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Pennsylvania Case Law Search

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  1. Flight Is An Indication Of Guilt

  2. Pennsylvania Evidentiary Privileges

  3. Standard Of Review Appeal Pennsylvania

  4. Contempt Of Court Order In Pennsylvania

  5. Appeal Severity Of Sentence Pennsylvania

  6. Collateral Estoppel Elements Pennsylvania

  7. Choice Of Law Provision In A Multi State Dispute

  8. Dropping A Baby On The Floor - Aggravated Assault

  9. Hiv Positive Diagnosis Mistakes Cases In Pennsylvania

  10. Contingency Fee Arrangement With Appointed Appraisers

  11. Character Evidence Alone To Proof Of Reasonable Doubt

  12. Negligent Infliction Of Emotional Distress Pennsylvania

  13. Statement Of Matters Complained Of On Appeal Pennsylvania

  14. Judges Of Coordinate Jurisdiction Sitting In The Same Case

  15. Accident Investigations And Safety Studies In Pennsylvania

  16. Challenge To The Sufficiency Of The Evidence In Pennsylvania

  17. Judgment May Be Attacked For Lack Of Jurisdiction At Any Time

  18. Separate Motions To Suppress Evidence On Two Different Charges

  19. Prompt Written Notice

  20. Animal Welfare Act USA

  21. Does Pa Have EUC Benefits ?

  22. 2 Pa.C.S. 754 Interpretation

  23. Pa. R.C.P. 126 Interpretation

  24. Pa.R.C.P. 1042.3 Interpretation

  25. Dl-26 Warning In Pennsylvania

  26. Choice Of Law In Pennsylvania

  27. 18 Pa.C.S.A. 2709 Interpretation

  28. Pa Rule 1925(B) Interpretation

  29. 40 P.S. 221.16(C) Interpretation

  30. Abuse Of Discretion Pennsylvania

  31. Section 1202 Of The Borough Code

  32. Pennsylvania Appellate Rule 1503

  33. 37 Pa. Code 71.4(1) Interpretation

  34. Prescriptive Easement Pennsylvania

  35. The Objective Test In Pennsylvania

  36. 43 P.S. 753(L)(2)(B) Interpretation

  37. 67 Pa. Code 83.49(A) Interpretation

  38. The Right To Know Law Pennsylvania

  39. Narrow Exception To The Essence Test

  40. Section 6105(A) Of The Judicial Code

  41. Pennsylvania Zoning Special Exception

  42. Pennsylvania Choice-Of-Law Principles

  43. Fee-For-Service System In Pennsylvania

  44. Section 761(A)(1) Of The Judicial Code

  45. Liquidated Damages Clause Pennsylvania

  46. Section 242.1 Of The Public School Code

  47. Section 426 Of The Workers' Compensation Act

  48. Pennsylvania Indeterminate Sentencing Scheme

  49. Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund

  50. Impermissible Commingling Of Functions Elements

  51. Pa Unemployment Compensation Law Section 402(B)

  52. Pa Unemployment Compensation Law Section 402(H)

  53. Mental Competence To Do Business In Pennsylvania

  54. Common Law Public Trust Doctrine Pennsylvania Cases

  55. Section 212 Of The Insurance Department Act Of 1921

  56. Section 204(A) Workers Compensation Act Pennsylvania

  57. Section 1620 Pennsylvania County Code Interpretation

  58. Section 306(A.2)(1-2) Of The Workers' Compensation Act

  59. Section 306(F.1)(1)(Ii) Of The Workers' Compensation Act

  60. The Difference Between Sick Pay And Disability Benefits

  61. What Constitutes A Candidate's (For Public Office) Residence ?

  62. Rule 1532(B) Of The Pennsylvania Rules Of Appellate Procedure

  63. Constitutionality Of A Zoning Ordinance Review In Pennsylvania

  64. Section 402(E) Of The Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law

  65. Voluntary Quit Because Of Unsafe Work Environment In Pennsylvania

  66. Appraiser's Consideration Of The Current Economic Realities Of A Property

  67. 4 Requirements To Satisfy Employer's Burden To Modify Compensation Payments

  68. Difference Between Statute Of Limitations And Statute Of Repose In Tax Refund Cases

  69. Core Function Test

  70. The Binding Norm Test

  71. Doctrine Of Idem Sonans

  72. What Are ''gap Payments'' ?

  73. Limited Tort Option In Pa

  74. Project Labor Agreement Cases

  75. High Public Official Immunity

  76. Section 18 Of The Home Rule Act

  77. Section 401 Of The Divorce Code

  78. Legal Definition Of ''Redlining''

  79. Lawsuit In A Bid Insurance Case

  80. Manifestly Unreasonable Doctrine

  81. Legal Definition Of ''Party Wall''

  82. Legal Definition Of ''malfeasance''

  83. 3 Main Practice Of Law Categories

  84. The Theory Of Special Legislation

  85. May A Defendant Act As Co-Counsel ?

  86. Section 10.1(A) Of The Sunshine Act

  87. Michigan Incidental To Service Test

  88. Definition Of ''Capricious Disregard''

  89. Are R-Rated Movies Allowed In Prison ?

  90. Relaxed Dimensional Variance Standard

  91. Law Of The Case Doctrine Pennsylvania

  92. Tax Reform Code Of 1971 Interpretation

  93. Legal Definition Of ''fUneral Director''

  94. What Does ''At Liberty On Parole'' Mean ?

  95. Difference Between Tax And License Fee

  96. Failure To Thrive Case In Pennsylvania

  97. Longwall Mining Permit In Pennsylvania

  98. Harboring A Dangerous Dog Pennsylvania

  99. Damages For Delay In An Action Rule 238

  100. Attempt To Modify A Signed Release Form

  101. 7 Principles Of Borrowed Employee Cases

  102. What Is ''Prison Conditions Litigation'' ?

  103. Act 152 Pennsylvania Sovereign Immunity

  104. Can Police Officer Search Your Pockets ?

  105. The ''substantial-Direct-Immediate'' Test

  106. Pennsylvania Turf Club Application Case

  107. Interpretation Of Pa Mpc Section 609(C)

  108. When Do Two Drug Charges Merge Into One ?

  109. Filing An Appeal From Multiple Judgments

  110. 75 Pa.C.S. Section 1519 - Interpretation

  111. Filed Rate Doctrine Cases In Pennsylvania

  112. Abandonment Of Property As A Salvage Yard

  113. Religious Worship Buildings Tax Exemption

  114. Consequences Of Using The F-Word In Court

  115. Reasonable Assurance Of Returning To Work

  116. Standing To Strike Down A Ballot Question

  117. What Is Not Considered A ''Public Record'' ?

  118. Objection For Construction Of A Pole Barn

  119. Act 111 Arbitrator's Award In Pennsylvania

  120. Release Of Claim Car Accident Form Example

  121. Are Inmate Records Public In Pennsylvania ?

  122. Who Has The Burden To Move A Case Forward ?

  123. Elements Of The Rational Relationship Test

  124. The Doctrine Of Merger Of Related Offenses

  125. What Happens If You Don't Pay Appeal Costs ?

  126. Federal Prisoner Ensign Amendment Challenge

  127. Real Estate Exception To Sovereign Immunity

  128. Tax Exemption For A House Used For Retreats

  129. Receiving An Out-Of-State Conviction Report

  130. Section 602 Of The Real Estate Tax Sale Law

  131. Bank Protest An Application Of Another Bank

  132. Out-Of-State DUI Conviction In Pennsylvania

  133. Judicial Deference To Arbitrators' Decisions

  134. Doctrine Of Spoliation Cases In Pennsylvania

  135. Teacher Attacked By Students In Pennsylvania

  136. Land ''Purchaser With Knowledge'' Of A Hardship

  137. Case Involving 42 Pa. C.S. Section 5571(C)(5)

  138. Certifying Deputies As Guards In Pennsylvania

  139. Capricious Disregard Standard In Pennsylvania

  140. Suing Non-Residents For Delinquent Wage Taxes

  141. Examples Of Unconstitutionally Vague Statutes

  142. Are State Constitutional Tort Claims Allowed ?

  143. Petition To Open Ballot Boxes In Pennsylvania

  144. The Principles That Apply In Subrogation Cases

  145. Can You Be Fired For Ignorant Thoughtlessness ?

  146. Right Of Way Over Private Road In Pennsylvania

  147. Denial Of Motion To Dismiss Prisoner's Attorney

  148. Requirements For An Appealable Collateral Order

  149. Daily Sewer Usage Per Household In Pennsylvania

  150. Adverse Inference Example Cases In Pennsylvania

  151. Is The Fire Chief Immune From Negligence Suits ?

  152. Acts Which Make A Local Agency Amenable To Suit

  153. State Ethics Commission's Exclusive Jurisdiction

  154. Prisoners Right To Serve A Sentence Continuously

  155. What Is The Test For Preemption In Pennsylvania ?

  156. Giving Up Sick Leave After A Work-Related Injury

  157. Separate Mineral Estate For Skid-Resistant Stone

  158. What Is The ''Essence Test'' In Labor Arbitration ?

  159. Quitting Job In Response To A Written Memorandum

  160. Apportionment Of Liability In Workers Comp Cases

  161. Are Prisoners Allowed To Wear Civilian Clothing ?

  162. Section 1301 Of The Public Employe Relations Act

  163. How To Prove Public Need For A Proposed Service ?

  164. Three Year Delay In A License Suspension Hearing

  165. Example Of A Case About ''Value-In-Use'' Principles

  166. Are Police Reports Public Record In Pennsylvania ?

  167. Section 27 Of The Arbitration Act Interpertation

  168. Section 301(C)(1) Of The Workers Compensation Act

  169. The Provisions Of The Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act

  170. Methods To Determine The ''Gravity Of The Offense''

  171. The Equal Protection Clause And The Right To Vote

  172. Rule 83 Violation If The Appeal Was Filed On Time

  173. What Is The Legal Definition Of A ''Right-Of-Way'' ?

  174. Can A Person File Liens Against Public Officials ?

  175. Can You Appeal A Suspension From School In Court ?

  176. Interpretation Of Section 17 Of The Home Rule Act

  177. What Is The ''Date Of Conviction'' On DUI Offences ?

  178. Funding Water Act Loan Repayments In Pennsylvania

  179. Is Drug Possession Off School Grounds Punishable ?

  180. Can A Statute Be ''Immuned'' From Future Amendment ?

  181. Definition Of Criminal Negligence In Pennsylvania

  182. How To File A Lawsuit For Prison Suicide Damages ?

  183. Cases Dealing The Viability Of Exhaustion Clauses

  184. Are Ordinance Violations Criminal Or Civil Suits ?

  185. ''Deceptive'' Language In A Contract With A Consumer

  186. Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius Case Example

  187. The History Of Equity Jurisdiction In Pennsylvania

  188. Condition Precedent To The Formation Of A Contract

  189. The Federal Equal Protection Clause In Taxing Laws

  190. Discrimination In Loans Under The Fair Housing Act

  191. Re-Litigating A Claim Under The Heart And Lung Act

  192. Who Owns Minerals Beneath The Surface Of The Land ?

  193. The Constitutionality Of Sobriety (DUI) Checkpoint

  194. Standard For Returning An Injured Employee To Work

  195. Is Software Considered Tangible Personal Property ?

  196. The History Of The Malpractice Act In Pennsylvania

  197. Is A Technical School Exempt From Mechanics' Liens ?

  198. Employer's Request To Compel A Vocational Interview

  199. Permit To Extend Front Porch Upward In Pennsylvania

  200. Is Re-Roofing Considered ''repair'' Or ''Maintenance'' ?

  201. Long Term Substitute Teacher Rights In Pennsylvania

  202. Taxation On A Property Purchased At A Judicial Sale

  203. Variance To Use Property As An Open Air Parking Lot

  204. An Award Under The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

  205. Nunc Pro Tunc Tax Assessment Appeal In Pennsylvania

  206. Adopting A Child Who Was Adopted By His Grandmother

  207. Case Dealing With Unlawful Confiscation Of Property

  208. Consequences Of Delay In Parolee's Violation Hearing

  209. Are Railroad Tracks Part Of The Employer's Premises ?

  210. Action In Equity To Enjoin Playing Baseball At Night

  211. New Trial Due To The Inconsistent Nature Of The Jury

  212. Appealing Fair Market Property Value In Pennsylvania

  213. Personal Security Exception To The Right To Know Act

  214. Baby Died After Being Left Unattended For 15 Minutes

  215. Is Laches A Proper Defense To An Action In Mandamus ?

  216. The Income Approach To Value In Real Estate Taxation

  217. 5 Taxpayer Standing Requirements To Challenge An Act

  218. Can A Prisoner Pursue Job Referrals While In Prison ?

  219. Article I Section 8 Of The Pennsylvania Constitution

  220. Section 3805(G) Of The Vehicle Code - Interpretation

  221. The ''essence Test'' In Pennsylvania Arbitration Cases

  222. Invalid Rejection Of UM Benefits Under Section 1731

  223. Standard Of Review Substantial Evidence Pennsylvania

  224. What Constitutes ''too Far'' In Pennsylvania Case Law ?

  225. The Total Offset Method Of Calculating Future Damages

  226. Drunk Driving Blood Alcohol Threshold In Pennsylvania

  227. Case Involving Notice Of Condemnation In Pennsylvania

  228. Case About Opposition To Hunting Deer In Pennsylvania

  229. How To Prove Duplicate Medical Payments To Providers ?

  230. How To Determine Whether A Chattel Becomes A Fixture ?

  231. Credit For The Time Spent In Home Monitoring Programs

  232. Disregarding Witness Testimony Without Explaining Why

  233. Can A Zoning Hearing Board Issue An Advisory Opinion ?

  234. Failure To Pursue A Job Referral During Incarceration

  235. Suit To Recover Payment Bond Pursuant To The Bond Law

  236. Applications For Permits To Build A Reservoir And Dam

  237. Court-Appointed Employee's Partisan Political Activity

  238. Work Related Injury Metal Gate Fell On Employee's Head

  239. Is Saying ''Go To Hell'' Considered An Obscene Language ?

  240. ''Maintenance'' Definition Under The Prevailing Wage Act

  241. An Action In Equity To Prevent Obstruction Of A Street

  242. The Responsibility Of Public Employers In Pennsylvania

  243. The Courts And Row Officers Right To Hire Their Staffs

  244. Can Court Enter Peremptory Judgment At Any Given Time ?

  245. County District Attorney Reimbursement Of Counsel Fees

  246. Is It Legal Not To Provide Medical Care To A Prisoner ?

  247. Nondelegation Doctrine - Unlawful Delegation Challenge

  248. Consequences Of Minor Irregularities In Casting A Vote

  249. How To Determine If Prison Regulations Are Reasonable ?

  250. Can A City Employee Be Fired For Holding A Second Job ?

  251. Are Attorney's Fees Of 40 From A Settlement Reasonable ?

  252. Newspaper Reporter's Request To Reveal Cancelled Checks

  253. What Happens If One Custodial Parent Seeks To Relocate ?

  254. Total Disability Benefits For Right Knee Strain At Work

  255. 6 Prerequisites Before Issuing A Preliminary Injunction

  256. Getting Fired From A Job For Being Late In Pennsylvania

  257. 4 Requirements To Modify Employee Compensation Benefits

  258. Private Suits For Damages Against Non-Consenting States

  259. Proving That Official Assessment Record Are Not Correct

  260. Workers Comp For Occupational Disease Of Lead Poisoning

  261. Consequences Of Failure To File A ''Statement Of Appeal''

  262. Deferential Essence Test To Review An Arbitration Award

  263. Is Being Drunk And Sleeping In A Parked Car An Offence ?

  264. Does Section 5571(C)(5) Apply To Zoning Hearing Boards ?

  265. What Is The Role Of A Zoning Officer Of A Municipality ?

  266. Section 9(F)(1) Of The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act

  267. Workers' Compensation Judge Jurisdiction In Pennsylvania

  268. Not Filing The Notice Of Appeal Required In Pennsylvania

  269. Section 1519(C) Of The The Vehicle Code - Interpretation

  270. Gender-Based Classification From Life Lines Of Insurance

  271. Slip And Fall Injury After Exiting A Bus In Pennsylvania

  272. 3 Elements Of The Offence Of ''Harboring A Dangerous Dog''

  273. On-The-Record Ruling Request Regarding Jury Instructions

  274. How To Appeal County Board Of Elections Negligent Error ?

  275. Example Case In Which School Board Abused Its Discretion

  276. Can You Force A Police Officer To Take A Polygraph Test ?

  277. Is A Church Parking Lot Exempt From Tax In Pennsylvania ?

  278. Is Taking One Appeal From Several Judgements Acceptable ?

  279. Work Related Pulmonary Lung Disease Case In Pennsylvania

  280. Filing A Municipal Lien For Not Paying For Sewer Service

  281. Request To Cancel Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Over Tracks

  282. Are Commonwealth And Its Agencies The Same Legal Entity ?

  283. Statute Of Limitations Defense In Preliminary Objections

  284. How To Establish A Variance In Pennsylvania's Zoning Law ?

  285. Can An Arbitration Award Eliminate Pension Contributions ?

  286. PSERS Benefits Based On Beneficiary Forms In Pennsylvania

  287. Who Owns Property Which Has Been Conveyed Under A Bridge ?

  288. Can You Sue For Damages Pursuant To A Declaratory Decree ?

  289. What Happens If Employer Does Not Answer A Claim On Time ?

  290. Is It Legal To Punish A Prisoner For Refusing A DNA Test ?

  291. Are Protective Sweeps Permissible Under The Constitution ?

  292. Reasonable Sum For Litigation Costs In Workers Comp Cases

  293. A Hearing Under Section 510(C) Of The Public Utility Code

  294. Licensing Fee On Waste Hauling Vehicle Transporting Waste

  295. Can Police Search The Parts Of A Car Viewed From Outside ?

  296. Cases About Contracts Encompassing Governmental Functions

  297. Is Conveyance Of Land Subject To The Realty Transfer Tax ?

  298. Insolvent Insurance Carrier In A Work-Related Injury Case

  299. Appealing Denial Of Request To Process Parole Application

  300. United States Lawsuit To Quiet Its Title To Land It Owned

  301. Petition To Convey Veterans Memorial Park To A New School

  302. Drawing On Expertise To ''Filter'' Existing Expert Testimony

  303. Credit To A Prisoner For Time Spent In Pre-Release Program

  304. The Rationale For Not Allowing A Preference For Promotions

  305. Prima Facie Case For Interception Of An Oral Communication

  306. Penalty Award For Not Paying Medical Bills In Pennsylvania

  307. Legal Standing To Appeal A Proposed Sewage Treatment Plant

  308. Taxing Bureau's Duty To Investigate Owner's Current Address

  309. Failure To Secure A Suitable Facility For A Charter School

  310. 3 Requirements To Award Attorneys Fees Under The Costs Act

  311. Insurance Denied Payment For An Electric Muscle Stimulator

  312. Mandamus Action To Provide Health Benefits In Pennsylvania

  313. Mathematical Models For Measuring Geographical Compactness

  314. Lawsuit For Additional Damages During Repair After A Storm

  315. Are Public Officials In Pennsylvania Protected From Suits ?

  316. Can Police Seize All The Money Found In Drug Transactions ?

  317. Heart And Lung Act And Collateral Estoppel In Pennsylvania

  318. Utilizing A Different Method Of Tax Valuation In Districts

  319. Is A Television Antenna Tower Subjected To Tax Assessment ?

  320. Compelling Cause For Leaving Employment To Follow A Spouse

  321. Reduction In Tax Collector Salary Challenge In Pennsylvania

  322. Not Complaining About Abusive Conduct And Profanity At Work

  323. Refusing A Breathalyzer Test In Pennsylvania - Consequences

  324. Are Security And Maintenance Employees Considered ''Guards'' ?

  325. Is Refusal To Arbitration Considered Unfair Labor Practice ?

  326. Can I Be Fired For Misconduct Before A Work Related Injury ?

  327. Workers Comp For A Disability Which Lasted Less Than 7 Days

  328. Lawsuit Against A Local Agency Under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983

  329. How Can Contract Actions And Tort Actions Be Distinguished ?

  330. Does ''Maintenance Work'' Include Changing The Property Size ?

  331. Negligent Hiring Claim As A Result Of A Rape By An Employee

  332. Can A Wild-Animal With A Permit Be Considered A ''Nuisance'' ?

  333. Memorandum Of Agreement To Build And Operate A Sewage Plant

  334. Out-Of-State Conviction For A Blood Alcohol Content Of 0.08%

  335. Consequences Of Not Issuing A Notice Of Compensation Payable

  336. Denying Parole For Not Participating In ''Voluntary'' Programs

  337. Can Police Forfeit All The Money Found During A Drug Arrest ?

  338. Was Easement By Implication Created By By Severance Of Title

  339. Are Municipal Authorities Independent Agencies Of The State ?

  340. Are Cellular Towers Subjected To Real Estate Tax Assessment ?

  341. Getting Fired For Poor Record Keeping And Case Mismanagement

  342. Different Electricity Rates For Different Classes Of Service

  343. What Are The Consequences Of A Delay In Returning A Verdict ?

  344. What Is The Standard For Qualification Of An Expert Witness ?

  345. The Difference Between On-Site And Off-Site Commercial Signs

  346. The Validity Of A Court-Appointed Commission In Pennsylvania

  347. Can You Sue A Personal Care Home For Professional Liability ?

  348. Damages For A Fatal Car Accident Witnessed By Family Members

  349. Suspension Of Workers Comp Benefits Of An Unauthorized Alien

  350. Is A Work Product Protected From Disclosure In Pennsylvania ?

  351. Objectors Who Chose Not To Appear At A Public Zoning Hearing

  352. Delay Between Parolee's Tentative Actual Release Release Date

  353. Is A Technical Advisor Responsible For A Work Related Injury ?

  354. Aggravation Of Scoliosis As A Result Of Work-Related Accident

  355. High Security Prisoners Class Action Against Prison Officials

  356. Is Real Property Tax Refund Due From The Date Of Overpayment ?

  357. A Student Lost A Finger While Cleaning A Scroll Saw At School

  358. Prisoner Sued For Invasion Of Privacy For Filming Him In Jail

  359. Written Confession Which Was Not Written In Suspects Presence

  360. Providing False Medical History In A Work Related Injury Case

  361. Admission Of Extrinsic Evidence Regarding An Unambiguous Will

  362. Involuntary Sale Of Stock By Judicial Process In Pennsylvania

  363. Suing A University To Provide Information On Course Materials

  364. Second Work-Related Injury With Different Insurance Companies

  365. How To Determine Whether ''property Abandonment'' Has Occurred ?

  366. Inmate Released From Prison As A Result Of A Clerical Mistake

  367. Is Psychotherapy Provided By A Licensed Registered Nurse Com ?

  368. Standing To Initiate A Grievance Regarding Retirement Benefits

  369. Convicted Parolees Constitutional Right To A Detention Hearing

  370. The Waiver Doctrine Regarding Improprieties Of The Trial Judge

  371. Can A Witness Testify Without Personal Knowledge Of A Subject ?

  372. Can Recover Medical Expenses For A Car Accident Be Foreclosed ?

  373. School Scholarships Limited To The Children Of Faculty Members

  374. Can A Prisoner Challenge A Prison Bulletin Regarding Clothing ?

  375. Valuation Of A Utility Power Plant For Tax Assessment Purposes

  376. Getting Fired For Requesting Pay For Hours Not Actually Worked

  377. Can You Appeal If You Choose Not To File An Amended Complaint ?

  378. How To Prove In Court That A Mailing Or ''Forwarding'' Occurred ?

  379. Jurisdiction To Allocate An Above-Grade Pedestrian Only Bridge

  380. Determining When Offenses Are Logically Related To One Another

  381. Can Statement Obtained Within 6 Hours Of Arrest Be Suppressed ?

  382. Tax Assessment Appeal On Commercial Properties In Pennsylvania

  383. Can Police Officers Arrest Someone Out Of Scope Of Employment ?

  384. Section 703 Of The Public Employe Relations Act Interpretation

  385. An Attorney's Fees Award Far In Excess Of The Damages Recovered

  386. Method To Calculate Payments Of Employer's Subrogation Interest

  387. Trial Court's Sanction Authority For Not Filing A Brief In Time

  388. Is There Tax Exemption For An Apartment That Is Not Charitable ?

  389. Consequences Of Not Submitting Expert Witnesses Reports On Time

  390. The Effect On Commitment If Mental Health Records Are Destroyed

  391. Proving Intention To Abandon Nor Actual Abandonment Of Property

  392. Compensation For A Nurse Who Has Been Infected With Hepatitis C

  393. The Common Law Rule Requiring A Vote Of A Full Body To Be Valid

  394. Can Police Stop A Car Based On Eyewitness That Saw It Swerving ?

  395. Difference Between Real Estate Taxes And Other Municipal Claims

  396. How To Successfully Transfer Venue Of A Case To Another County ?

  397. Insured Request In Writing To Reduce Limits For UM/UMI Coverage

  398. Do Stock Splits Increase The Number Of Shares Listed In A Will ?

  399. Conducting Parolee's Revocation Hearing After The 120-Day Period

  400. Appealing Lower Court's Order Affirming Arbitration Salary Award

  401. 3 Requirement To Get Workers Compensation Disfigurement Benefits

  402. Test To Determine Whether Local Ordinance Preempted By State Law

  403. Case In Which Exculpatory Provisions Of A Contract Were Enforced

  404. Being Erroneously Charged Criminally For What Is A Civil Offense

  405. Must Corporations Or Associations Be Represented By An Attorney ?

  406. Is A Land Sale Option Agreement An Equitable Conveyance Of Land ?

  407. Can Zoning Hearing Board Order To Remove An Offending Structure ?

  408. Request For Intermunicipal Approval Of A Liquor License Transfer

  409. Preferential Tax Assessments Of Operation Of A Bed And Breakfast

  410. Can A For-Profit Entity Manage A School Which Is Not For-Profit ?

  411. Who Is Liable For Work Related Diseases When Corporations Merge ?

  412. Is The Public School Code A Violation Of Section 701 Of Act 195 ?

  413. Can You Appeal An Order Denying A Request To Withdraw As Lawyer ?

  414. Conflict Between A Specific And General Constitutional Provision

  415. Parolee's Time Spent In Custody Awaiting Trial For A New Sentence

  416. Tax Claim Bureau's Reasonable Efforts To Locate A Current Address

  417. Judgment Of Non Pros For Not Filing A Timely Certificate Of Merit

  418. Unfair Labor Practice Charge Filed By Row Offices In Pennsylvania

  419. Penalty For Workers Compensation Denial After Admitting Liability

  420. Lawsuit For Injury Of A Hockey Spectator Who Was Struck By A Puck

  421. Objection Of Nominating Petition - Section 1102 Of The Ethics Act

  422. Credit For Time Spent In Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

  423. Section 1983 Action For Alleged Improper Investigation Of A Crime

  424. The Conflict Preemption Theory In Electronic Voting Machine Cases

  425. Legislation May Not Extinguish A Cause Of Action That Has Accrued

  426. Can You Quit Your Job If Your Boss Changes Your Health Insurance ?

  427. Are Publication Requirements Of Condemnation Ordinance Mandatory ?

  428. Constitutional Limitation Of Federal-Court Jurisdiction Principle

  429. Does Employer's Saying ''There's The Door'' Amounted To A Discharge ?

  430. Consolidated Tax Returns For Subsidiaries Of A Parent Corporation

  431. Tax Exemption For Property That Is Used In Generating Electricity

  432. Request For Continuance To Depose A Witness In Workers Comp Cases

  433. What Is 'Bond Law' And Who Has Discretion Of Jurisdiction Over It ?

  434. Can Charity (Legally) Benefit Only Poor Persons Or Also The Rich ?

  435. Consequences Of Filing Tax Appeal Beyond The 30-Day Appeal Period

  436. Filing A Claim For Hearing Loss At Work After The 3 Year Deadline

  437. Can A Water Utility Recover The Principal And Interest Of A Loan ?

  438. Can You File A Civil Rights Action Against The District Attorney ?

  439. Determining Whether Employer Is Liable For Employee's Hearing Loss

  440. Delay In Filing An Appeal Due To Illness Of The Lawyer's Secretary

  441. The Attorney General's Legal Standing In Cases Involving A Charity

  442. Delay In Filing An Appeal That Is Beyond The Control Of The Lawyer

  443. Class Action For Termination Of Post-Retirement Insurance Benefits

  444. Prison Time For Attempted Theft By Unlawful Taking In Pennsylvania

  445. Appealing A Lawsuit Dismissed For Violation Of The Discovery Rules

  446. Late Filing Of An Appeal From A License Suspension In Pennsylvania

  447. Can A Disappointed Bidder Maintain A Procedural Due Process Claim ?

  448. Adding Time Spent On Parole In Good Standing To A Maximum Sentence

  449. Is A Society Which Is A Purely Public Charity Exempted From Taxes ?

  450. Is A Requirement Of Financial Disclosure By State Employees Legal ?

  451. Credit To Prisoners For Time Spent At A Hospital Treatment Program

  452. A Chancellor Should Consider Alternative Means To Abate A Nuisance

  453. Provision Which Restrict Leasing Of Property By A Tax Claim Bureau

  454. Can Police Stop Someone Based Solely On A Pedestrian Citizen's Tip ?

  455. Is An Ordinance Which Effects Exclusion Of Mobile Home Parks Valid ?

  456. Section 402.1 Of The Unemployment Compensation Law - Interpertation

  457. Accident On Snow-Covered Roadway Because Of Absence Of A Guard Rail

  458. Can You Fire A Caseworker For Failure To Complete His Work In Time ?

  459. Must Employer Pay For All Wheelchair Accessible Home Modifications ?

  460. Police Search Home Without Consent Of A Third Party In Pennsylvania

  461. Can You Be Reimbursed For Psychotherapy By An Unlicensed Therapist ?

  462. Preliminary Objections In An Appeal Involving The Right To Know Act

  463. Res Judicata In Proceeding To Terminate Partial Disability Benefits

  464. Are Recorded Emergency Telephone Calls Considered ''public Records'' ?

  465. Conflicting Testimony Of Two Doctors In A Workers Compensation Case

  466. Does An Anonymous Call Justify Stopping And Frisking An Individual ?

  467. Impose The Additional Prison Time Over The Maximum Sentence Allowed

  468. Student Sued The School District For Injury During Class Assignment

  469. Consequences Of Legal Documents Not Received At The Prison Mailroom

  470. Are ''Gifted'' Students Entitled To Special Programs In Pennsylvania ?

  471. Lawsuit For Animals Death From Heat Exposure During Shipping By Air

  472. Filing An Appeal To The Court Of Common Pleas Under The Liquor Code

  473. Transportation Authority's Liability For Uninsured Motorist Benefits

  474. Challenging The Validity Of A Permit To An Advertising Sign's Height

  475. Can Philadelphia's Mercantile License Tax Be Assessed Retroactively ?

  476. Can An Employer Modify Or Suspend An Employee's Disability Benefits ?

  477. Imposing Victims's Children And Youth Services Costs On The Offender

  478. How To Prevent Building Of A Shooting Range Near A Residential Area ?

  479. Does The C&r Leave Issues Regarding Termination Petition Unresolved ?

  480. Are Landowners Who Violate Zoning Requirements Entitled To Variance ?

  481. Earnings From Self-Employment Income In Determining Earning Capacity

  482. The Difference Between ''compensated Injury'' And ''injury Compensable''

  483. Requirements For Filing An Election Recount Petition In Pennsylvania

  484. Are Deputies Considered ''Guards'' Under Public Employe Relations Act ?

  485. Example Cases Of What Constitutes ''Land Development'' In Pennsylvania

  486. Workers Comp Benefits Termination Based On Medical Experts Testimony

  487. Are Probationary Officers Entitled To Hearings Upon Their Dismissal ?

  488. What Are The Fundamental Principles Of Public Utility Jurisprudence ?

  489. Is In Patient Drug And Alcohol Treatment Considered ''Incarceration'' ?

  490. Not Receiving Title Papers And Registration Cards After Buying A Car

  491. Arbitration Award Challenge Under The Public Employees Relations Act

  492. Disclosure Of A List Including Addresses And Social Security Numbers

  493. Disclosure Of Cell Phone Records Of Private Citizens In Pennsylvania

  494. Car Rental Company Airport Authority's Fees Challenge In Pennsylvania

  495. What Happens If Employer Says ''There's The Door'' And Employees Leave ?

  496. An Uncle's Petition For Support Of A Child From His Biological Father

  497. Was Teacher's Criminal Record Expunged Prior To The Discharge Hearing

  498. An Audit Of State Representative's Election Expenses In Pennsylvania

  499. Determining Whether There Is Access To A Property By Its Intended Use

  500. Can Police Enter Your Home Without An Arrest Warrant In Pennsylvania ?

  501. Not Forwarding Medical Records To The Utilization Review Organization

  502. Modification Of An NCP Upon Proof That The Original NCP Was Incorrect

  503. Can You Sue A Police Officer For Money For Violence During An Arrest ?

  504. Consequences Of Not Objecting To An Announced Additional Hearing Date

  505. Appealing Judgment Non Pros Which Was Given Without Holding A Hearing

  506. What Happens If A Lawyer Does Not Show Up To A Settlement Conference ?

  507. Termination Petition After Employee Returned To Work At Reduced Hours

  508. Can An Arbitrator Reinstate An Employee Who Is Proven To Have Stolen ?

  509. Can You Get Reimbursed For Unlicensed Health Care Providers Services ?

  510. Retroactive Application Of The Pennsylvania Corrupt Organizations Act

  511. In What Circumstances Employers Do Not Have The Right To Subrogation ?

  512. A Public Employer Cannot Bargain Away The Ability To Fire An Employee

  513. Can A Lawyer With Apparent Authority Bind His Client To A Settlement ?

  514. Filing A Mechanic's' Lien For Not Paying A Subcontractor For Materials

  515. Employer Representatives Testimony That No Suitable Positions Existed

  516. Can You Use Drugs In The Workplace Based On The Free Exercise Clause ?

  517. Request Of Accounts Vouchers Or Contracts Under The Right To Know Act

  518. Disclosure Of Internal Deliberative Aspects Of Agency Decision Making

  519. Is The School Liable For Slip And Fall Injuries In A Puddle Of Water ?

  520. Does The Capitol Police Have The Authority To Act As Police Officers ?

  521. Getting Fired For Not Following Employer's ''Unreasonable'' Instructions

  522. Evaluating Whether A Railroad Is An Abandoned Property In Pennsylvania

  523. Is An Arbitration Award Involving Act 111 Bargaining Units Appealable ?

  524. 10 Month Rule For Judge Vacancy When Reaching Mandatory Retirement Age

  525. Case About Alleged Unvouchered Expense Allowance For State Legislators

  526. Can County Commissioners Negotiate Terms And Conditions Of Employment ?

  527. Class Action By Homeowners Regarding A Ruptured Pipeline And Oil Spill

  528. Case Involving Abstract Of Driver Record History Of Licence Suspension

  529. Can An Individual Who Has A Property Right In Employment Be Suspended ?

  530. Can The Department Of Corrections Deduct Prisoners Funds To Pay Fines ?

  531. Consequences Of Not Filing A Petition To Obtain The Writ Of Certiorari

  532. Department Of Transportation's Responsibility For Moving A Case Forward

  533. Knowledge Of Salesman's Misconduct To Discipline The Real Estate Broker

  534. ''Orthopaedic Appliances'' Definition Under The Workers' Compensation Act

  535. Recovery Is Not Reduced By The Amount Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

  536. Employer's Petition For Review Of Surgeries And Medical Treatment Bills

  537. Is ''Hepatitis C'' Recognized As An Occupational Disease In Pennsylvania ?

  538. Can Employer Reduce Benefits If The Worker Refuses Available Positions ?

  539. Should Deference Be Accorded To Prison Authorities In Giving Judgement ?

  540. Are Stocks Bonds And Cash Considered ''Personal Property'' Of A Decedent ?

  541. Petition To Intervene Regarding A Proposed Planned Unit In Pennsylvania

  542. School District Enrollment Of A Child That Stayed With His Grandparents

  543. Is Zoning Hearing Decision In Writing (Not Publicly Announced) Invalid ?

  544. Notice Of Appeal Within 30 Days Of The Date Of The Order Being Appealed

  545. Under What Circumstances Can An Expungement Order Be Granted Or Denied ?

  546. Claim Time Barred Because Claimant Was Misled About Compensation Rights

  547. Does Failure To Produce Proof Of Insurance Establish Lack Of Insurance ?

  548. Workers Comp Reimbursement For Care Provided By Disabled Employee's Wife

  549. Interpretation Of Section 306(C)(8)(Vi) Of The Workers' Compensation Act

  550. Does Allowance Of Appeal Entitle Automatic Supersedeas Of A Court Order ?

  551. Requirements To Establish Competitor Standing To Challenge Agency Action

  552. Did Expert Use The Correct Method Of Appraisal In A Tax Assessment Case ?

  553. Petition To Enforce Settlement Without Conducting An Evidentiary Hearing

  554. Can You Sue The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania For Wrongful Death Damages ?

  555. Is It Legal To Take Money From Prisoners Accounts Without Their Consent ?

  556. Are The Provisions Of The Prison Litigation Reform Act Unconstitutional ?

  557. Who Has Jurisdiction Over Lawsuits Regarding Mining Of Coal Under Lands ?

  558. Not Having Proper Teaching Certification After Already Accepting The Job

  559. Receiving Partial Disability Benefits Because Suitable Work Is Available

  560. Background Checks On Applicants Seeking A Gaming License In Pennsylvania

  561. Insurance Company Mailed Policy Cancellation Notice To The Wrong Address

  562. Janitor Stuck Several Times By Improperly Disposed Of Hypodermic Needles

  563. A Party Has To Advise The Referee Of His Objections As Early As Possible

  564. Credit To Parolees For Time Spent At An Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers

  565. Can A City In Pennsylvania Be Held Liable For A Juvenile's Criminal Acts ?

  566. Corporation's Certificate Of Authority To Bring Suit In The Commonwealth.

  567. Case In Which Probation Revoked For Not Reporting To The Probation Office

  568. Request For An Administrative Certificate As A Secondary School Principal

  569. What To Do If A Lawyer Steals Insurance Settlement Money From His Client ?

  570. Is The Motive For Seeking Disclosure In Right To Know Act Cases Relevant ?

  571. Difference Between Defective Assessment Of Property And Defective Appeals

  572. Is SEPTA Considered ''Commonwealth'' For Purposes Determining Jurisdiction ?

  573. Exacerbation Of Pseudoarthrosis L4-5 As A Result Of A Work-Related Injury

  574. Questioned After An Anonymous Call Defendant Found Guilty Of Drug Charges

  575. Can You Change Taxable Property Value After It Has Been Been Established ?

  576. Are High School Principal's Recommendation To Appoint Teachers Arbitrable ?

  577. Are Parents The Beneficiaries Of MA Benefits For Minor's Medical Expenses ?

  578. Section 440 Of The The Workers' Compensation Act - The Costs Of Litigation

  579. Can A Lawyer Hire Someone To Solicit Injured People To Become His Clients ?

  580. Considering Whether A Facility Is Appropriate Under The Charter School Law

  581. May Train Station Enter Into An Exclusive Lease With A Single Cab Company ?

  582. Waiver Of Deemed Approval Right By Not Objecting To The Oral Argument Date

  583. Credit For Period Served In Pre-Sentence Confinement By A Person In Parole

  584. Is Police And Fire Medical Association Considered A ''Health Care Insurer'' ?

  585. Is Medical Licence Suspended F You Plead Nolo Contendere To Drug Offenses ?

  586. Court Lacks Jurisdiction Due To The Failure To Join An Indispensable Party

  587. Is It Legal To Fire For Poor Job Performance Before A Work Related Injury ?

  588. Can Prisoners Possess Sexually Explicit Material That Show Frontal Nudity ?

  589. How To Determine Whether An Entity Qualifies As A ''Purely Public Charity'' ?

  590. What Are The Essential Prerequisites For Issuing A Preliminary Injunction ?

  591. Filing Application For A Building Permit Erect A Billboard In Pennsylvania

  592. Can A Prisoner Appeal Decisions By Internal Prison Disciplinary Tribunals ?

  593. Do Reports Of Criminal Activity Alone Constitute Probable Cause To Arrest ?

  594. Are Merger Savings A Factor In Determining Whether It Benefits The Public ?

  595. Can Arbitrators Place A Cap On The City's Contribution To Health Care Cost ?

  596. Placing A Child In A Foster Home Without His Father's Signature On The Plan

  597. More Points On Operators Of Commercial Than Upon Private Passenger Vehicles

  598. Is The City Liable For Negligent Maintenance Of A Bleacher Which Collapsed ?

  599. Failure To Raise The Legality Of A Police Search Before Trial In Drug Cases

  600. Evidentiary Hearing In Disputes About Whether A Settlement Agreement Exists

  601. Who Is Liable For An Injured On Authority Property Caused By A Third Party ?

  602. Terminating Attendant Care Services For A Disabled Person Without A Hearing

  603. Can A Sign Permit Be Revoked If It Met The Definition Of An Accessory Sign ?

  604. Filing Petition Of Workers Comp Termination After Reinstatement Of Benefits

  605. Test To Determine Whether Utility Services Are Being Offered For The Public

  606. Proving Significant Risk Of An Increase In Punishment By Statute Amendments

  607. Can A Prisoner Sue For Damages In Connection With His Disciplinary Hearing ?

  608. Proving Employer Took Proper Steps Necessary To Eliminate Sexual Harassment

  609. Parolee's New Sentence Was Greater Than His Pre-Sentence Time In Confinement

  610. Is The Process Of Subpoena Proper In Obtaining A Prisoner's Medical Records ?

  611. Does Police Officer's Injury During Stop For Lunch Entitles Him To Benefits ?

  612. Can New Sentence Run Concurrent With The Time Remaining On A Prior Sentence ?

  613. Is Job-Related Aggravation Of A Pre-Existing Disease Considered An ''Injury'' ?

  614. Where To Submit An Application To Establish A Single District Charter School

  615. Are You Entitled To Receive A Disability Pension From The Date You Prove It ?

  616. Penalty Petition For Withholding Payment Of Workers Comp Disability Benefits

  617. Late Filing Of A Wrongful Death And Survival Action And The ''Discovery Rule''

  618. What Factors Should Be Considered While Determining The Value Of A Property ?

  619. Suing For Emotional Damages For Demotion After Publicly Criticizing Employer

  620. Can Court Allow An Appeal (Filed After Deadline) In The Interest Of Justice ?

  621. Does The Time You Are Incarcerated For Not Posting Bail Count For Something ?

  622. Withdrawing Nomination Petitions To Have A Name Placed On The Primary Ballot

  623. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Claim Under The Post Conviction Relief Act

  624. Filling Claim For Medical Expenses For A Child After The Deadline Has Passed

  625. Continually Reassuring Payment Until The Cause Of Action Has Already Expired

  626. Is Extent Of Success A Factor In Determining Amount Of Attorney's Fees Award ?

  627. Did Caseworker's Failure To Document (Maintain Records) Jeopardized Children ?

  628. Can Banks Protest The Conversion Of Credit Unions To Community Credit Unions ?

  629. Can A Technical Defect Be Corrected After The Statute Of Limitations Had Run ?

  630. Does The Plrb Have Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Unfair Labor Practice Charges ?

  631. Tax Assessment Without Evidence Of Fair Market Value Of Comparable Properties

  632. Causal Connection Between Current Condition And The Prior Work-Related Injury

  633. 2 Prerequisites To The Running Of Interest For Delay Of Payment By The Debtor

  634. Transfer Request Because Of An Alleged ''unjust'' Criticism Of Job Performance.

  635. Refund For Paying Taxes To Which A Political Division Is Not Legally Entitled

  636. Are Counties Entitled To Be Reimbursed A Percentage Of Their Estimated Costs ?

  637. What Are The Sovereign Non-Sovereign And Quasi-Sovereign Interests Of States ?

  638. Taxation Of Realty Transfer From A Liquidated Corporation To Its Stockholders

  639. Consequences Of Abandoning Parole Drug And Alcohol Program Without Permission

  640. Is The Threat Of Placing A $ 50000 Bounty On A Police Officer's Life Abnormal ?

  641. Limiting Attorney's Fees From The Date Of The Entry Of The Interlocutory Order

  642. The Importance Of Candidate's Campaign Registration And Reporting Requirements

  643. Interpretation Of Section 603 Of The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code

  644. Medical Licence Suspension For 5 Years For Misconduct Against A Female Patient

  645. Getting Arrested On New Criminal Charges During Pre-Release Outpatient Program

  646. Insurance Coverage Of A Work Related Injury As A Result Of A Defective Machine

  647. Taxpayers Burden To Prove That A Challenged Tax Classification Is Unreasonable

  648. Do Cities Have The Authority To Allow Registration Of Gay And Lesbian Couples ?

  649. Can Police Search The Home The Person That Reported A Crime Without A Warrant ?

  650. Reporting Someone On Parole For Leaving Without Signing Out And Without A Pass

  651. Can You File A Second Lawsuit Between The Same Parties Upon A Different Claim ?

  652. Does Disrespectful Behavior Towards A Judge Considered Obstruction Of Justice ?

  653. Employer's Motion To Strike Or Open A Judgment Of A Workers' Compensation Award

  654. Realty Transfer Tax Exemption For Conveyance Of General To Limited Partnership

  655. Are Litigation Costs Part Of The ''Compensation'' In Workers' Compensation Cases ?

  656. Employer's Duty To Give Reasonable Warning To A Customer About A Fired Employee

  657. Can A Lawyer Be Present During A Physical Examination By The Employer's Doctor ?

  658. Work-Related Injury Caused By Exposure To Abnormal Working Conditions In Prison

  659. How Do Courts Deal With Cases Where A Defective Bond Or No Bond Has Been Filed ?

  660. Provision Reporting To Remove From Office Persons Who Failed To File Statements

  661. Department Of Public Welfare Authority To Remove A Stale Matter From Its Docket

  662. The Discovery Rule In Regards To Statute Of Limitations In Wrongful Death Cases

  663. Can An Anonymous Police Tip May Furnish Reasonable Suspicion For A Drug Arrest ?

  664. Can You Sue For Property Damages As A Result Of Dangerous Buildings Demolition ?

  665. Carriage Contract Terms In A Lawsuit Of A Shipper Against A Carrier For Damages

  666. In Which Circumstances A Motion For Judgment On The Pleadings Would Be Granted ?

  667. Definition Of ''Guards'' Under Section 604(3) Of The Public Employe Relations Act

  668. Death In Car Accident Because Of Failure To Install A Guardrail Along The Curve

  669. What Interest You Must Have To Be Allowed To Participate In A Legal Proceeding ?

  670. Motion For Injunctive Relief Seeking To Have Statutes Declared Unconstitutional

  671. Filing A Pro Se Brief Before After Your Lawyer Already Filed An Appellate Brief

  672. Firing An Employee For Misconduct Which Occurred Before His Work Related Injury

  673. Contractual Terms Which Impair The Independence Of Judiciary Supervisory Powers

  674. Burden Of Establishing The Allocation Of The Consequences Of Employee Discharge

  675. Is Police Pat Down Search For Weapons Allowed Based On An Anonymous Phone Call ?

  676. Are Statements Made By A Prisoner To A Caseworker Admissible In A Criminal Case ?

  677. Rejecting Final Plan After Preliminary Subdivision Plan Had Been Deemed Approved

  678. Must County Provide Cellular Phone Billing Records To A Newspapers Upon Request ?

  679. Full Merits Hearings By The Human Relations Commission In Settlement Agreements

  680. Difference Between Conflicting Testimony By Way Of Deposition And Live Testimony

  681. Determining Whether Physical Therapy After A Work Related Injury Is Unreasonable

  682. When Does The 30 Day Time Period For Appeal Begin Under The Municipalities Code ?

  683. Can You Sue A Volunteer Fire Department For Damages To Property In Pennsylvania ?

  684. Can You Cite Language Barrier As An Excuse For Refusing To Submit To A DUI Test ?

  685. Is Injury 15 Minutes Before The Start Of A Shift Considered Work Related Injury ?

  686. Is An Order Denying An Employer's Petition For A Physical Examination Appealable ?

  687. Does Lack Of Knowledge Where To File A Complaint Toll The Statute Of Limitations ?

  688. Lawsuit Against Owner Of A Car That Slid Down Driveway And Damage Another Vehicle

  689. Insurance Commissioner Rejected The Filing Of A Class Action Suit In Pennsylvania

  690. Did Contractor Have The Right To Claim Extra Compensation For Constructive Fraud ?

  691. Refusal To Provide A Newspaper With Access To A Confidential Settlement Agreement

  692. Not Following A Court Order Directing A Witness To Testify In An Arbitration Case

  693. Can You Admit Summaries To Court If Original Underlying Documents Were Destroyed ?

  694. Must Applicant For Admission To The Bar Graduate From An ABA-Approved Law School ?

  695. Can Employer File A Petition To Reduce Disability Benefits From Total To Partial ?

  696. Consequences Of Long Incarceration As A Result Of Delay In The Start Of The Trial

  697. Is Falling On The Sidewalk While Getting Off The Bus Considered A ''Car Accident'' ?

  698. Is Proposal To Construct A Cell Phone Tower Considered Land Development Proposal ?

  699. Limitation Period Of Claims Against Unions For Breach Of Fair Representation Duty

  700. Can Carrying A Firearm Outside One's Home Or Fixed Place Of Business Be Justified ?

  701. Can A Mandamus Writ Be Used To Control A Public Official's Exercise Of Discretion ?

  702. Employer's Variances To Construct A Parking Garage Away From His Place Of Business

  703. Is The Lobbying Disclosure Act Unconstitutional As Regulating The Practice Of Law ?

  704. Enjoining Enforcement Of An Ordinance Regulating The Days A Landfill Could Be Open

  705. What Happens If You Are Struck From Behind By An Uninsured Driver In Pennsylvania ?

  706. Does Filing A Writ Of Summons Toll The Limitation Period For Commencing A Lawsuit ?

  707. Do Volunteer Ambulance And Fire Companies Entitled To A Local Government Immunity ?

  708. Preliminary Injunction Prior To Hearing In Order To Restrain Picketing To Property

  709. Can A Supplemental Agreement Due To Work-Related Injury Be Modified Retroactively ?

  710. Do Arbitrators Have The Authority To Modify Disciplinary Action Against Employees ?

  711. Petitions To Add A Disability To A Previously Filed Notice Of Compensation Payable

  712. Can Preliminary Injunction Be Issued If A Defendant's Right To Relief Is Not Clear ?

  713. Is The Coal Industry Retiree Health Benefit Act Of 1992 An Unconstitutional Taking ?

  714. Vehicle Sales License Forfeiture For Violating An Assurance Of Voluntary Compliance

  715. Deadly Weapon Enhancement In Cases Where Defendantdid Not Have A Gun During Robbery

  716. Can You Sue The Department Of Transportation For An Injury After Getting Off A Bus ?

  717. Can Your File A New Liquor License Application After The First One Has Been Denied ?

  718. Jurisdiction Over Allocation Of Costs Relative To The Repair Of Railroad Facilities

  719. Suing Bus Driver After Being Struck By A Passing Car After Getting Off A School Bus

  720. Accepting Early Retirement Incentive Package Offer Because Of Fear For Job Security

  721. Does Impairment Mean That You Are Unable To Work (According To The AMA Guidelines) ?

  722. Does Hardship Exists In A Case Where The Landowner Requests A Dimensional Variance ?

  723. Does A Campus Police Officer Exceed His Authority By Arresting A Person Off Campus ?

  724. Under What Circumstances Can Executive Orders Be Enforced In A Judicial Proceeding ?

  725. Is The Sale Of Canned Software Be Considered Taxable As Tangible Personal Property ?

  726. Is Child's Injury As A Result Of Corporal Punishment Considered Criminal Negligence ?

  727. Benefits To Parole Officer's Alleged Psychological Injuries Due To Sexual Harassment

  728. Transfer Property Involved In A Redevelopment Project From One Individual To Another

  729. What Is The Scope And Standard Of Review Applicable To An Act 111 Arbitration Award ?

  730. Does The State Enjoy Sovereign Immunity From Claims Based On Negligence Or Nuisance ?

  731. Determining A Reliable Value Of Property To Impose A Higher Excise Tax Retroactively

  732. Delay In Conducting A Hearing Resulted In The Dismissal Of A Parole Violation Charge

  733. Hospital Employee Assaulted A Security Guard When Required To Submit To A Drug Test

  734. Credit For The Time Spent Outside Prison For A Prisoner Who Was Release A By Mistake

  735. Credit For Time Spent In Custody Pursuant To A Detainer Warrant To A Parole Violator

  736. Employer's Burden Of Proof To Show Employee's Lack Of Intention Of Continuing To Work

  737. Suit To Compel To Submit To Binding Arbitration In A Collective Bargaining Agreement

  738. Under What Circumstances Are Candidates Allowed To Amend Their Nomination Petitions ?

  739. Arbitrator's Award Does Not Draw Its Essence From The Collective Bargaining Agreement

  740. Is A Totally Disabled Retired Employee Entitled To Payment Of Workmen's Compensation ?

  741. Applying The ''Dual Standard'' When Court Reviews Arbitrator's Decision On Jurisdiction

  742. Does Salary Increases During Last Year Of Employment Constitute ''Severance Payments'' ?

  743. Written Extension Of Time In Which The Zoning Hearing Board Could Render Its Decision

  744. Evidence From Parents That They Intended To Enroll Their Children To A Charter School

  745. Warrantless Search When Defendant Showed No Privacy In Placing The Drug Bag In A Tree

  746. Can Workers Comp Board Remand A Case Following An Initial Order Terminating Benefits ?

  747. Does A Release From Responsibility For A Work Injury Apply To Future Health Problems ?

  748. ''Educational Institution'' Under Section 402.1(1) Of The Unemployment Compensation Law

  749. Can You Quit Your Job If Your Employer Changes Your Health Plan Without Your Consent ?

  750. Can Employer Amend A Compromise And Release By Attempting To Continue The Litigation ?

  751. Credit For Time Served When Credit Has Been Already Credited Against Another Sentence

  752. Discriminatory Housing Practice Based On Interference Of Quiet Enjoyment Of Residence

  753. Fixed Term Employee Fired Although The Employer Did Not Attempt To Market The Product

  754. Does Storing Furniture And Parking A Vehicle Satisfy The Owner-Occupancy Requirement ?

  755. Does The Refund Act Require A Taxpayer To File A Petition Before Sueing For A Refund ?

  756. How To Determine Whether A State Statute Preempts Local Regulation In The Same Field ?

  757. Jurisdiction Over Nonresident Manufacturer That Used Subsidiary To Distribute Product

  758. Not Receiving Advance Written Notice Of Insurance Policy Cancellation In Pennsylvania

  759. Should A Parolee Recieve Credit On His Original Sentence For Presentence Confinement ?

  760. Does Lack Of Knowledge Of Proper Forum To File Complaints Toll The Limitation Period ?

  761. Termination Of Workers Comp Benefits Based On A Testimony Of Employer's Medical Expert

  762. Another Employee Signed The Receipt Of A Certified Mail Notice Of The Sale Of Property

  763. Can State Penalize Taxpayers For Failing To Remit Taxes First And Obtain Review Later ?

  764. Is Any Commercial Use In A Residential Area Is Automatically Deemed A Nuisance Per Se ?

  765. Is Testimony Of A Treating Psychiatrist An Exception To The Physician-Patient Statute ?

  766. Transferring An Appeal Involving Interpretation Of The Bond Law And Public School Code

  767. What Happens If You Quit Your Job After The Employer Refused Your Request To Fire You ?

  768. Using An Impermissible Method To Determine Fair Market Value For Property Tax Purposes

  769. Workers' Comp Benefits Based On Employee's Perception That A Temporary Job Is Demeaning

  770. Determining Whether Chiropractic Treatment After A Work Related Injury Is Unreasonable

  771. Custody Disputes About One Parent's Intent To Relocate Out Of The Jurisdiction Of Court

  772. Review Of A Board Decision Recommitting As A Parole Violator And Recalculating Sentence

  773. Declaratory Order That Power Purchase Agreements Do Not Convey Renewable Energy Credits

  774. Can You Sue For Damages If You Have Been Detained In A Jail Cell In The Police Station ?

  775. Should New Owner Be Denied A Variance Solely Because He Got The Property At A Discount ?

  776. Board Of Probation And Parole Has No Duty To Give An Inmate Full Credit For Time Served

  777. Property Owned By An Electric Generation Company Exempt From Local Real Estate Taxation

  778. ''limited Tort'' Option - The Laws Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Section 1705(A)(4)

  779. Claim For Survivors Benefits Under The Collective Bargaining Agreements In Pennsylvania

  780. Can Certain Information About Birth Parents Be Safely Disclosed If An Adoptee Seeks So ?

  781. Is A Declaratory Judgment Proceeding An Optional Substitute For An Action Of Assumpsit ?

  782. Prisoner Alleged Violation Of Ex Post Facto Clause By The Board Of Probation And Parole

  783. Difference Between Notice Of The Government's Failure To Act And Notice Of Money Damages

  784. Is A Delay Between A Parolee's Conviction And Receipt Of Conviction Records Justifiable ?

  785. Motorcycle Struck A Placed Fence Post - Lawsuit Against The Department Of Transportation

  786. Should An Individual Be Given Duplicate Credit For The Second Component Of His Sentence ?

  787. Can A Company's Tax Assessment Be Increased Based On The Testimony Of The Board's Expert ?

  788. Do Prisoners Have Fundamental Rights Of Privicy Regarding Being Filmed And Photographed ?

  789. Can A Court Order Enforcement Of Such A Settlement The Existence Of Which Is In Dispute ?

  790. Who Is Liable For A Car Accident In An Intersection Of State Highways And Township Road ?

  791. Can Two Separate Criminal Sentences Of Incarceration Violate The Double Jeopardy Clause ?

  792. The Deadly Weapon Enhancement Is Cases Where Defendant Held A Gun During Course Of Crime

  793. Can A Workers' Compensation Judge Penalize An Employer That Did Not Pay Benefits On Time ?

  794. Does Absence Of A Judge During A Critical Stage Of A Trial Constitute A Structural Error ?

  795. What Factors Are Considered Fatal And Material Defects While Filing Nomination Petitions ?

  796. Can Majority Stockholders Revoke By Laws Granting Right Of First Refusal To Shareholders ?

  797. Case About A Janitor Who Suffered A Work-Related Injury Was Not Offered Any Suitable Work

  798. Are County Judges The Managerial Representatives In Collective Bargaining With Employees ?

  799. Modifying Workers Comp Benefits To An Employee Whose Salary Is Based Solely On Commission

  800. Landowner Required To Set Aside Land To Create One Acre Clear Of Floodplains And Wetlands

  801. Case About Whether A Father Placed His Child At ''Imminent Risk Of Serious Physical Abuse''

  802. Do Unemployment Compensation Board Decisions Affect Workers' Compensation Board Decisions ?

  803. Even Where Employer's Request Seems Intrusive It Can Be Reasonable Under The Circumstances

  804. Can You Recover Compensation In Excess Of The Amount Recovered From The Insurance Company ?

  805. Is A Person Whose Green Card Expired Legally Available For Work And Eligible For Benefits ?

  806. Can Prisoners Serve Sentences Concurrently Before Their Original Sentence Has Been Served ?

  807. Consequences Of Not Preparing A Physician Report Due To Failure To Produce Medical Records

  808. The Right To Seek Declaratory Judgement And Refunds Of Philadelphia Mercantile License Tax

  809. Filing Candidate Nomination Papers As An Independent Or A Representative Of A Minor Party

  810. Can Police Prove Existence Of Drugs Using Drug-Sniffing Dog If The Only Evidence Is Money ?

  811. Filing Lawsuit For Damages Against The State For Violations Of The Equal Protection Clause

  812. Legal Standing To Raise The Issue Of Whether Someone Can Hold The Offices Of State Senator

  813. What Happens If You Don't Attend Workers Comp Medical Examination Because You Moved Abroad ?

  814. Employer's Termination Petition Asserting Employee Fully Recovered From A Lower Back Strain

  815. Waiting For A Parolee's Sentence On A New Conviction Before Scheduling A Revocation Hearing

  816. Proving Residency Of A School District In Order To Get Educational Benefits In Pennsylvania

  817. Suspension Of Workers Comp Benefits For Not To Attending An Independent Medical Examination

  818. Can You Change/Amend The Description Of A Work Related Injury To Include Additional Injury ?

  819. Must Township Cite To The Ordinance Provisions That Authorized Subdivision Plan Conditions ?

  820. Medical Expert Did Not Testify That Work Injury Prohibit An Employee From Returning To Work

  821. Protection From Having To Defend Several Suits On The Same Cause Of Action At The Same Time

  822. Is The Bureau Obligated To Inform About The Option To Enter Into An Installment Agreement ?

  823. Providing An Applicant A Reasonable Opportunity To Respond To Objections Or To Modify Plans

  824. Denial Of Payments For Home Modifications For Paraplegic As A Result Of Work-Related Injury

  825. Is A Father Whose Parental Rights Have Been Terminated Entitled To File Post-Trial Motions ?

  826. When Does Statute Of Limitations Begin To Run In Occupational Disease Cases In Pennsylvania ?

  827. Do Supplemental Agreement Precluded Employers From Seeking To Terminate Disability Benefits ?

  828. Suing The Department Of Transportation For Not Paying Medical Bills Related To A Work Injury

  829. Is A Father Entitled To Benefits If He Quits His Job In Another State To Care For His Child ?

  830. Is Reducing Pension Benefits Of Judges Who Entered Office After March 1 1974 Constitutional ?

  831. Legislative Reapportionment Plans For The State House And Senate With Less Than 10% Deviation

  832. Is A Car Accident In A Public Street On The Way To To The Employer's Parking Lot Compensable ?

  833. Can You Sue For ''risk And Fear Of Cancer'' As A Result Of Asbestos Related Pleural Thickening ?

  834. What Are The Two Situations In Which An Inquiry May Be Sustained In The Course Of Employment ?

  835. Students Opportunity To Be Heard Before Being Transferred To An Alternative Education Setting

  836. Can Municipality That Acts In A Quasi-Judicial Capacity Appeal A Conditional Use Application ?

  837. Determining Whether Specific Job Classifications Are Properly Included In The Bargaining Unit

  838. Should Court Appoint A Lawyer To Represent The Children In Parental Rights Termination Cases ?

  839. How To Determine Whether Someone Has ''Special Interest'' In Enforcement Of A Charitable Trust ?

  840. Should Taxable Inhabitants Be Determined As Of The Date Of Filing Of Petition For Annexation ?

  841. Is An Officer Authorised To Make An Arrest If He Observes A Person Violating A City Ordinance ?

  842. How To Determine Whether To Grant A Dimensional Variance To A Nonprofit Social Service Agency ?

  843. Lawsuit For Fatal Car Accident As A Result Of An Exposed Trailing End Of The Highway Guardrail

  844. Is It Legal To Use Different Methodologies For Valuing Real Property In The Same Jurisdiction ?

  845. Is Medical Treatment Reasonable And Necessary If It Does Not Cure But Is Palliative In Nature ?

  846. Liability For A Commonwealth Party If The Property Itself Is Alleged To Have Caused The Injury

  847. Alleged Failure Of Hearing Officer To Conduct A De Novo Hearing As Required By DPW Regulations

  848. Drug Charge While On Parole - Failure To Provide A Revocation Hearing Within A Reasonable Time

  849. Is A Collective Bargaining Agreement Invalid And Unenforceable If It Conflicts With A Statute ?

  850. Is Purchase Of Directors And Officers Liability Insurance By A Nursing Home An Allowable Cost ?

  851. Bid Protest For Allegedly Evaluating Bids That Were Not Enumerated In The Request For Proposal

  852. Is There An Absolute Liability For Experimental Devices Placed Upon A Locomotive By A Carrier ?

  853. Consequences Of Children And Youth Services's Failure To Maintain Accurate And Complete Records

  854. May The Execution Creditor's Lawyer Purchase Property At An Execution Sale For His Own Benefit ?

  855. Does Prison Time For Not Making Bail During Trial Count's When Imposing Incarceration Sentence ?

  856. Are Both Grant For Public Assistance As Well As The Condition For Its Repayment Constitutional ?

  857. Failure To File Appeal Within The Time Specified By Unemployment Compensation Board Regulations

  858. When Does The Application Of A General Zoning Law To A Particular Property Constitute A Taking ?

  859. Decedent Did Not Change Beneficiary Of His Bank Account Because His Broker Was Away On Vacation

  860. Is It Legal To Run A Criminal Background Check On Of Those Applying For A Horse Racing License ?

  861. The Right To Equal Protection Does Not Require Equal Treatment Of People Having Different Needs

  862. Can A Property Have No Value For Assessment Purposes Even If Experts Testify That It Had Value ?

  863. Does An Uncorroborated Anonymous Tip Regarding Criminal Activity Justify An Investigatory Stop ?

  864. Can A School District Appeal A Property Assessment Even Though No Triggering Event Has Occured ?

  865. Workers Comp Benefits For Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident Involving A Co-Employee's Vehicle

  866. Must Self-Insured Employer Pay Uninsured Motorist Benefits In Addition To Workers' Compensation ?

  867. Can You Sue For Negligence If You Already Received Workers' Compensation In A Car Accident Case ?

  868. Court Reversed Arbitration Award To Reinstate A Discharged Manager For Misappropriation Of Funds

  869. Is A Defendant Required To File An Answer Until Outstanding Preliminary Objections Are Disposed ?

  870. Is It Allowed To Determine Damages Without A Hearing To Determine Whether A Taking Has Occurred ?

  871. Is An Agreement Between Construction Manager And Department Of General Services A Public Record ?

  872. Does A County Have Right To Contract Work And Services For Its Prisons To A Private Corporation ?

  873. Are Attorneys Under Obligation To Inform Their Adversaries Of Their Procedural Responsibilities ?

  874. Audio Tape Recording Of A Telephone Call To An Emergency Center Reporting A Shooting As Evidence

  875. Can A One-Time Benefit Offered After The Date Of Marital Seperation Be Considered Marital Asset ?

  876. Is Evidence Of BAC Equal To Or Above The Legal Limit Sufficient To Establish A Prima Facie Case ?

  877. Do Nonprofit Corporations Which Performed Accounting For Charities Entitled To Sales Tax Exempt ?

  878. Declaration Of Taking Because The Opening Of A Street Was Different From An Eminent Domain Action

  879. Pennsylvania Prevailing Wage Act Provisions Apply When Public Funds Are Used For A Public Purpose

  880. Are Local Agencies Protected By Governmental Immunity Provisions In Cases Of Medical Malpractice ?

  881. Can Post-Trial Motions Be Filed In Cases Involving An Involuntary Termination Of Parental Rights ?

  882. Exclusive Jurisdiction In Matters Involving Claims Arising Out Of Contracts With The Commonwealth

  883. Approving A Land Development Proposal With The Condition That Outside Agency Permits Are Received

  884. Do You Have To Pay Your Lawyer (Contingency Fees) If You Waive Future Benefits From The Employer ?

  885. Can A Worker's Compensation Judge Exercise His Discretion In Awarding Reasonable Litigation Costs ?

  886. Zoning Board's Authority To Interpret An Ordinance In The Absence Of A Request For Specific Relief

  887. Can Compensatory Damages Be Awarded For Humilation Suffered As A Result Of Housing Discrimination ?

  888. Request For Exception From Applicable Zoning Regulations To Build A Canopy Over New Gasoline Pumps

  889. Can A Person Be Convicted Of Firearm Offenses If A Search Occured After A Legal Stop For Speeding ?

  890. Negligence Action Against The Municipal Authority That Had Hired The Employer Of A Worker Who Died

  891. Pennsylvania General Assembly's Authority To Enact Laws Subjecting Collective Bargaining Agreements

  892. Can You Request A New Trial If You Did Not Object To The Jury's Verdict Before The Jury's Dismissal ?

  893. Must Employer Issue Notice Of Compensation Payable Even If He Doesn't Acknowledge Employee's Injury ?

  894. Did Court's Ruling On An Ordinance Involved The Local Human Relations Commission's Authority To Act ?

  895. Is A Religious Retreat Center Entitled Tax Exemption If It Is Primarily Used As A Place Of Worship ?

  896. Does Employee Entitled To Disability Benefits If He Voluntarily Removes Himself From The Workforce ?

  897. Must Anyone Whose Interests May Be Affected By The Challenged Legislation Join As A ''Formal Party'' ?

  898. Does The Speech And Debate Clause Immunize A Former Senator From A Criminal Indictment For Bribery ?

  899. Can A Petition For Reconsideration Be Denied If It Is Filed 30 Days After The Commission's Decision ?

  900. Is A Cop Obligated To Expressly Advise You That You Have The Right To Refuse A Pat Down Body Search ?

  901. Consequences Of Not Submitting Lawyer Fee Agreement For Approval (By The Workers Compensation Board)

  902. Pennsylvania Ordinance Which Limits The Number Of Times A Municipal Officer Can Stand For Reelection

  903. Apartment Building Which Consists Of Floor Space Much Higher Than Permitted Under Zoning Regulations

  904. Does Each Incident Of Discrimination Constitute A Seperate Actionable 'unlawful Employment Practice' ?

  905. Trial Court's Discretion To Renew License If Steps Have Been Taken In Accordance With The Liquor Laws

  906. If An Entity Acts Under The State's Control It Is A ''commonwealth Agency'' For Jurisdictional Purposes

  907. Can An Aspiring Tax Collector Object To A School Board's Salary Action Before Running For The Office ?

  908. Does Equitable Estoppel Apply If Petitioner Fails To Show DPW Misrepresentation Fraud Or Concealment ?

  909. Can The Issues Of An Appellant Be Waived If He Delays In Filing The Statement Requested By The Court ?

  910. Is An Agreement Read Into The Record By Lawyers For The Commission And The Respodent A Consent Order ?

  911. Is It Legal To Search A Car Based On License Plate Number Received By An Anonymous Police Phone Call ?

  912. Are 'preferred Substitutes' Hired To Work Every Day Of The School Year Members Of The Bargaining Unit ?

  913. Filing An Unfair Labor Practice Union Regarding The Assignment Of Dispatching Work Of Police Officers

  914. Is A Social Host Liable For Serving Liquor To An Intoxicated Guest Who Subsequently Injures A Person ?

  915. Test To Determine Whether A ''core Function'' Is Implicated In Discipline Of Government Employees Cases

  916. Impeaching Defendant's Credibility By Referring To His Pre-Arrest Silence If He Testifies At His Trial

  917. Can An Appellate Court Disturb An Agency's Adjudication Based Upon A Capricious Disregard Of Evidence ?

  918. Is The Concept ''Purely Public Charity'' Based Strictly On Age Of Those Who Live In The Housing Project ?

  919. Is Testimony Of Actual Users Required To Justify The Public Need Of A Proposed Transportation Service ?

  920. Does The Law Require The Department Of Conservation And Natural Resources To Clean Up Hazardous Sites ?

  921. Can An Arbitrator Determine If There Was Just Cause For Discharge And If Not What Should The Remedy Be ?

  922. Does The Prior Contract End And Is He Party To A New Employment Contract If A Legislator Is Re-Elected ?

  923. New School As A Result Of Joint Development Agreement Between A School District And A Private Developer

  924. Can The Services Of A School Custodian Be Terminated If He Is Found In Possession Of Illegal Narcotics ?

  925. Must Employer Keep Paying Employee Disability Benefits After He Voluntarily Retired From The Workforce ?

  926. Filing Of A Claim That A Psychiatric Condition Arose As A Direct Result Of His Work-Related Back Injury

  927. Is The Assessment Of Compensatory And Punitive Damages Outside The Scope Of Declaratory Judgements Act ?

  928. Is Employer Responsible To Pay Penalties For Delays In His Insurance Carrier's Medical Services Payment ?

  929. Can A Truck Driver's Death By A Rock Thrown Through His Windshield Be Considered Motor Vehicle Accident ?

  930. Liability In A 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 Action Without Unconstitutional Act By The Municipality's Employee

  931. Ordinance Regulating Cell Phone Towers When Proposed Project Is Not A Land Development Nor A Subdivision

  932. Equitable Distribution If The Divorce Decree Was Granted Without Specific Reservation Of Property Rights

  933. Can Shouting Of Certain Words At Police In A Crowd Be Considered 'Obscene' And Indicate Lawless Behavior ?

  934. Does Statute Of Limitations Not Begin To Run Until A Medical Bill Is Submitted To The Insurance Company ?

  935. Can You Receive Workers' Compensation Benefits Even Though They Could Be Offset By Your Pension Benefits ?

  936. Jurisdiction Over Department Of Correction's Decision Concerning Charges Of Misconduct Against A Prisoner

  937. Landowner Claim Temporary Reduction In The Assessment Value Of His Property Due To A Sewer Connection Ban

  938. Can Employer Cease Paying Partial Disability Benefits If Employee Returns To Work In A Modified Position ?

  939. Should A Petitioner Who Is Not At Liberty On Parole Due To Restrictions Imposed On Him Be Awarded Credit ?

  940. City Exemption From Mechanic's Lien If It Leases Land To A Tenant For Building And Managing A Spotrs Arena

  941. Can An Employee's Disability Benefits Be Terminated If His Occupational Disease Is Cured And Irreversible ?

  942. Does An Encounter Which Demonstrates A Show Of Authotity Constitute A Restrain On An Individual's Liberty ?

  943. Can Business Privilege Taxes Paid Erroneously Be Refunded To Taxpayers By Filing A Class Action Complaint ?

  944. Denying Payment To A Contractor For Work Done Outside The Scope Of The Contract Despite Promising To Do So

  945. Does A Letter Sent By A Lawyer Sufficient To Toll The Statute Of Limitations In A Claim Against An Estate ?

  946. Does ''Discharged Lawyer'' Entitled To Attorney Fees After The ''Second Lawyer'' Obtained A Successful Result ?

  947. Does Release Of Primary Trotfeasor Also Act As A Release Of Secondary Trotfeasor Where Both Of Them Exist ?

  948. Can A Housing Authority Officer Enforce Police Powers Two Blocks Away From The Housing Authority Property ?

  949. What Would Be The Economic Impact Of Constructing A Convention Center Along With A Host Hotel On A County ?

  950. Informing Police Regarding Any Known Medical Conditions Affected Ability To Perform A Breath Analyzer Test

  951. Can A Prisoner Having A History Of Violence Be Shackled Making Sure That The Jury Cannot See The Shackles ?

  952. Is The Landmarks Prevention Law Applied To Protect A Heritage Structure's Historical And Asthetic Features ?

  953. Does A University Police Officer Have Authority To Arrest A Person Outside The Premises Of A State College ?

  954. Compensation To Parents That Their Son (Who Provided The Financial Support) Died In A Work Related Accident

  955. Can The Status 'administrator Of The Estate' Be Changed To 'administrator Ad Prosequendum' To Suit The State ?

  956. Do Public Employees Have Standing To Enforce An Agreement When The Union Refused To Proceed To Arbitration ?

  957. When Does The Statute Of Limitations For A Wrongful Death Begin And Can It Be Tolled By The Discovery Rule ?

  958. Should A Jury Consider The Possibility Of Future Metastasis Due To Negligent Treatment In Awarding Damages ?

  959. Does A Claimant Forfeit Her Entitlement For Past Due Compensation By Delaying Her Application For Benefits ?

  960. Is An Employer Entitled To An Offset If He Is Directly Liable For Payment Of Workers' Compensation Benefits ?

  961. Is A Consent Order Between A Woman And A Deceased Man Binding In Worker's Compensation Death Benefits Cases ?

  962. Is Standing Sua Sponte A Prerequisite For Jurisdiction In A Case Of A Grandparent Seeking Visitation Rights ?

  963. Is There An Exemption From Construction Tax For An Apartment Complex For Low-Income Elderly And Handicapped ?

  964. Can A Bank Place An Administrative Hold And Have A Right Of Setoff If The Borrower Had Filed For Bankruptcy ?

  965. Are Exhaustion Clauses As A Predicate For Insurance Policy Coverage Under Underinsurance Provisions Allowed ?

  966. Is Public School District Obligated To Provide Speech Therapy To A Child While Enrolled At A Private School ?

  967. Determining Whether A Claimant For Unemployment Compensation Has A Compelling Reason To Quit Job On Demotion

  968. Does Supreme Court's Order Of Per Curiam Affirmance Mean That It Agrees With The Decision Of The Lower Court ?

  969. Do Provisionally Certified Teachers Have To Pass State Teaching Examinations To Obtain Permanent Certificate ?

  970. Does An Agreement In Which A Company Leases Capacity And Not Land Constitute Land Development Or Subdivision ?

  971. Arbitration Award Can Be Appealed If It Infringes On The Common Pleas Court's Power To Hire And Fire Employees

  972. Can The General Assembly Constitutionally Provide For Retention Of A Judge Who Had Not Been Initially Elected ?

  973. Is Evidence Of Intent To Abandon Required For Determination Of Abandonment Of A Nonconforming Use Of Property ?

  974. Does The Existence Of Adequate Statutory Remedies Make It Inappropriate For A Court To Exercise Jurisdiction ?

  975. Can A Purely Public Charity Which Recieves Funds Proportionate To The Services It Renders Claim Tax Exemption ?

  976. Does The Best Evidence Rule Apply To A Videotape Which Recorded The Defendant's Shoplifting But Was Later Lost ?

  977. Was Firing A Gun From His Front Porch In The Direction Of The Neighbor's Home Shooting Range Disorderly Conduct

  978. The Legal Obligation Of Municipalities In Pennsylvania To Proceed In Good Faith In Processing Development Plans

  979. Can A Housing Authority Terminate An Employee For Sexual Misconduct Which Might Affect Its Orderly Functioning ?

  980. Refusal To Authorize Increased Salary For Part-Time District Attorney That Became A Full-Time District Attorney

  981. Can The Principal Be Demoted And Employees Be Suspended Due To A Decline In Enrollment And Closing Of A School ?

  982. Can Abandonment Of Property Be Analysed By Seperating The Elements Of Intent To Abandon And Actual Abandonment ?

  983. Can A Beneficiary Of A Charity Challange The Transfer Of Assets Of A Non-Profit Corporation To Another Charity ?

  984. Was Employee Struck And Killed By A Car Crossing A Street To Get To The Parking Lot ''Because Of His Employment''

  985. Can A Mobile Home Be Legally Changed To A Modular Home If A Lot's Size Cannot Legally Accomodate Two Residences ?

  986. Is The Bureau Of Prison's Policy That Prohibits The Viewing Of Movies Rated R Or Nc-17 In Prison Constitutional ?

  987. Should A City Seek Empowerment From The General Assembly If It Wants To Pass An Ordinance To Control Businesses ?

  988. What Method Has The Legislature Provided By Which A Defendant May Challenge The Reliability Of BAC Test Results ?

  989. Does Public Utility Commission Have Exclusive Jurisdiction Over The Implementation Of Public Utility Facilities ?

  990. What Are The Practical Implications Of Allowing A Sentencing Court To Impose State And Fedral Time Concurrently ?

  991. Did The Polygraph Reference Prejudice The Defendant If A Witness Testified That He Had Refused To Take The Test ?

  992. Does Megan's Law Which Requires Registration Of Sexually Violent Predators Violate Procedural Due Process Rights ?

  993. Can A Defendant Seek To Have His Latest Sentence Credited With All The Time He Spent Serving The Other Sentences ?

  994. Are Magazines Treating Women As Objects Of Male Sexual Gratification Prohibited Material For Inmates Of A Prison ?

  995. How To Determine Whether A Legislation Classification Is Reasonably Related To Accomplishing The State Interests ?

  996. Will An Unwed Mother's Signing An Entrustment Agreement And Leaving The Child With A Family Be Considered Adoption

  997. Controller's Mistake That It Was Improper To Authorize Expenditure Of The Special Tax Revenue For General Purposes

  998. Conviction Of A Driver Who Believed Mistakenly That A Licensed Street Car Was Authorized To Operate On The Streets

  999. Did The Youth Organization Owe Duty To A Child Not Associated With Them But Sexually Abused By A Former Volunteer ?

  1000. City Refused To Arbitrate Employee Discharge Claiming That The Matter Belonged Before The Civil Service Commission

  1001. Can Operators Of Off-Street Parking Lots Seek To Invalidate A Tax On Parking Fees Collected By Private Lot Owners ?

  1002. What Is The Relationship Between The Impairment Rating Evaluation And Termination Of Work-Related Injury Benefits ?

  1003. Is Death During Non-Business Activities While Waiting For A Service Call Considered ''In The Course Of Employment'' ?

  1004. Is It Necessary To Conduct A Full Waiver Colloquy If A Defendant Indicates A Desire To Waive His Right To Counsel ?

  1005. Is An Owner Entitled Indemnification If Employee's Accidental Death Does Not Happen Because Of Performance Of Work ?

  1006. Getting Laid Off After Returning To Work (Following Period Of Disability) Because Of Employer's Facility Relocation

  1007. What Is The Standard Which Must Be Met By A State In Asserting Specific Jurisdiction In The Case Of A Non-Resident ?

  1008. Pennsylvania Tax Assessment Appeal On A Property Sold For An Amount Significantly Higher Than The Fair Market Value

  1009. Airport Officers Authority To Enforce Provisions Of The Implied Consent Law Outside Of Their Territorial Boundaries

  1010. Can A Tax Entity Re-Litigate The Same Legal Issue Which Has Already Been Litigated And Decided In A Prior Tax Year ?

  1011. Can A Letter Of Intent Which Does Not Disclose Any Agreement Impose A Duty Upon A Party To Negotiate In Good Faith ?

  1012. Is The Five-Year Employment Contract Given To The Secretary Or Executive Director By An Outgoing Board Enforceable ?

  1013. Is An Association Union Obliged To Represent The Interests Of All Its Members In Good Faith Without Discrimination ?

  1014. Employer's Duty To Notify If A Plant Closure Would Result In A Loss Of Employment Of 15 Percent Or More Of Employees

  1015. Second Employer's Benefits Termination Proceeding Conflicted With The Findings In The Initial Termination Proceeding

  1016. Can Licensing Fee Be Imposed On Vehicles That Travel Through A Township Under The Recycling And Waste Reduction Act ?

  1017. Is The Department Of Transportation Liable For A Alleged Defective Roadway Which Resulted In A Lethal Car Accidents ?

  1018. Case Involving Anonymous Police Call About A Particular Person At A Specified Location Engaging In Criminal Activity

  1019. Confidentiality Of Court Ordered Psychiatric Evaluation To Determine Mothers Capability Of Caring For Their Children

  1020. Employers Obligation To Render A Sincere Performance Of Contractual Undertakings Before Extending Employee's Contract

  1021. Is An Amendment Made On The Day Of The Fire Fighter's Retirement For Payment Of Service Increment Applicable To Them ?

  1022. Does The Application Of Epr Instead Of Steb Ratio Violate Principles Of Uniformity And Equal Protection Of Taxpayers ?

  1023. Should A Parolee Upon Revocation Of Parole Serve Sentence For New Crime And Balance Of Parole Sentence Consecutively ?

  1024. Does Serving An Injuction Order Upon Striking Employees Come Under Court-Related Statutory Duties Of Deputy Sheriffs ?

  1025. Can A Township Lay Conditions Regarding Traffic Restrictions Which Can Only Be Imposed Bt Dot To Approve A Site Plan ?

  1026. Does Transfer Tax Apply If The Deed Did Not Transfer A Beneficial Interest To Land To Anyone Other Than The Grantors ?

  1027. Can A Case Be Reinstated After Two Years If A Person Claims That His Attorney Did Not Receive The Termination Notice ?

  1028. Does A Municipality Have The Right To Terminate Employees Who Steal From It Or Steal From Others While Working For It ?

  1029. Can A Candidate File Nomination Papers For The General Election If His Name Has Been Stricken From The Primary Ballot ?

  1030. What Is The Test To Determine Whether Individuals Interacting With Police Officers Are Under 'Investigative Detention' ?

  1031. Court Evaluated Whether Signers Of Referendum Petitions Under The Liquor Control Act Of 1937 Must Be Registered Voters

  1032. Is An Employer Liable For A Pre-Existing Condition If An Employee Has Completely Recovered From A Work Related Injury ?

  1033. Do Workers' Compensation Insurers Have To Pay Disputed Medical Bills Before Determination That Treatment Was Necessary ?

  1034. Is A Prosecutor's Reference To Supressed Evidence During Closing Argument An Error Insufficient To Entitle A New Trial ?

  1035. Are School District's Records Of Wages Paid To Workmen For Roofing Jobs Undertaken With State Funding ''Public Records'' ?

  1036. Does An Arbitrator Exceed His Authority If His Award Does Violence To The Language Of Collective Bargaining Agreements ?

  1037. Can A Detective Who Gets Accidently Injured By His Service Revolver After The End Of His Work Shift Claim Compensation ?

  1038. Can A Sentence Originally Made To Run Concurrently Be Changed To Consecutive Sentences After Thirty Days Of Imposition ?

  1039. Does Failure To Fairly Represent A Member During Labor Negotiations Fall Within The Exclusive Jurisdiction Of The Plrb ?

  1040. Was The Referral Fee Agreement Between The Guardian Of A Estate And The Counsel Compromised Due To Conflict Of Interest

  1041. Defendant Convicted Of Voluntary Manslaughter But Not Of Possessing Instruments Of Crime As Requisite Intent Was Absent

  1042. Does The Interlock Law Look Back And Increase The Punishment Recidurst Offenders Received For Previous DUI Convictions ?

  1043. Is Any Credit Owed To A Parolee Who Is In Prison Both For A Board Warrant And New Crminal Charges While Awaiting Trial ?

  1044. Is A Zoning Hearing Board Created By The Legislature As A Quasi-Judicial Body Subject To The Sunshine Act's Requirement ?

  1045. Difference Between Anonymous Tip Which Is Observable By A Casual Acquaintance Of The Accused And Information Which Is Not

  1046. Are Federal Subsidies Considered Donations In Determining Whether A Housing Facility Is Entitled To A Property Exemption ?

  1047. Can A City Enact An Ordinance To Withold Licenses And Permits As A Means To Collect Real Estate Taxes And Municipal Debt ?

  1048. Defendant's Claim That He Was Unaware Of The Surveillance After Defense Counsel Was Permitted To Cross-Examine The Officer

  1049. Did The Emplorer Have No Legal Duty To Conduct Investigation Into The Employee's Criminal Background Before Employing Him ?

  1050. Can A Jury Be Sent Back To Deliberate If Its Verdict Is Inconsistent But Has No Ambiguity Or Evidence Of Misunderstanding ?

  1051. Does Duty Of A Title Insurance Company Run Only To Its Insured And Not To Third Parties Who Are Not Party To The Contract ?

  1052. Does Punitive Forfeiture Violate The Excessive Fines Clause If It Is Grossly Disproportional To The Gravity Of An Offense ?

  1053. Does A Securities Agent Commit An Unlawful Act If He Knowingly Makes False Or Misleading Statements In Commission Filings ?

  1054. Does An Anonymous Tip Coupled With Another Verification Of Reasonable Suspision Of Criminal Activity Justify A Terry Stop ?

  1055. When Does Statute Of Limitations Start For Long-Term Exposure To Hazardous Occupation Noise For A Still Employed Employee ?

  1056. What Are The Factors Which Determine Whether A Custodial Parent May Relocate To A Place Away From The Non-Custodial Parent ?

  1057. Is A Warantless Search Justified In Exceptional Circumstances Involving Destruction Of Evidence Or Threat Of Physical Harm ?

  1058. Can Weapons Enhancement Be Imposed If The Defendant Did Not Have A Gun On His Person But Within Ready Reach During Robbery ?

  1059. 30-Day Time Limit Of Challenging The Validity Of A Township Ordinance If Procedural Deficiencies Render The Ordinance Void

  1060. Does The Language Of A Relief Request Determine Whether Sovereign Immunity Bars An Individual's Claims Against State Police ?

  1061. Can A Person Suspected Of Being Intoxicated Be Arrested At A Public Place Where He Has Been Involuntarily Brought By Police ?

  1062. Does Property Of A Wife Prior To Marriage And Transferred During Marriage To Herself And Her Husband Become Marital Property ?

  1063. What Are The Considerations In Awarding Attorney's Fee Under Pennsylvania's Unfair Trade Practice And Consumer Protection Law ?

  1064. Is An Anonymous Call And Subsequent Police Corroboration Sufficient To Establish Reasonable Suspicion For Investigatory Stop ?

  1065. Should Exclusionary Rule Be Applied To Supress Evidence Of Contraband Abandoned By A Person Who Has Been Unlawfully Detained ?

  1066. Inmate Relief Request Relief If He Waits For Ten Years To Seek Mandamus Even Though His Sentences Were Improperly Aggregated

  1067. Is The Real Estate Exception Applicapable If An Individual Is Injured From The Failure Of The Security Guards To Protect Him ?

  1068. Can The Dot Establish Refusal By Presenting A Printout From A Properly Calibrated Breathalyzer Indicating A Defecient Sample ?

  1069. Can Airport Authority Terminate An Employee For Insubordination Falsifying Work Records And Compromising Security Of Airport ?

  1070. What Should Be Considered In Determining Whether An Inmate Has A Protected Liberty Interest In Avoiding Solitary Confinement ?

  1071. Is An Ordinance Required If A Declaration Of Taking Under The Second Class Township Code Has Been Authorized By A Resolution ?

  1072. Is A Nominated Commission Appointed To Assist The Governor In Selecting A Common Pleas Judge An Agency Under The Sunshine Act ?

  1073. Can A Forum Exercise Personal Jurisdiction Over A Nonresident Who Purposefully Directs His Activities Towards Forum Residents ?

  1074. Should Mechanic's Lien Be Filed Against A Housing Authority Providing Low Income Houses To The Public With No Motive Of Profit ?

  1075. Can The Previously Determined Contingency Fee Agreement Be Changed Basing The Attorney's Compensation On Quantum Meruit By Wcj ?

  1076. Should Entertainment And Personal Automobile Expenses Paid By A Party's Business Be Included In Income For Calculating Support ?

  1077. Did The Pre-Paid Phone Cards That Offered Prizes Which Could Be Obtained Without Buying The Card Constitute An Illegal Lottery ?

  1078. Can A Party That Becomes An Owner Of Property By Assignment Of A Post- Upset Sale Mortgage And Municipal Claim Seek Redemption ?

  1079. What Is The Standard For Determining When A Claim Accrues For Purposes Of The Board Of Claim's Six-Month Statute Of Limitations ?

  1080. Not Attempting To Prevent A Forseeable Harm Inspite Of Knowing The Priest's Allaged Propensity For Pedophilic Behavior

  1081. Does Suspending The Driving License Of An Individual Convicted Of Possessing Drugs Act As A General Deterence For Drug Offences ?

  1082. Does A Defendant Suffer Prejudice If A Witness Refers To A Polygraph Test And The Jury Is Cautioned To Disregard Such Testimony ?

  1083. Can A Municipality Adopt An Amendment Only If It Has Been Submitted To The Planning Agency At Least 30 Days Prior To Its Hearing ?

  1084. What Does The Interpretation Of Rule 318 And The Comment To It Say About The Formal Questioning And Examination Of The Defendant ?

  1085. Suspension Of Benefits Reversed If An Employer Fails To Provide A Job Within The Employee's Limitations Due To Work-Related Injury

  1086. Are Parents Entitled Reimbursement Of Private School Tution Fee Under Section 504's Free Appropriate Public Education Requirement ?

  1087. Is Evidence Which Does Not Demonstrate Circumstances And Conditions Similar To A Particular Case And Place Of Drowning Admissible ?

  1088. Can The Attorney's Fees And Costs Be Awarded To An Insured Where The Insurer's Refusal To Defend Was Unreasonable And In Bad Faith ?

  1089. Can Parties Who Do Not Have Standing To Intervene In A Board Proceeding Under The Liquor Code Challenge An Adverse Board Decision ?

  1090. If Taxes Are Uniform Upon Same Class Of Subjects Then Is A Hotel Owner Required To Pay Tax For Something Which Does Not Benefit Him

  1091. Are Reports Prepared By A Homicide Victim Containing Details Of Previous Drug Contacts And Conversations With Defendant Admissible ?

  1092. Did The Electric Companies Qualify For Exceptions To The Rate Cap Under The Competition Law For Increased Costs Of Power Purchased ?

  1093. If The Expert's Testimony Does Not Establish The Gun's Barrel Length Then It Is Insufficient Evidence To Support Firearms Conviction

  1094. Should A State Have Actual Or Constructive Notice Of A Defect Or Dangerous Condition Which Has Allegedly Caused Injury To A Person ?

  1095. Are Petitions Which Are Refiled After Making Due Corrections Deemed To Be Filed On The Date They Were Presented To The Prothonotary ?

  1096. Can DPW Demand Reimbursement Of Medical Assistance Made To An Injured Minor After Settlement Of Claim With Third Party Trotfeasor ?

  1097. Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board Jurisdiction Of A Dispute Between Public Employees And Their Collective Bargaining Representative

  1098. Can Dot Suspend A Licensee's Operating Privileges Under The Provisions Of The Compact If The Offense Occured Prior To Its Enactment ?

  1099. Can The Evidence Of Cocaine Be Supressed If The Defendant Had Been Frisked On The Basis Of A Radio Report About Him And His Location ?

  1100. Can An Equity Action Be Pursued To Seek Relief From Nuisance Caused By Activity Permitted On Property Coming Under Zonal Legislation ?

  1101. Can A Weapon's Insufficient Safety Case Leading To A Child's Death Be Tried In A State With Which The Manufacturer Has Trade Contacts ?

  1102. Can A Courier Company Be Held Liable For A Higher Value Than The Limitation Of Liability Provision Contained In The Shipping Invoice ?

  1103. Can A Taxpayer Appeal For A County's Assessment Based On A Base Year Market Value To Be Reduced To The Property's Current Market Value ?

  1104. Should Proper Records Be Maintained In Arbitration Procedures To Enable Courts To Conduct Proper Judicial Review Of The Issues Raised ?

  1105. Does Prejudice Result If A Remark Regarding Polygraph Test Is Made But Striken Off The Record And The Jury Is Instructed Regarding It ?

  1106. Can A Registered Nurse Provide Psychotherepy Without Supervision Or A Referral From A Practitioner Licensed To Prescribe Such Services ?

  1107. Based Upon Stipulation Of Facts Can A Wcj Award An Individual Commutation Of Benefits And Dismiss Petition Of Insurer For Reimbursement

  1108. Should A Person Be Awarded Uninsured Motorist Benefits And Also First Party Benefits Against SEPTA If He Is Struck By An Uninsured Car ?

  1109. Is A Person's Occupational Disease Disability Occuring Within 300 Weeks Of Exposure A Prerequsite To Recovery On A Fatal Claim Petition ?

  1110. Can The Assistant Prosecuter Ask The Jury To Consider The Defendant's Pre-Arrest Silence For Any Purpose When He Did Not Testify At All ?

  1111. Can A Worker's Compensation Judge Dismiss A Penalty Petition If The Medical Bills Are Not Causally Related To The Claimant's Work Injury ?

  1112. Does The Mandatory Sentence For Driving Under Influence Include A Credit For Time Served Voluntarily In Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation ?

  1113. What Was The Predominate Use Of The One -Room Efficiency Apartment Located On The Second Floor Of A Duplex Used As An Accountancy Office ?

  1114. Can The Proceeds Of A Loan Made To A Corporation For Making Capital Expenditure Be Disbursed As Income To The Two Principal Shareholders ?

  1115. Can A Defendant Seek To Credit His Previously Served Sentences Even If The Total Confinement Components Are Within The Statutory Maximum ?

  1116. Do Private Citizens Have The Right To Expect That Their Names And Telephone Numbers Would Remain Private When They Call A Council Member ?

  1117. Can A School Board Suspend An Individual For Serious Misconduct With Or Without Pay After Ensuring Observation Of Procedural Due Process ?

  1118. Does The Two Year Statute Of Limitations In The Public School Employees Retirement Code Violate An Individual's Right To Equal Protection ?

  1119. Should The Most Recent Election Be Considered As The Base For Calculating The Two Percent Of The Largest Entire Vote Cast For Any Officer ?

  1120. Can The City Or The Employer Be Held Liable If A Person Is Injured By Falling On A Staircase Connecting His Work-Site To A Parking Garage ?

  1121. Does An Anonymous Tip Supported By Police Surveillance Form The Basis Of Reasonable Suspision Of Criminal Activity To Justify A Terry Stop ?

  1122. Is The Policy Of Opening Checking And Resealing Incoming Legal Mail Outside The Presence Of Inmates Of A Correctional Institution Justified ?

  1123. Can A Review Petition Be Treated As A Claim Petition If An Employee Has Sustained Two Distinct Work-Related Injuries On Two Different Dates ?

  1124. Is An Employer Responsible For An Employee's Work-Related Hearing Loss If It Fails To Establish That It Was Attributable To A Prior Employer ?

  1125. Should Just Compensation Made Into Court Be Remitted To The Condemnor If It Is Not Claimed By The Condemnee Within The Stipulated Five Years ?

  1126. Can Prison Officials Be Compelled To Deliver Mail To A Prisoner Who Refuses To Sign A Power Of Attorney Authorizing Them To Recieve His Mail ?

  1127. Should Foreseeable Prospects For A Property Which Exist At The Time Of Assessment Be Considered In Determining A Property's Fair Market Value ?

  1128. Can A Passenger Whose Bus Pass Has Expired Be Removed By A Police Officer On The Request Of The Bus Driver And Be Detained In A Cell By Force ?

  1129. Does A Board Have The Power To Alter The Effective Date Of A Pension Ordinance To A Date Earlier Than The Stipulated Five Days After Adoption ?

  1130. Does Caretaking Function Of Police Permit Them To Conduct A Warrantless Search Of A Vehicle Belonging To A Person Arrested For Selling Heroin ?

  1131. Do Recommendations By The Auditor General Excuse A Township From Its Obligation To Bargain In Good Faith And Indulge In Unfair Labor Practice ?

  1132. Can A Wife Claim Equitable Distribution Of The 'Entireties' Property In A Second Divorce Action When A Divorce Decree Had Been Granted Earlier ?

  1133. Does The Council Of Boy Scouts Have Standing To Represent The Scouts In A Litigation Involving Sale Of Property Held In Trust For Their Benefit ?

  1134. Should The Nomination Papers Of A Candidate Be Rejected If He Has Actually Participated In The Primary Election In Which He Seeks Ballot Position ?

  1135. Is There A Requirement For A School District To Have A Policy Which Explicitly Prohibits Situations That Could Result In Disciplining Individuals ?

  1136. Is It Arbitrary Or Capricious For A Taxing Authority To Add A Property To Its Tax Rolls In The Same Year As Its Exemption Is Abolished Statutorily ?

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  1143. Appeal of Hawcrest Association

  1144. Appeal of Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors

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  1146. Application of Biester

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  1269. Commonwealth v. $ 9,847.00 U.S. Currency

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  1580. Lance's Appeal

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  1595. Lewis v. WCAB (Pittsburgh Board of Education)

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  1644. Messina v. East Penn Township

  1645. Meussner v. Port Authority of Allegheny County

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  1658. Montgomery County Tax Claims Bureau Appeal

  1659. Montgomery Crossing Associates v. Township of Lower Gwynedd

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  1661. Moore v. Reed

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  1671. Nettleton v. Zoning Board of Adjustment

  1672. Newcomer v. WCAB (Ward Trucking Corp.)

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  1674. Nicholson v. M & S Detective Agency, Inc

  1675. Nissley v. Candytown Motorcycle Club, Inc

  1676. North Chestnut Hill Neighbors v. Zoning Board of Adjustment

  1677. Northern Area Personal Care Home Administrators Association v. Commonwealth, Department of Public Welfare

  1678. Nutter v. Dougherty

  1679. Odd Fellows' Home of Pennsylvania v. Bd. of Tax Assessment Appeals of Dauphin County

  1680. Office of Disciplinary Counsel v. Marcone

  1681. Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors v. R.F. Lafferty & Co

  1682. Ortiz v. Commonwealth

  1683. Ortt v. WCAB (PPL Services Corp.)

  1684. Overhead Door Co. of Lewistown, Inc. v. WCAB (Gill)

  1685. Owens v. Horn

  1686. PECO Energy Company v. Commonwealth

  1687. P.J.S. v. Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission

  1688. PNC Bank v. Unknown Heirs

  1689. P.R. v. Department of Public Welfare

  1690. Page's Department Store v. Velardi

  1691. Pakett v. The Phillies L.P

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  1693. Palmer v. Pennsylvania State Police

  1694. Pappas v. Zoning Board of Adjustment of City of Philadelphia

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  1696. Parsons v. Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

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  1698. Patla v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

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  1700. Patton v. Department of Transportation

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  1704. Pearson v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

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  1731. Petition of Westmont

  1732. Petitioners for the Formation of an Independent School District v. Secretary of Education

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  1772. Rebel v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1773. Reich v. Reading

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  1776. Renda v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

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  1779. Riddle v. WCAB (Allegheny City Electric, Inc.)

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  1786. Romaine v. WCAB (Bryn Mawr Chateau Nursing Home)

  1787. Roofner's Appeal

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  1797. Sapp Roofing Company, Inc. v. Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

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  1806. Schlesinger Appeal

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  1809. Schultheis v. Board of Supervisors of Upper Bern Township, Berks County

  1810. Schultz v. Department of Transportation

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  1812. Scierka v. Department of Corrections

  1813. Scierka v. Department of Corrections, State Correctional Institution at Dallas

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  1825. Shaw v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1826. Sheaffer v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

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  1834. Simko v. County of Allegheny

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  1836. Sladkin v. Greene

  1837. Slippery Rock Area School District v. Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School

  1838. Smith v. Department of Transportation

  1839. Smith v. Transportation Workers of America AFL-CIO Local 234

  1840. Smith v. Yohe

  1841. Snyder v. Harmon

  1842. Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight v. Zoning Board of Adjustment

  1843. Society Hill Civic Association v. Philadelphia Board of License & Inspection Review

  1844. Solebury Twp. v. Dep't of Envtl. Res

  1845. Somerville v. Insurance Department

  1846. Sonnenberg v. Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority

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  1848. Souders v. Atlantic Richfield Co

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  1852. Southco Inc., v. Concord Tp

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  1857. Springfield Twp. v. Kim

  1858. Stahr v. Department of Transportation

  1859. Stanford-Gale v. Tax Claim Bureau of Susquehanna County

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  1861. State System of Higher Education (Cheyney University) v. State College University Professional Association (PSEA-NEA)

  1862. State Workers' Insurance Fund v. WCAB (Shaughnessy)

  1863. Stein v. Easttown Township Board of Supervisors

  1864. Steinmetz v. WCAB (Cooper Power Systems)

  1865. Stern v. Department of Environmental Protection

  1866. Stern v. Halligan

  1867. Stewart v. Watkins

  1868. Stewart v. Zoning Hearing Board of Radnor Township

  1869. Stilp v. Commonwealth, General Assembly

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  1871. Stone v. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Driver Licensing

  1872. Stonebraker v. WCAB (Seven Springs Farm, Inc.)

  1873. Strickland v. Commonwealth, DOT

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  1875. Stroehmann Bakeries, Inc. v. WCAB (Plouse)

  1876. Stroehmann Bakeries v. WCAB (Plouse)

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  1878. Sunny Farms, Ltd. v. North Codorus Township

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  1881. Swartz v. Hilltown Township Volunteer Fire Co

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  1884. Taddeo v. Commonwealth

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  1887. Taylor v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1888. Taylor v. WCAB (Servistar Corp.)

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  1890. Tedesco v. Municipal Authority of Hazle Township

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  1892. Temple University v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1893. Thomas v. Zoning Hearing Board of Benner Township

  1894. Thornbury Bd. Township Board of Supervisors v. W.D.D., Inc

  1895. Three Hundred Ten Thousand Twenty Dollars ($ 310,020.00)

  1896. Times Publishing Co. Inc. v. Michel

  1897. Tinicum Township v. Jones

  1898. To v. WCAB (Insaco, Inc.)

  1899. Torres v. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

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  1901. Township of Derry v. Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

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  1903. Township of East Caln v. Zoning Hearing Board of East Caln Township

  1904. Township of Little Britain v. Lancaster County Turf Products

  1905. Township of Lower Macungie, Lehigh County

  1906. Township of Lower Merion v. WCAB (Tansey)

  1907. Township of Middletown v. Middletown Township Zoning Hearing Board

  1908. Township of Upper Saucon v. Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board

  1909. Toy v. WCAB (Alltel Pa., Inc.)

  1910. Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation v. Commonwealth

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  1913. Treon v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

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  1917. Troshak v. Terminix International Co

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  1923. Udvari v. WCAB (USAir, Inc.)

  1924. Under Appeal of Booz

  1925. Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania v. Pennsylvania Game Commission

  1926. United Services Automobile Association v. Commonwealth

  1927. Univ. City Hous. Co. v. Unemployment Comp. Bd. of Review

  1928. Universal AM-CAN, Ltd. v. WCAB (Minteer)

  1929. Unora v. Glen Alden Coal Co

  1930. Upper Providence Police Delaware County Lodge 27 Fraternal Order of Police v. Upper Providence Township

  1931. V.J.R. Bar Corporation v. Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

  1932. Vanderpool v. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

  1933. Venango Newspapers v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1934. Viktor LTD v. Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Employer Tax Operations

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  1936. Von der Heide v. Commonwealth, Department of Transportation

  1937. Vutnoski v. Redevelopment Authority of the City of Scranton

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  1939. Wachovia v. Ferretti

  1940. Walker v. Eleby

  1941. Wallace v. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

  1942. Wallace v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1943. Waltman v. Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

  1944. Wareham v. Jeffes

  1945. Waring v WDAS Broadcasting Sta

  1946. Warner Co. v. Zoning Township Hearing Board of Tredyffrin Township

  1947. Waronsky v. WCAB (Mellon Bank)

  1948. Watson v. Zoning Hearing Board of West Hanover Township

  1949. Webb v. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Motor Vehicles

  1950. Weber v. Philadelphia

  1951. Welsh v. WCAB (L.W.Miller Roofing Co.)

  1952. West Goshen Township v. Crater

  1953. Westbrook v. Robbins

  1954. Westbury Realty Corp. v. Lancaster Shopping Center, Inc

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  1957. Westmoreland County v. WCAB (Fuller)

  1958. Westmoreland Regional Hospital v. WCAB (Stopa)

  1959. Wexler v. Hecht

  1960. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation v. Board of Revision of Taxes and Appeals of the City of Monessen

  1961. White v. Township of Upper St. Clair

  1962. Wilkes-Barre Area Educ. Ass'n v. Wilkes-Barre Area School District of Luzerne County

  1963. Wilkes-Barre Township v. Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board

  1964. Willet v. Pennsylvania Medical Catastrophe Loss Fund

  1965. Williams v. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

  1966. Williams v. Stickman

  1967. Williams v. WCAB (AT&T Tech., Inc.)

  1968. Wills v. Middle Smithfield Township

  1969. Wilson v. Squirrel

  1970. Wistuk v. Lower Mount Bethel Township Zoning Hearing Board

  1971. Wm. Penn Parking Garage, Inc. v. City of Pittsburgh

  1972. Woll v. Monaghan Township

  1973. Woodland Hills Educ. Ass'n, PSEANEA v. Woodland Hills School District

  1974. Worobec v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review

  1975. Wright Demolition & Excavating Co. v. WCAB (Manuel)

  1976. Wynnewood Company v. Board of Supervisors of Whitemarsh Township

  1977. Yeager v. Zoning Hearing Bd. of the City of Allentown

  1978. Yocabet v. State Ethics Commission

  1979. Yoon v. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Driver Licensing

  1980. Young v. Presbyterian Homes, Inc

  1981. Zachardy v. Geneva College

  1982. Zager v. Chester Community Charter School

  1983. Zeni v. Twp. Supervisors of Springhill Twp

  1984. Zimmerman v. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Driver Licensing

  1985. Zippo Mfg. Co. v. Zippo Dot Com, Inc

  1986. Zuback v. WCAB (Paradise Valley Enterprise Lumber Co.)

  1987. Legal Questions

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