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  1. Gbl 349 Statute Of Limitations

  2. Gang Legal Definition In New York

  3. Waiver Of Sovereign Immunity Cases

  4. Car Rental Agencies Excess Clauses

  5. Occupancy Agreement Law In New York

  6. Waiver Of Sovereign Immunity Labor Law

  7. Collateral Source Reduction In New York

  8. Molineux Hearing And Ventimiglia Hearing

  9. New York General Business Law 349 And 350

  10. What Is The Legal Definition Of Nuisance ?

  11. State's Waiver Of Immunity - Act Section 27

  12. New York State Waiver Of Sovereign Immunity

  13. Motions To Dismiss Example Cases In New York

  14. School Therapies - Collateral Source Reduction

  15. Insurer's Agent Failure To Obey The Regulation

  16. Design Or Manufacturing Defect Law In New York

  17. Cause Of Action Accrued At The Time Of Birth Case

  18. Property Maintenance Injuries Tort Liability Cases

  19. Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Federal Law

  20. Services Provided In Schools Used To Reduce Jury's Award

  21. Is Police Officers Authorized To Administer Oaths To Others ?

  22. 119-121 East 97th Street Corp. v. New York City Commission on Human Rights

  23. 1325 Parkway Estates, LLC v. Weathers, N.Y. Law Journal

  24. 245 Realty Asso. v. Sussis

  25. 2540 Associates Inc. v. Assicurazioni Generali

  26. 25 E. 83 Corp. v. 83rd St. Assocs

  27. 320 Equities v. Blount

  28. 40 W. 67th St. v. Pullman

  29. 4947 Assoc. v. New York State Div. of Hous. & Community Renewal

  30. 54-55 St. Co. v. Torres

  31. 665-75 Eleventh Ave. Realty Corp. v. Schlanger

  32. 67 8th Ave. Assocs. v. Hochstadt

  33. A.B. Med. Servs. PLLC v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co

  34. ATM Four v. Ramos

  35. ATM One, LLC v. Landaverde

  36. A & S Medical, P.C. v. Allstate Insurance Co

  37. Abiele Contracting, Inc. v. New York City School Construction Authority

  38. Ace Wire & Cable Co. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co

  39. Ackerman v. Price Waterhouse

  40. Acme Folding Box Co. Inc. v. Finance Admin

  41. Adamar of N. J. v. Chase Lincoln First Bank

  42. Adams v. Adams

  43. Adimey v. Erie County Industrial Development Agency

  44. Agate v. Lowenbein

  45. Aijaz v. Hillside Place, LLC

  46. Air Land Forwarders v. United States

  47. Akey v. Town of Plattsburgh

  48. Ali v. Olisa

  49. Alicea v. Bencivenga

  50. Alison D. v. Virginia M

  51. Allstate Ins. Co. v. Zuk

  52. Alouette Fashions v. Consolidated Edison Co

  53. Alpert v. Shea Gould Climenko & Casey

  54. Alston v. Moreau

  55. Alvarino v. Wing

  56. American Metal Finishers v. Palleschi

  57. American Mfrs. Mut. Ins. Co. v. Morgan

  58. American Std. v. New York City Tr. Auth

  59. Anchor Lbr. Corp. v. Manufacturers' Trust Co

  60. Anderson v. 50 E. 72nd St. Condominium

  61. Anderson v. New York Tel. Co

  62. Anderson v. Seigel

  63. Andon v. 302-304 Mott St. Assocs

  64. Andrialis v. Snyder

  65. Angelone v. City of Rochester

  66. Anjo Restaurant Corp. v. Sunrise Hotel Corp

  67. Anker v. Brodnitz

  68. Anonymous v. Anonymous

  69. Anonymous v. Anonymous (1944)

  70. Aponte v. Santiago

  71. Application of Ayliffe

  72. Arachy v. State of New York

  73. Aranzullo v. Seidell

  74. Arbour v. Commercial Life Ins. Co

  75. Arcara v. Cloud Books. Inc

  76. Arrington v. Liz Claiborne, Inc

  77. Arteaga v. State of New York

  78. Atlantic Bank v. Carnegie Hall Corp

  79. Atlantis Med. v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co

  80. Austrian, Lance & Stewart v. Hastings Props

  81. Auten v. Auten

  82. Ayres v. Dunhill Interiors

  83. Ayres v. Dunhill Interiors, Ltd

  84. BLF Realty Holding Corp. v. Kasher

  85. BLF Realty Holding Corp. v. Steven Kasher

  86. B.T. Productions, Inc. v. Barr

  87. Babbitt v. Maraia

  88. Baja Realty v. Karoussos

  89. Bakery Salvage Corp. v. City of Buffalo

  90. Banco DiRoma v. Merchants Bank of N.Y

  91. Baraby v. Baraby

  92. Barbieri v. Mount Sinai Hosp

  93. Barbieri v. Mount Sinai Hospital

  94. Bargy v. Sienkiewicz

  95. Barnes v. City of New York

  96. Bast v. Rossoff

  97. Battalla v. State of New York

  98. Beano v. Post (Sup Ct, Queens County

  99. Becker v. Schwartz

  100. Beljean v. Maiuzzo

  101. Benabi Realty Mgt. Co. v. Van Doorne

  102. Bender v. New York City Health and Hospitals Corp

  103. Bender v. Underwood

  104. Bennett v. City of New York

  105. Bennett v. Jeffreys

  106. Beresford v. Waheed

  107. Berholtz v. Georgiou

  108. Berkeley Assocs. Co. v. Camlakides

  109. Bernardo v. Levitt

  110. Bilodeau v. Bilodeau

  111. Binh v. Bagland USA, Inc

  112. Bishop v. Mount Sinai Med. Ctr

  113. Bistany v. Bistany

  114. Blackstone v. Hayward

  115. Blake v. Biscardi

  116. Blake v. Neighborhood Hous. Servs. of N.Y. City, Inc

  117. Blum's, Inc. v. Ferro Union Corp

  118. Board of Educ. of Hudson City School District v. Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw & Folley

  119. Board of Education v. Sobol

  120. Bogdan v. Peekskill Community Hosp

  121. Bondi v. Bambrick

  122. Bongiovanni v. Staten Is. Medical Group

  123. Bonner v. Lee

  124. Bono v. Cucinella

  125. Bonventre v. Max

  126. Boothe v. Lawrence Hosp

  127. Borden v. State of New York

  128. Boreali v. Axelrod

  129. Borisenok v. Hug

  130. Bottalico v. State of New York

  131. Bovsun v. Sanperi

  132. Bowne v. AmBase Corp

  133. Brackett v. Barney

  134. Brady v. City of New York

  135. Bragg v. Genesee County Agric. Socy

  136. Braham v. Braham

  137. Braschi v. Stahl

  138. Bravo v. Pav-Lak Contracting, Inc., Sup Ct, Nassau Co

  139. Brickerhoff v. DHCR

  140. Bridge v. Oasis Inc

  141. Briggs v. Briggs

  142. Brill v. City of New York

  143. British West Indies Guaranty Trust Co., Ltd. V. Banque Internationale A Luxembourg

  144. Broadwhite Assoc. v. Truong

  145. Brooks v. Angelo's Cleaners

  146. Brower v. Gateway 2000, Inc

  147. Brown v. Appelman

  148. Brown v. Murphy

  149. Brown v. New York City Health & Hosps. Corp

  150. Brown v. New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

  151. Browne v. International Bhd. of Teamsters

  152. Brownell v. Feingold

  153. Bruenn v. Cole

  154. Brusco v. Braun

  155. Brusco v. Miller

  156. Buchanan v. Buchanan

  157. Bucon, Inc. v. Pennsylvania Mfg. Assn. Ins. Co

  158. Budgar v. State of New York

  159. Buerger v. Town of Grafton

  160. Bukhatetsky v. Vysotski

  161. Bunge Corp. v. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co

  162. Bunkoff General Contractors, Inc. v. State Automobile Mutual Ins. Co

  163. Burgess v. Cappola

  164. Burgos v. Aqueduct Realty Corp

  165. Burgos v. Aqueduct Realty Corp. et. al

  166. Burr v. Emmett

  167. Busler v. Corbett

  168. Butler University v. Danner

  169. C.S.A. Contr. Corp. v. Stancik

  170. Caceci v. DiCanio Construction Corp

  171. Campaign For Fiscal Equity v. State of New York

  172. Cancemi v. People

  173. Canigiani v. Deptula

  174. Cannistra v. O'Connor, McGuinness, Conte, Doyle, Oleson & Collins

  175. Carbo Indus. v. Becker Chevrolet

  176. Carboline Company v. Gold

  177. Carnegie Management Co., Oppenheimer

  178. Carrick v. Central Gen. Hosp

  179. Carrier v. Salvation Army

  180. Carter v. Metro North Associates

  181. Case v. Fargnoli

  182. Casey v. Bazan

  183. Cassidy v. Municipal Civil Service Commission of the City of New Rochelle

  184. Castro v. United Container Machinery Group. Inc

  185. Central Gen. Hosp. v. Chubb Group

  186. Central Gen. Hosp. v. Chubb Group of Ins. Cos

  187. Central General Hospital v. Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

  188. Central Park S. Assocs. v. Haynes

  189. Chainani v. Board of Educ. of City of N.Y

  190. Chapman v. State of New York

  191. Charlebois v. Weller Assocs

  192. Chase Scientific Research v. NIA Group

  193. Chattergoon v. New York City Housing Authority

  194. Chlystun v. Frenmer Transp. Corp

  195. Choi v. DMV

  196. Christian v. Christian

  197. Church E. Gates & Co., Inc. v. Empire City Racing Ass'n

  198. Citibank, N.A. v. McGarvey

  199. City of Buffalo v. A.F.S.C.M.E. Council 35, Local 264

  200. City of Buffalo v. Clement Co

  201. City of New York v. Andrews

  202. City of New York v. Falcone

  203. Clarke v. Order of the Sisters of St. Dominic

  204. Classic Properties, L.P. v. Martinez

  205. Classic Properties L.P. v. Martinez

  206. Cliff v. R.R.S., Inc

  207. Clum v. Seksinsky

  208. Coffman v. National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa

  209. Cohen v. Cabrini Med. Ctr

  210. Coleman v. City of New York

  211. Coleman v. Southwick

  212. Colezetti v. Pircio

  213. Collegetown of Ithaca v. Freidman

  214. Collier v. Zambito

  215. Collins v. New York City Health & Hosp. Corp

  216. Commerce & Industry Ins. Co. v. North Shore Towers Management, Inc

  217. Commissioner of Transp. v. V.A.S.T Resources

  218. Commonwealth v. Robinson

  219. Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar v. County of Sullivan

  220. Conklin v. State of New York

  221. Connolly v. Pastore

  222. Considine v. Rawl

  223. Consolidated Edison Co. of N.Y. v. City of New Rochelle

  224. Consolidated Edison Co. v. Hartford Ins. Co

  225. Conti v. Citrin

  226. Continental Bank & Trust Co. v. Chemical Bank & Trust Co

  227. Cooley v. Carter-Wallace, Inc

  228. Corcoran Marble Co. v. Clark Constr. Corp

  229. Coronet Properties Co. v. Jennie & Co. Film Productions, Inc

  230. Cortes v. Edoo

  231. Coutant v. Town of Poughkeepsie

  232. Cove v. Rosenblatt

  233. Crabtree v. Elizabeth Arden Sales Corp

  234. Crawford v. Marcello

  235. Crimmins v. Handler & Co

  236. Crosland v. New York City Tr. Auth

  237. Crosland v. New York City Transit Authority

  238. Crossland Savings, FSB v. Loguidice-Chatwal Real Estate Investment Co

  239. Crossman v. Crossman

  240. Cruickshank v. Dukes

  241. Cubito v. Kreisberg

  242. Cunningham v. Frucher

  243. Curley v. Dilworth

  244. Curley v. Gateway Communications, Inc

  245. Curran v. City of New York

  246. Cut-Outs, Inc. v. Man Yun Real Estate Corp

  247. DBL Realty Corp. v. Zavala

  248. DJL Rest. Corp. v. City of New York

  249. Dahmen v. Gregory

  250. Dalrymple v. Martin Luther King Community Health Ctr

  251. Dana v. Oak Park Mar

  252. Daniels v. Empire-Orr, Inc

  253. Darcy v. Presbyterian Hosp

  254. Das/N.Y. Med. Rehab v. Allstate Ins. Co

  255. Davidson 1992 Assoc. v. Corbett

  256. DeFina v. Scott

  257. DeGregorio v. Niagara Falls City School Dist

  258. DeJesus v. DeJesus

  259. DeLarco v. DeWitt

  260. DeLong v. State St. Assocs

  261. DeLuca v. DeLuca

  262. DeNicola v. Scarpelli

  263. DePasquale v. Morbark Industries. Inc

  264. De Cicco v. Methodist Hosp

  265. De Falco v. Long Is. Coll. Hosp

  266. Deborah S. v. Diorio

  267. Delaney v. Misericordia Hosp

  268. Department of Hous. Preservation & Dev. v. Ieraci

  269. Desideri v. D.M.F.R. Group (USA) Co

  270. DiDomenico v. C & S Aeromatik Supplies

  271. DiLorenzo v. America Online, Inc

  272. DiSanto v. DiSanto

  273. Diament v. Isaacs

  274. Dillenberger v. 74 Fifth Avenue Owners Corporation

  275. Dipple v. Devine

  276. Djurkovic v. Goodfellows, Inc

  277. Doe v. Westfall Health Care Center, Inc

  278. Domen Holding Co. v. Aranovich

  279. Domermuth Petroleum Equip. & Maintenance Corp. v. Herzog & Hopkins

  280. Dominguez v. Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority

  281. Dominick Dan Alonzo, Inc. v. State of New York

  282. Donatiello v. City of New York

  283. Donlon v. City of New York

  284. Dorsey v. City of Poughkeepsie

  285. Dreher v. Smith

  286. Drucker v. Progressive Enters

  287. Duane Reade, Inc. v. Local 338 of Retail, Wholesale & Dept. Store Union, UFCW, AFL-CIO

  288. Duclos v. County of Monroe

  289. Duffy v. County of Chautauqua

  290. Duffy v. Horton Mem. Hosp

  291. Dugan v. Clinton

  292. Duran v. NYCH&HC

  293. Dutton v. Charles Pankow Builders

  294. Dworman v. DHCR

  295. E. 7th St. Dev. Corp. v. Miller

  296. East 10th Street v. Estate of Goldstein

  297. Edgemont Corp. v. Audet

  298. Egan v. DeBuono

  299. Eiseman v. State of New York

  300. Elkus v. Elkus

  301. Erdreich v. Zimmermann

  302. Erosa v. Mendoza

  303. Estate of Konstantatos v. County of Suffolk

  304. Estate of O'Brien

  305. Etuk v. Etuk

  306. Evergreen Cemetery v. Jurgensen

  307. Excelsior 57th Corp. v. Kern

  308. F & P Mgt. Co. v. Bergere

  309. Farber v. Farber

  310. Farca v. Farca

  311. Feathers v. McLucas

  312. Federal Natl. Mtge. Assn. v. Levine-Rodriguez

  313. Feliciano v. Kia

  314. Ferguson v. Green Is. Contr. Corp

  315. Finamore v. Huntington Cardiac Rehabilitation Association

  316. Fine v. Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc

  317. Finocchio v. Crest Hollow Club

  318. Fiore v. State Farm Fire & Cas. Co

  319. First Bank of Ams. v. Motor Car Funding

  320. Firstar Equip, Finance v. Jonathan Travel & Tours. Inc

  321. Fischer v. Maloney

  322. Fitzgerald v. Lyons

  323. Fitzpatrick v. Bank of New York

  324. Fitzpatrick v. Chase Manhattan Bank

  325. Fleming v. Flanagan

  326. Fleming v. Long Is. R. R

  327. Flushing Hosp. & Med. Ctr. v. Woytisek

  328. Flushing Natl. Bank v. Brightside Mfg

  329. Foley v. Phelps

  330. Fontanez v. New York City Housing Authority

  331. Fordham Med. Pain & Treatment. P.C. v. State Farm

  332. Forgione v. Forgione

  333. Forni v. Ferguson

  334. Fosby v. Albany Mem. Hosp

  335. Fosby v. Albany Memorial Hospital

  336. Frank B. Hall & Co. v. Orient Overseas Assocs

  337. Fraylich v. Maimonides Hosp

  338. Frederick v. University Tower Associates

  339. Freni v. Eastbridge Assoc

  340. Fugnitto v. Fugnitto

  341. Fumarelli v. Marsam Development, Inc

  342. Gaddy v. Eyler

  343. Gaidon v. Guardian Life Ins. Co

  344. Galapo v. City of New York

  345. Galaz v. Sobel & Kraus, Inc

  346. Gallegos v. Elite Model Management Corporation

  347. Garcia v. Munnerlyn

  348. Garzo v. Maid of the Mist Steamboat Company

  349. Gaston v. New York City Housing Authority

  350. Gebo v. Black Clawson Company

  351. Gelbman v. Gelbman

  352. Gemma Constr. Co. v. City of New York

  353. General Motors Acceptance Corp. v. Waligora

  354. George v. Mt. Sinai Hosp

  355. Gerolemou v. Soliz

  356. Gewirtz v. City of Long Beach

  357. Glamm v. Allen

  358. Gleich v. Volpe

  359. Glenbriar Co. v. Nesbitt

  360. Glenbriar Company v. Nesbitt

  361. Goff v. Charlier

  362. Goff v. Clarke

  363. Gold Fields American Corporation v. Aetna Casualty and Surety Company

  364. Goldberg v. Camp Mikan-Recro

  365. Goldberg v. Plaza Nursing Home Comp

  366. Goldfinger v. Lisker

  367. Goldman Copeland Assoc. v. Goodstein Bros. & Co

  368. Goldman v. Porges

  369. Goldstein v. Moskowitz

  370. Goldstein v. Perez

  371. Golub v. Golub

  372. Gomez v. Gomez

  373. Gonzalez v. City of New York

  374. Gonzalez v. Mag Leasing Corp

  375. Gordon v. Town of Esopus

  376. Government Empls. Ins. Co. v. Chrysler Ins. Co

  377. Graham Ct. Owners Corp. v. Allen

  378. Graham v. Goord

  379. Graubard Mollen Horowits Pomeranz & Shapiro v. 600 Third Avenue Associates

  380. Gray v. Goodrich

  381. Green Point Savings Bank v. Fusco

  382. Green v. Montgomery

  383. Green v. Wron

  384. Greenfield v. Philles Records Inc

  385. Gregoire v. Putnam's Sons

  386. Grendi v. LNL Const. Management Corp

  387. Grieco v. Galasso

  388. Grivas v. Grivas

  389. Gross v. Empire State Bldg. Assoc

  390. Grossman v. Emergency Cesspool and Sewer Cleaners

  391. Gustin v. Association of Camps Farthest Out

  392. Gutelle v. City of New York

  393. Guzman v. Haven Plaza Housing Development Fund Co

  394. H.L Klion, Inc. v. Venimore Bldg. Corp

  395. H.R. Moch Co. v. Rensselaer Water Co

  396. Hackett v. Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

  397. Hafkin v. North Shore Univ. Hosp

  398. Hallock v. State of New York

  399. Hanover Ins. Co. v. Lama

  400. Hapletah v. Assessor of Town of Fallsburg

  401. Hardman v. Long Is. Urological Assocs

  402. Hartley v. Paul Props

  403. Harvey-Cook v. Neill

  404. Harvey v. Mazal American Partners

  405. Haynesworth v. City of New York

  406. Hazim v. Winter

  407. Headley v. Noto

  408. Heights Assoc. v. Bautista

  409. Hempstead General Hospital v. Liberty Mutual

  410. Henriques v. Boitano

  411. Hernandez v. New York City Tr. Auth

  412. Herwick v. Stiehl

  413. Hill v. Cartier

  414. Hill v. St. Clare's Hosp

  415. Hilliard v. Town of Greenburgh

  416. Hohman v. Rochester Swiss Laundry Co

  417. Hollow v. Hollow

  418. Holloway v. State of New York

  419. Holman v. City of New York

  420. Holodook v. Spencer

  421. Hoopes v. Carota

  422. Hornfeld v. Gaare

  423. Horowitz v. Safeco Insurance Company of America

  424. Hospital for Joint Diseases v. Allstate Insurance Co

  425. Houbigant, Inc. v. Deloitte & Touche LLP

  426. Hougie v. Hougie

  427. Houlihan/Lawrence, Inc. v. Duval

  428. Howard Converters v. French Art Mills

  429. Humbach v. Goldstein

  430. Huppe v. Twenty-First Century Rests

  431. Hurst v. Miske

  432. Iheme v. Simmons

  433. Immuno AG. v. Moor-Jankowski

  434. In Re Chase Natl. Bank

  435. In Re Paulsen Real Estate Corp. v. Grammick

  436. In The Matter of an Administrative Inspection of Property Under the Control of John Kun

  437. In re Benjamin L

  438. In re Empire Ins. Co. v. Allcity Ins. Co

  439. In re Folsom's Will

  440. In re. Karla V

  441. In re Robert S

  442. In re Saxon Indus., Inc

  443. In re Warhol

  444. In re Worcester Ins. Co. v. Bettenhauser

  445. In the Matter of Dipple v. Devine

  446. In the Matter of Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. v. Town of Moreais Assessor

  447. In the Matter of Sheehan v. Scaringe

  448. In the Matter of Tompkins County Support Collection Unit v. Chamberlin

  449. In the Matter of Yeshivath Shearith Hapletah v. Assessor of the Town of Fallsburg

  450. Indosuez Intl. Fin., B.V. v. Natl. Reserve Bank

  451. Ingraham v. Carroll

  452. Inventory Locator Service, Inc. v. Dunn

  453. Irato v. Irato

  454. Iselin & Co. v. Fireman's Fund Ins. Co

  455. Jack A. Corcoran Marble Co. Inc. v. Clark Construction Corp

  456. Jackson v. Kniffen

  457. Jackson v. Tivoli Towers Hous. Co

  458. Jacqueline S. v. City of New York

  459. Jakobleff v. Cerrato, Sweeney & Cohn

  460. Jancyn Mfg. Corp. v. Suffolk County

  461. Jasopersaud v. Rho

  462. Jasopersaud v. Tao

  463. Jasopersaud v. Tao Gyoun Rho

  464. Jewish Theological Seminary of Am. v. Roy

  465. Joblon v. Solow

  466. John Deere Co. of Baltimore v. Cerone Equipment Co

  467. John Street Leasehold, L.L.C. v. Brunjes

  468. Johnita M.D. v. David D.D

  469. Johnson v. Broomfield

  470. Johnson v. Johnson

  471. Johnson v. Marriott Mgt. Serv. Corp

  472. Johnson v. State

  473. Johnson v. State of New York

  474. Johnston v. Dahlgren

  475. Johnston v. National Railroad Passenger Corp

  476. Jones v. Beame

  477. Jones v. Fordham Hill Owners Corp

  478. Jones v. Gianferante

  479. Joosten v. Gale

  480. Kadoic v. 1154 First Ave. Tenants Corp

  481. Kahane v. Marriott Hotel Corp

  482. Kahn v. Pizarro

  483. Kalisch-Jarcho, Inc., v. City of New York

  484. Kanat v. Ochsner

  485. Kaplan v. City of New York

  486. Kaplan v. Kaplan

  487. Karlin v. H & L Maintenance

  488. Katz v. Allstate Insurance Company

  489. Kaufman v. Cohen

  490. Keena v. Trappen

  491. Keith v. Liberty Mutual Fire Ins. Co

  492. Kelleher v. Power Authority

  493. Kelly v. Seager

  494. Kelly v. State Ins. Fund

  495. Kemp v. Hinkson

  496. Kennedy v. Mossafa

  497. Kerins v. Prudential Property & Casualty

  498. Kern v. City of Rochester

  499. Keshecki v. St. Vincent's Med. Ctr

  500. Key International Manufacturing, Inc. v. Morse/Diesel, Inc

  501. Kharmah v. Metro. Chiropractic Ctr

  502. Kimberly S. M. v. Bradford Central School

  503. King Computer v. Beeper Plus

  504. King v. State Farm Mutual Automobile

  505. Kirkland v. New York City Housing Authority

  506. Kirschenbaum v. Gianelli

  507. Klat v. Klat

  508. Kleeman v. Rheingold

  509. Klein v. Opert

  510. Knafo v. Ching

  511. Knight v. State of New York

  512. Knightsbridge, LLC v. Soups & Breads

  513. Konviser v. State of New York

  514. Koppel v. 4987 Corp

  515. Koppel v. Hebrew Academy

  516. Kotlyarsky v. New York Post

  517. Kramer v. Hotel Los Monteros

  518. Krauskopf v. Perales

  519. Krinsky v. Title Guarantee and Trust Co

  520. Kronos, Inc. v. AVX Corporation

  521. Krukowski v. Steffensen

  522. Kubiszyn v. Terex Div. of Terex Corp

  523. Kuchman v. Olympia & York, USA, Inc

  524. Kukulka v. Millard Fillmore Suburban Hosp

  525. Kunica v. St. Jean Fin., Inc

  526. Kuppersmith v. Dowling

  527. Kyle v. City of New York

  528. LaBello v. Albany Med. Ctr. Hosp

  529. LaFontaine v. Albany Mgt

  530. LaMarca v. Pak-Mor Mfg. Co

  531. LaSalle National Bank v. Ernst & Young LLP

  532. LaTorre v. Genesee Mgt

  533. La Barre v. Mitchell

  534. La Porto v. Village of Philmont

  535. Lacks v. Lacks

  536. Lambs, Inc. v. Diven

  537. Landro v. D'Amond

  538. Landry v. Benjamin

  539. Lanni v. Smith

  540. Leader v. Maroney, Ponzini & Spencer

  541. Lee v. Gasoi

  542. Lee v. Wright

  543. Leek v. McGlone

  544. Lehman v. Board of Education

  545. Leinoff v. 208 W. 29th St. Assocs

  546. Lenchyshyn v. Pelko Elec

  547. Lenihan v. Blackwell

  548. Leone v. United Health Servs

  549. Levande v. Dines

  550. Levandusky v. One Fifth Ave. Apt. Corp

  551. Levin v. Yeshiva University

  552. Levine v. Segal

  553. Lexington & Fortieth Corp. v. Callaghan

  554. Libani v. Concorde & Cie

  555. Licitra v. Gateway, Inc

  556. Lieb v. Lieb

  557. Lightolier Co. v. Del Mar Club Holding Co

  558. Lio v. Gorbea

  559. Livbros LLC v. Vandenburgh

  560. Lo Guercio v. New York City Tr. Auth

  561. Locke v. State of New York

  562. Lockwood v. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp

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  1760. Tortious Interference Claims Against Corporate Officers In New York

  1761. Two Entities Operate as a Single Entity by Sharing Corporate Officers

  1762. Criminally Negligent Homicide Arising Out Of Car Accidents In New York

  1763. New York Public Entity Immunity From Liability For Governmental Actions

  1764. Case About CPL 180.80

  1765. NY CPLR 205(a) Interpretation

  1766. Case Involving NY CPLR 3212(A)

  1767. Possession Of Burglary Tools NY

  1768. Slip And Fall On A Stack Of Tiles

  1769. NY Case Involving Imitation Pistol

  1770. Vague Law Consequences In New York

  1771. Statement Of Readiness In New York

  1772. Scalding Coffee Lawsuit In New York

  1773. Witness Tampering In The Fourth Degree

  1774. DHCR Rent Reduction Order Example Case

  1775. Example of a New York CPLR 5240 Motion

  1776. Case Involving Robbery Of Poker Players

  1777. When Should A Law Firm Screen A Lawyer ?

  1778. Order Of Protection Not Signed By Judge

  1779. Example Cases About Family Privacy Rights

  1780. What Power Does A Matrimonial Refree Have ?

  1781. Exceeding Power By Enacting A Smoking Code

  1782. Lawsuit For Work Injury While Burning Steel

  1783. The Importance Of Stipulation Of Settlement

  1784. Does Handcuffing A Person Amount To Arrest ?

  1785. Tenant's Fair Market Rent Appeal In New York

  1786. What Is The Coroner's Authority In New York ?

  1787. Mexican Mail Order Divorce Cases In New York

  1788. Does Notice Provision Apply To Delay Damages ?

  1789. How To Recover Damages For Fraud In New York ?

  1790. Adopted Sibling Visitation Rights In New York

  1791. Cased Involving Injury Claims On Canal Waters

  1792. Notice Of An Underinsurance Claim In New York

  1793. Lawsuit For Leaving An Old Patient Unattended

  1794. Questioning A Parolee Without Miranda Warning

  1795. Sex Offenders Right To Appeal Their Risk Level

  1796. Demand Prior To Bringing An Action In New York

  1797. Suppressing Gun Tossed From The Car As Evidence

  1798. Presumption Of Intent To Use A Knife Unlawfully

  1799. What Happens If A Guarantor Of A Mortgage Dies ?

  1800. Are Police Simultaneous Lineups Constitutional ?

  1801. The Requirements Of Banking Law Section 625 (3)

  1802. Case Involving Cashing Stolen Checks In A Casino

  1803. Resubmitting Charges To A Grand Jury In New York

  1804. Withdrawing Money Of Late Former Husband From ATM

  1805. When Is A Child Considered Abandoned In New York ?

  1806. Extension Of Time To Make Re-Service On Defendant

  1807. Continuing Violation Doctrine In Defamation Cases

  1808. Cases About Depriving The Right To A Fair Hearing

  1809. Is Televising Of Trials Constitutionally Correct ?

  1810. Disobeying A Court Order Consequences In New York

  1811. Motion To Vacate A Small Claims Arbitrator's Award

  1812. Injury During Renovation Work On A Vacant Dwelling

  1813. Uncertain Damages For Breach Of A Leasing Contract

  1814. Not Biological Same-Sex Partners Visitation Rights

  1815. The New York Provision For Assistance To The Needy

  1816. CPL 190.50(5)(A) - Motion To Dismiss An Indictment

  1817. Proving The Crime Of Possessing A Knife In New York

  1818. Is It Legal To Strike A Juror Based On Facial Hair ?

  1819. When Can The Crime Of 'Gang Assault' Be Established ?

  1820. Demoted Police Captain's Claim Of Procedural Defects

  1821. Evidence To Prove Endangering The Welfare Of A Child

  1822. Compelling Disclosure Of Records By State Grand Jury

  1823. General Municipal Law Section 50-I Limitation Period

  1824. Cases Involving New York Election Law Section 16-102

  1825. Higher Degree Of Care In Making A U Turn Requirement

  1826. Posterior Cruciate Ligament Work Injury Compensation

  1827. Can Penal Law Be Used Against A Juvenile Delinquent ?

  1828. Naming A Third-Party Defendant As A Direct Defendant

  1829. Can A Judge Testify As A Witness On A Separate Trial ?

  1830. ADA Application To The Provision Of Medicaid Services

  1831. How To Decide If An Act Carries Public Ramifications ?

  1832. Case Involving CPL 30.30(1)(C) - Trial Within 60 Days

  1833. Lawsuit For Loss Of The Unborn Baby In A Car Accident

  1834. When Can A Person Plead 'Nondelegable Duty' Exemption ?

  1835. Workplace Fall Injuries In An Elevated Work Site Cases

  1836. Grant A Right After A Stable Was Conveyed To A Laundry

  1837. Is A Threat To ''Beat'' Somebody Constitutes Harassment ?

  1838. Appeal For Not Awarding Pain And Suffering In New York

  1839. Is A County Responsible For Lead Poisoning Of Infants ?

  1840. How Can A Non-Compete Agreement Be Reasonably Enforced ?

  1841. Legal Definition Of ''Religious Use'' For Zoning Purposes

  1842. Should Damages Be Calculated By A Mathematical Formula ?

  1843. When Can The Doctrine Of Collateral Estoppel Be Evoked ?

  1844. Motion For Unsealing Records For Use In A Criminal Case

  1845. Seaman's Contractual Entitlement To Maintenance And Cure

  1846. Do Minors And Adults Both Possess Constitutional Rights ?

  1847. Recovery Prior To Discovering Defects In The Merchandise

  1848. Does The Confidentiality Provision Apply To Pharmacists ?

  1849. Case Involving The General Obligations Law Section 9-103

  1850. Does The Constitution Prohibit The Televising Of Trials ?

  1851. Camera Interview A Child In A Custody Matter In New York

  1852. Imposing An Administrative Moratorium Of Finite Duration

  1853. Can You Cancel Travel Tickets After A Terrorist Attacks ?

  1854. Is The New York Hate Crimes Act Unconstitutionally Vague ?

  1855. Misaddressed Statement Of Readiness For Trial To A Lawyer

  1856. Work Injury Claim As The Result Of Using The Wrong Ladder

  1857. Partial Performance Of An Oral Modification To A Contract

  1858. Is Assignee Of A Contract Bound To An Arbitration Clause ?

  1859. Depriving Of A Liberty Interest In Pursuing An Occupation

  1860. Is Marriage Contract Valid Without Full And Free Consent ?

  1861. Does Every Juror Have To Enter A Trial With An Open Mind ?

  1862. Lawsuits Involving School Employees Negligence In New York

  1863. What Is The Protective Purpose Of The Franchise Sales Act ?

  1864. When Can A Trial Judge Discharge Jurors Who Fail To Appear ?

  1865. How Can The Element Of Direct Communication Be Established ?

  1866. Application For Resentencing After Sentence Had Already Run

  1867. Does Criminalization Of Speech Violate The First Amendment ?

  1868. Lease Cancellation By Written Notice Sent By Certified Mail

  1869. Cases Dealing With Accidental AIDS Transmission In New York

  1870. Criminal Solicitation In The Fifth Degree Cases In New York

  1871. Applications For Contempt Must Comply Strictly With The Law

  1872. Court Order To Close A Bookstore That Was A Public Nuisance

  1873. Legality Car Seizure Based On A Bulletin Received By Police

  1874. Can A Warrantless Search Before Lawful Arrest Be Justified ?

  1875. Can Unlicensed Contractor Work Not For A Tenant's Residence ?

  1876. A Person Sued New York After A Street Light Pole Fell On Him

  1877. Is Defense Of Justification Applicable To A Trespass Charge ?

  1878. Can A Jury Award Damage For Past And Future Medical Expenses ?

  1879. Is Expert Testimony Based On Independent Research Admissible ?

  1880. Is A Company Which Repairs The Tank Liable For Oil Discharge ?

  1881. Does The Defendant Have The Right To Testify Before The Jury ?

  1882. Is Creditor Entitled To The Full Proceeds Of A Joint Account ?

  1883. Rent Overcharge Extended For A Period In Excess Of Four Years

  1884. Is A Clinic Owner Liable For The Malpractice Of His Associate ?

  1885. Is A Telephone Company Liable For Recorded Defamatory Message ?

  1886. Case Involving Falling Of A Television From A Shelf In A Store

  1887. Discovering A Gun After An Illegal Police Car Stop In New York

  1888. How Does General Business Law 349 Intend To Protect Consumers ?

  1889. Modifying Sentence Because Treatment In A Prison In Impossible

  1890. Use Of Immunized Grand Jury Testimony For Impeachment Purposes

  1891. Motion To Consolidate Injury Cases Caused By Hair Implantation

  1892. Action Venue Even Though After Buying A House In Another County

  1893. Invalid Marriage Because A Religious Ceremony Was Not Performed

  1894. Is An Article For Educational Purpose A Commercial Publication ?

  1895. Is Fee Owner Liable For Work Injury During Building Demolition ?

  1896. Can The Waiver Of Beneficiary Status Of An Ex-Spouse Be Waived ?

  1897. Is An Individual's I.Q. A Private And Extremely Personal Matter ?

  1898. Is A Parent's Negligent Failure To Supervise A Child Actionable ?

  1899. Fraud Claim Dismissed As Duplicative Of Breach Of Contract Claim

  1900. Is Blocking Parked Vehicle With Police Car Considered A Seizure ?

  1901. Case About Illegally Entering A Car And Remaining Briefly Inside

  1902. Lawsuit For Falling Because Of A Dizzy Spell In A Doctor's Office

  1903. Cases About School's Responsibility For Child's Safety In New York

  1904. Did Concern For Public Safety Justify Not Reading Miranda Rights ?

  1905. Obtaining Prior Criminal Records In Violation Of Right To Counsel

  1906. Absence Of Certification Of Grand Jury Transcript By Stenographer

  1907. Statute Of Limitations Of A Hybrid Claim For Unlawful Termination

  1908. Filing Notice Of Intent To Seek The Death Penalty Within 120 Days

  1909. Class Action Certification Of Underpaid Store Workers In New York

  1910. Negligent Inspection Of Vacant Apartment To Determine If It's Safe

  1911. How Much To Ask For Pain And Suffering (Car Accident) In New York ?

  1912. Can Potential Tort Actions Become A Part Of The Bankruptcy Estate ?

  1913. Class Action On Deducting Mental Patients Social Security Benefits

  1914. Granting An Abatement To A Proprietary Leaseholder Of An Apartment

  1915. When Can A Transferred Action Be Returned To The County Of Origin ?

  1916. Jury Instructions About The Credibility Of Defense Alibi Witnesses

  1917. May Employee Sue His Employer In His Capacity As A Property Owner ?

  1918. Property Owners Are In A Financial Disadvantage With The Developer

  1919. Lawsuit For Alleged Deliberate Change Of Criminal Trial Transcript

  1920. Does Delay In Arraignment Render Defendant's Statement Involuntary ?

  1921. Is New York's Statutory Scheme To Terminate Parental Rights Flawed ?

  1922. Engaging Discovery Proceedings After A Case Was Marked Off-Calendar

  1923. Are The Rights Of Prisoners Limited Because Of Their Incarceration ?

  1924. Is It Legal To Access Personal Email Accounts Of A Former Employee ?

  1925. Case Involving Failure To Remove A Snowbank Adjacent To A Guiderail

  1926. The No Dismissal Provision In Real Property Tax Law Section 712 (1)

  1927. In What Circumstances Can Arbitration Award Be Vacated In New York ?

  1928. Failure To Warn That A Drug May Cause Severe Intoxication And Death

  1929. Whom Does The Federal Rules Of Evidence Allow To Prepare Documents ?

  1930. Filing A Superceding Complaint To Find Out Children's Dates Of Birth

  1931. Is The Possibility Of A Criminal Act Foreseeable As A Matter Of Law ?

  1932. Extraordinary Circumstances Example For Deprivation Of Child Custody

  1933. Attempted Unauthorized Practice Of The Profession Of Massage Charges

  1934. Conviction Reversal for Not Using Shoulder Harness Safety Belt in NY

  1935. Is Religious Use Related To Public Health Safety Welfare And Morals ?

  1936. Does A Pharmacist Have A Duty Of Confidentiality Towards His Client ?

  1937. Consequences Employment Contract Stating Guaranteed Recoverable Draw

  1938. Does The Principle Of Equitable Estoppel Allow Nonparent Visitation ?

  1939. Are The Conditions Set Forth On The Reverse Of A Receipt Enforceable ?

  1940. Compensation Amount For Failure To Diagnose Cancer Which Metastasized

  1941. Does Interest Begin To Accrue From The Date Liability Is Established ?

  1942. Tax Exemption For Land Used For Religious And Educational Instruction

  1943. Nephews Right To Succeed An Apartment In Which He Lived With His Aunt

  1944. Request To Reopen A Case To Permit Another Defense Witness To Testify

  1945. Lawsuit Against Husband For Not Disclosing That He Had Genital Herpes

  1946. Lawyer's Failure To Make A Timely Objection To A Unit Of Time Argument

  1947. The General Business Law Can't Regulate ''Not Purely'' Commercial Speech

  1948. Striking Of A Cross Claim Based Upon Employer's Spoliation Of Evidence

  1949. Is There A Mechanism For Seeking Deferral By Incarcerated Individuals ?

  1950. Lawsuit For Breach Of An Oral Agreement To Pay Former Employee A Bonus

  1951. What Is The Single Publication Rule And What Is The Purpose Behind It ?

  1952. What Constitutes An Act Of Negligence On The Part Of The Municipality ?

  1953. The Extent Of The Planning Board Review Powers In Reviewing Site Plans

  1954. Is A Shareholder An Employee For Purposes Of Anti-Discrimination Laws ?

  1955. A Statute Must Provide Sufficient Notice Of What Conduct Is Prohibited

  1956. Can A Landlord Challenge The Transfer Of Assets Of A Defaulting Tenant ?

  1957. Does Alcohol Dependency Qualify As A Disability Under Human Rights Law ?

  1958. In A Bribery Charge Is Accomplice Testimony Required To Be Corroborated

  1959. Can ''Petty Slaps And Shoves'' Constitute An Assault In The Third Degree ?

  1960. When Is The Three-Part Test Of The Res Ipsa Loquitur Theory Applicable ?

  1961. Claim Not Within Coverage Clause Because Of A Specific Policy Exclusion

  1962. What Is The Difference Between The Provisions Of CPLR 203 And CPLR 205 ?

  1963. Mortgagee's Priority Over The Defendant Occupant's Claim To The Property

  1964. Can An Insurer Be Precluded From Asserting A 'Medically Excessive' Claim ?

  1965. Statement About Arresting Police Officers Ability To Recognize Marijuana

  1966. Labor Law Section 240(1) - Protection For Workers At Elevated Work Sites

  1967. Is Field Testing Of Drugs Sufficient To Establish Drug Possession Crime ?

  1968. Conviction Of Unrelated Crime After Arrest For Open Bottle Law Violation

  1969. What Is An 'Interlocking' Confessions Exception And Why Was It Overruled ?

  1970. Who All Are Considered To Be Family Members Of A Rent Controlled Tenant ?

  1971. Does The Burden Of Proving The Truth Of An Alibi Lie With The Defendant ?

  1972. Statute Of Limitations For Lawsuit Against The New York Transit Authority

  1973. Are All Attorneys In A Firm Disqualified If One Attorney Is Disqualified ?

  1974. Can A Claim Of Discrimination Be Based On Sexual Orientation Of A Person ?

  1975. Violent Felony Offense Committed After Arraignment While Released On Bail

  1976. Fractured Right Ankle And Foot - Car Accident Injury Compensation Amounts

  1977. Is Recovery Of Rent From The Occupant Of An Illegal Apartment Prohibited ?

  1978. Is MtDNA Process Generally Acceptable In Applicable Scientific Community ?

  1979. What Happens When Two Intertwined Constitutional Rights Cross Each Other ?

  1980. When Can A Person Be Charged For Obstructing Governmental Administration ?

  1981. The Express Preemption Provision Does Not Preempt Common-Law Tort Actions

  1982. Unwed Fathers' Rights To Their Out-Of-Wedlock Child In Adoption Proceeding

  1983. Can Landlord Waive His Right To Reject Tenant's Option To Renew The Lease ?

  1984. Claims Of Breach Of Contract And Consumer Fraud Were Found To Be Preempted

  1985. Is An Answer That Is Literally True But Not Responsive Considered Perjury ?

  1986. Can A Court Be Expected To Find Out Reasons For Delay Due To Adjournments ?

  1987. Can Criminal Defendant Concede The Requirement Of Admission Corroboration ?

  1988. Does The Defendant Have The Right To Know The People's Readiness For Trial ?

  1989. Spousal Relationship Required For Exemption From Owner-Occupancy Proceeding

  1990. Difference Between 'operate' And 'Drive' According To Vehicle And Traffic Law

  1991. Should A Relationship Be Determined In Totality And Not By A Single Factor ?

  1992. Succession Rights Of Younger Man Who Lived With An Unrelated Elderly Tenant

  1993. What Are The Conditions To Be Fulfilled For Underinsured Motorist Coverage ?

  1994. Death After Signing Prenuptial Agreement Waiver Of Spousal Pension Benefits

  1995. Is A Permit Required By A Governmental Unit Indulging In Public Enterprise ?

  1996. Can A Defendant's Previous Indictments Be Consolidated For An Ongoing Trial ?

  1997. Does A Prosecutorial Failure Have A Direct Bearing On The State's Readiness ?

  1998. Contract Requirement For Only Licensed Engineers To Perform Design Functions

  1999. Attorney-Client Communication Saved To Company-Owned Computer By An Employee

  2000. Agreeing To Engage In Sexual Conduct With An Undercover Police Officer Cases

  2001. Can Court Appoint Guardian To Provide Insurance Coverage To An Unborn Child ?

  2002. Firing School Employees For Jeopardizing The Safety Of School Children Cases

  2003. Are A Victim's Statements Just After The Crime Considered Excited Utterances ?

  2004. Is Cross-Examination Of Investigators' Methods Of Victim Questioning Allowed ?

  2005. Does Refusal To Comply With Police Directions Constitutes Disorderly Conduct ?

  2006. Do Gay Life Partners Get Remedial Protections Of The Rent Stabilization Code ?

  2007. How Does A Defendant Become Eligible Under The Sex Offender Registration Act ?

  2008. Worker's Injury Claim After Disregarding Instructions To Wear Safety Equipment

  2009. Not Allowing Cumulative (Or Repetitive Testimony) In Medical Malpractice Cases

  2010. Work Injury Because a Ladder Was Too Short - NY Section 240(1) Labor Law Claim

  2011. What Are The Purposes Of The No-Fault Statute And Vicarious Liability Statute ?

  2012. Is There A Requirement Of Finding The Legislative Purpose Behind An Enactment ?

  2013. Is An Absolute Ban On Audio-Visual Coverage In The Courtroom Unconstitutional ?

  2014. Is A Plaintiff Entitled To Damages Under Labor Law If His Claim Is Successful ?

  2015. Is It Unreasonable To Require An Insurer To Disclaim On Grounds Of Late Notice ?

  2016. Bank Not Asking For Identification From A Man Who Deposited Checks Example Case

  2017. Is Vulgar Derisive And Provocative Language Constitutionally Proctected Speech ?

  2018. Court Of Claim Action Not Required If The Claim For Money Damages Is Incidental

  2019. Can Biological Father Cancel Adoption If He Didn't Know About The Child's Birth ?

  2020. Transferring Declaratory Judgment Action From Supreme Court To Surrogate's Court

  2021. Workers' Compensation When Defendant And Third-Party Are Separate Legal Entities

  2022. Is Use Of Car Lap Belt Alone Without Also Connecting The Shoulder Harness Legal ?

  2023. Can Legal Action Be Taken For Nonpayment Of Rent Of A Dwelling Which Is Illegal ?

  2024. Renewal Notice Not Delivered Accordance With The Methods Prescribed In The Lease

  2025. Failure Of An Undercover Cop To Emerge On Time ''Activated' The Emergency Doctrine

  2026. Are Mere Words Uttered In Anger And Annoyance Enough To Be Considered Harassment ?

  2027. How Does The Court Evaluate Advertisements As Commercial Or Noncommercial Speech ?

  2028. Can Managing Partner Charge The Partnership For Work Performed By His Girlfriend ?

  2029. A Person May Take A Calculated Risk Without Expecting That An Accident Will Occur

  2030. Trustee Must Act With Loyalty To The Trust's Beneficiaries In The Event Of Default

  2031. Can A Subcontractor Without Home Improvement License Sue A Contractor For Payment ?

  2032. What Is The Constitutional Concept And Meaning Of The Term 'Sound Basic Education' ?

  2033. Is SORA A Remedial Law Meant For Safety Of Public From Dangerous Sexual Predators ?

  2034. Is Evidence Gathered By Convertible Devices Supressed Unless A Warrant Is Obtained ?

  2035. Can The Doctrine Of Collateral Estoppel Be Applied To Issues Of 'Evidentiary' Facts ?

  2036. Mentally Ill Parents Rights (Who Are Unable To Care For Their Children) In New York

  2037. Difference Between Plumbers And Home Improvement Contractors Licensing Requirements

  2038. Should A New Trial Be Granted When There Is Substantial Confusion Among The Jurors ?

  2039. May Police Conduct A Warrantless Search If Only One Of The Property Owners Consents ?

  2040. Receiving Rent From Tenant Of An Illegal Apartment (Basement Ostensibly For Storage)

  2041. Would A Fence Which Can Be Easily Climbed Over Defeat The Purpose Of Its Installment

  2042. Are 'home Or Place Of Business' Exception And 'Labor' Exception Elements Of The Crime ?

  2043. Does An Assignee Of Leases And Rents Given As Security For A Debt Have Any Standing ?

  2044. Court's Jurisdiction To Entertain A Writ Of Habeas Corpus Based On The Denial Of Bail

  2045. Court's Examination Of The Common Area Nature To Decide Whether Access Was Restricted

  2046. Evidential Weight Of Experienced Police Officers Statement About Field Test For Drugs

  2047. Failure To Allege A Special Relationship Between Insured And Health Insurance Carrier

  2048. Presumption Precluding A Minor Less Than 17 Years Old Consent To Sex Acts By An Adult

  2049. Does A Home Improvement Contractor Need To Acquire A License From The Town Or County ?

  2050. Is The Temporary Order Of Protection Admissible If The Defendant Has Not Received It ?

  2051. Claim Of Unconstitutionality Will Not Be Heard To Excuse A Deliberate Course Of Fraud

  2052. Should A Person Previously Convicted Of Violent Crimes Be Given An Enhanced Sentence ?

  2053. Is Asking ''if You Are Allowed'' To Contact A Lawyer The Same As ''Asking For A Lawyer'' ?

  2054. Physician Alleged That Landlord Refused To Renew His Lease For Treating AIDS Patients

  2055. Refusing To Permit Access To Perform An Inspection By The Department Of Public Health

  2056. Can A Court Create Discovery Processes Where The Legislature Has Not Authorized Them ?

  2057. Can The Landlord Increase The Rent Following The Vacation By A Rent-Regulated Tenant ?

  2058. Recovery Of More Than The Jurisdictional Limit Of The Court For Later-Accrued Damages

  2059. Can The Defendant's Counsel Be Disqualified For Using Wrongfully Obtained Information ?

  2060. The Factors Determining The Reasonableness Of Delay Between Arraignment And Indictment

  2061. Case Involving Alleged Sexual Attack By Police Officer During Traffic Stop In New York

  2062. Can Tenancy Be Terminated If Drug-Related Criminal Activities Occur In Public Housing ?

  2063. Can A Judgement Creditor Claim The Whole Bank Joint Account Upon Default Of Nondebtor ?

  2064. Fixing Of The Rate Of Interest Or A Limitation Of The Rate Is Legislative In Character

  2065. Should Statute Vagueness Challenges Be Examined In Light Of Facts Of The Case At Hand ?

  2066. Is Physician's Recommendation To The Agency About Number Of Hours Of Home Care Binding ?

  2067. Can Visitation Rights Be Granted To A Person If It Serves In The Interest Of The Child ?

  2068. Is Serious Injury An Essential Element In Granting Judgement On The Issue Of Liability ?

  2069. Car Accident Injury Compensation Amounts For Unimalleolar Fracture Dislocation Of Ankle

  2070. Is It Required To Prove That A Weapon Is Operable To Establish Its Criminal Possession ?

  2071. Circumstances Under Which Claim For Breach Of Warranty Of Habitability Can Be Dismissed

  2072. Does The Unauthorized Use Of A Stamped Printed Signature Constitute A Forged Signature ?

  2073. Is Defendant's Oral Consent Sufficient To Effect A Waiver Of His Rights To A Jury Trial ?

  2074. Is A Tenant Allowed To Make Interior Alterations Without Causing Injury To The Premises ?

  2075. When Does A Defendant Deserve Additional Points Determining The Risk Level Of His Crime ?

  2076. Do Provisions Of CPL 710.30 Give Ample Opportunity To A Defendant To Challenge Evidence ?

  2077. Does A Delinquent Corporation Have No Legal Status And Existence Until It Is Reinstated ?

  2078. Proving HIV Exposure Lawsuit In The Absence Of Needles And Other Evidence - Example Cases

  2079. What Is The Approach To Be Taken By Trial Courts Presented With Motions To Amend Appeals ?

  2080. Car Accident Injury Compensation Amounts For Torn Left Medial Meniscus And Chondromalacia

  2081. Should A Speech Be Penalized Only If The Recipient Is In Immediate Danger Of Severe Harm ?

  2082. Is An Assault On A Person During Course Of His Duty Covered In Workmen's Compensation Law ?

  2083. Refusing To Pay Real Estate Broker Commission Upon Failure To Prove Who Designed The House

  2084. Is Enactment Of A Moratorium Quasi-Legislative In Nature And Therefore Constitutes A Rule ?

  2085. Can An Insurer Demand Repayment Of The Deductibles Form The Insured After Settling Claims ?

  2086. Who Has The Authority To Diacontinue Services Of A Probationary Special Education Teacher ?

  2087. Is Substitution Of An Alternate Jury After The Jury Has Begun Its Delibeartion Prohibited ?

  2088. Does The Decision To Accept A Proposed 'Stipulation' Lie Within The Prosecutor's Discretion ?

  2089. Do Employees Have The Personal Privicy Right To The Company's Computer Systems And E-Mails ?

  2090. Despite The Existence Of Bail Remission Procedures Does The Court Have The Authority To Act

  2091. Does A Professional Corporation Require A Designated Spokesperson Accountable To The Court ?

  2092. Are Defendants Liable Under Section 240(1) If An Accident Happens Due To Inadequate Safety ?

  2093. If A Case Involves Two States Then The Law Of The State Whose Contacts Predominate Prevails

  2094. Is An Agreement Which Falls Within The Ambit Of Statute Of Frauds Void For Being Unwritten ?

  2095. Can Children Be Adopted By An Unmarried Individual Or A Married Man Seperated From Spouse ?

  2096. Emergency Vehicles Operating In Actual 'Work Zone' Are Exempted From Vehicle And Traffic Laws

  2097. Can A Letter To The Court Be Treated As An Answer If It Does Not Object To Its Jurisdiction ?

  2098. Is Doctor Counselling A Married Couple About Pregnancy Prevention Considered A Criminal Act ?

  2099. Consequences Of A Real Property Tax Scheme Enacted By A City Being Declared Unconstitutional

  2100. Preventing Avoidance Of Taxes By Transfer Of The Right To Compensation Directly To A Creditor

  2101. Did Formula For Allocation Of Funds To Senior Citizens Discriminate Against Minority Seniors ?

  2102. Does The 'No Fault Law' Provide More Efficient Means For Adjusting Financial Responsibilities ?

  2103. Is The Right To Preindictment Discovery Of Physical Evidence In Capital Cases Constitutional ?

  2104. Is A Wife Entitled To An Award Of Attorney's Fees As A Result Of Her Husband's Civil Contempt ?

  2105. Does Merger Into A Licensed Foreign Corporation Relieve From Financial Obligations And Taxes ?

  2106. Is A Rule Of Proof Applied In Extraordinary Circumstances The Excuse Reliance On An Estimate ?

  2107. Car Accident Injury Compensation Amounts For Herniated Cervical Disc And A Torn Left Meniscus

  2108. Methodology To Evaluate Whether The Appealed Award Deviates Materially From Comparable Awards

  2109. Does The Term Individual With A Disability Include A Person Indulging In Illegal Use Of Drugs ?

  2110. Should Estoppel Issues Be Determined Before Ordering Genetic Marker Tests In Paternity Issues ?

  2111. Do Workfare Recipients Have The Right To Contest The Appropriateness Of Their Work Placements ?

  2112. What Are The Factors Used By Courts To Determine Independant Contractors And Joint Employment ?

  2113. Can A Parolee Be Arrested For Parole Violation Without Being Advised About His Miranda Rights ?

  2114. What Is The Permissible Inference Of Negligence Under The Res Ipsa Loquitur Doctrine Based On ?

  2115. Does Labor Law Make It Mandatory To Provide Safety Devices To Workers Toiling On A 'Structure' ?

  2116. Was The Disposition Of An Undercover Cop Legally Sufficient In A Juvenile Delinquent Drug Case

  2117. Does The Prosecution Have To Give Explanation For Undue Delay In Providing Counsel To Accused ?

  2118. Is Police Pat Down Search For Weapons Based On Specific Description Of The Suspect Permissible ?

  2119. Is Dismissal Required When Process Server Fails To Produce All Records Relating To The Service ?

  2120. A Medical Boards Diablility Determination Is Usually Sustained Based On 'Some Credible Evidence'

  2121. Distinguishment Between Government Restrictions On Commercial Speech And Fully Protected Speech

  2122. Is Single Person Acting Through Various Legal Forms Enough To To Establish Criminal Enterprise ?

  2123. Can The Court Impose Sanctions Against A Petitioner Carrier Which Was A Nonparty In The Action ?

  2124. Are Various Field Sobrety Tests Including Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test Testimonial In Nature ?

  2125. Is The Condominium Association's Interest In Rent Subordinate To The First Mortgagee's Interest ?

  2126. Requirement Of Candidates For Political Office To File A Statement Identifying Each Contributor

  2127. Citizenship For Child Born Outside The Us To Unmarried Parents When Only One Parent Is A Citizen

  2128. Is It Legal To Recover Taxes Allegedly Unpaid By A Corporation From An Individual's Bank Account ?

  2129. Does The New York State Constitution Provide More Protection For Speech Than The First Amendment ?

  2130. As Repair Of Roof Had A Practical Value To A Commercial Use Exemption Was Available To Defendants

  2131. Does The Duty Of Parents To Support The Child End If The Child Leaves The Parents' Home Willingly ?

  2132. Claims Of Infants Are Not Time-Barred As Statute Of Limitations Is Tolled During Period Of Infancy

  2133. Do The Shared Custody Arrangements Alter The Scope And Methodology Of Child Support Standards Act ?

  2134. Can Liability Be Imposed On The State Where Injuries Are Caused By Structural Defects On Highways ?

  2135. Does The Notice Of Alibi Rule Compel The Petitioner To Divulge Information Earlier Than Intended ?

  2136. Will The Reduction Of Fees Affect The Representation Of Capital Defendants By Qualified Attorneys ?

  2137. Is A Child Born To A Married Woman Living With Her Husband Presumed To Be A Child Of The Marriage ?

  2138. Motion To Dismiss Causes Of Actions That Occurred More Than 90 Days Prior To The Filing Of A Claim

  2139. Are The Procedures And Criteria For The Issuance Of Temporary Order Of Protection Clearly Set Out ?

  2140. Does A Biological Parent Of An Adoptive Child Have The Right Of Continuing Contact And Visitation ?

  2141. Does An Adoptive Child In A Step-Parent Adoption Inherit From And Through Both Biological Parents ?

  2142. Is A Landlord Required To Serve A Notice Terminating Tenant's Tenancy Before Commencing Litigation ?

  2143. Employee's Bonus Scheme Consists Of Combination Of Individual Performance And Corporate Performance

  2144. Consequences Of A Defendant Escaping From Custody Or Jumping Bail When Court Issues A Bench Warrant

  2145. Does The Equal Protection Clause Mandate That All Persons Similarly Suited Should Be Treated Alike ?

  2146. Will Court Grant an Injunction in a Breach of Contract Action to Recover Money Only (NY CPLR 6301) ?

  2147. Can The Court Grant Continuing Custody Of A Child To A Nonparent In The Best Interest Of The Child ?

  2148. Can A Defendant's Guilt Be Proved In The Absence Of Direct Evidence Of Physical Possession Of Drugs ?

  2149. Does The Manufacturer Have The Right To Question The Examination Of An Expert In Car Accident Cases ?

  2150. Is A Notice To Cure Required To Commence Hold Over Proceedings Due To Non-Payment Of Rent By Tenant ?

  2151. Should The Municipality Be Liable When Its Park Is Being Used For Criminal And Dangerous Activities ?

  2152. Does 'Sufficient Evidence' Or Establishment Of A 'Prima Facie' Case Equal A Preponderance Of Evidence ?

  2153. Does Communication Of Threats By Telephone And Mail By A Defendant Constitute Aggravated Harassment ?

  2154. Is A Generalized Warning Sufficient To Warn Of A Specific Serious Risk In Over-The-Counter Products ?

  2155. Despite A Plaintiff's Noncompliance With Discovery Order Extreme Sanction Of Dismissal Is Unwarranted

  2156. Is Protection Of Interest Of Neglected Children More Important Than The Privilege Of Confidentiality ?

  2157. Quantum Of Damages At Inquest Can Only Be Contested After Issue Of Serious Injury Has Been Determined

  2158. Is An Inmate Entitled To A Copy Of The Presentence Report After His Application For Parole Is Denied ?

  2159. What Are The Rights Of A Tenant In Case The Landlord Wants Him To Vacate A Rent-Stabilized Apartment ?

  2160. Can A Conspiracy Claim Based On Fraudulent Misrepresentation And Concealment Be Submitted To The Jury ?

  2161. Is Protection Given To Free Press And Speech Broader Than The Minimum Required By The First Amendment ?

  2162. A Common Council To Decide Whether A Business Emitting Noxious Or Offensive Odor Be Allowed To Operate

  2163. Is Control Over Worker Necessary To Determine Whether One Is An Independent Contractor Or An Employee ?

  2164. Does Contractor's Failure To Be Licensed Precluded Subcontractor From Enforcing Lien Against Homeowner ?

  2165. Does A Four-Part Test On Regulation Of Commercial Speech Still Govern The Review Of Restrictions On It ?

  2166. Does 'Privilage Of Access' Mean That A Suspect Can Refuse alcohol Test Until A Lawyer Reaches The Scene ?

  2167. Family Court Juvenile Delinquency Petition Dismissed Due To Insufficient Statement Of Arresting Officer

  2168. Can Inculpatory Statements During A Pretrial Psychiatric Examinations Be Used For Impeachment Purposes ?

  2169. Is Failure To Serve Notice To An Individual Within The Statutory 14-Day Period A Jurisdictional Defect ?

  2170. NY Special Commissioner Of Investigation Authority To Issue Investigatory Subpoena To Private Companies

  2171. Is An Act Of Navigation Furnishing An Opportunity To Cause An Injury Exempted From Navigational Claims ?

  2172. Do Employees Of Department Of Correctional Services Get Absolute Immunity For Discharging Their Duties ?

  2173. Upon Whom Does The Burden Of Pleading And Proof Lie Where ''Exception'' Is A Material Part Of An Offense ?

  2174. Should Court Be Allowed To Examine The Relationship Between The Defendant And Contributers To His Bail ?

  2175. Does The Burden Of Proof Fall On A Bank To Establish That It Acted In A Commercially Reasonable Manner ?

  2176. Does The Predominance Of Contacts In Foreign Jurisdiction Mean That The Law Of That Forum Is Applicable ?

  2177. Case Involving Failure To Protect A Teacher Who Had Expressed Concerns About Her Safety In The Classroom

  2178. Should Notices Be Sustained If A Court Finds The Plain Language Of The Predicate Note Wholly Sufficient ?

  2179. Does A Defendant Have To Provide A Bill Of Particulars On Matters On Which He Bears The Burden Of Proof ?

  2180. Properly Drawn Inventory Procedure And Followed Strictly Limits Discretion Of Individual Police Officers

  2181. Is A Tenant Entitled To Remain As A Rent-Stabilized Tenant Despite His Breach Of The Purchase Agreement ?

  2182. Can Relief Be Granted To The Landlord If Tenants Made Alterations In Leased Space Without His Permission ?

  2183. If Accident-Producing Object Is Accessible By Third Persons The Defendant Does Not Have Exclusive Control

  2184. Are Constitutional Violations Based Upon Whether On Not They Affect The Reliability Of Voided Conviction ?

  2185. Can A Defendant Collaterally Attack The Validity Of Previous State Convictions On Constitutional Grounds ?

  2186. What Are The Fundamental Rights Of An Accused Which May Be Waived Knowingly Voluntarily And Intelligently ?

  2187. On What Grounds Can Enforcement Of A Clause Requiring Arbitration Be Denied By National Arbitration Forum ?

  2188. Can The Court Grant Habeas Corpus Relief Where The Defendant Was Not A Persistent Violent Felony Offender ?

  2189. SORA Imposed A Notification And Registration Requirements On Individuals Convicted Of Certain Sex Offences

  2190. Are Parties Free To Contract As Long As The Terms Of Contract Are Lawful And Do Not Violate Public Policy ?

  2191. Defendant's Right To Challenge A Search Pursuant To His 'Dwelling' As Defined By Article 35 Of The Penal Law

  2192. Should Property Acquired By A Celebrity During The Period Of Marriage Be Equitably Distributed With Spouse ?

  2193. Can A Defendant Be Represented By Another Lawyer Without Termination Of Representation Of The Original One ?

  2194. Plurality Decision Emerging From Smoker's Allegations Of Fraudulent Misrepresentation By Cigarette Companies

  2195. An Intoxicated Person Standing Near A Vehicle Does Not Mean That He Has Operated It Unless There Is Evidence

  2196. Should A Physician Consider Patient's Behavior In Community After Discharge In Determining His Dangerousness ?

  2197. Can A Delay In Arraignment By Police Be Done To Deprive Defendant Of Counsel In Order To Elicit A Confession ?

  2198. Is Operability Of A Firearm Including A Pellet Gun A Must For Conviction For Criminal Possession Of A Weapon ?

  2199. Is Presence In A Public Place Where Contraband Was Found Proof Enough That Defendant Was In Possession Of It ?

  2200. Does An Insurance Company Have The Right Not To Defend Any Action Commenced After Full Payment Has Been Made ?

  2201. Can A Receiving Entity Of Employee Provide Sufficient Foundation Testimony For A Record From A Second Entity ?

  2202. Does The Court Have The Authority To Disclose The Minutes And Documents Of Jury's Investigation To The Public ?

  2203. Is A Parent Who Entrusts An Infant Child With A Dangerous Instrument Which Creates A Danger To Society Liable ?

  2204. Should A Juror Consider All The Penalties Provided By State Law Despite His Inclination Against Death Penalty ?

  2205. Is An Easement Limited To A Specific Purpose And Is Extinguished By The Permanent Abandonment Of That Purpose ?

  2206. ADA's Preemption Provision Bars State Imposed Regulations But Allows Courts To Enforce Claims Of Contract Terms

  2207. Defendant Found In His Car With A Gun Was Not Arrested As There Was No Justification For Intrusion Into The Car

  2208. Are Statements Made By A Defendant Who Is Not In Custody To An Investigator Admissible In Criminal Prosecution ?

  2209. Can A Police Officer Ask Questions To Clarify A Potentially Dangerous Situation Before Giving Miranda Warnings ?

  2210. Are Words Along With Physical Action Sufficient To Support A Charge Of Obstructing Governmental Administration ?

  2211. Can A Child Be Seperated From His Parent If Circumstances Show That The Welfare Of The Child Is Being Affected ?

  2212. Collateral Estoppel Effect Cannot Be Accorded Due To Defendant's Inability To Appeal The Interlocutory Judgement

  2213. Can State's Liability Be Premised On Its Failure To Warn Or Give Notice Of A Defective Condition On The Highway ?

  2214. To Convict A Person For Sale Of Drugs It Should Be Established That He Intentionally And Directly Assisted In It

  2215. Does Arbitral Immunity Shield A Defendant Arbitrator From Liability For Acts Performed In His Arbitral Capacity ?

  2216. Insurance Policy Provision About Continuous Exposure To The Same Harmful Conditions Arising Out Of One Occurrence

  2217. Consequences Of Failure By A Lawyer To Advise A Client Regarding Whether Or Not To Accept An Offered Plea Bargain

  2218. Is Preventing Homeowners From Using Common Rear Yard For Recreation By Erecting Fences Violation Of Their Rights ?

  2219. Was Court's Decision In Allowing Evidence That The Defendant Had Assaulted The Complainant Preveiously Appropriate

  2220. Does Ex Post Facto Violation Occur If The Change In Law Is Merely Procedural And Does Not Increase The Punishment ?

  2221. Conviction Reversed As The State Failed To Prove That Defendant Acted In Connivance With The Person Who Sold Drugs

  2222. Does All Property Owned By A Debtor Vest In The Bankruptcy Estate If A Petition For Voluntary Bankruptcy Is Filed ?

  2223. Is The Seasonal Hiatus In The States Liability For Defects In Its Highways Under The Patrol System Constitutional ?

  2224. Can The Police Exercise Restraint Over An Individual For Reasonable Suspicion Of His Involvement In Criminal Acts ?

  2225. Is Violent Behaviour Of Patient In Hospital Relevant In Judging The Potential For Violence While In The Community ?

  2226. Was It A Probable Cause To Search The Vehicle In Hope Of Obtaining Evidence Of Defendant's Involvement In Drug Sale

  2227. If A Person Carries Out A Crime In One County Which Affects A Second County Then The Latter Would Have Jurisdiction

  2228. Does Full First Amendment Protection Accorded To The Contents Of A Book Apply To Advertisements Promoting Its Sale ?

  2229. Court Order To File A Certificate Of Interpretation For Translation Of Complaints To The Complainant's Native Tongue

  2230. Is A Six Month Speedy Trial Period Applicable To A Case Of Felony Even Though It Began As A Misdemeanor Prosecution ?

  2231. Does Failure To Provide Safety Device Against Elevation Related Risk Constitute Breach Of Duty Imposed By Labor Law ?

  2232. Is A Person In Need Of Involuntary Admission To Hospital Protected By Safeguards Contained In The Mental Hygiene Law ?

  2233. Is It Correct For A Counsel To Represent Both The Driver And Passenger Of A Vehicle Which Is Involved In An Accident ?

  2234. Is There A Double Jeopardy Bar For A Sentencing Court To Consider An Offence Of Which A Defendant Has Been Acquitted ?

  2235. Is It The Duty Of The Owner Of A Property To Take Precautions Against Criminal Acts Of A Third Party On His Property ?

  2236. Is An Attorney's Right To Collect Under A Charging Lien Entitled To Priority Over An Adverse Party's Right To A Setoff ?

  2237. Are Biological Parents Allowed To Impose Conditions For Adoption Of Their Children Subject To Advance Approval Of Court ?

  2238. Alleged Misconduct Of Police In Using Federal Customs Agents At Airport To Conduct Local Investigation By Wrongful Means

  2239. Consequences Of The Defendant Posting Complainant's Phone Number At A Train Station Stating To Call For Sexual Activities

  2240. Should Governmental Immunity Protect Municipal Employees Who Fail To Intervene To Protect Citizens From Criminal Assault ?

  2241. Juvenile Delinquent's Petition For Dismissal On The Basis That He Didn't Know The Contents Of The Deposition He Had Signed

  2242. Can Motion For A Default Judgement Against Employee Be Denied If Employer Bears Responsibility Of The Act Of Its Employee ?

  2243. Does Vague Terminology Give Enough Guidance To A Jury To Decide That Aggravating Circumstances Exist To Give Death Penalty ?

  2244. Seat And Shoulder Harness Safety Belts And Passive Restraint Systems Should Adhere To Fedral Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

  2245. Does Justification Based On Self-Defence Pertain Only To Use Of Physical Force And Not To Crime Based On Weapon Possession ?

  2246. Can A Lenient Sentence Be Given (In Drug Cases) Provided The Defendant Rehabilitates Himself And Cooperates With The Court ?

  2247. Is Display Of Weapons By Police Justified When They Have Credible Reason To Believe That Criminal Activity Is Taking Place ?

  2248. Insurance Brokers Are Not Professionals Therefore Do Not Come Under The Time Limitation Applicable To Nonmedical Malpractice

  2249. Is Individual Examination Of Prospective Jurors Regarding Their Qualifications To Serve As Jurors In A Capital Case Permitted ?

  2250. Should Trial Court Accept Defendant's Offer To Stipulate Even Over Prosecution's Objection If He Had Been Previously Convicted ?

  2251. Attorney Disqualification For Probability Of Acquiring Confidential Information Due To His Association With Defendant's Concern

  2252. Can A Bank Be Held Responsible For Delivering A Check To The Payee But Unlawfully Returning It To The Bank To Get It Cancelled ?

  2253. Is Absolute Immunity Given To Prison Officials In Cases Of Non-Compliance Of Directives Of Department Of Correctional Services ?

  2254. Are Standards Applied To Injuctions Curtailing Constitutional Rights Different From Those Applied For Ordinances Doing The Same ?

  2255. Is An Employer Collaterally Estopped From Denying Benefits Under Section 207 If Employee Is Eligiable For Worker's Comp Benefits ?

  2256. Does The ''Fellow Officer'' Rule Require The State To Prove That Source Of Information Was Reliable And There Was Cause For Arrest ?

  2257. Can The Family Court Ask The Department Of Social Services To Join As Co-Petetioner In A Non-Relative Petitions For Child Custody ?

  2258. Was A Defective Design Of Harness And Alleged Inadequate Warning A Factor Of Causing Injuries While Descending A Rock Climbing Wall

  2259. Can An Injury At Worksite At Ground Level Be Considered Due To Difference Between Elevation Level Of Required Work And A Lower Level ?

  2260. Can Service Be Effectuated On A Person Designated For The Purpose Pursuant To Law By Filing A Certificate In The Department Of State ?

  2261. Providing Community-Based Care By The State Depends On The Resources Available As Well As The Ability To Mete Out These Services Equitably

  2262. Is There A Bar To An Attempt Prosecution Where A Crime Is Predicated On Direct Conduct Definition Of Crime Containing No 'Result' Component ?

  2263. Is A Spouse Entitled To Equitable Distribution Of Retirement Benefits After Antenuptial Agreement Wavering Interest In Each Others Property ?

  2264. 5303 Realty Corp. v O & Y Equity Corp

  2265. 9394 LLC v Farris

  2266. Abbatiello v Lancaster Studio Assoc

  2267. Adamo v Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp

  2268. Addesso v Shemtob

  2269. Adkins v City of New York

  2270. Al-Amin v. City of New York

  2271. Alexandra Restaurant v. New Hampshire Ins. Co

  2272. Amies v Wesnofske

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  2274. Baez v New York City Health & Hosps. Corp

  2275. Barletta v. Tedeschi

  2276. Basso v Miller

  2277. Biondi v Beekman Hill House Apt. Corp

  2278. Bleiler v Bodnar

  2279. Bond v York Hunter Constr

  2280. Brady v Williams Cap. Group

  2281. Breland v Bayridge Air Rights, Inc

  2282. Brescia Construction Co. v. Walart Construction Co

  2283. Brown Bros. Elec. Contrs. v Beam Constrs. Corp

  2284. Buechel v Bain

  2285. Bynog v Cipriani Group

  2286. Byrne v Byrne

  2287. Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. v State of New York

  2288. Cardona v Aggressive Heating Inc

  2289. Chelsea Neighborhood Association v. United States Postal Service

  2290. City of New York v. Evanston Insurance Company

  2291. City of New York v Les Hommes

  2292. Continental Cas. Co. v. Stradford

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  2294. Coronet Properties Co. v LM Second Ave., Inc

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  2754. Save the Pine Bush v. Common Council of the City of Albany

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  2817. ZVUE Corp. v Bauman

  2818. Zanfini v. Chandler

  2819. Zulli v Halleran

  2820. Legal Questions

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