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  1. Ohio Recreational User Law

  2. Statutory Notice Provisions

  3. Minor Misdemeanor Arrest Ohio

  4. Foreseeability Of Injury In Ohio

  5. Ice Snow Accidents Cases In Ohio

  6. Public ''record'' Definition Ohio

  7. Summary Judgment Evidence In Ohio

  8. Medical Malpractice Of Blood Banks

  9. Political Subdivision Immunity Ohio

  10. Summary Judgment Requirements In Ohio

  11. Slip And Fall Snow Or Ice Cases In Ohio

  12. Is Traffic Stop Up To 20 Minutes Reasonable ?

  13. Motion To Dismiss For Failure To State A Claim Ohio

  14. Is The Possibility Of Parole A Constitutional Right ?

  15. Principles Of Insurance Policy Interpretation In Ohio

  16. Hospitals Liability For Employee's Negligence In Ohio

  17. Employer's Knowledge Of Substantial Certainty Of Harm

  18. Eliciting Out Of Court Statements Made By The Other Co-Defendant

  19. Employees Death In Car Accident Not Within The Scope Of Employment

  20. Special Relation Between Psychotherapist And Third Person-Outpatient

  21. Ohio Domicile Laws

  22. Revised Code 3109.04

  23. Police Over-Reaching

  24. Fraud Elements In Ohio

  25. Motion To Remit A Bond

  26. Crim.R. 11 Interpretation

  27. The Fiscal Relation Test

  28. R.C. 119.09 Interpretation

  29. R C 119.12 Interpretation

  30. R.C. 119.12 Interpretation

  31. R.C 2307.92 Interpretation

  32. R.C. 2717.01 Interpretation

  33. R.C. 2935.26 Interpretation

  34. R.C. 2925.03 Interpretation

  35. R.C. 3105.18 Interpretation

  36. R.C. 3105.73 Interpretation

  37. R.C. 2945.38 Interpretation

  38. R.C. 2323.51 Interpretation

  39. R.C. 2945.71 Interpretation

  40. Crim.R. 32.1 Interpretation

  41. R.C. 3937.18 Interpretation

  42. R.C. 2929.11 Interpretation

  43. R.C. 2711.01 Interpretation

  44. R.C. 2505.02 Interpretation

  45. R.C. 2929.18 Interpretation

  46. R.C. 2953.32 Interpretation

  47. R.C. 2929.19 Interpretation

  48. R.C. 1329.01 Interpretation

  49. R.C. 3113.31 Interpretation

  50. Waiver Or Estoppel In Ohio

  51. Abuse Of Process Tort Ohio

  52. Mary Carter Agreement Ohio

  53. Case Involving Juv Rule 29

  54. Recanted Witness Testimony

  55. Corruption Of A Minor Ohio

  56. R.C. 4123.519 Interpretation

  57. R.C. 2907.323 Interpretation

  58. R.C. 3113.215 Interpretation

  59. R.C. 2950.034 Interpretation

  60. Wanton And Reckless Conduct

  61. Civ. R. 10(D) Interpretation

  62. Case Involving Crim.R. 32(A)

  63. O.R.C. 2923.03 Interpretation

  64. Crim.R. 32(C) Interpretation

  65. R.C 3109.04(E) Interpretation

  66. Menacing By Stalking In Ohio

  67. Evid.R. 601(B) Interpretation

  68. R.C. 2913.11(C) Interpretation

  69. R.C. 2950.09(B) Interpretation

  70. R.C. 2941.25(A) Interpretation

  71. R.C. 2929.12(A) Interpretation

  72. R.C. 2317.02(A) Interpretation

  73. R.C. 2305.11(A) Interpretation

  74. R.C. 2945.71(C) Interpretation

  75. R.C. 2925.03(A) Interpretation

  76. R.C. 3107.07(A) Interpretation

  77. R.C. 2929.14(B) Interpretation

  78. Case Involving R.C. 2945.72(E)

  79. R.C. 2505.02(B) Interpretation

  80. R.C. 2305.10(G) Interpretation

  81. Sup.R. 41(B)(1) Interpretation

  82. R C 3105.18 C 1 Interpretation

  83. O.R.C. 149.011(G) Interpretation

  84. Retroactive Child Support Ohio

  85. Crim.R. 12(C)(3) Interpretation

  86. Legal Definition Of ''Reckless''

  87. O.R.C. 2907.06(B) Interpretation

  88. Ohio Reasonable Regulatory Fee

  89. Rule Of Reason Analysis Factors

  90. Ohio Civ R 60(B) Interpretation

  91. What Are The Elements Of Fraud ?

  92. Ohio Crim R 7(D) Interpretation

  93. R.C. Chapter 2950 Interpretation

  94. R.C. 2744.03(A)(5) Interpretation

  95. R.C. 4112.01(A)(2) Interpretation

  96. R.C. 2911.02(A)(1) Interpretation

  97. R.C. 1345.09(F)(2) Interpretation

  98. R.C. 2967.28(B)(2) Interpretation

  99. R.C. 2911.02(A)(2) Interpretation

  100. R.C. 2925.03(A)(1) Interpretation

  101. R.C. 3109.04(D)(2) Interpretation

  102. R.C. 2923.31(I)(2) Interpretation

  103. Fed. R. App. P4(B) Interpretation

  104. Negligence By A Blood Bank Cases

  105. Parol Evidence Rule Case In Ohio

  106. Ohio Shotgun Motions To Suppress

  107. Ohio Civ. R. 56(C) Interpretation

  108. Acquittal First Jury Instruction

  109. R.C. 2907.323(A)(3) Interpretation

  110. Last Injurious Exposure Rule Ohio

  111. Fed R Civ P 37 B 2 Interpretation

  112. Motion To Disqualify Counsel Ohio

  113. Allied Offenses Of Similar Import

  114. Fed R Evid 803 (3) Interpretation

  115. Contempt Of Court Elements In Ohio

  116. Ohio Evid. R. 404(B) Interpretation

  117. R.C. 3109.04(E)(1)(A) Interpretation

  118. Involuntary Commitment Laws In Ohio

  119. Motion To Withdraw Guilty Plea Ohio

  120. An Award Of Punitive Damages In Ohio

  121. Civ.R. 56 Motion For Summary Judgment

  122. Crim.R. 17.1, 22 And 44 Interpretation

  123. Fed. R. Evid. 804(B)(3) Interpretation

  124. Test To Determine ''Excusable Neglect''

  125. Elements Of Unjust Enrichment In Ohio

  126. When Is An Individual's Claim Typical ?

  127. Lack Of Informed Consent Claim In Ohio

  128. Fed. R. Crim. P. 11(C)(2) Interpretation

  129. Writ Of Habeas Corpus Under R.C. 2725.04

  130. Does Writing Itself Prove An Agreement ?

  131. The History Of Punitive Damages In Ohio

  132. Ohio Civil Rule 60(B)(5) Interpretation

  133. Application For Increase In PPD In Ohio

  134. Ability To Work Light Despite An Injury

  135. Legal Definition Of ''Constructive Trust''

  136. Indefinite Terms Of Imprisonment In Ohio

  137. R.C. 2927.01 The Abuse-Of-A-Corpse Statute

  138. Admissibility Of Business Records In Ohio

  139. Insurance Contracts Interpretation In Ohio

  140. Civ.R. 15(D) And Civ.R. 3(A) Unnamed Parties

  141. Section 2305.11(A) Of The Ohio Revised Code

  142. R.C. 2903.12(A)(1) And (A)(2) Interpretation

  143. Enhanced Penalty Pursuant To R.C. 2929.71(A)

  144. Low IQ - Termination Of The Parental Rights

  145. What Is The Test For Scheduled Loss Awards ?

  146. Separate Punishment For Kidnapping And Rape

  147. Damages For Closing Of A Public Way In Ohio

  148. Crim. R. 52(B) Plain Error In Criminal Cases

  149. Hearsay Testimony Of An Unavailable Witness

  150. Custodial Interrogation Traffic Stop In Ohio

  151. Slip And Fall Injury In A Restaurant In Ohio

  152. Implied Easement In A Private Street In Ohio

  153. Filing A Copy Of The Notice Of Appeal In Ohio

  154. No Foster Sentencing Error Made By Trial Court

  155. Ohio Rule Of Civil Procedure 23 Interpretation

  156. Plea Bargain That Included An Erroneous Belief

  157. On What Basis Is The Attorney-Fee Award Decided

  158. Jury Instruction On The Definition Of ''Purpose''

  159. Slip And Fall Accident Business Invitee In Ohio

  160. When Can Statutes Operate Retroactively In Ohio ?

  161. Appealing An Order Determining Priority Of Liens

  162. Connection Between Injury And Employment In Ohio

  163. Jury Instructions About The Right To Remain Silent

  164. Contempt Outside The Physical Presence Of The Judge

  165. Continuances Premised On Illness Of Lawyers In Ohio

  166. Abuse Of Discretion Standard In Child Support Cases

  167. Determining Whether A Motion To Intervene Is Timely

  168. Regulation Of Use Of Publicly Owned Property In Ohio

  169. Loss Of Property Tax Dollars From A Transfer In Ohio

  170. Real Estate Agent Failure To Exercise Proper Caution

  171. Police Search Beyond The Literal Command Of A Warrant

  172. What Factors Are Important To Define Operating Cycle ?

  173. Does R.C. 2950.09 Apply Retroactively To Sex Offenders ?

  174. Trial Court's Discovery Order Not Final And Appealable

  175. Is An Order Denying A Motion Final And Is It Appeable ?

  176. Discharge Of An Employee In Violation Of Public Policy

  177. Is Medical Treatment An Exception To The Hearsay Rule ?

  178. Is An Ordinance Which Violates A City Charter Invalid ?

  179. Difference Between Terry Stop And A Usual Traffic Stop

  180. Suppression Of Information On Health Hazards Of Smoking

  181. Filing Of An Application To Seal A Record Of Conviction

  182. Are Pictures Of Unborn Children Admissible As Evidence ?

  183. Time-Extension Provisions In Workers Compensation Cases

  184. Insurance Policy Exclusion Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

  185. Work Related Anxiety Disorder With Panic Attacks In Ohio

  186. Ohio Case Involving Alleged Wrongful Conduct As A Broker

  187. Should Termination Of Parental Rights Be The Last Resort ?

  188. Does A Lease Provide A Lessee Right Of Perpetual Renewal ?

  189. Latitude In Considering All The Evidence In Custody Cases

  190. The Procedure For Appointed Counsel Who Wants To Withdraw

  191. Did Charge Of Drug Possession Arise From The DUI Charges ?

  192. What Is A Nunc Pro Tunc Order And When Should It Be Used ?

  193. Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress Elements Ohio

  194. Waiving The Right To A Speedy Trial As To An Initial Charge

  195. Determining Distance From A School In Drug Trafficking Cases

  196. Lack Of Probable Cause For A DUI Arrest Example Case In Ohio

  197. Does The Sale Price Of Real Property Reflect Its True Value ?

  198. What Does Eligibility For Unemployment Benefits Depend Upon ?

  199. Authority Of The Guardian Upon The Death Of His Ward In Ohio

  200. Is Incarceration Alone A Basis To Terminate An Award Of Ptd ?

  201. Mailing Date As Notice Date For Calculating Limitations Time

  202. Imposing Sentences Greater Than The Maximum Sentences In Ohio

  203. What Is The Three-Part Test For Piercing The Corporate World ?

  204. Evidence To Determine Rejection Of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  205. Difference Between Between Civil And Criminal Contempt In Ohio

  206. What Is The Doctrine Of Quantum Meriut And When Is It Awarded ?

  207. Firing For Employees Violation Of A Written Work Rule Or Policy

  208. Does Authority Of A Guardian Terminate After Death Of His Ward ?

  209. Workers' Compensation For A Teacher Who Does School Work At Home

  210. When Can A Car Being Driven In An Unsafe Condition Be Impounded ?

  211. Can Trial Courts Impose Prison Sentence Without Giving A Reason ?

  212. Case About Minor Victim's Repressed Memories Of The Alleged Abuse

  213. Refusal To Accept A Plea Because Court's Plea Deadline Had Passed

  214. Claims Of Liability Arising Out Of Hired Or Non-Owned Automobiles

  215. Jury Was Asked Not To Use Criminal Defendant's Silence Against Him

  216. Statutorily Enumerated Findings When Imposing Consecutive Sentence

  217. What Are The Consequences Of A Mistake Of Law By A Police Officer ?

  218. Adverse Possession In Ohio Is Not Applicable To Municipal Property

  219. Enforcing A Contract Between The Hospital And The Negligent Doctor

  220. Is A Testifying Witness Required To Identify The Accused At Trial ?

  221. Commission Rejected Doctor's Statement Regarding Date Of Disability

  222. Ohio Underinsured Motorist Claim Not Within The Scope Of Employment

  223. City Liability For Accidents - No Evidence Of Increased Risk Of Harm

  224. Can An Employer Be Held Liable For An Intentional Act Of An Employee ?

  225. Dispute Concerning An Audit Of Medicaid-Covered Nursing Home Services

  226. May An Employee Assert A Cause Of Action For Fraud In The Inducement ?

  227. Trial Court Allowed Alternate Jurors To Be Present During Deliberations

  228. Elements Of A Claim Of Wrongful Discharge In Violation Of Public Policy

  229. Parental Unfitness For A Child Who Is Not Abandoned Or Orphaned In Ohio

  230. Does Erroneous Magistrate's Order Divest Juvenile Court Of Jurisdiction ?

  231. Maker's Liability For A Contract That Was Induced By Fraud In The Factum

  232. On What Ground Does An Individual Have Standing To Challenge An Ordinance

  233. Determining Whether Individual Questions Predominate Over Common Questions

  234. When Does A Criminal Defendant Entitled To Court-Appointed Lawyer In Ohio ?

  235. Can An Employee Be Terminated If Her Actions Undermine Workplace Security ?

  236. Was The Termination Of The Employee Wrong As He Was Qualified For The Job ?

  237. Is Abuse Of Discretion An Unreasonable Arbitary Or Unconscionable Attitude ?

  238. Can Threat To Injure Justify Elevation Of The Offense From Theft To Robbery ?

  239. Can The Controlling Board Of A State Waive Competitive Bidding Requirements ?

  240. Can Resignation Of A Public Office Take Effect Until It Is Formally Accepted ?

  241. Does An Employee Have Standing To Bring Suit To Enforce An Arbitration Award ?

  242. Ohio Standard Of Review When A Claim Of Insufficiency Of The Evidence Is Made

  243. Ohio Employers Liability When A Supervisor Creates A Hostile Work Environment

  244. Ohio Municipal Control Over The Use Of Municipal Streets By Utility Companies

  245. Do Political Subdivisions Have A Duty To Keep Public Roadways Safe For Travel ?

  246. What Are The Anti-Stacking Provisions Regarding Automibile Insurance Policies ?

  247. Limitations Period Of Filing Of CSPA Claim In Case Of A Continuing Transaction

  248. PDT Compensation For Getting Diagnosed With A Disease After Leaving Employment

  249. Can Court Costs Be Imposed Upon A Convicted Person In A Criminal Procescution ?

  250. Should A Purchaser Have Actual Knowledge Of An Unrecorded Land Use Restriction

  251. Is R C 2317.45 Enacted As Part Of The Tort Reform Act Of 1987 Unconstitutional ?

  252. Are Litigation Expenses Generally Defined As Statutory Fees Which Can Be Taxed ?

  253. Legal Malpractice Action Against An Attorney Who Has Provided No Legal Services

  254. What Is Required To Be Determined In The Two-Step Approach In Late-Notice Cases ?

  255. What Burden-Shifting Exersise Should Occur In A Summary Judgement Determination ?

  256. Determining Whether Parent's Due Process Rights Are Being Violated In His Absence

  257. Can Parental Rights Be Terminated If A Parent Does Not Comply With Her Case Plan ?

  258. Determining Whether An Affidavit Contradicts Or Merely Supplements The Deposition

  259. Must Court Provide A Warning To The Defendant Regarding Seriousness Of The Trial ?

  260. Breach Of Duty On Part Of Animal Hospital In A Slip And Fall Case Not Established

  261. Determining Whether An Employer Committed An Intentional Tort Against An Employee

  262. Can Unsolicited Letters Be Considered Records For A Judge To Sentence A Defendant ?

  263. Are Statements Made By A Victim During An Emergency Nontestimonial And Admissible ?

  264. Was It Within Juvenile Court's Discretion To Impose A Three-Year Gun Specification ?

  265. Is A Claim Against A County Department In Effect A Claim Against The County Itself ?

  266. Is Liability Of An Individual Determined By His Status As A Licensee Or Trespasser ?

  267. Employee Could Not Provide Evidence Of Employer's Knowledge Of A Dangerous Condition

  268. Does Force Which Is Unlikely To Cause Injury To Victim Support A Robbery Conviction ?

  269. What Is The Difference Between An Indemnity Clause And An Additional Insured Clause ?

  270. Can Guarantors Use Their Own Negligence Of Not Reading A Document To Avoid Liabilty ?

  271. Should Terms Of Instrument Be Clear And Unambiguous For Creating An Express Easement ?

  272. Can A Person Be Granted Permanent Total Disabilty Compensation Solely Due To His Age ?

  273. Did Misdemeanor Offenses Of Which Individual Was Convicted Involve Immoral Behaviour ?

  274. Does An Officer Have Probable Cause To Arrest A Person Without A Field Sobriety Test ?

  275. Can A Party Take Advantage Of An Error Which He Himself Induced A Trial Court To Make ?

  276. Was Individual Arrested For Disorderly Conduct After Being Given Ample Proper Warning ?

  277. Determining Whether The Exclusionary Rule Should Be Applied Regarding A Search Warrant

  278. Does State's Failure To Establish Venue Constitute Plain Error And Discharge A Convict ?

  279. Should Determination Of Military Benefits Be Done In Terms Of Points Rather Than Years ?

  280. Is The Concept Of Qualified Privilege Based In Public Policy And Where Is It Applicable ?

  281. What Evidence Shoul Be Considered When An Individual Alleges That He Is Of Unsound Mind ?

  282. Are Statements Made To A Sex Abuse Investigator Adimissible Under The Hearsay Exception ?

  283. Can A Sentence Be Amended To Increase The Punishment Once Execution Of Sentence Has Begun ?

  284. Does An Owner-Occupier Have The Duty Of Insuring The Safety Of An Invitee On His Property ?

  285. Should There Be Evidence That Actual Malice Was Intended In Alleged Defamatory Statements ?

  286. Can An Individual's Lawful Sentence Be Increased After He Has Served Part Of That Sentence ?

  287. Are Statements Made After Suspect Is In Custody And Emergency Situation Is Over Admissible ?

  288. Does Use Of Question-First By Law-Enforcement Officers Render Miranda Warnings Ineffective ?

  289. Appealing A Decision Regarding An Award Of Vocational Services To Support University Tuition

  290. Can An Insurance Company Intervene In A Litigation Claiming It Had An Interest In The Action ?

  291. Does Lack Of Reasonable Suspicion Of Drug Activity Justify The Stopping Of A Van By Officers ?

  292. Was The Commission's Exercise Of Continuing Jurisdiction A Mistake Of Law Or A Mistake Of Fact ?

  293. Report Full Of Evidence Casting Aspirations On Individual's Credibility About Financial Matters

  294. Did Modification Regarding Air Conditioning And Heating Alter Fundamental Possessory Interests ?

  295. Can An Amendment Be Applied Retroactively Without Indication From The General Assembly To Do So ?

  296. Faliure Of Individual To Produce Any Evidence On Tax Issue During Distribution Of Marital Assets

  297. Determining Whether Admission Of Genetic Test Results Would Be In The Best Interests Of The Child

  298. Offset Social Security Benefits Of A Privately Employed Spouse Against Public Retirement Benefits

  299. Is A Non-Compete Agreement A Proposal To Renegotiate Terms Of An At-Will Employment Relationship ?

  300. Does Error Of Not Giving Instruction To The Jury With Regard To Each Count Amount To Plain Error ?

  301. Will An Employee's Friend Be Considered A Licensee Or Invitee If She Sustains Injury At The Hotel ?

  302. Can Employers Discharge Employees Who Complain About Patient Care Outside Quality Assurance Chain ?

  303. Does Vacation Of A Default Judgement Automatically Grant A Party Leave To File An Answer Instanter ?

  304. Is A Conviction Void For Lack Of Jurisdiction If Indictment Is Not Sufficient To Charge An Offence ?

  305. What Two-Step Analysis Should An Appellate Court Engage In When Determining If A Judgement Is Final ?

  306. Should The Party Charged With Implied Contract Of Storage Have Made Arrangements To Reclaim The Car ?

  307. Test To Determine When Convictions May Be Obtained For Two Or More Allied Offenses Of Similar Import

  308. Failure To Advise A Defendant That The Sentence Will Include A Mandatory Term Of Postrelease Control

  309. What Are The Guidelines To Determine Whether Kidnapping And Rape Are Committed With A Separate Animus ?

  310. Can A Person Who Does Not Have Current Validation And County Identification Sticker Operate A Vehicle ?

  311. Municipal Regulations Governing Use Of Streets Might Be Enacted Pursuant To The Municipal Police Power

  312. Are Regulations Enacted By State Board Regarding Entitlement To Disability Retirement Binding On SERS ?

  313. Can A Private Cause Of Action Be Brought Under The CPSA For A Credit-Card-Truncation Statute Violation ?

  314. Ohio Court's Authority To Correct A Sentence That Failed To Provide Notification Of Post Release Control

  315. Is It Courts Duty To Ensure That A Juvenile Understands The Rights He Waives By Admitting An Allegation ?

  316. How Does The Ohio Tort Law Ensure The Intent Of Former R C 3937.18 Regarding Automobile Insurance Policy ?

  317. Do Juvenile Courts Have Jurisdiction To Make Dispositional Orders After Statutory Time Period Has Passed ?

  318. Under The Terms Of Collective Bargaining Does An Employee Have Standing To Challenge An Arbitration Award

  319. Does The Pendency Of A Case In Federal Court Bar The Same Suit Between The Same Parties In A State Court ?

  320. What Is The Proper Measure Of Damages In Cases Where A Party Has Been Able To Repair Damage To A Building ?

  321. Can Bail Obligations Continue If Case Is Dismissed And No Criminal Charges Are Pending Against Individual ?

  322. Is Culpable Mental State Of Recklessness An Essential Element For Indictment In A Child Endangerment Case ?

  323. Constitutional Right To Due Process Not Denied As Transcript Of Hearing Not Provided To Court By Individual

  324. Probable Cause In An Offense Of A Continuing Nature When The Search Warrant Is Issued After A Lapse In Time

  325. Does Issuing A Signed Check On One's Own Name Where One Does Not Have A Checking Account Constitute Forgery ?

  326. Does Action Challenging Methods Used By Bank To Pay Bach Residential Mortgage Loans Come Under Class Action ?

  327. Are Power Of Local Self Government And Police Power Constitutional Grants Of Authority Equivalent In Dignity ?

  328. Does Action For Uninsured Motorist Benefits Accrue On The Date Of Accident In Case Of An Uninsured Tortfeasor ?

  329. Is Public Policy Of R.C.3937.18 Designed To Protect Persons Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents And Not Vehicles ?

  330. Is An Employer Liable For His Supervisor's Actions Not Committed Within The Course And Scope Of His Employment ?

  331. Is Self-Insurance A Legal Equivalent Of No Insurance For Purposes Of Allocation Of Uninsured Motorist Benefits ?

  332. Do Post Release Control Statutes Make All Prisoners Subject To Mandatory Or Discretionary Post Release Control ?

  333. Policy Holders Not Bound By Cfo's Agreement To Arbitrate As They Were Not Signatories To His Employment Contract

  334. Is Insurance Policy Exclusion Which Contains Langauge Excluding Other Vehicles Owned By The Named Insured Valid ?

  335. Was Verdict Overturned As There Was Sufficient Evidence That Testator Was Unduly Influenced When Executing Will ?

  336. No Competent Evidence Provided To Prove That Father Intended His Children To Benefit From His Insurance Proceeds

  337. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Allowing An Award Of Damages Based Upon Theory Of Unjust Enrichment ?

  338. Was Summary Judgment In Favor Of Employer Due To Lack Of Evidence That Co-Employer Created A Dangerous Condition ?

  339. Was City Responsible For Hazard Created By Existence Of Water On Floor Regarding Which Individual Had Complained ?

  340. Can An Independent Contractor Obtain Liability Insurance Naming The Owner Of A Premises As An Additional Insured ?

  341. Are An Individual's Due Process Rights Violated If State Destroys Evidence That He Has Specifically Requested For ?

  342. Are Unsolicited Letters Sent By Parents Regarding The Basketball Coach Records To Begin Investigation Against Him ?

  343. Principles Of Comparative Negligence In Determining Whether An Assured Clear Distance Violation Has Been Committed

  344. Can Force Be Established By Testimony That Defendant Purposely Compelled The Victim By Overcoming Her Will By Fear ?

  345. Probable Cause In Arresting An Individual Who Refuses To Undergo Field Sobriety Tests Based On Officer's Experience

  346. Sexual Conduct Took Place In The Home Of The Defendant A Non Parent Who Had The Position Of Authority Over The Child

  347. Does An Administrative Agency Have Only Such Regulatory Power Which Has Been Delegated To It By The General Assembly ?

  348. Does An Employee Have The Right To Recover The Difference Between The Fixed Rate Of Wages And The Amount Paid To Him ?

  349. Is Recovery Permitted For Emotional Distress Suffered By Individual Due To Intentional Interference With A Dead Body ?

  350. Does Forced Extraction Of An Imprisoned Person's Blood Or Saliva For DNA Analysis Violate His Fourth Amendment Rights ?

  351. Did Commission Abuse Its Discretion In Concluding That Individual's Original Injury At Workplace Was Not Reaggravated ?

  352. Is There Unfair Prejudice To Any Party's Interest If Substantial Compliance With Statutory Requirements Have Been Met ?

  353. Does Failure To File Original Notice Of Appeal With The Agency Constitute A Jurisdictional Defect Mandating Dismissal ?

  354. Can An Operator Of A Storage Lot Ask Payment For Towing And Storage Fees Pursuant To The Doctrine Of Implied Contract ?

  355. Does The Power To Regulate And Control Streets Within The Municipality Lie Within The Powers Of Local Self-Government ?

  356. Is The Municipality's Power To Transfer The Right To Use A Street To A Public Utility A Power Of Local Self Government ?

  357. Does New Statute Deny An Individual Any Rights Or Remedies Associated With Verdict Of Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity ?

  358. Diffuclty In Proving Rape Charges When Victim Is A Child With Limited Knowledge Of Body Parts And A Juvenile Vocabulary

  359. Are Best Interests Of A Child Served If Financial State Of Noncustodial Parent Is Better Than That Of Custodial Parent ?

  360. Is A Master Subject To Liability For The Torts Of His Servants Committed While Acting In The Scope Of Their Employment ?

  361. Can A Person Be Punished For Offenses Without A Trial Or An Opportunity To Defend Himself By Cross-Examining Witnesses ?

  362. Is There A Statutory Provision For Authorising An Appeal Following An Acquittal On Merits Of A Criminal Contempt Charge ?

  363. Can Failure To Notify Defendant Of Post-Release Control Be Remedied By Resentencing Him After Completion Of His Sentence ?

  364. If Convictions Arise From Same Conduct Multiple Convictions Are Allowed If They Are Not Allied Offenses Of Similar Import

  365. Is A Written Notice Required To Be Sent To The Bureau And Individual Making Claim Regarding Withdrawal From An Agreement ?

  366. Do Parents Involved In Custody Dispute Have A Right To Access Transcript Of In- Camera Interview Between Child And Judge ?

  367. Does Lack Of Work Exception Apply To An Employee Who Opts For Voluntary Termination Under A Scheme Started By An Employer ?

  368. Does The Statute Applied To Wrongful Death Actions Constitute An Improper Waiver Of Benefits And Is It Fundamentally Fair ?

  369. Does Lack Of Work Exception Apply To Employees Who Opt For Early Buy-Out Retirement Program Intended To Lower Labour Costs ?

  370. What Factors Should Be Considered To Determine That An Officer Has Reasonable Suspicion To Conduct Roadside Sobriety Tests ?

  371. Does Negligence In Constructing And Designing A Building Fall Within Coverage Policies Definition Of Occurrence Of Accident ?

  372. Termination Of Pdt When Claimant Had Not Participated In Any Significant Activity Inconsistent With His Medical Restrictions

  373. Is It The General Assembly's Intent To Limit The Amount Of UIM Benefits To That Which Is Available Under An Insured's Policy ?

  374. Can Affidavits For Post-Trial Relief Be Rejected Due To Their Lack Of Credibility If D.N.A. Evidence Implicates The Defendant ?

  375. Class Certification Inappropriate As Proof Of Actual Damages For Each Customer Required Before Liability Could Be Established

  376. Can A Contract Be Terminated At-Will If The Parties' Intent To Bind Each Other Is Not Specifically Mentioned In The Contract ?

  377. Should The State Burden Muncipalities With An Additional Expense If It Has Other Feasible Alternatives To Accomplish Its Aim ?

  378. Can Liability Of A Hospital Be Premised On The Doctrine Of Respondeat Superior Or Agency By Estoppel Or Its Negligent Conduct ?

  379. What Appellate Standard Should Be Applied When A Civil Judgement Is Challenged On The Basis Of Manifest Weight Of The Evidence ?

  380. Is Individual Proof Of Each Transaction Required To Determine Liability Of Insurance Company On Selling Replacement Insurance ?

  381. Should The State Ensure That An Individual Gets A Fair Opportunity To Present His Defense In A Criminal Proceeding Against Him ?

  382. In A Sexual Abuse Case Involving A Father Can Force Be Subtle And Psychological Considering His Position Of Authority Over Her ?

  383. Is Exclusion Of UM And UIM Coverage For Vehicle Owned By Or Furnished Or Available For Use Of Insurer Or A Family Member Valid ?

  384. Can A Set Off And Anti-Stacking Provisions Be Enforced Under Underinsured Motorist Coverage In Context Of Wrongful Death Claims ?

  385. Was Challenge To Will Denied As There Was Insufficient Evidence To Show That Testator Was Under Undue Influence Of Beneficiaries ?

  386. Can Non-Parties Be Bound By An Injunction Which Forbids Carrying Out Of Illegal Acts To Inhibit Acts Through Aiders And Abettors ?

  387. Should Special Circumstances Of R C 4123.61 Be Applied Due To Proximity Of Individual's Date Of Injury And Reentry Into Workforce ?

  388. Should An Offender Be Informed Regarding The Specific Punishment That May Be Imposed In Violation Of Community Control Conditions ?

  389. Individual Could Not Recover Her Claim For Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress As It Had Been Caused By A Nonexistent Peril

  390. A. Schulman, Inc. v. Levin

  391. Aber v. Zurz

  392. Acoustic Mktg. Research v. Technics, LLC

  393. Aero Fulfillment Services, Inc. v. Tartar

  394. Akron-Canton Waste Oil, Inc. v. Safety-Kleen Oil Servs., Inc

  395. Akron v. Hicks

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  1004. State v. McGraw

  1005. State v. McKinley

  1006. State v. McMillen

  1007. State v. McNeil

  1008. State v. Mills

  1009. State v. Mitchell

  1010. State v. Montgomery

  1011. State v. Moore

  1012. State v. Morris

  1013. State v. Mundt

  1014. State v. Murphy

  1015. State v. Myers

  1016. State v. Nagy

  1017. State v. Netherland

  1018. State v. Nicholson

  1019. State v. Nickell

  1020. State v. O'Brien

  1021. State v. O'Neill

  1022. State v. Ober

  1023. State v. Ortega

  1024. State v. Osburn

  1025. State v. Palmer

  1026. State v. Pape

  1027. State v. Parker

  1028. State v. Patel

  1029. State v. Patrick

  1030. State v. Peterseim

  1031. State v. Petitjean

  1032. State v. Petro

  1033. State v. Phillips

  1034. State v. Pless

  1035. State v. Plunkett

  1036. State v. Porterfield

  1037. State v. Posey

  1038. State v. Price

  1039. State v. Proffit

  1040. State v. Ramey

  1041. State v. Rance

  1042. State v. Rand

  1043. State v. Ransom

  1044. State v. Reaver

  1045. State v. Reiner

  1046. State v. Repp

  1047. State v. Reynolds

  1048. State v. Rhude

  1049. State v. Rice

  1050. State v. Riggs

  1051. State v. Rivas

  1052. State v. Rodriguez

  1053. State v. Rogers

  1054. State v. Rojas

  1055. State v. Ross

  1056. State v. Rupp

  1057. State v. Russell

  1058. State v. Sarkozy

  1059. State v. Saxon

  1060. State v. Schaim

  1061. State v. Scherer

  1062. State v. Schlee

  1063. State v. Schmitt

  1064. State v. Schott

  1065. State v. Schultz

  1066. State v. Seibert

  1067. State v. Sellards

  1068. State v. Shaw, Montgomery

  1069. State v. Shindler

  1070. State v. Simmons

  1071. State v. Simpkins

  1072. State v. Singleton

  1073. State v. Smelcer

  1074. State v. Smith

  1075. State v. Solether

  1076. State v. Spillers

  1077. State v. Spivey

  1078. State v. Storch

  1079. State v. Stout

  1080. State v. Strozier

  1081. State v. Sturm

  1082. State v. Sullivan

  1083. State v. Swann

  1084. State v. Tabbaa

  1085. State v. Talty

  1086. State v. Taylor

  1087. State v. Thomas

  1088. State v. Thompkins

  1089. State v. Tiderman

  1090. State v. Tooley

  1091. State v. Ulrey

  1092. State v. Vacchelli

  1093. State v. Wallace

  1094. State v. Wamsley

  1095. State v. Watkins

  1096. State v. West

  1097. State v. Wharf

  1098. State v. Whitt

  1099. State v. Wiles

  1100. State v. Wiley

  1101. State v. Williams

  1102. State v. Wilson

  1103. State v. Winn

  1104. State v. Wolfe

  1105. State v. Wooden

  1106. State v. Woods

  1107. State v. Woolridge

  1108. State v. Wooten

  1109. State v. Worsencroft

  1110. State v. Wozniak

  1111. State v. Xie

  1112. State v. Yslas

  1113. State v. Zucal

  1114. Staton v. Henry

  1115. Steinmetz v. Latva

  1116. Stephens v. Coith

  1117. Stewart v. Midwestern Indem. Co

  1118. Stinson v. Cleveland Clinic Found

  1119. Stinson v. England

  1120. Strauch v. Gross

  1121. Sugg v. Ottawa Cty. Agricultural Soc

  1122. Summit Cty. Children's Service Bd. v. Local No. 4546, Communications Workers of America

  1123. Suttle v. DeCesare

  1124. Swan Super Cleaners, Inc. v. Tyler

  1125. Sylvania v. Comeau

  1126. Talarek v. Miles

  1127. Tallmadge v. Barker

  1128. Taylor v. Taylor

  1129. Technical Serv. Co. v. Trinitech Internat'l. Inc

  1130. Therapy Partners of America, Inc. v. Health Providers, Inc

  1131. Thomas v. Conrad

  1132. Thomas v. Farmers Bank & Savings Co

  1133. Thomas v. Freeman

  1134. Thompson v. Boivin

  1135. Thornton v. Russell

  1136. Tiemann v. Univ. of Cincinnati

  1137. Tollis v. Cuyahoga Cty. Court of Appeals

  1138. Tonti v. Tonti

  1139. Trader v. City of Cleveland

  1140. Trojan v. Ro-Mai Industries, Inc

  1141. Tube City Olympic of Ohio, Inc. v. Jones

  1142. Turner v. Selby General Hospital

  1143. U.S. Fid. & Guar. Co. v. St. Elizabeth Med. Ctr

  1144. Uddin v. Embassy Suites Hotel

  1145. United States v. Howard

  1146. Vahila v. Hall

  1147. Valentine v. Conrad

  1148. Valentine v. Walker Feilbach Funeral Home

  1149. Valley Ry. Co. v. Franz

  1150. Van Fossen v. Babcock & Wilcox Co

  1151. Vardeman v. Llewellyn

  1152. Vernon v. Warner Amex Cable Communications, Inc

  1153. Village of Lisbon v. Merino

  1154. Village of New Lebanon v. Blankenship

  1155. Vitantonio, Inc. v. Baxter

  1156. Vitantonio v. Baxter

  1157. WCI, Inc. v. Ohio Liquor Control Comm

  1158. Wadley v. St. Vincent's Hospital, Slip Copy

  1159. Wagner v. Anchor Packing Co

  1160. Wagner v. Natl. Fire Ins. Co

  1161. Waller v. Waller

  1162. Walsh v. Walsh

  1163. Walters v. Knox City Bd. of Revision

  1164. Ward v. Kroger Co

  1165. Wargo Builders, Inc. v. Douglas L. Cox Plumbing & Heating, Inc

  1166. Warner v. Waste Management, Inc

  1167. Warthman v. Genoa Twp. Bd. of Trustees

  1168. Washington Mut. Bank, F. A. v. Green

  1169. Washington Mut. Bank v. Mahaffey

  1170. Watkins v. Collins

  1171. Wayco v. Wayco

  1172. Weinman v. Larsh

  1173. Wells v. Spirit Fabricating, Ltd

  1174. Westfield Ins. Co. v. Ellis

  1175. Wheeler v. v. Denny's, Inc

  1176. Wightman v. Consolidated Rail Corp

  1177. Williams v. Columbus Bd. of Edn

  1178. Williams v. Winston

  1179. Wilmar Corp. v. Akron Tire Supply, Inc

  1180. Windham Bank v. Tomaszczyk

  1181. Wine v. Wine

  1182. Winegar v. Greenfield Police Department

  1183. Wingard v. Wingard

  1184. Wolfe v. Cooper

  1185. Woodards v. Cardwell

  1186. Woods v. Wellston

  1187. Woodward v. Glaser

  1188. Wooster Iron & Metal Co. v. Whitman

  1189. Worth v. Aetna Cas. & Sur. Co

  1190. Wright v. Cincinnati Ins. Co

  1191. Wright v. Ohio Dep't of Natural Res

  1192. Yahraus v. Circleville

  1193. Yates v. Mansfield Bd. of Edn

  1194. Yeager v. Local Union 20

  1195. Yerian v. Yerian

  1196. Yocono's Restaurant, Inc. v. Yocono

  1197. Youngstown v. Evans

  1198. Younker v. Nationwide Mut. Ins. Co

  1199. Zaras v. City of Findley

  1200. Zavison v. Loveland

  1201. Zimmie v. Calfee, Halter & Griswold

  1202. Zuendel v. Zuendel

  1203. Legal Questions

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