialties, Inc

  310. Hiering v. Township of Jackson

  311. High Horizons Dev. Co. v. Department of Transp

  312. Hill Manor Apartments v. Brome

  313. Hills Dev. Co. v. Bernards Township

  314. Holder v. Polanski

  315. Hollander v. Watson

  316. Holster v. Bd. of Trustees of Passaic County College

  317. Hopkins v. Fox & Lazo Realtors

  318. Hyland v. Borras

  319. IFA Ins. Co. v. Atlantic Mut. Ins. Co

  320. In Re Baby M

  321. In re Adoption of Amendments to N.J.A.C

  322. In re Adoption of a Child of Indian Heritage

  323. In re Advisory Opinion

  324. In re Allegation of Physical Abuse Concerning L.R

  325. In re Allegations of Violations of Law and Admin. Code by A. Fiore & Sons, Inc

  326. In re Arndt

  327. In re Ass'n of Trial Lawyers of Am., N.J., & Chapter 197 of the Laws of 1987

  328. In re Cape May County Mun. Utils. Auth

  329. In re Cendant Corp. Derivative Action Litigation

  330. In re Charter School Application of Englewood

  331. In re Cohen

  332. In re Executive Commission on Ethical Standards Re Appearance of Rutgers Attorneys

  333. In re Fichner

  334. In re Flasch

  335. In re Guardianship of J.C

  336. In re Murtha

  337. In re Parlow

  338. In re Shain

  339. In re Warren

  340. In re Wiggins

  341. In the Matter of M.R

  342. In the Matter of the Estate of Farina. In the Matter of the Estate of Farina

  343. Intek Auto Leasing, Inc. v. Zetes Microtech Corp

  344. International Tel. and Tel. Corp. v. Envirco Servs. Inc

  345. Ironbound Health Rights Advisory Comm'n v. Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co

  346. Ivaldi v. Ivaldi

  347. J.E. on Behalf of G.E. v. State

  348. J.F. v. B.K

  349. Jacobs v. Stephens

  350. James Falcone Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc. v. Pasquale

  351. James Stewart Polshek & Assocs. v. Bergen County Iron Works

  352. Jansco v. Waldron

  353. Jefferson v. Freeman

  354. Jenoff v. Gleason

  355. Johnson v. Cyklop Strapping Corp

  356. Jugan v. Friedman

  357. Jutchenko v. Jutchenko

  358. Karafa v. New Jersey State Lottery

  359. Katz v. Katz

  360. Keelan v. Bell Commun. Research

  361. Kelly v. Berlin

  362. Kennedy v. Jefferson Smurfit Co

  363. Kerr v. Able Sanitary and Environmental Services, Inc

  364. Khoudary v. Salem Cty

  365. Kirk v. City of Newark

  366. Klinsky v. Hanson Van Winkle Munning Co

  367. Knight v. City of Margate

  368. Kristiansen v. Morgan

  369. Kugler v. Market Dev. Corp

  370. Kupfersmith v. Delaware Ins. Co

  371. Kuzmicz v. Ivy Hill Park Apts

  372. L.J. v. J.B

  373. Laidlow v. Hariton Machinery Co., Inc

  374. Lancellotti v Maryland Cas. Co

  375. Lawson Mardon Wheaton, Inc. v. Smith

  376. Leeper v. Weintraub

  377. Legge Industries v. Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy

  378. Lehmann v. Toys 'R' Us, Inc

  379. Lehrhoff v. Aetna Cas. and Sur. Co

  380. Levine v. Miller

  381. Levine v. Wiss & Co

  382. Levitt v. Board of Educ., City of Newark

  383. Liberty Nat. Bank v. Aetna Life &c. Co., Liberty Nat. Bank v. Aetna Life &c. Co

  384. Limongelli v. New Jersey State Board of Dentistry

  385. Lincoln v. Momentum Sys. Ltd

  386. Livingstone v. Abraham & Straus, Inc

  387. LoBiondo v. Schwartz

  388. Loechner v. Campoli

  389. Logan v. Township of N. Brunswick

  390. Loigman v. Kimmelman

  391. Longo v. Market Transition Facility

  392. Longobardi v. Chubb Ins. Co. of New Jersey

  393. Longobardi v. Chubb Insurance Co

  394. Longworth v. Van Houten

  395. Lopez v. Swyer

  396. Love v. Morton

  397. Luciani v. Hill Wallack

  398. Lyon v. Glaser

  399. Lyons v. Premo Pharmaceutical Labs, Inc

  400. M.H.B. v. H.T.B

  401. Mabee v. Borden

  402. Mabee v. Borden, Inc

  403. Macedonian Church v. Planning Bd

  404. Magnifico v. Rutgers Cas. Ins. Co

  405. Magnifico v. Rutgers Casualty Insurance Co

  406. Maher Terminals v. Dir., Div. of Taxation

  407. Mahwah Tp. v. Bergen County Bd. of Taxation

  408. Maisonave v. Newark Bears Professional Baseball Club, Inc

  409. Malewich v. Zacharias

  410. Manalapan Holding Co. v. Planning Bd. of the Township of Hamilton

  411. Mannes v. Healey

  412. Maryland Cas. Co. v. New Jersey Mfrs. Ins. Co

  413. Matawan Regional Teachers Association v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional Board of Ed

  414. Mathesius v. Mercer County Improvement Authority

  415. Mathias v. Luke

  416. Matter of Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co

  417. Matter of American Reliance Insurance Co

  418. Matter of Cannady

  419. Matter of Market Transition Facility

  420. Matter of Registrant C.A

  421. Matter of Registrant G.B

  422. Matthews v. Atlantic City

  423. Mayfair Fabrics v. Henley

  424. Mayfield v. Community Med. Assocs

  425. Mazakas v. Wray

  426. Mazzilli v. Accident & Cas. Ins. Co

  427. McDonald v. Pinchak

  428. McKenney v. Byrne

  429. McLaughlin v. McLaughlin

  430. Meadowbrook Carting Co., Inc. v. Borough of Island Heights

  431. Mealey v. Marella

  432. Meeker Sharkey Associates, Inc. v. National Union Fire Ins. Co

  433. Melcer v. Zuck

  434. Menendez v. City of Union City

  435. Merenoff v. Merenoff

  436. Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Co. v. Coppola

  437. Metromedia, Inc. v. Dir., Div. of Taxation

  438. Michelman v. Ehrlich

  439. Middletown Policemen's Benevolent Ass'n Local 124 v. Township of Middletown

  440. Midland Ins. Co. v. Colatrella

  441. Miller v. Miller

  442. Miller v. Muscarelle

  443. Miller v. Teachers' Pension & Annuity Fund

  444. Millison v. E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co

  445. Monmouth County Div. of Soc. Servs. ex rel. Hall v. P.A.Q

  446. Montells v. Haynes

  447. Moore v. Bridgewater Twp

  448. Moore v. Kantha

  449. Morris County v. Weiner

  450. Morristown Memorial Hosp. v. Tureo

  451. Mortgage Bankers Ass'n of N.J. v. New Jersey Real Estate Comm'n

  452. Muhammad v. Balicki

  453. Mulford v. Hiers

  454. Mulraney v. Auletto's Catering

  455. Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. v. Zimmerman

  456. NJM, Inc. v. Nationwide Fund Raisers, Inc

  457. N.J. Parole Bd. v. Cestari

  458. Negron v. Llarena

  459. Nerney v. Garden State Hosp

  460. New Brunswick Cellular Tel. Co. d/b/a Comcast Cellular One v. Borough of S. Plainfield Bd. of Adj

  461. New Capitol Bar & Grill Corp. v. Division of Employment Sec

  462. New Jersey Ass'n on Correction v. Lan

  463. New Jersey Automobile Full Insurance Underwriting Ass'n v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co

  464. New Jersey Bell Telephone. Co. v. State Dep't of Pub. Utils

  465. New Jersey Chapter of Nat'l Ass'n of Indus. and Office Parks v. New Jersey Dep't of Envtl. Prot

  466. New Jersey Dep't of Envtl. Protection v. Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Co

  467. New Jersey Div., Horsemen's Benevolent Protective Ass'n v. New Jersey Racing Comm'n

  468. New Jersey Optometric Ass'n v. Hillman-Kohan Eyeglasses. Inc

  469. New Jersey Transit Corp. v. Borough of Somerville

  470. New Jersey Turnpike Auth. v. Parsons

  471. New York SMSA Ltd. Partnership v. Board of Adj. of Bernards Tp

  472. New York SMSA Ltd. Partnership v. Board of Adj. of Middletown Tp

  473. Newark Ins. Co. v. Acupac Packaging Inc

  474. Newburgh v. Arrigo

  475. Novis v. Rosenbluth Travel

  476. O'Shea v. K. Mart Corp

  477. Occulto v. Amadar of New Jersey, Inc

  478. Oches v. Township of Middletown Police Dept

  479. Old Bridge Owners Co-op. Corp. v. Township of Old Bridge

  480. Olson v. Gen. Elec. Astrospace

  481. Oscar Mayer Corp. v. Mincing Trading Corp

  482. Oswin v. Shaw

  483. Owens-Illinois, Inc. v. United Ins. Co

  484. Ozolins v. Ozolins

  485. Painter v. Painter

  486. Palatine I v. Planning Board Township of Montville

  487. Palumbo v. Township of Old Bridge

  488. Papalexiou v. Tower West Condo

  489. Park v. Park

  490. Patterson Tallow Co., Inc. v. Royal Globe Insurance Co

  491. Peace v. Peace

  492. Peck v. Newark Morning Ledger Co

  493. Peloso v. Hartford Fire Ins. Co

  494. Pennington Trap Rock Co. v. Pennington Quarry Co

  495. Pep Boys v. Cigna Indem. Ins. Co

  496. Perna v. Pirozzi

  497. Perreira v. Rediger

  498. Petrillo v. Bachenberg

  499. Pfender v. Torres

  500. Pickett v. Lloyd's,

  501. Pickett v. Lloyd's

  502. Pierce Estates Corp. v. Bridgewater Tp. Zoning Bd. of Adj

  503. Pillsbury v. Bd. of Chosen Freeholders of Monmouth County

  504. Pillsbury v. Monmouth County Bd. of Chosen Freeholders

  505. Pivnick v. Beck

  506. Pizzo Mantin Group v. Township of Randolph

  507. Poetz v. Mix

  508. Port Auth. Trans-Hudson Corp. v. Baum Bus Co

  509. Potter v. Village Bank

  510. Poveromo-Spring v. Exxon Corp

  511. Printing Mart-Morristown v. Sharp Electronics Corp

  512. Procanik by Procanik v. Cillo

  513. Property Cas. Co. of MCA v. Conway

  514. Prudential Prop. & Cas. v. Keystone Ins

  515. Quigley v KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP

  516. Quincy Mut. Fire Ins. Co. v. Bor. of Bellmawr

  517. R.K. v. Department of Human Servs

  518. Rainier's Dairies v. Raritan Valley Farms, Inc

  519. Ramos v. M & F Fashions, Inc

  520. Ramsdell v. Pennsylvania R.R. Co

  521. Rena, Inc. v. Brien

  522. Rendine v. Pantzer

  523. Resin Research Labs., Inc. v. Gemini Roller Corp

  524. Resolution Trust Corp. v. Lanzaro

  525. Richardson v. Nickolopoulos

  526. Rider v. Lynch

  527. Rivers v. Allstate Insurance Co

  528. Rivkin v. Dover Township Rent Leveling Bd

  529. Roberts v. All Am. Eng'g Co

  530. Robinson v. Branch Brook Manor Apts

  531. Robinson v. Cahill

  532. Rodio v. Smith

  533. Roe v. New Jersey Transit Rail Operations

  534. Roig v. Kelsey

  535. Rolfe v. Borough of Emerson

  536. Ross v. Ross

  537. Rothman v. Rothman

  538. Rotondo v. Carlstadt-East Rutherford Reg'l High School Dist

  539. Roxbury Twp. Bd. of Educ. v. West Milford Bd. of Educ

  540. Rubenstein v. Rubenstein

  541. Ruberton v. Gabage

  542. Ruff v. Weintraub

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  544. Rutgers Casualty Ins. Co. v. Ohio Casualty Ins. Co

  545. SL Indus., Inc. v. Am. Motorists Ins. Co

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  547. Sabino v. Director, Div. of Taxation

  548. Salem Group v. Oliver

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  550. Sarzillo v. Turner Construction Co

  551. Scarfi v. Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co

  552. Scherzer v. Scherzer

  553. Schettino v. Roizman Dev., Inc

  554. Schettino v. Roizman Development

  555. Schlumberger Industries, Inc. v. Borough of Avalon

  556. Schmoele v. Atlantic City R.R. Co

  557. Schustrin v. Globe Indemnity Co. of New York

  558. Schwarz v. Port Auth. Transit Corp

  559. Scotch Plains-Fanwood Bd. of Educ. v. Educ. Ass'n

  560. Sente v. Mayor of City of Clifton

  561. Shapiro v. Essex County Freeholders Bd

  562. Sharp v. Sharp

  563. Shorter v. Leach

  564. Shupack v. Manasquan River Reg'l Sewerage Auth

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  566. Siller v. Hartz Mountain Assocs

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  573. Smart SMR v. Fair Lawn Bd. of Adj

  574. Smith v. Young

  575. Sod Farm Associates v. Springfield Township Planning Board

  576. Sonderman v. Remington Const. Co., Inc

  577. Soronen v. Olde Milford Inn, Inc

  578. South v. North

  579. Spadoro v. Whitman

  580. Sparkman v. Atlantic City

  581. Spiewak v. Rutherford Bd. of Educ

  582. Spina Asphalt Paving Excavating Contractors, Inc. v. Borough of Fairview

  583. Sprowl v. Kitselman

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  592. State Highway Comm'r v. Buck

  593. State Highway Comm'r v. Davis

  594. State in Interest of A.R

  595. State in Interest of J.B., Jr

  596. State in Interest of J.G

  597. State in the Interest of C.B

  598. State in the Interest of H.B

  599. State in the Interest of M.T.S

  600. State in the Interest of S.M

  601. State in the Interest of V.M

  602. State v. Ainis

  603. State v. Allen

  604. State v. Alvarez

  605. State v. Anderson

  606. State v. Baker

  607. State v. Ballard

  608. State v. Bankston

  609. State v. Bellucci

  610. State v. Bolte

  611. State v. Botti

  612. State v. Bottigliero

  613. State v. Bragg

  614. State v. Brimage

  615. State v. Burford

  616. State v. Burris

  617. State v. Butler

  618. State v. Candelaria

  619. State v. Carty

  620. State v. Childs

  621. State v. Christener

  622. State v. Cofield

  623. State v. Concepcion

  624. State v. Cook

  625. State v. Cooke

  626. State v. Crawley

  627. State v. Cromedy

  628. State v. De Lorenzo

  629. State v. Des Marets

  630. State v. Dickey

  631. State v. Dillihay

  632. State v. Dunbar

  633. State v. Dyal

  634. State v. Ebron

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  636. State v. Farmer

  637. State v. Finklea

  638. State v. Garthe

  639. State v. Gomez

  640. State v. Gonzalez

  641. State v. Grawe

  642. State v. Green

  643. State v. Harris

  644. State v. Harrison

  645. State v. Harvey

  646. State v. Hauser

  647. State v. Heisler

  648. State v. Hightower

  649. State v. Hogan

  650. State v. Hudes

  651. State v. Hunt

  652. State v. Hyers

  653. State v. Interest of M.N

  654. State v. J & J Painting

  655. State v. Jarbath

  656. State v. Jiminez

  657. State v. Johnson

  658. State v. Jones

  659. State v. Kennedy

  660. State v. Kiejdan

  661. State v. Knight

  662. State v. Koedatich

  663. State v. Larry

  664. State v. Loyal

  665. State v. Macuk

  666. State v. Maldonado

  667. State v. Malik

  668. State v. Malloy

  669. State v. Manning

  670. State v. McNamara

  671. State v. Miller

  672. State v. Milton

  673. State v. Moskal

  674. State v. Mosley

  675. State v. Muniz

  676. State v. Musto

  677. State v. Nelson

  678. State v. Norman

  679. State v. Oberlton

  680. State v. Oliver

  681. State v. Ospina

  682. State v. Otero

  683. State v. Palacio

  684. State v. Patino

  685. State v. Phelps

  686. State v. Pierce

  687. State v. Ramseur

  688. State v. Rechtschaffer

  689. State v. Riley

  690. State v. Robinson

  691. State v. Ross

  692. State v. Sanchez

  693. State v. Savage

  694. State v. Scherzer

  695. State v. Seven Thousand Dollars

  696. State v. Sexton

  697. State v. Sharpless

  698. State v. Shaw

  699. State v. Shipp

  700. State v. Sorge

  701. State v. Soto

  702. State v. Stanton

  703. State v. Szemple

  704. State v. Tavares

  705. State v. Thomas

  706. State v. Toro

  707. State v. Tucker

  708. State v. Valentine

  709. State v. Velez

  710. State v. Vonderfecht

  711. State v. Wallace

  712. State v. Weller

  713. State v. White

  714. State v. Whyte

  715. State v. Williams

  716. State v. Williamson

  717. State v. Womack

  718. State v. Woomer

  719. State v. Wyman

  720. State v. Zapata

  721. State v. Zarrilli

  722. Steele v. Kerrigan

  723. Stegmeier v. St. Elizabeth Hosp

  724. Stern v. Mayor and Alderman of Jersey City

  725. Stewart v. Dexter

  726. Stone v. Old Bridge Tp

  727. Storch v. Sauerhoff

  728. Straley v. United States

  729. Strumph v. Schering Corp

  730. Sun Dial Corp. v. Rideout

  731. Switz v. Middletown Tp

  732. Taylor v. DeLosso

  733. Taylor v. Metzger

  734. Tedards v. Auty

  735. Terrace Condominium Association v. Midlantic National Bank

  736. Tevis v Tevis

  737. Texas Eastern Transmission Corp v East Amwell Twp

  738. The Thomas Group, Inc. v. Wharton Senior Citizen Housing, Inc

  739. Thomas v. Carlton Hosiery Mills

  740. Thomas v. Teaneck Bd. of Educ

  741. Thompson v. Family Godfather, Inc

  742. Tice v. Cramer

  743. Toll Bros., Inc. v. Township of West Windsor

  744. Tonelli v. Khanna

  745. Tooker v. Hartford Accident and Indem. Co

  746. Topham-Rapanotti v. Gulli

  747. Torres v. Jersey City Medical Center

  748. Town of Secaucus v. Hudson County Bd. Of Taxation

  749. Tretina Printing, Inc. v. Fitzpatrick & Assoc., Inc

  750. Tri-State Metro Naturists v. Lower Tp

  751. Triffin v. Bridge View Bank

  752. Tyson v. CIGNA Corp

  753. UTI Corp. v. Fireman's Fund Ins. Co

  754. Unifoil Corp. v. CNA Ins. Co

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  756. United Ser. Auto. Ass'n. v. Turck

  757. Velasquez v. Franz

  758. Venetsanos v. Zucker, Facher & Zucker

  759. Villari v. Zoning Board of Adjustment

  760. Vision Mortgage Corp., Inc. v. Patricia J. Chiapperini

  761. Voges v. Borough of Tinton Falls

  762. Voit v. Voit

  763. Vreeland v. Byrne

  764. Wagner v. Borough of Lodi

  765. Walker v. Rose

  766. Washington v. Mkt. Transition Facility

  767. Werner Indus., Inc. v. First State Ins. Co

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  769. Westinghouse Elec. Corp. v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co

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  771. Wilkins v. Hudson County Jail

  772. Williams v. Civil Serv. Comm'n

  773. Willow Brook Recreation Ctr., Inc. v. Selle

  774. Wilshire Oil Co. v. Jefferson Township

  775. Wilson v. Board of Tr. of Police and Firemen's Ret. Sys

  776. Wohlegmuth v. 560 Ocean Club

  777. Wollerman v. Grand Union Stores

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  788. Zamel v. Port of New York Authority

  789. Zelma v. Total Remodeling, Inc

  790. Zirger v. General Acc. Ins. Co

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