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North Carolina Case Law Search

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  1. Signature Placement Law (Rules)

  2. Prejudicial Error Death Sentence

  3. Equitable Estoppel North Carolina

  4. Character Witness Cross-Examination

  5. Deliberate Crime (Murder) Definition

  6. Formal Arraignment In North Carolina

  7. Joint Employment Test In North Carolina

  8. Summary Judgment Cases In North Carolina

  9. Motion For Change Of Venue North Carolina

  10. Post Separation Support Law North Carolina

  11. 18 U S C 2520 - Wiretap Claim Attorney's Fees

  12. Exceptions To The Right To Confront Witnesses

  13. Preliminary Injunction Cases In North Carolina

  14. Juveniles Tried As Adults Cases In North Carolina

  15. Juvenile Adjudication Of Delinquency Order Appeal

  16. North Carolina Termination Of Parental Rights Law

  17. Purpose Of Grand Jury Proceeding In North Carolina

  18. Review Of Motion To Dismiss Evidence In North Carolina

  19. Short And Plain Statement Of The Claim In North Carolina

  20. Is Transfer From Juvenile To Criminal Court Double Jeopardy ?

  21. Admission Of Video Evidence In North Carolina

  22. Appealing The Overruling Of An Objection To Prosecutor's Argument To The Jury

  23. Armed Robbery Of A Motel In North Carolina

  24. Attempted Trafficking By Possession In North Carolina

  25. Bullets As Evidence In North Carolina

  26. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome After A Work Accident In North Carolina

  27. Child Custody Determinations North Carolina

  28. Claim For Unfair And Deceptive Trade Practices In North Carolina

  29. Constructive Possession Of Drugs NC

  30. Convictions Of Armed Robbery And Larceny In North Carolina

  31. Corpus Delicti Rule North Carolina

  32. Court Punished A Juror By Requiring Him To Sit In The Front Row

  33. Criminal Charges For Two Separate Stealings

  34. Cross-Examination Of Statements Made Before Arrest

  35. Defendant Argued That His Lawyer Did Not Provide Information About His Own Defense

  36. Delay Of More Than 3 Months In Filing Motion To Withdraw A Plea

  37. Determination Of Whether A Vehicle Is Used For Selling Drugs

  38. Elements Of First Degree Murder In North Carolina

  39. Evidence Of Prior Convictions To Impeach Defendant's Credibility

  40. Evidence Rule 609(A) Case Example

  41. Evidence To Support Second Degree Murder In North Carolina

  42. Eyewitness From A Far Distance Credibility In North Carolina

  43. Federal Rule 23(E) Interpretation

  44. Foreseeable Risk Of Crime In North Carolina

  45. G.S.14-27.2 Example Case

  46. G.S. 14-7.6 Case Example

  47. G.S. 15a-1344(D) Interpretation

  48. GS 1a-1 Rule 55 Interpretation

  49. Governmental Entity Liability Under Section 1983

  50. Handcuffing A Flight Risk Suspects In North Carolina

  51. Improper Pressure By The Trial Judge

  52. Jury Instruction Error On The Elements Of Rape

  53. Jury Instruction On Flight

  54. Jury Instructions On Serious Bodily Injury

  55. Lay Opinion Testimony Of A Police Officer In North Carolina

  56. Marital Property Definition Nc

  57. Motion To Continue The Trial Where Defense Lawyer Withdrew From The Case

  58. Motion To Dismiss Charge Of Possession With Intent To Sell Drugs

  59. Murder In A Mobile Home In North Carolina

  60. N.C.G.S. 1-75.4 Interpretation

  61. N.C.G.S. 15a-2000(E)(3) Interpretation

  62. N.C.G.S. 50-13.2(A) Example Case

  63. N.C.G.S. 50-13.7(A) Interpretation

  64. N.C.G.S. 75-1.1 Example Case

  65. N.C.G.S. 7b-500(A) Interpretation

  66. NC G.S. 14-223 Example Case

  67. NC G.S. 14-415.1(C) Interpretation

  68. N.C. G.S. 7b-1111(A)(9) Case Example

  69. NC Gen Stat 105-258 Interpretation

  70. NC Gen Stat 14-100 Interpretation

  71. NC Gen Stat 14-72(A) Elements Of Larceny

  72. NC Gen Stat 14-87 Interpretation

  73. N.C. Gen. Stat. 15-167 Interpretation

  74. NC Gen Stat 150b-51 Case Example

  75. NC Gen Stat 15a-2000(B) Interpretation

  76. NC Gen. Stat. 15a-903(A)(1) Interpretation

  77. N.C. Gen. Stat. 7a-450(B) And N.C. Gen. Stat. 7a-454

  78. NC Gen Stat 8c-1 Rule 612(B) Interpretation

  79. N.C. Gen. Stat. 90-95(E)(9) Interpretation

  80. NC Gen Stat 90-95(H)(4) Case Example

  81. NC Gen Stat 90-95(H)(6) Interpretation

  82. N.C. Gen. Stat 96-14(1) Case Example

  83. NC Rule Of Evidence 404(B) Example Case

  84. NC Rules Of Evidence 608(B) Interpretation

  85. New Trial Because Of Prosecutors Actions In North Carolina

  86. North Carolina General Statute 15a-1340.16(A)

  87. North Carolina General Statute 44-49 And 44-50

  88. North Carolina General Statute 90-21.12

  89. North Carolina Prosecutor's Comment About Defendant's Failure To Testify

  90. North Carolina Rule Of Evidence 803(4)

  91. North Carolina Rules Of Civil Procedure 12(A)

  92. North Carolina Trial Court Taxing Of Attorney Fees

  93. Not Stopping Immediately Although Police Activated Blue Lights

  94. Objection To The Prosecution's Labeling As A ''Sexual Predator'' In Closing Arguments

  95. Parental Termination For Anger Control Problems

  96. Police Officer Killed During Execution Of A Search Warrant In North Carolina

  97. Possession Of A Gun Between The Passenger And Driver's Seats

  98. Possession Of Separate Caches Of Drugs Discovered On The Same Day

  99. Pre-Arrest Silence In North Carolina

  100. Promissory Estoppel As A Ground For Waiver

  101. Prosecutor Called The Defendant An S.O.B During Trial

  102. Proving The Extent And Degree Of Disability In North Carolina

  103. Public Duty Doctrine North Carolina

  104. Public Official To Recover Damages For Libel

  105. Public Policy Exception North Carolina

  106. Purpose Of Polling The Jury

  107. Reasonable Suspicion Of Sbi Agent

  108. Relevant Evidence Definition North Carolina

  109. Renewing An Argument At The Close Of All The Evidence

  110. Request For A Specific Mere Presence Instruction North Carolina

  111. Robbery By An Instrument Which Appears To Be A Firearm

  112. Signing A Stipulation With Regard To Out-Of-State Convictions

  113. Sovereign Immunity Does Not Bar A Direct Claim Against The State

  114. Stipulation To The Existence Of A Foreign Conviction

  115. Stipulations To Out-Of-State Convictions

  116. Temporal Proximity Requirement Cases

  117. Terry Pat Down In North Carolina

  118. Test To Assess The Client-Based Restriction

  119. The Importance Of Appearance Of A Fair Trial In North Carolina

  120. The Plain Error Rule In North Carolina

  121. Two-Pronged Test Before Evidence May Be Received

  122. Types Of Bail Bonds In North Carolina

  123. Voluntary Intoxication North Carolina Law

  124. Work Product Doctrine North Carolina

  125. Workers' Comp Benefits Exemption From Creditors Claims In North Carolina

  126. A-S-P Associates V. Raleigh

  127. Abbott V. Highlands

  128. Abernethy V. Trust Co

  129. Alford V. Shaw

  130. Allen V. Piedmont Transport Services, Inc

  131. Allen V. Roberts Construction Co

  132. Allen V. Rupard

  133. American Multimedia, Inc. V. Freedom Distrib, Inc

  134. Andersen V. Baccus

  135. Arrington V. Arrington

  136. Associated Indus. Contr'rs, Inc. V. Fleming Eng'g, Inc

  137. Atkins V. Kelly Springfield Tire Co

  138. Atlantic Const. Co. V. City Of Raleigh

  139. Automotive Equipment Distributors, Inc. V. Petroleum Equipment & Service, Inc

  140. Bagwell V. Brevard

  141. Bailey V. State Of North Carolina

  142. Bank V. Holshouser

  143. Barber V. Going West Transp., Inc

  144. Barbour V. Little

  145. Barger V. Mccoy, Hilliard & Parks

  146. Barnes V. North Carolina State Highway Comm'n

  147. Baxley V. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co

  148. Beatty V. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bd. Of Educ

  149. Beck V. Voncannon

  150. Becker V. Becker

  151. Becker V. Pierce

  152. Bicket V. Mclean Securities, Inc

  153. Billings V. Rosenstein

  154. Bizzell V. Goldsboro

  155. Blaylock Grading Co. V. Smith

  156. Bob Killian Tire, Inc. V. Day Enters, Inc

  157. Bostick V. Kinston-Neuse Corp

  158. Bowling V. Combs

  159. Boyce & Isley, Pllc V. Cooper

  160. Boyd V. L. G. Dewitt Trucking Co

  161. Boykin V. Bennett

  162. Brandon V. Brandon

  163. Brevard V. Brevard

  164. Brickman V. Codella

  165. Britt V. Gator Wood, Inc

  166. Britt V. Georgia-Pacific Corp

  167. Brooks V. Giesey

  168. Brown V. Casualty Co

  169. Brown v. Brown

  170. Burnett V. Wheeler

  171. Burton V. Phoenix Fabricators & Erectors, Inc

  172. Burwell V. Giant Genie Corp

  173. Byrd V. Arrowood

  174. C. K. V. Shalala

  175. Cameron V. New Hanover Memorial Hospital

  176. Cameron V. Wake County Bd. Of Educ

  177. Campbell V. N.C. Dep't Of Transp

  178. Campbell V. North Carolina Dept. Of Transp

  179. Cannon V. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co

  180. Carriers V. Teamsters Local

  181. Carson V. Brodin

  182. Caulder V. Waverly Mills

  183. Charter Med., Ltd. V. Zigmed, Inc

  184. Chatmon V. N.C. Dep't Of Health & Human Servs

  185. Childress V. Trion, Inc

  186. Chowan County V. Commissioner Of Banks

  187. Church V. Baxter Travenol Laboratories

  188. City-Wide Asphalt Paving V. Alamance County

  189. City of Durham v. Woo

  190. Clark V. Moore

  191. Coe V. Highland Sch. Assocs. Ltd. P'ship

  192. Cogdill V. Scates

  193. Colombo V. Dorrity

  194. Coltraine V. Hospital

  195. Coman V. Thomas Manufacturing, Co

  196. Compton V. Kirby

  197. Concrete Co. V. Lumber Co

  198. Considine V. Compass Grp. Usa, Inc

  199. Cook V. Union Cty. Zoning Bd. Of Adjustment

  200. Cooke V. Town Of Rich Square

  201. Costin V. Shell

  202. Counts V. Black & Decker Corp

  203. County Of Durham V. N.C. Dep't Of Env't & Natural Resources

  204. Craddock V. Craddock

  205. Craver V. Craver

  206. Crossman V. Moore

  207. David N. V. Jason N

  208. Davis V. Adams

  209. Davis V. Kelly

  210. Debnam V. N.C. Dept. Of Correction

  211. Dep't Of Transp. V. Higdon

  212. Diehl V. Diehl

  213. Digh V. Nationwide Mut. Fire Ins. Co

  214. Dixon V. Stuart

  215. Dogwood Dev. & Mgmt. Co., Llc V. White Oak Transp. Co

  216. Dogwood Dev. & Mgmt. Co. V. White Oak Transp. Co

  217. Dorsett V. Dorsett

  218. Echols V. Zarn, Inc

  219. Eisinger V. Robinson

  220. Ellis V. Williams

  221. Embler V. Embler

  222. Errante V. Cumberland Cty. Solid Waste Mgmt

  223. Estate Of Smith V. Underwood

  224. Estrada V. Burnham

  225. Estroff V. Chatterjee

  226. Evans V. Evans

  227. Ezell v. N.C. Dept of Health & Human Servs

  228. Fagan V. Hazzard

  229. Fairview Developers, Inc. V. Miller

  230. Fashion Exhibitors V. Gunter

  231. Feibus & Co. V. Godley Constr. Co

  232. Fieldcrest Cannon Employees Credit Union V. Mabes

  233. Figure Eight Beach Homeowners' Ass'n, Inc. V. Parker

  234. Fink V. Fink

  235. Fitzgerald V. Fitzgerald

  236. Fletcher V. Dana Corporation

  237. Flores V. Stacy Penny Masonry Co

  238. Foster V. Crandell

  239. Foster V. U.S. Airways, Inc

  240. Foster V. Western-Electric Co

  241. Foster V. Winston-Salem Joint Venture

  242. Francine Delany New Sch. For Children, Inc

  243. Franklin V. Winn Dixie Raleigh, Inc

  244. Franklin V. Winn Dixie Raliegh, Inc

  245. Freeland V. Orange Cty

  246. Freeman V. Freeman

  247. Freeman V. Pacific Life Ins. Co

  248. Friedland V. Gales

  249. Fulghum V. Town Of Selma

  250. Gardner V. Black

  251. Gardner V. Gardner

  252. Garlock V. Henson

  253. Gaskill V. Jennette Enters., Inc

  254. Gay V. J.P. Stevens & Co

  255. Gibbons V. Cole

  256. Godwin V. Walls

  257. Gold Mining Co. V. Lumber Co

  258. Gordon V. Gordon

  259. Grace Baptist Church V. City Of Oxford

  260. Graham Court Assoc. V. Town Of Chapel Hill

  261. Green V. Green

  262. Gregg V. Williamson

  263. Griffin V. Baucom

  264. Guyther V. Nationwide Mut. Fire Ins. Co

  265. Hagler V. Hagler

  266. Hairston V. Alexander Tank & Equipment Co

  267. Hale V. Afro-American Arts International

  268. Hankins V. Somers

  269. Hargett V. Holland

  270. Harrison V. Herbin

  271. Hartman V. Hartman

  272. Hatchett V. Hitchcock Corporation

  273. Havey V. Valentine

  274. Hayes V. Turner

  275. Hayman V. Ramada Inn, Inc

  276. Hemby V. Hemby

  277. Hemphill-Nolan V. Town Of Weddington

  278. Henderson V. Lebauer

  279. Hendrickson V. Lee

  280. Hicks V. Albertson

  281. Hicks V. Hicks

  282. Higgins V. Simmons

  283. Highfill V. Williamson

  284. Highway Comm. V. Mode

  285. Hill. V. Hill

  286. Hobbs V. N.C. Dep't Of Hum. Res

  287. Hodge V. N.C. Dep't Of Transp

  288. Holley V. Acts, Inc

  289. Honeycutt V. Farmers & Merchants Bank

  290. Hoover V. Hospital, Inc

  291. Horton V. Carolina Medicorp, Inc

  292. Houser V. Hawkins

  293. Howard V. City Of Kinston

  294. Howard V. Travelers Insurance Cos

  295. Howerton V. Arai Helmet, Ltd

  296. Huang V. N.C. State University

  297. Hunter V. Guardian Life Ins. Co. Of Am

  298. Hunter V. Spaulding

  299. Huntley V. Howard Lisk Co

  300. In Re A.B.D

  301. In Re A.D.L

  302. In Re A.J.H-R

  303. In Re A.K

  304. In Re A.L

  305. In Re Appeal Of Appalachian Student Housing Corp

  306. In Re Appeal Of Church Of The Creator

  307. In Re Application Of Ellis

  308. In Re Ballard

  309. In Re Berry

  310. In Re C.T

  311. In Re C.T. & B.T

  312. In Re C.T. & R.S

  313. In Re D.C

  314. In Re Davis

  315. In Re Eller

  316. In Re Estate Of Pate

  317. In Re Estate Of Trogdon

  318. In Re Everett

  319. In Re Faircloth

  320. In Re Ferrell

  321. In Re Hartsock

  322. In Re Hayes

  323. In Re Higgins

  324. In Re Howell

  325. In Re I.R.T

  326. In Re J.B

  327. In Re J.E

  328. In Re K.A.D

  329. In Re Khork

  330. In Re King

  331. In Re M.B

  332. In Re Malone

  333. In Re Mitchell

  334. In Re Murphy

  335. In Re N.C.H

  336. In Re Revocation Of License Of Wright

  337. In Re S.D.J

  338. In Re S.E.P

  339. In Re S.F.,n.C

  340. In Re Scott

  341. In Re Shue

  342. In Re Ward

  343. In Re Whitley

  344. In re Grubb

  345. In re Owens

  346. In re T.C.S

  347. In re T.R.B

  348. In re Will of Burton

  349. In re Will of Charles

  350. In re Will of Dunn

  351. Inman V. Inman

  352. Insurance Co. V. Faulkner

  353. Integon Indemnity Corp. V. Universal Underwriters Ins. Co

  354. Ivey V. Rose

  355. J.M. Westall & Co., Inc. V. Windswept View Of Asheville, Inc

  356. Jacobs V. Hill's Food Stores, Inc

  357. James V. Lemmons

  358. Jenco V. Signature Homes, Inc

  359. Jenkins v. Jenkins

  360. Joe Newton, Inc. V. Tull

  361. Johnson V. First Union Corp

  362. Jolley V. General Motors Corp

  363. Jones V. Lowe's Companies

  364. Jones V. Lowe's Cos

  365. Jones V. Patience

  366. Joyner V. A. J. Carey Oil Co

  367. Kennedy V. Gardner

  368. Key V. Burchette

  369. Kimberly v. Howland

  370. Kimbrell's Of Sanford V. Kps

  371. Kirby v. Stores Corp

  372. Kisiah V. W.R. Kisiah Plumbing

  373. Kitchin V. Halifax County

  374. Lail V. Woods

  375. Lakey V. U.S. Airways, Inc

  376. Lamm V. Lamm

  377. Lewis V. Setty

  378. Liberty Finance Co. v. North Augusta Computer Store

  379. Liptrap V. City Of High Point

  380. Liss v. Seamark Foods

  381. Little V. Hamel

  382. Lockert V. Lockert

  383. Lockwood V. Mccaskill

  384. Loy V. Lorm Corp

  385. Lust V. Fountain Of Life, Inc

  386. Lyles V. City Of Charlotte

  387. Maharias V. Storage Co

  388. Mapp V. Toyota World, Inc

  389. Market America V. Christman-Orth

  390. Marshall V. Miller

  391. Mason V. Dwinnell

  392. McMillan v. Robeson Cty

  393. Mcaninch V. Buncombe Cty. Sch

  394. Mcbride V. Mcbride

  395. Mcclure V. Cty. Of Jackson

  396. Mciver V. Smith

  397. Mcmillan V. Mahoney

  398. Mcneil V. Hartford Accident And Indemnity Co

  399. Mcrae V. Toastmaster, Inc

  400. Megremis V. Megremis

  401. Meiselman V. Meiselman

  402. Miller V. Asheville

  403. Miller V. Belk

  404. Miller V. Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co

  405. Miller V. Ruth's Of North Carolina, Inc

  406. Mizell V. K-Mart Corp

  407. Montgomery V. Montgomery

  408. Moore V. Standard Mineral Co

  409. Mosley V. Finance Co

  410. Mullis V. Sechrest

  411. Murray V. Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co

  412. Myers V. Myers

  413. N.C. Dep't Of Corr. V. Gibson

  414. N.C. Dept. Of Correction V. Hodge

  415. N.C. Dept. Of Correction V. Myers

  416. N.C. Dept. Of Transportation V. Hodge

  417. N.C. State Highway Comm'n V. Nuckles

  418. Napier V. Napier

  419. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co. V. Douglas

  420. Nelson V. Freeland

  421. Nolan v. Village of Marvin

  422. Northfield Dev. Co. V. Burlington

  423. Oakley v. Oakley

  424. Offerman v. Offerman

  425. Olympic Products Co. V. Roof Systems, Inc

  426. Orange County V. N.C. Dep't Of Transp

  427. Outen V. Mical

  428. Palmer V. Wilkins, Com'r Of Motor Vehicles

  429. Palmer v. Jackson

  430. Parris v. Light

  431. Payne v. N.C. Dept. of Human Resources

  432. Peagler V. Tyson Foods, Inc

  433. Peden Gen. Contrs., Inc. v. Bennett

  434. Peebles V. Moore

  435. Pendergrass V. Card Care, Inc

  436. Peoples v. Norwood

  437. Perkins V. Perkins

  438. Petersen V. Rogers

  439. Phelps v. Winston-Salem

  440. Phillips V. U.S. Air, Inc

  441. Pierce v. Johnson

  442. Pinckney V. Baker

  443. Pitcock V. Fox

  444. Pitman v. Feldspar Corp

  445. Pleasant V. Johnson

  446. Poore V. Poore

  447. Pope v. Goodson

  448. Powers v. Powers

  449. Price V. Howard

  450. Raintree Homeowners Assn. V. Bleimann

  451. Register v. White

  452. Rehm v. Rehm

  453. Renner V. Hawk

  454. Rice V. Danas, Inc

  455. Robbins V. Nicholson

  456. Robbins v. Ingham

  457. Roberts V. Southeastern Magnesia And Asbestos Co

  458. Robertson v. Robertson

  459. Rogerson V. Fitzpatrick

  460. Rose V. Currituck County Bd. Of Education

  461. Russos v. Wheaton Indus

  462. Sanders V. American Spirit Ins. Co

  463. Sara Lee Corp. v. Carter

  464. Schenk v. HNA Holdings, Inc

  465. Scott v. Statesville Plywood and Veneer Co., Inc

  466. Seagraves v. Austin Co. of Greensboro

  467. Sealey V. Grine

  468. Shelton V. Morehead Memorial Hospital

  469. Shoaf v. Kimberly-Clark Corp

  470. Sikes v. Sikes

  471. Simons v. Lebrun

  472. Skinner v. Preferred Credit

  473. Slaughter v. Slaughter

  474. Smith V. Butler Mtn. Estates Property Owners Assoc

  475. Smythe v. Waffle House

  476. Snow v. Power Co

  477. Sorrells V. M.Y.B. Hospitality Ventures Of Asheville

  478. Southland Assoc. Realtors V. Miner

  479. Sparks v. Mountain Breeze Rest

  480. Squires V. Squires

  481. Stafford v. Stafford

  482. Stanley v. Laughter

  483. Stansel V. Mcintyre

  484. State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Co. v. Southard

  485. State Farm Fire & Cas. Co. V. Darsie

  486. State V. Acolatse

  487. State V. Adams

  488. State V. Agnew

  489. State V. Ahearn

  490. State V. Allen

  491. State V. Alston

  492. State V. Ashe

  493. State V. Autry

  494. State V. Baker

  495. State V. Baldwin

  496. State V. Ballard

  497. State V. Barnes

  498. State V. Beatty

  499. State V. Bell

  500. State V. Bellamy

  501. State V. Benfield

  502. State V. Black

  503. State V. Blair

  504. State V. Bolinger

  505. State V. Boon

  506. State V. Boston

  507. State V. Boyce

  508. State V. Boyd

  509. State V. Bracey

  510. State V. Brady

  511. State V. Braswell

  512. State V. Braxton

  513. State V. Brooks

  514. State V. Brown

  515. State V. Bruno

  516. State V. Bryant

  517. State V. Bundridge

  518. State V. Butler

  519. State V. Campbell

  520. State V. Canady

  521. State V. Cao

  522. State V. Capps

  523. State V. Carpenter

  524. State V. Carr

  525. State V. Carson

  526. State V. Carter

  527. State V. Cartwright

  528. State V. Chapman

  529. State V. Coble

  530. State V. Corn

  531. State V. Cox

  532. State V. Cronin

  533. State V. Crumbley

  534. State V. Curmon

  535. State V. Davidson

  536. State V. Davis

  537. State V. Dent

  538. State V. Diaz

  539. State V. Dula

  540. State V. Eason

  541. State V. Ellis

  542. State V. Evans

  543. State V. Farlow

  544. State V. Featherson

  545. State V. Fennell

  546. State V. Fleming

  547. State V. Forte

  548. State V. Fowler

  549. State V. Frazier

  550. State V. Freeman

  551. State V. Fulcher

  552. State V. Gainey

  553. State V. Garnett

  554. State V. Gayton

  555. State V. Gibson

  556. State V. Gilmore

  557. State V. Ginyard

  558. State V. Gladden

  559. State V. Goodman

  560. State V. Green

  561. State V. Grice

  562. State V. Gunter

  563. State V. Hall

  564. State V. Hardy

  565. State V. Harold

  566. State V. Harris

  567. State V. Hartness

  568. State V. Hemby

  569. State V. Hemphill

  570. State V. Hennis

  571. State V. Herring

  572. State V. Hill

  573. State V. Hinnant

  574. State V. Hinton

  575. State V. Hopkins

  576. State V. Hughes

  577. State V. Hunt

  578. State V. Hunter

  579. State V. Hyatt

  580. State V. Irwin

  581. State V. Jacobs

  582. State V. James

  583. State V. Jessup

  584. State V. Johnson

  585. State V. Jones

  586. State V. Jordan

  587. State V. Kirby

  588. State V. Kyle

  589. State V. Lane

  590. State V. Lee

  591. State V. Little

  592. State V. Littlejohn

  593. State V. Lynch

  594. State V. Lyons

  595. State V. Maher

  596. State V. Malette

  597. State V. Mays

  598. State V. Mcarthur

  599. State V. Mccarver

  600. State V. Mcclendon

  601. State V. Mccoy

  602. State V. Mcgee

  603. State V. Mchone

  604. State V. Mewborn

  605. State V. Miller

  606. State V. Moore

  607. State V. Morgan

  608. State V. Mullican

  609. State V. Nettles

  610. State V. Odom

  611. State V. O'hanlan

  612. State V. O'neal

  613. State V. Pait

  614. State V. Petty

  615. State V. Pierce

  616. State V. Powell

  617. State V. Qualls

  618. State V. Rael

  619. State V. Rich

  620. State V. Rinck

  621. State V. Ripley

  622. State V. Robinson

  623. State V. Rosario

  624. State V. Rushing

  625. State V. Sanderson

  626. State V. Scott

  627. State V. Shook

  628. State V. Singletary

  629. State V. Smith

  630. State V. Sneed

  631. State V. Starnes

  632. State V. Sumpter

  633. State V. Thompson

  634. State V. Tillett

  635. State V. Tucker

  636. State V. Walters

  637. State V. Washington

  638. State V. Watlington

  639. State V. White

  640. State V. Wilborn

  641. State V. Wilds

  642. State V. Williams

  643. State V. Willoughby

  644. State V. Wilson

  645. State ex rel. Pilard v. Berninger

  646. State v. Agee

  647. State v. Alexander

  648. State v. Anderson

  649. State v. Aytche

  650. State v. Bagley

  651. State v. Bass

  652. State v. Bingham

  653. State v. Bishop

  654. State v. Blackstock

  655. State v. Brice

  656. State v. Clark

  657. State v. Crump

  658. State v. Cummings

  659. State v. Deal

  660. State v. Fernandez

  661. State v. Fletcher

  662. State v. Flowers

  663. State v. Golphin

  664. State v. Guevara

  665. State v. Hanton

  666. State v. Hooks

  667. State v. Hoyle

  668. State v. Jackson

  669. State v. Jennings

  670. State v. Joyner

  671. State v. Lamb

  672. State v. Langley

  673. State v. Leach

  674. State v. Leggett

  675. State v. Lewis

  676. State v. Lyles

  677. State v. Macon

  678. State v. McGriff

  679. State v. McGuire

  680. State v. McLamb

  681. State v. McLellan

  682. State v. Moncree

  683. State v. Montgomery

  684. State v. Nance

  685. State v. Norris

  686. State v. Olson

  687. State v. Pagon

  688. State v. Paige

  689. State v. Parker

  690. State v. Patterson

  691. State v. Pearson

  692. State v. Peaten

  693. State v. Perry

  694. State v. Phelps

  695. State v. Phifer

  696. State v. Poole

  697. State v. Porter

  698. State v. Prevatte

  699. State v. Proctor

  700. State v. Pruitt

  701. State v. Rambert

  702. State v. Ramseur

  703. State v. Randolph

  704. State v. Rannels

  705. State v. Ray

  706. State v. Rhinehart

  707. State v. Richardson

  708. State v. Riggs

  709. State v. Roland

  710. State v. Ross

  711. State v. Rush

  712. State v. Scercy

  713. State v. Shores

  714. State v. Sinclair

  715. State v. Stevens

  716. State v. Stockton

  717. State v. Stonestreet

  718. State v. Sturdivant

  719. State v. Tate

  720. State v. Taylor

  721. State v. Teasley

  722. State v. Thacker

  723. State v. Tillery

  724. State v. Torain

  725. State v. Torres

  726. State v. Trejo

  727. State v. Trexler

  728. State v. Turner

  729. State v. Tyler

  730. State v. Tyndall

  731. State v. Urban

  732. State v. Valladares

  733. State v. Verrier

  734. State v. Warren

  735. State v. Weems

  736. State v. Welch

  737. State v. West

  738. State v. Westbrooks

  739. State v. Wheeler

  740. State v. Whitaker

  741. State v. Whittington

  742. State v. Wilkerson

  743. State v. Winston

  744. State v. Young

  745. State v. Zuniga

  746. Stevons V. Charles

  747. Stines V. Willyng, Inc

  748. Storey v. Hailey

  749. Swain v. Swain

  750. Swenson v. Assurance Co

  751. Swift v. Richardson Sports, Ltd

  752. Symons Corp. v. Quality Concrete Constr., Inc

  753. Szymczyk v. Signs Now Corp

  754. Taylor V. Brinkman

  755. Taylor V. City Of Raleigh

  756. Taylor V. Nationsbank Corp

  757. Teasley V. Beck

  758. Thacker V. City Of Winston-Salem

  759. Tharp V. Southern Gables

  760. Thomason v. Cab Co

  761. Thompson V. Horrell

  762. Thompson V. Newman

  763. Thompson v. Hamrick

  764. Travco Hotels, Inc. V. Piedmont Natural Gas Co., Inc

  765. Trexler V. Pollock

  766. Trustees of Garden of Prayer Baptist Church v. Geraldco Builders

  767. Turner v. Duke University

  768. United States Fidelity And Guarantee Company V. Johnson

  769. Urciolo v. Urciolo

  770. Vernon V. Barrow

  771. Vernon v. Steven L. Mabe Builders

  772. Vester V. Nash Rocky Mount Board Of Education

  773. VisionAIR, Inc. v. James

  774. Walker v. Walker

  775. Walters V. Blair

  776. Walters V. Walters

  777. Washington V. Horton

  778. Weatherford v. American National Can Co

  779. Wesley V. Greyhound Lines, Inc

  780. Westbrook V. Cobb

  781. Westfeldt v. Reynolds

  782. Whaley V. Rhodes

  783. White v. Hunsinger

  784. Whitford V. Gaskill

  785. Whitmire v. Cooper

  786. Wicker V. Holland

  787. Wilder v. Hill

  788. Williams v. Kuppenheimer Mfg. Co

  789. Williamson v. Bennett

  790. Williamson v. Williamson

  791. Wilson Building Co. V. Thorneburg Hosiery Co

  792. Wilson v. Wilson

  793. Woods V. Smith

  794. Woodson v. Rowland

  795. Worthington V. Bynum And Cogdell V. Bynum

  796. Wrenn V. Hillcrest Convalescent Home, Inc

  797. Wright V. Wright

  798. Wright v. Town of Matthews

  799. Yancey v. Watkins

  800. Young V. R.R

  801. Young v. Hickory Bus. Furn

  802. Young v. Hickory Bus. Furniture

  803. Zenobile v. McKecuen

  804. Zickgraf Enterprises, Inc. V. Yonce

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