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Prison & Inmates Case Law


  1. Damages For Inmates Property Loss

  2. Burglary Within A Prison In Montana

  3. More Than 99 Years In Prison Sentence

  4. Inmate Eye Injury From Debris Damages

  5. Supervisor Liability For Prison Injuries

  6. Prisoners Due Process Rights In New Jersey

  7. Inmate Injury While Lifting Weights Damages

  8. Inmates Loss Of Cash Money Claim In Illinois

  9. Fall Injury In Jail Because Of Slippery Surface

  10. Inmate Physical Abuse Damages Claim In Illinois

  11. Inmate Foot Problems Inadequate Medical Care Claim

  12. Inmate Property Loss After Release From Segregation

  13. Loss Of Personal Property In Jail Claim In Illinois

  14. Prisoners Injury Operating A Chainsaw Damages Claim

  15. 180 Day Period To File Notice Of Claim Of Inmate Injury

  16. Negligent Medical Treatment To Prisoners Finger Damages Claim

  17. Prison Liabilities To Protect Inmates From Stabbing In Illinois

  18. Attack A Criminal Conviction By Prisoner For Violation Of Rights

  19. Right To Remain Silent During Mental Health Evaluation In Prison

  20. Delivery Of Prisoner's Request For A Final Disposition Of Charges

  21. Being In An Unauthorized Area In Prison Disciplinary Hearing Appeal

  22. Legal Questions

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