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  1. Speedy Trial Delays

  2. TNRCC Permit Applications

  3. What Is A ''Juridical Link'' ?

  4. What Does ''Recoupment'' Mean ?

  5. What Is A ''Cumulation Order'' ?

  6. Court Order Inspection Of Land

  7. Poker Players Robbery Case Law

  8. Is Burglary A ''Theft'' Offense ?

  9. Single Employer Theory Elements

  10. Indecency With A Child Elements

  11. What Does ''Strike A Jury'' Mean ?

  12. Withdrawal Of Interpleaded Funds

  13. Premature Motion For A New Trial

  14. How To Prove Equitable Estoppel ?

  15. Voluntary Payment Doctrine Cases

  16. Does Batson Apply In Civil Cases ?

  17. ''Latent'' Defects Legal Definition

  18. Cases Dealing With ''Zero Damages''

  19. Misapplication Of A Treasury Warrant

  20. Slip And Fall On Chewing Gum Lawsuit

  21. What Is A ''Specific Result'' Offense ?

  22. Assignment Of An Underlying Guaranty

  23. When Is A Document ''Filed'' In Court ?

  24. What Is The '''Invited Argument'' Rule ?

  25. When May A Trial Court Sever A Claim ?

  26. What Does ''Directly Related To'' Mean ?

  27. Can A Trial Lawyer Be An Interpreter ?

  28. What Does ''Collateral Estoppel'' Mean ?

  29. Court Testimony Of Stolen Items Value

  30. Substantial Influence On Trial Errors

  31. Prior Partition Deed Case Law Example

  32. ''Person'' Definition In Different Laws

  33. Cases Dealing With ''Frivolous Appeal''

  34. Jurisdiction Over Subsidiary's Actions

  35. How To Create An Easement By Estoppel ?

  36. What Is Meant By ''Favorable Evidence'' ?

  37. What Is The ''Single Publication'' Rule ?

  38. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Arbitration

  39. Example Of A Directed Witness Question

  40. Attempting To Take A Weapon From A Cop

  41. What Does ''Rendition Of Judgment'' Mean ?

  42. Cases Dealing With Free Exercise Clause

  43. Letter Agreement Intended To Be Binding

  44. Can You Arrest Someone In His Backyard ?

  45. Legal Test For An ''Entrapment Argument''

  46. City Ordinances Interpretation In Court

  47. What Is The Definition Of ''Surplusage'' ?

  48. What Does Judgment ''Nunc Pro Tunc'' Mean ?

  49. What Makes Scientific Evidence Reliable ?

  50. Denial Of A Limiting Instruction Request

  51. Can A Letter Create A Binding Agreement ?

  52. ''False'' Prison Disciplinary Hearing Claim

  53. Demonstrative Weapons (Evidence) In Court

  54. What Does ''Investigative Detention'' Mean ?

  55. Can Trial Court Refuse A Trial Amendment ?

  56. Is Testimony About Reputation Admissible ?

  57. Is An Oral Agreement With A Bank Binding ?

  58. ''Governmental Functions'' Legal Definition

  59. Does A Guilty Plea Have To Be In Writing ?

  60. What Does ''Wharton's Rule'' Exception Mean ?

  61. When Will A Trial Court Grand A New Trial ?

  62. Time Appeal After Correction Of A Judgment

  63. Case Involving Caseworker Expert Testimony

  64. Can You Plead Guilty Without Any Evidence ?

  65. New Trial On The Issue Of Punishment Alone

  66. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Imposed'' ?

  67. Lawsuit For A Scheme To Cheat On Materials

  68. Routine Booking Question Exception Miranda

  69. Interpretation Of Tax Code Section 112.108

  70. Pleading Guilty Because Of Judges Comments

  71. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Conceal'' ?

  72. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Eligible'' ?

  73. Rendering Judgment Made By A Visiting Judge

  74. Mandamus Relief In Conflict In Jurisdiction

  75. Shut In Royalties Pooling Provision (Lease)

  76. Can You Sue Tort Claim As A Contract Claim ?

  77. Arbitration Clause In A Brokerage Agreement

  78. Coerced Consent To Breath Test Consequences

  79. Is Default Judgment ''Without A Date'' Final ?

  80. Consequences Of A Missing Exhibit On Appeal

  81. How To Determine If A Threat Is ''Imminent'' ?

  82. Finding Drugs Based On Informant's Knowledge

  83. Equitable Tolling In Legal Malpractice Cases

  84. Evidence Of Similar Extraneous Offense Cases

  85. Is ''Refusing To Leave The Premises'' A Crime ?

  86. Wrong Address On Search Warrant Consequences

  87. What Is The Definition Of ''Adulterated Drug'' ?

  88. Criminal-Trespass In Educational Institutions

  89. Waiver Of Immunity For Anti-Retaliation Claim

  90. Real Property Affidavit That A Road Is Public

  91. Raising Standing For The First Time On Appeal

  92. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Cash Price'' ?

  93. Objection To An Intoxilyzer Operator Testimony

  94. Is Prefabricated Home Considered ''Stationary'' ?

  95. Is There A Right To Make An Opening Statement ?

  96. What Is The Definition Of ''Running Objection'' ?

  97. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Combination'' ?

  98. ''Unfair Prejudice'' Legal Definition (Evidence)

  99. Trial Judge's Order Limiting Defendant's Appeal

  100. Extension Of Courts Power To Grant A New Trial

  101. Are Orders In A Probate Proceeding Appealable ?

  102. Failure To Procure A Written Jury Trial Waiver

  103. What Is An ''Inherently Undiscoverable'' Injury ?

  104. Non Binding Letter Of Intent To Buy A Business

  105. When Is Judge's Comment Considered ''Testimony'' ?

  106. No-Action Clause Defense To A Subrogation Claim

  107. Limitations Period In Surgery Malpractice Cases

  108. Wrongfully Denying Permission To Strike A Juror

  109. Can Court Compel To Reveal Informant's Identity ?

  110. Reimbursement Of Funds For Job Training Programs

  111. Trespassing On Property Owned By A U.S. Marshals

  112. Does Guardian Ad Litem Entitled To Compensation ?

  113. Cases Dealing With Defamation Of A Public Figure

  114. ''Bona Fide Attempt'' To Appeal In A Criminal Case

  115. Is Police Search After Smelling Drug Odor Legal ?

  116. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Cause In Fact'' ?

  117. Can Mental Patients Sue For Sexual Exploitation ?

  118. When Is A Child Considered A Resident Of A Home ?

  119. Critical Path Method In Construction Delay Cases

  120. Case Involving Independent Executors Resignation

  121. Lawsuit For Falling Backwards Off A Truck Injury

  122. Case Dealing With Denial Of Writ Of Habeas Corpus

  123. When Harm ''Occurs'' To Trigger Insurance Coverage ?

  124. My Court Choose Not To Determine A Specific Issue

  125. Can Prison Inmate File Lawsuit Without Affidavit ?

  126. Does Restitution Must Be Made Only To The Victim ?

  127. Case Involving Indemnification Insurance Coverage

  128. Extrinsic Evidence To Help Interpret The Judgment

  129. May Error Be Raised For The First Time On Appeal ?

  130. Cases Dealing With Identification Of A Stolen Car

  131. When Can Speech Be Restricted In A ''Public Forum'' ?

  132. Cases Dealing With ''Rule 105 Limiting Instruction''

  133. Detention Because Of Disturbance At The Courthouse

  134. Non-Liability In The Capacity Which Was Sued Cases

  135. Immunity From Libel Suits In A Judicial Proceeding

  136. Motion To Modify Disposition For Minor Delinquency

  137. Can A Juvenile Court Appoint A Psychiatric Expert ?

  138. Cross Examination Impeachment Based On Past Crimes

  139. Criminal Defendant Right To An Expert In Any Field

  140. Can A Statement Be False Without Being Defamatory ?

  141. Court Not Specifying The Particulars Of Good Cause

  142. Electronic Bank Transfer Case Venue (Jurisdiction)

  143. Liability For Accidents In Public Dedicated Places

  144. Can You File A Civil Lawsuit Against A Prosecutor ?

  145. Case Dealing With Waiver Of Non-Operating Interest

  146. What Is Meant By Court's ''Inherent Judicial Power'' ?

  147. Criminal Conviction Before Statute's Effective Date

  148. When Does A Contract ''Involve'' Interstate Commerce ?

  149. Can You Hit A Cyclist With A Car ''Without Knowing'' ?

  150. Is ''Lawyer Talk'' Enough To Prove Settlement Credit ?

  151. Conveying Property To Wife To ''Shield'' It From Debt

  152. Does Court Have To Appoint A Lawyer In Civil Cases ?

  153. Is There Liability For Suicide Of A Mental Patient ?

  154. Cross Examining A Witness About His Pending Lawsuit

  155. Personal Jurisdiction Over A Non-Resident Defendant

  156. Us Citizens Equal Court Access In A Foreign Country

  157. What Happens If Court Reporter Fails To Take Notes ?

  158. Work Injury Caused By A Defective Pump Example Case

  159. May Court Dismiss A Criminal Case Without Requests ?

  160. Motion To Dismiss Divorce Because Of Husband's Death

  161. Tactical Ways To Offer Prejudicial Evidence In Court

  162. Case Involving Commercial General Liability Policies

  163. Legal Test To Distinguish Between Facts And Opinions

  164. New Trial For Not Receiving Notice Of Divorce Decree

  165. Medical Malpractice Suit Against A Cardiologist Case

  166. Oral Statement About The Whereabouts Of A Stolen Car

  167. Can You Appeal An Arbitration That Was Not Recorded ?

  168. Admission Of Evidence Not Privileged Under Local Law

  169. Factual Sufficiency Of The Evidence Review On Appeal

  170. SSI Benefits Exempt From Garnishment (Child Support)

  171. Can Police Arrest Someone For Leaning Against A Car ?

  172. Cases Dealing With Broker's Duty To Inspect The House

  173. Objection To Court's Jurisdiction Of TDCJ-ID Transfer

  174. Notice Of Intent To Use Unfiled Discovery As Evidence

  175. ''Not Accurate'' Court Testimony About Stolen Car Color

  176. Does Every Fact In A Search Warrant Must Be Accurate ?

  177. Arguments Which Cite No Authority In A Judicial Brief

  178. Two Hours Between Warrantless Arrest And A Confession

  179. How To Appeal A Mistake In Modification Of Probation ?

  180. Can A Cop Arrest You After Getting Out Of Parked Car ?

  181. An Action With The ''Intent To Be Bound'' By A Contract

  182. How To Evaluate The Reliability Of An Expert Witness ?

  183. Can You Be Fired For Not Notifying Absence From Work ?

  184. Can ''Personnel Manual'' Create An Employment Contract ?

  185. Can Police Officer Make Suspect To Sit On The Ground ?

  186. Can An Accidental Weapon Discharge Be ''Self Defence'' ?

  187. Independent Executor's Failure To File A Claim In Time

  188. Survival's Of A Plane Crash Civil Lawsuit Jurisdiction

  189. Example Of A Comment On Defendant's Failure To Testify

  190. Exclusive Jurisdiction Over A Suit To Set Aside A Deed

  191. What Conditions Allow Prisoners To Sue In Civil Court ?

  192. Timely Objection To Reliability Of Scientific Evidence

  193. Ia A Car Parked Off The Road Considered ''Public Place''

  194. Parental Rights Termination Based On Religious Beliefs

  195. Venue Challenge In A Case Involving Several Defendants

  196. Is Receiving Large Sum Of Cash Evidence To Drug Sales ?

  197. How Can You Find Out If Someone Is A Police Informant ?

  198. ''Irrelevant Evidence'' To Destroy A Witness Credibility

  199. Prosecutor's Objection With Intent To Induce A Mistrial

  200. Case Dealing With Servicing Company's Liability In Tort

  201. Lawyer's Right To Make An Oral Motion For A Continuance

  202. Court's Failure To Comply A Mandatory Duty Consequences

  203. Is Child's Hearsay Statement On Sexual Assault Allowed ?

  204. Court's Failure To Admonish Of Deportation Consequences

  205. Attorney's Fee Awards In Cases With Multiple Defendants

  206. What Happens If Impeachment Evidence Are Not Disclosed ?

  207. Lawsuit For Interfering With Doctors Patients Contracts

  208. Lawsuit For Falling Out Of A Hospital Bed Without Rails

  209. False Statement Regarding Financial Status And Solvency

  210. May Investigative Detention Last Longer Than Necessary ?

  211. Firing Worker Because Of ''3 Day No Call'' Rule Violation

  212. When Is Criminal Court Expert ''Sanity Check'' Mandatory ?

  213. Reasonable Explanation For Untimely Filing Of Affidavit

  214. Attempt To Murder Family To Collect The Insurance Money

  215. Jurisdiction Relying On Letter Written By A Nonresident

  216. Refusing Car Search - Subjective Expectation Of Privacy

  217. Jurisdiction Based On Mailing A Reinsurance Certificate

  218. Is Testimony Of The Owner Of Stolen Property Mandatory ?

  219. New Trial For Transcription Of Plea Hearing Destruction

  220. Is Ambulance Service Considered ''Health Care Provider'' ?

  221. Vandalism Of A Stop Sign Causing Car Accident Liability

  222. ''Defective'' Expert Reports In Medical Malpractice Cases

  223. Establishment Clause Cases About Religion And Education

  224. Case Involving Testimony About Refusal To Breath Sample

  225. Extension Of Time - Filing Bond Beyond The Time Allowed

  226. Does Mere Presence During Crime Make Person Accomplice ?

  227. Exclusive Jurisdiction After Court Transfer Order Cases

  228. Is Jury Instruction On ''Reliability'' Of Evidence Legal ?

  229. Filing Motion To Reinstate Before Dismissal Of The Case

  230. Cases Dealing With Tortious Interference With Contracts

  231. Exception To Hearsay - Child's Statement Of Sexual Abuse

  232. Exemplary Damages From Employers Based On Agent's Action

  233. Is An Affidavit With ''No Personal Knowledge'' Admissible ?

  234. Abandonment Or Amendment Of Alternative Criminal Charges

  235. Calculating Prejudgment Interest In Wrongful Death Cases

  236. How To Convict Someone Of Unauthorized Use Of A Vehicle ?

  237. Unreasonable ''Uncontradicted Evidence'' Of Attorneys Fees

  238. Are ''excited Utterances'' Exceptions To The Hearsay Rule ?

  239. Empowering An Employee To Employ Another Worker Case Law

  240. Is A Life Without Parole A Cruel And Unusual Punishment ?

  241. Jurisdiction Based On Information Received By Phone Call

  242. Suing A Doctor For Not Ordering A Biopsy Sooner (Cancer)

  243. Judicial Estoppel In A Wrongful Death Claim Case Example

  244. Extraneous Offense Evidence In Sex Crime Against A Minor

  245. Can You Ask Prospective Jurors About A Given Punishment ?

  246. How To Determine ''Use Of Vehicle'' In An Insurance Claim ?

  247. Cases With Acceptance Of Benefits And Waiver Of Immunity

  248. Father's Parental Rights Termination For Parole Violation

  249. Employer's Duty To Investigate Reported Sexual Harassment

  250. Example Of Admissible Evidence Of Extraneous Sex Offenses

  251. Example Of A Jury Instruction On ''Weight Of The Evidence''

  252. Is Divorce Decree Evidence Of Biological Parent Identity ?

  253. Not Paying Suspended License Restoration Fee Consequences

  254. Substantial Compliance With Notice Of Appeal Requirements

  255. Frivolous Claim - Filing An Affidavit Of Inability To Pay

  256. Is Grand Jury Subpoena Used As A Pretext To Arrest Legal ?

  257. Can A ''Rocky'' State Trooper Testify As An Expert Witness ?

  258. Can Constitutional Statute Challenge Affect Jurisdiction ?

  259. Case Involving The Travel Industry Enforcement Guidelines

  260. Can Insurance Company Refuse To Defend An Insured Person ?

  261. Is Punishment Reduced If A Kidnapper Releases The Victim ?

  262. What Does ''Respecting An Establishment Of Religion'' Mean ?

  263. Throwing An Object From A Moving Car Before Police Arrest

  264. Is Receiving Suit Papers Alone Enough For ''Being Served'' ?

  265. Can Police Stop A Car Driving Near ''Burglar Alarm Scene'' ?

  266. Lawsuit Against Accountants For ''Bad'' Professional Advice

  267. Is Sex In A Parked Car (In A Gas Station Driveway) Legal ?

  268. Intoxication From Inhaling Abusable Glue Or Aerosol Paint

  269. Is A Divorce Decree A Qualified Domestic Relations Order ?

  270. Attorney's Fees In Cases Which Involve More Than One Claim

  271. Can A Court Change (Modify) Litigant's Substantive Rights ?

  272. Lawsuit For Retroactive Change In A Frequent-Flyer Program

  273. Failure To Insure Children - Property Settlement Agreement

  274. Escaping Arrest After Police Officer Discovered Drugs Case

  275. Can A Bailiff Speak To Judges About Inappropriate Conduct ?

  276. Can You Withdraw From Arbitration After Preliminary Award ?

  277. ''Premises'' Definition (Unauthorized Carrying Of A Weapon )

  278. ''Sufficient Evidence'' To Show Operation Of A Motor Vehicle

  279. ''Doing Business'' Definition In The Context Of Jurisdiction

  280. Reversing Court Decision Because Of Improper Jury Argument

  281. Intent To Murder With An ''Incapable To Cause Death'' Weapon

  282. Case Involving Selling Drugs To An Undercover D.E.A. Agent

  283. Challenging A Statute On Appeal Without Objection At Trial

  284. Signing An Arbitration Clause As A Condition Of Employment

  285. Unreasonable Attorney Fees Based On A Contingency Contract

  286. Causal Link Between Firing And Filing A Workers Comp Claim

  287. Arbitration Agreement Without Providing A Written Warranty

  288. Court Jury's Improper Calculation Of Contract Fraud Damages

  289. Prior DWI Convictions As Elements Of Offense To Prove Guilt

  290. Does Expert Witness Have To Know All The Facts Of The Case ?

  291. Case Involving Suicide Of A Mental Patient After His Escape

  292. Co-Insurer Seeking To Recover Payment From Other Co-Insurer

  293. Is A ''Motivated By A Promise'' Written Statement Admissible ?

  294. Traffic Stop For Not Wearing Seat Belt Lead To Drug Charges

  295. Can ''Unknown Weapon'' Be Characterized As A ''Deadly Weapon'' ?

  296. Appealing Termination Of Car Dealership Franchise Agreement

  297. Difference Between Quasi-Admission And A Judicial Admission

  298. Can You Sue For Legal Malpractice Without Being Exonerated ?

  299. ''Inexcusable'' Comments To The Jury In The Opening Statement

  300. Is A Jury Comment About Defendant's Lack Of Remorse Allowed ?

  301. Violation Of Suspect's Right To Silence During Interrogation

  302. Trustee Assumed Control Of The Debtor's Claims And Sold Them

  303. Canceling A Judge Order After His Authority Has Been Expired

  304. Are Binding Arbitration Clauses In Written Warranties Legal ?

  305. Sanctions For Filing Groundless Pleading In Court - Rule 13

  306. Can A Minor Appear In Court With His Uncles Or Grandparents ?

  307. Disproportionate Sentences As Constitutional Right Violation

  308. ''First Aggressor'' Self-Defense In A Police (Deadly) Shooting

  309. Objection To Grant Private Club Permit In A Residential Zone

  310. Commitment After Murder With No Previous History Of Violence

  311. What Do The Religion Clauses Of The First Amendment Achieve ?

  312. Does Criminal Trespass Require The State To Prove Ownership ?

  313. Vendor-Vendee Relationship To Establish Easement By Estoppel

  314. Can You Appeal If A Party Is Omitted From Amended Pleadings ?

  315. Death In A Car Accident During Escape From A Mental Facility

  316. Pollution Damages Caused During Attempt To Extinguish A Fire

  317. Will Court Enforce An ''Unreasonable'' Attorney Fees Contract ?

  318. Can Defendant Compel Testimony Claiming The Fifth Amendment ?

  319. Example Of A Clause Stating That An Agreement Is Not Binding

  320. May Judge Talk ''Privately'' 'with Others About A Pending Case ?

  321. Untimely Filing Surviving Spouse's Claim Workers Compensation

  322. Assaulting Out In Uniform Cop In An Unmarked Car Consequences

  323. Can Court Order ''Mental Commitment'' Without Expert Testimony ?

  324. How To Determine If A Letter Of Intent Is A Binding Contract ?

  325. What Happens When The Second Judgment Changes First Judgment ?

  326. Prospective Juror Disqualification For ''Bias Against The Law''

  327. Can You Sue Money Damages For Voiding An Illegal Foreclosure ?

  328. Not Recording Oral Statements In A Criminal Case Consequences

  329. Can A Judge Sign Judgment In A Case Outside His Jurisdiction ?

  330. Pleading Alternative Theories To Avoid Forum Selection Clause

  331. Lawsuit For Not Paying Share Of An Insurance Claim Settlement

  332. Is ''Reckless Conduct'' A Lesser Included Offense Of ''assault'' ?

  333. Juvenile Fifth Amendment Privilege Against Self-Incrimination

  334. Failure To Pay Attorney Fees In A Paternity Suit Consequences

  335. Adjudicatory Hearing Judge Not Allowing To Introduce Evidence

  336. Is Using Grand Jury Subpoena As A ''Fishing Expedition'' Legal ?

  337. Statute Of Limitations Of Suit For Failure To Diagnose Cancer

  338. Lawyer's Connection To Prior Criminal Cases Against His Client

  339. Does Filing Nonsuit Deprive State Trial Court Of Jurisdiction ?

  340. Non Binding Letter Of Agreement To Buy Securities Case Example

  341. Elements Of A Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Claim

  342. Court Appointed Psychologist Evaluation In A Burns Injury Case

  343. Right To Consular Assistance After Arrest In A Foreign Country

  344. Inmate Mail And Marriage Rights - Prison Regulations Challenge

  345. Is Sexual Conduct In A Parked Car In An ''Isolated'' Area Legal ?

  346. Can You Sue For Discrimination During Arbitration Proceedings ?

  347. Is ''Not Naming The Victim'' Grounds For Quashing An Indictment ?

  348. Improper Admonishment On Eligibility For Probation Before Plea

  349. Charge Errors Appeal Without Objecting The Charge During Trial

  350. In Crane Collapse Accident Covered By Vehicle Insurance Policy

  351. Is Promissory Note To Pay School Tuition A ''Special Contract'' ?

  352. Is It Legal To Search A Passenger In A Car During Police Stop ?

  353. Can The State Appeal An Order Which Was Entered After A Trial ?

  354. May A Judge Removed A Disruptive Defendant From The Courtroom ?

  355. 18 Percent Statutory Fee Penalty Request In An Insurance Claim

  356. Is A Landowner Liable For ''Foreseeable Murder'' On The Premises ?

  357. Is Tearing Drug Cigarette Constitute ''Destruction Of Evidence'' ?

  358. Physician-Patient Relationship With An Insurance Company Doctor

  359. Beginning Of Limitations Period In Constructive Dismissal Cases

  360. Can An Expert Witness ''Recommend Punishment'' In Criminal Cases ?

  361. Can Insurance Provide Legal Defence Against A Criminal Offence ?

  362. Filing Appellate Record Divests Trial Court Of Its Jurisdiction

  363. Dissolving Temporary Injunction After A Non-Evidentiary Hearing

  364. Permitting Prosecutor To Inform Jury About Automatic Sentencing

  365. Is Allowing Another Person To ''Touch Genitals In Public'' Legal ?

  366. The Right To Call A Witness Who Admitted He Committed The Crime

  367. Superseding A Divorce Decree Judgment On Appeal By Posting Bond

  368. Jurisdiction In Contract With A Citizens Of Another State Cases

  369. Statute Of Limitation In Post-Surgical Medical Negligence Cases

  370. Lawyer's Failure To Object To Admission Of Void Prior Conviction

  371. Case Involving Reversing Trial Court's Sanctions Order On Appeal

  372. Failure To Bring Demand For Arbitration To The Court's Attention

  373. Consequences Of Payment After Grace Period For Insurance Premium

  374. When Is A Person Considered ''Seized'' Under The Fourth Amendment ?

  375. Failure To Make Reference To A Deposition In A Judicial Document

  376. Giving False Name On The Witness Stand During Trial Consequences

  377. Is A Testimony About ''Intention To Kill'' Admissible As Evidence ?

  378. Product Manufacturer Liability For Death In A Car Accident Claim

  379. Can You Sue For Defamatory Statements Made In Court By A Lawyer ?

  380. Attorney Client Privilege On Discussions Regarding Plea Bargains

  381. ''Influence'' Before Guilty Plea Regarding ''probation Possibility''

  382. Is It Legal To Show ''Gruesome Photos'' To The Jury (As Evidence) ?

  383. Is Searching A ''Bag Thrown By Driver'' During Traffic Stop Legal ?

  384. Is Jury Request To Read Back Testimony Means It Is In ''Dispute'' ?

  385. Escaping Before Appeal And Then Voluntarily Returning To Custody

  386. Conducting Summary Judgment Hearing Without Notice To Non-Movant

  387. Does Lawyer's Testimony Prohibit Him From Participating The Case ?

  388. Is Child's Testimony Enough For Criminal Solicitation Conviction ?

  389. Proving ''Appropriation Of Property'' Without Owner's Consent Cases

  390. Is A Confession During Arrest By An ''Invalid Warrant'' Admissible ?

  391. Lawsuit Against A Lawyer For Failure To Obtain A Protective Order

  392. Not Requesting A ''Limiting Instruction'' During Evidence Admission

  393. Initiating Judicial Procedures Causes Waiver Of Arbitration Right

  394. Is ''Sexual Contact'' While Driving Considered ''In A Public Place'' ?

  395. Car Accident As A Result Of Placing Barrels In Front Of A Section

  396. Testimony To Establish Chain Of Custody Of ''Crime Scene Evidence''

  397. Is A Statement As A Result Of Custodial Interrogation Admissible ?

  398. Upholding Lien If Contractor Forced To Stop His Work By The Owner

  399. Should A Defendant Testify In His Own Defense In A Criminal Case ?

  400. Does Arbitration Of Legal Malpractice Claims Save Costs And Time ?

  401. Exclusion Of Defendant Not Identified In Response To Interrogatory

  402. Defendant Suffering From PTSD At The Time Of The Plea Consequences

  403. Objecting To A Testimony About Truthfulness Of Minors Complainants

  404. Is Reading Miranda Rights ''Separately'' On Every Offence Mandatory ?

  405. Settlement Between Insured And Tortfeasor Before Insurance Payment

  406. What Can ''Convicted Because Illegal Search'' Prisoners Do About It ?

  407. Is Mandamus Relief Available For The Erroneous Granting New Trial ?

  408. Can You Use ''Past Crimes'' Evidence To Impeach Witness Credibility ?

  409. Is Assault During Robbery The Same Offence Or Separate Violations ?

  410. Is Employer Liable For Drunk Employee's Car Accident Causing Death ?

  411. Is Cross-Examination About Defendant's Post-Arrest Silence Allowed ?

  412. Proving ''Actual Malice'' In Defamation Cases Against A Public Figure

  413. Deletion Of ''Alleged Mean Of Committing A Crime'' Legal Consequences

  414. Can You Claim Self Defense Without Admitting Your Criminal Conduct ?

  415. Owners Knowledge Of Premises Condition In A Premises Liability Case

  416. Declaratory Judgment To Determine Coverage Rights In A Car Accident

  417. When Does ''Conversion Claim'' Start To Run (Statute Of Limitations) ?

  418. Is Being ''On Call'' Doctor Establish Physician-Patient Relationship ?

  419. Is Death Penalty For Mentally Incompetent Lawyer Misrepresentation ?

  420. Is Getting Drunk In The Side Yard Of A House ''Public Intoxication'' ?

  421. Remedy Selection Between Anti-Retaliation Law And Whistleblower Act

  422. Is Information Extraction During Illegal Police Custody Admissible ?

  423. Are State Hospital Employees Liable For Not Providing A Medication ?

  424. Documents Not Incorporated By Reference Submitted With An Affidavit

  425. Insurance Claims Outside The Jurisdiction Of The Administrative Body

  426. Conditions For Extension Of Court Ordered Commitment Due To Insanity

  427. Conviction Based On ''DNA Odds Of Match'' Evidence Alone Example Cases

  428. What Is The Doctrine Of ''Relation Back'' In Respect Of Class Actions ?

  429. Does Station House Questioning Considered ''Custodial Interrogation'' ?

  430. Not Using An Insured Premises Enlarges The Risks Covered By A Policy

  431. Inviting Jury To Speculate On Uncommitted Crimes In Closing Argument

  432. Are Evidence Obtained By Government Intrusion Of Privacy Admissible ?

  433. Going To Prison For Not Paying Fine And Restitution During Probation

  434. Court Testimony About Victim's State Of Fear During Aggravated Sexual

  435. Traffic Stop For Suspicion That Driver Is In Need Of Assistance Cases

  436. How To Prove You've Been Fired For Filing Workers' Compensation Claim ?

  437. Waiver Of Sovereign Immunity For Tort Liability Of Governmental Units

  438. Illegal Search And Seizure - Fourth Amendment Rights Of A Third Party

  439. Insurance Policy Cancellation For Not Using The Premises As Residence

  440. Can Legal Assistant Share Confidential Information With New Employer ?

  441. Filing An Injunction To Prevent Placing A Barricade Across The Street

  442. How To Calculate ''Mental Anguish Damages'' In The Absence Of Evidence ?

  443. Taking A Child Overseas In Violation Of A Divorce Decree Consequences

  444. Paralegal Changing Employment To A Law Firm On Another Side Of A Case

  445. Government Officials Immunity - Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedure

  446. Jurisdiction To Arrest For Assault Of An Out Of County Police Officer

  447. What Happens If A Defendant Is Unable To Hire A Lawyer To Defend Him ?

  448. Cases Involving General Contractor Liability Over Subcontractor's Work

  449. Trustee's Options Where Lawsuit Pending Prior To Bankruptcy Proceeding

  450. Presenting ''Punishment Evidence'' During Adjudication Hearing Testimony

  451. Suing For Damages For Diminution In Value Caused By Breach Of Contract

  452. Opportunity To Amend Pleadings After Failure To Establish Jurisdiction

  453. Motion For New Trial To Dissolve A Divorce Decree After Husband's Death

  454. May Police Officer Approach To Ask Questions Without Any Justification ?

  455. Statute Of Limitation In Continuing Medical Treatment Malpractice Cases

  456. Can Amendment Notice Of Appeal ''Create Jurisdiction'' Where None Exists ?

  457. Is Confession Of An Unrelated Crime After Arrest By Mistake Admissible ?

  458. Does ''Random Connection'' To Another State Confer Personal Jurisdiction ?

  459. Is Lessor Of Land Always Liable For Death Related Injury Of The Lessee ?

  460. Is Landowner Responsible To ''Rain Turns The Ground Into Mud Accidents'' ?

  461. Who's Responsible To Notify About Temporary Work Near High Voltage Line ?

  462. Filing Enforcement Motion Within 6 Months Of The Child Becoming An Adult

  463. Motion To Dissolve A Temporary Injunction Based On Changed Circumstances

  464. Can You Sue Emotional Distress Damages For ''Unpleasant'' Work Conditions ?

  465. Personal Guarantee By Signing Multi-Purpose Credit Corporate Application

  466. Is The Veracity Of An Informant In Search Warrant Affidavit Significant ?

  467. Not Telling Fired Worker That He Needs To Exhaust Administrative Remedies

  468. Person Appearing As A Representative May Later Appear In Another Capacity

  469. Signing Guaranty Agreement Without Indicating Title Or Corporate Capacity

  470. Is Court-Appointed Lawyer Mandatory In Parental Rights Termination Cases ?

  471. Does Physical Presence In Taxing State Required Under Due Process Clause ?

  472. What Happens If A Lawyer's Doesn't Know All The Facts Concerning The Case ?

  473. Lawsuit For Child's Death After Working In A Behavior-Modification Program

  474. Failure To Present Expert Testimony To Prove Aerial Applicator's Liability

  475. Does Filing Same Suit In A Different Court Suspend Statute Of Limitations ?

  476. 5 Reasons That Evidence Might Be Destroyed Before Getting A Search Warrant

  477. Not Preserving Error For Appeal Because Of Insufficient Objection At Trial

  478. Appealing After Being Placed On Deferred Adjudication Community Supervision

  479. Summary Judgment Based On Physician's Affidavit In Medical Malpractice Cases

  480. Criminal Contempt For The Same Conduct Which Constitutes A Different Offence

  481. Distinction Between ''Offense Element'' And ''sentencing Factor'' (In A Statute)

  482. May Court Exclude Testimony As A Sanction For Notice Requirement Violation ?

  483. Statute Of Limitation On Minor Children Of A Decedent (Wrongful Death Claim)

  484. Notice To Employer Of Intention To Bring A Common Law Claim After An Accident

  485. Prosecutor's Comment On Defendant's Failure To Testify At The Punishment Stage

  486. Is Builder-Vendor Liable For Fire Caused By Negligent Fireplace Construction ?

  487. Can You Claim Errors In The Charge (On Appeal) Without Objection During Trial ?

  488. Lawyers Malpractice Suit - Limitations Period If He Still Represents The Client

  489. Does Pre Suit Notice Of Medical Malpractice Stop Statute Of Limitations Running ?

  490. Cases Involving Renegotiating House Price After Inspection For Potential Problems

  491. Lawyer's Failure To Argue That Defendant Is Mentally Retarded At The Punishment Phase

  492. Does ''Initial Consent'' To A Search Constitutes ''Continuing Consent'' To Other Searches ?

  493. Is Possession Of Child Pornography Video And Pictures Constitutes More Than One Offense ?

  494. General Contractors Liability For Subcontractor's Employees Injuries In Premises Defect Cases

  495. Standby Counsel In Texas

  496. Obscenity Legal Definition

  497. Future Dangerousness Texas

  498. Jury Charge Error In Texas

  499. Texas Elevator Safety Laws

  500. Continuing Threat To Society

  501. Pauper's Affidavit Texas Law

  502. Obscene Material Charge Cases

  503. Severance Order In Texas Law

  504. Motion For Severance In Texas

  505. Punitive Damages Cap In Texas

  506. May A Juror Testify In Texas ?

  507. Texas Fraud Exemplary Damages

  508. Finality Of Judgment In Texas

  509. Fraudulent Conveyance In Texas

  510. Intentional Discrimination Cases

  511. Statutory Jurisdiction In Texas

  512. Sudden Passion Defense In Texas

  513. Harmful Error Analysis In Texas

  514. Texas Seed Arbitration Case Law

  515. Timely Filing In Texas - Rule 5

  516. Mother Hubbard Language In Texas

  517. In Court Identification Suggestive

  518. Express Negligence Doctrine Texas

  519. Cases With Alibi Defense In Texas

  520. Aggravated Assault Definition Texas

  521. Deferred Adjudication Statute Texas

  522. What Is A Bill Of Review In Texas ?

  523. Texas County Venue In A Theft Case

  524. Texas Motion For New Trial 75 Days

  525. Class Action Requirements In Texas

  526. What Is A ''Docket Sheet'' In Texas ?

  527. Racial Discrimination Cases In Texas

  528. Who Operates County Jails In Texas ?

  529. Burglary Of Parking Meters In Texas

  530. Right To A Free Transcript In Texas

  531. Judicial Estoppel Elements In Texas

  532. Admissions Deemed Admitted In Texas

  533. What Is The Legal Definition Of Race ?

  534. ''Affirmative Link'' To Drugs In Texas

  535. How To Request Extradition In Texas ?

  536. Adverse Action Reports Case In Texas

  537. Guilty Plea Court Procedure In Texas

  538. Covenant Not To Compete In Texas Law

  539. Texas Defamation Cases Damages Types

  540. Excessive Damages Complaint In Texas

  541. What Is The Law Of Parties In Texas ?

  542. When Theft Becomes Robbery In Texas ?

  543. Property Damage Restitution In Texas

  544. Affirmative Finding Of A Deadly Weapon

  545. State ''Losing'' Evidence Case In Texas

  546. Twice Dismissed Case Example In Texas

  547. When Mandamus Can Be Issued In Texas ?

  548. Running Objection To Hearsay In Texas

  549. Elements Of Gross Negligence In Texas

  550. ''Non Residential Activities'' In Texas

  551. Enforcement Of Deed Defences In Texas

  552. Prisoner's Frivolous Lawsuits In Texas

  553. Election Of Remedies Doctrine In Texas

  554. Fatal Variance Doctrine Cases In Texas

  555. Retaliation Against A Witness In Texas

  556. Adulterated Misbranded Device In Texas

  557. Ambiguous Deed Interpretation In Texas

  558. Divorce Decree Interpretation In Texas

  559. Self Defense In Assault Cases In Texas

  560. Can A Texas Judge Comment On Evidence ?

  561. How To Prove ''Design Defect'' In Texas ?

  562. Affidavit Without Jurat Cases In Texas

  563. Texas Family Code Parental Presumption

  564. Bolstering Evidence Objection In Texas

  565. Dismissal Of An Inmate's Claim In Texas

  566. Evidence Of Victim's Character In Texas

  567. Post-Arrest Silence As Evidence Of Guilt

  568. Texas Administrative Code Section 55.27

  569. Pretrial Objection To Evidence In Texas

  570. The Right To Impeach A Witness In Texas

  571. Refreshing Memory Of A Witness In Texas

  572. Competency Of Evidence Hearing In Texas

  573. Texas Real Estate License Act Violations

  574. Objection To The Assigned Judge In Texas

  575. How To Obtain A Search Warrant In Texas ?

  576. How To Prove Retaliation Claim In Texas ?

  577. Sanctions For Frivolous Lawsuit In Texas

  578. Can You Resist Unlawful Arrest In Texas ?

  579. Legislative Delegation Of Power In Texas

  580. Proving Malice In Texas Defamation Cases

  581. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel In Texas

  582. What Is A ''Medical Peer Review'' In Texas ?

  583. Is Death Penalty In Texas Constitutional ?

  584. Is Alibi An Affirmative Defense In Texas ?

  585. Third Party Beneficiary Contract In Texas

  586. Who May Appeal Zoning Decisions In Texas ?

  587. Cases Involving ''Bill Of Review'' In Texas

  588. How To Prove ''Gross Negligence'' In Texas ?

  589. 2 Exceptions To The Hearsay Rule In Texas

  590. Quitclaim Deed Purchasers Rights In Texas

  591. What Are Mental Anguish Damages In Texas ?

  592. Definition Of ''Consumer'' Under Texas DTPA

  593. Unlicensed Plumber Caused A Fire In Texas

  594. ''Chattel Paper'' Legal Definition In Texas

  595. Defamation In The Media Case Law In Texas

  596. Governmental Unit Tort Liability In Texas

  597. Texas Rule Of Evidence 203 Interpretation

  598. Are Discovery Orders Appealable In Texas ?

  599. Compulsory Counterclaim Case Law In Texas

  600. Can A Witness Be An ''Accomplice'' In Texas ?

  601. Defective Indictment Consequences In Texas

  602. Conversion Statute Of Limitations In Texas

  603. Slip And Fall On A Wal-Mart Floor In Texas

  604. Privity Of Contract In Texas Insurance Law

  605. Texas Civil Statutes Section 33 Violations

  606. Is Joyriding A Car Same As Theft In Texas ?

  607. How To File Motion For Rehearing In Texas ?

  608. How Jury Selection Process Works In Texas ?

  609. ''Health Care Provider'' Definition In Texas

  610. Wrong Name Spelling On Indictment In Texas

  611. What Is The Ex Post Facto Clause Definition ?

  612. Jurisdiction In Will Contest Cases In Texas

  613. Notice Of Appeal Extension Of Time In Texas

  614. Motion For Shock Probation Example In Texas

  615. What Is An Improper Jury Argument In Texas ?

  616. Temporary Restraining Order Stigma In Texas

  617. Legal Definition Of ''Intoxication'' In Texas

  618. Definition Of ''Element Of Offense'' In Texas

  619. What Is The ''Filed Rate Doctrine'' In Texas ?

  620. Is ''Mistrial'' Same As ''new Trial'' In Texas ?

  621. Vandalism To Police Car Tires Case In Texas

  622. Is A ''Business Record'' Admissible In Texas ?

  623. Investigative Detention Conditions In Texas

  624. When Is A Counterclaim Compulsory In Texas ?

  625. How To Prove ''Possession'' In A Texas Court ?

  626. Punishment For Extraneous Offenses In Texas

  627. What Constitutes ''Police Custody'' In Texas ?

  628. How Is Child Residency Determined In Texas ?

  629. Condemning Entities Access To Land In Texas

  630. Court Order To Freeze On Discovery In Texas

  631. Estimating Future Medical Expenses In Texas

  632. Election Plan Temporary Injunction In Texas

  633. ''Outside Influence'' On A Juror In Texas Law

  634. When Is An Interrogation Custodial In Texas ?

  635. The Right To Take A Nonsuit - Texas Rule 162

  636. Rule 24.4(A) - Security Bond Appeal In Texas

  637. Use Of Prior Convictions To Impeach In Texas

  638. Conviction Under The Law Of Parties In Texas

  639. Airplane Crash Lawsuit Jurisdiction In Texas

  640. Firing A Worker After A Back Injury In Texas

  641. Calculation Of Prejudgment Interest In Texas

  642. Elements Of ''Aggravated Kidnapping'' In Texas

  643. Elements Of Possession Of Marijuana In Texas

  644. Construing Contracts Cases Examples In Texas

  645. Designation Of Expert Witness Cases In Texas

  646. Cases Dealing With ''Mistake Of Law'' In Texas

  647. How To Prove Check Forgery In A Texas Court ?

  648. Cases Dealing With ''Legal Standing'' In Texas

  649. Intent To Form A Joint Venture Case In Texas

  650. Texas Cases Dealing With Contract Provisions

  651. Governor's Extradition Warrant Cases In Texas

  652. Recklessly Causing Death Offence In Texas Law

  653. When Does A Cause Of Action Accrued In Texas ?

  654. What Is An Immaterial Jury Question In Texas ?

  655. How To Appeal A Child Support Order In Texas ?

  656. How To File Try Title Trespass Suit In Texas ?

  657. Can A Party Impeach Its Own Witness In Texas ?

  658. Actual Authority Express And Implied In Texas

  659. Intentional Impairment Of Consortium In Texas

  660. Evaluating Credibility Of Confession In Texas

  661. Premature Motion To Reinstate Appeal In Texas

  662. Are Interlocutory Orders Appealable In Texas ?

  663. Reporting Suspicion Of Drunk Driving In Texas

  664. What Does ''Sovereign Immunity'' Mean In Texas ?

  665. When Can You Withdraw A Guilty Plea In Texas ?

  666. Texas ''Eight Corners'' Rule In Insurance Cases

  667. Texas Motion To Transfer Venue Hearing Example

  668. Search Warrant Affidavit Requirements In Texas

  669. Cases Dealing With ''Repeat Offenders'' In Texas

  670. Provocation As A Defense Case Example In Texas

  671. Involuntary Intoxication Defense Case In Texas

  672. Permitting Hearsay Testimony Examples In Texas

  673. Circumstances For Bail Pending Appeal In Texas

  674. Can A Witness Use Notes On The Stand In Texas ?

  675. Cases Dealing With Texas Long Arm Jurisdiction

  676. Appealing A Capital Murder Conviction In Texas

  677. Criminal ''Injury To A Child'' Elements In Texas

  678. When Does Prejudgment Interest Start In Texas ?

  679. Waiver Of Implied Warranty Of Fitness In Texas

  680. Police Stops Based On Anonymous Calls In Texas

  681. Lesser Included Offense Texas Jury Instruction

  682. Legal Malpractice Statute Of Limitations Texas

  683. Car Accident ''Sudden Emergency'' Cases In Texas

  684. 5 Requirements For Prospective Jurors In Texas

  685. What Constitutes ''Relevant Evidence'' In Texas ?

  686. Contempt For Violating Custody Orders In Texas

  687. Objection To An Assignment Of A Judge In Texas

  688. Can You Appeal Deferred Adjudication In Texas ?

  689. When Is A Person In ''Police Custody'' In Texas ?

  690. Ensuing Losses Caused By Water Damage In Texas

  691. When Is ''Police Custody'' Established In Texas ?

  692. Can Jurors Talk To Lawyers After Trial In Texas ?

  693. Tolling Prejudgment Interest Provision In Texas

  694. Confidential Or Fiduciary Relationship In Texas

  695. Error By Denying A Challenge For Cause In Texas

  696. Interpretation Of Texas Rule Of Evidence 404(B)

  697. Fraudulent Transfer Of Assets Case Law In Texas

  698. Reasons To Overrule Precedent In Texas Case Law

  699. Best Evidence Rule Copies (Duplicates) In Texas

  700. What Is The Purpose Of ''Res Judicata'' In Texas ?

  701. Appealing A Juvenile Court Disposition In Texas

  702. Can Emergency Vehicles Run Red Lights In Texas ?

  703. Inherently Undiscoverable Injury Cases In Texas

  704. What Does Judgment Nunc Pro Tunc Mean In Texas ?

  705. ''Legitimate Reasons'' To Strike A Juror In Texas

  706. Factual Sufficiency Review Of Evidence In Texas

  707. Lifting Heavy Objects Back Injury Case In Texas

  708. Executive Rights Under A Warranty Deed In Texas

  709. Case Involving ''Retaliatory Discharge'' In Texas

  710. Mortgagor's Duty Of Procuring Insurance In Texas

  711. Can Race Be A Reason To Strike A Juror In Texas ?

  712. Rule 201 Judicial Notice Texas Rules Of Evidence

  713. Can DNA Evidence Alone Convict Of Rape In Texas ?

  714. Appeals Of Order Compelling Arbitration In Texas

  715. Non-Moving Party Summary Judgment Cases In Texas

  716. Restrictive Covenant In A Deed In Texas Case Law

  717. Can An Insane Person Serve As A Jurors In Texas ?

  718. Defamatory Pre-Suit Notice Letter Cases In Texas

  719. What Method For Jury Selection Is Used In Texas ?

  720. Admission Of Prior Convictions 10 Years In Texas

  721. How To Prove Bad Lawyer Representation In Texas ?

  722. Expert Report Under Section 13.01(R)(6) In Texas

  723. Examples Of Transferred Intent Doctrine In Texas

  724. Consequences Of Refusing A Breathalyzer In Texas

  725. Personal Jurisdiction Over Non-Resident In Texas

  726. Are Photos Of A Crime Scene Admissible In Texas ?

  727. Interpretation Of Texas Rule Of Evidence 404 (B)

  728. What Is A ''No Answer Default Judgment'' In Texas ?

  729. Physician Patient Relationship Case Law In Texas

  730. Case Involving ''Quashal Of Information'' In Texas

  731. Texas Workforce And Economic Competitiveness Act

  732. ''Mutual Mistake'' Definition In Texas Contract Law

  733. ''Client Representative'' Legal Definition In Texas

  734. Are Forum Selection Clauses Enforceable In Texas ?

  735. Enforcing A Florida Choice Of Law Clause In Texas

  736. Fair Market Value Of Stolen Property Law In Texas

  737. Definition Of ''Meeting'' - Texas Open Meetings Act

  738. Texas Rules Of Evidence Rule 702 - Expert Witness

  739. Withdrawing A Guilty Plea Before A Judge In Texas

  740. Case Involving Spousal Consent To Search In Texas

  741. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Theft'' In Texas ?

  742. Texas Public Information Act Litigation Exception

  743. Priest Confidentiality Law In Texas - Rule 505(B)

  744. Arrearage Payments Amount Challenge Case In Texas

  745. When Can You Sue For ''Private Nuisance'' In Texas ?

  746. How To Prove ''Safer Alternative Design'' In Texas ?

  747. Consecutive Sentences Parole Eligibility In Texas

  748. Cases Involving ''Spoliation Of Evidence'' In Texas

  749. Police Drug Search At A Bus Station Case In Texas

  750. Can A Plea Bargain Sentence Be Appealed In Texas ?

  751. ''Rules'' Of Dismissal Of Inmates Lawsuits In Texas

  752. Late Filing Of A Motion To Recuse Lawyer In Texas

  753. Involuntary Intoxication Defence Elements In Texas

  754. What Is A ''Reputation Witness'' Testimony In Texas ?

  755. Uncorroborated Testimony Of An Accomplice In Texas

  756. Legal Definition Of ''Practicing Medicine'' In Texas

  757. What Is Considered ''Endangering A Child'' In Texas ?

  758. Political Subdivisions Sovereign Immunity In Texas

  759. Trial Court Clerk Losing A Filed Document In Texas

  760. Cases Dealing With Rule 702 Texas Expert Testimony

  761. ''Abuse Of Official Capacity'' Elements In Texas Law

  762. Cases Dealing With Extrajudicial Evidence In Texas

  763. Motion To Make An Amendment To Indictment In Texas

  764. ''Corroborating Evidence'' Legal Definition In Texas

  765. Case Dealing With Indictment For Stabbing In Texas

  766. Interlocutory Appeal Temporary Injunction In Texas

  767. Interactive Website Personal Jurisdiction In Texas

  768. How To Prove Misrepresentation By Lawyer In Texas ?

  769. Cases Dealing With Filing A Late Pleading In Texas

  770. Illusory Promise In An At-Will Employment In Texas

  771. Robbing An Undercover Police Officer Case In Texas

  772. Do You Have To Wear Jail Clothes In Court In Texas

  773. Texas Judge's Authority To Limit Cross-Examinations

  774. Ways To Prove ''Prior Criminal Convictions'' In Texas

  775. Written Request For Admission Of The Truth In Texas

  776. Revocation Of Community Supervision Appeal In Texas

  777. Magazine Subscribers Personal Jurisdiction In Texas

  778. What Is ''Transferred Intent'' In Texas Criminal Law ?

  779. Not Receiving Notice Of Judgment Dismissal In Texas

  780. When Will A Motion To Quash Be Successful In Texas ?

  781. Can Prosecutor Argue His Personal Opinion In Texas ?

  782. Released On Bail Pending Appeal Conditions In Texas

  783. Notice Of Intent To Impeach A Witness Case In Texas

  784. Punitive Damages As A Result From ''Malice'' In Texas

  785. Cases Dealing With ''Motions For New Trial'' In Texas

  786. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Seizure'' In Texas ?

  787. Cases Dealing With ''Stolen Property Value'' In Texas

  788. What Are The Elements Of Civil Conspiracy In Texas ?

  789. New Trial Based On New Evidence Conditions In Texas

  790. Post-Miranda Silence As Substantive Evidence Of Guilt

  791. Insurance Case Dealing With ''Shifting Soil'' In Texas

  792. Case Dealing With ''Striking Out Affidavits'' In Texas

  793. Motion To Set Aside Divorce Decree Examples In Texas

  794. Motion To Correct Pleadings Before Judgment In Texas

  795. Motion For Revocation Hearing 20 Day Period In Texas

  796. Motion For New Trial In Child Custody Cases In Texas

  797. Shooting A Man In The Head From Behind Case In Texas

  798. Judicial Determination Of Mental Competency In Texas

  799. Bankruptcy Because Of Delayed Payments Case In Texas

  800. Delay Between An Accident And A Breath Test In Texas

  801. When Can Mental Health Records Be Released In Texas ?

  802. Cases Dealing With Child Witness Competency In Texas

  803. Evidence Of Pointing A Gun At Someone Cases In Texas

  804. In An Unrecorded Oral Confession Admissible In Texas

  805. Texas Cases Interpreting The Uniform Arbitration Act

  806. Difference Between ''Magistrate'' And ''judge'' In Texas

  807. Who Is Considered A ''Creditor Beneficiary'' In Texas ?

  808. Can A Heart Attack Be Workers Compensation In Texas ?

  809. Texas ''Drug Felon'' With Possession Of A Firearm Case

  810. Aggravated Robbery Of A Taxicab At Gunpoint In Texas

  811. Texas Limited Right Of Criminal Appeal For The State

  812. Affirmative Links In Drugs Possession Cases In Texas

  813. Can A Criminal Defendant Represent Himself In Texas ?

  814. Municipality's Immunity For Intentional Tort In Texas

  815. Divorce Decree Husband's Retirement Benefits In Texas

  816. What Happens If You Don't Pay Ad Litem Fees In Texas ?

  817. Hearsay Testimony In Crimes Against Children In Texas

  818. Abuse Of Discretion To Strike A Plea Bargain In Texas

  819. ''Expert Witness Report'' Definition And Rules In Texas

  820. Privileged Attorney Client Communication Law In Texas

  821. Replacing Court Appointed Appellate Attorney In Texas

  822. Texas Civil Statutes Section 33 - ''Seller'' Definition

  823. Malicious Prosecution Without Probable Cause In Texas

  824. Deleting Language From A Criminal Indictment In Texas

  825. Admissibility Of Juvenile Written Statements In Texas

  826. Texas Rules Of Civil Procedure Rule 94 Interpretation

  827. What Is The Purpose Of Peremptory Challenge In Texas ?

  828. ''Intent'' Legal Definition (To Commit Murder) In Texas

  829. Filing An Insurance Claim For Plumbing Leaks In Texas

  830. Denying Motion To Fire A Lawyer Before Trial In Texas

  831. Is Texas DHR Investigator An Extension Of The Police ?

  832. Is Waiver Of Work Injury Compensation Legal In Texas ?

  833. Exclusion From Jury Because Of Ethnicity Or Nationality

  834. Can You Appeal A Small Claims Court Judgment In Texas ?

  835. Occurrence Based Policy Vs Claims Made Policy In Texas

  836. Grounds For Removing An Independent Executrix In Texas

  837. The Right To Challenge The Referendum Process In Texas

  838. Texas Driver License Suspension Administrative Hearing

  839. Presentence Investigation Report Requirements In Texas

  840. Are ''Extraneous Offense'' Evidence Admissible In Texas ?

  841. Motion To Increase Amount Of Supersedeas Bond In Texas

  842. Termination Of Private Hospital Medical Staff In Texas

  843. Restricted Appeal Default Judgment Conditions In Texas

  844. Cases Involving The ''Accomplice Witness Rule'' In Texas

  845. Cases Dealing With ''Burglary Of A Habitation'' In Texas

  846. May A Witness Who ''Isn't On The List'' Testify In Texas ?

  847. Case Dealing With ''Fabricated Testimony Claim'' In Texas

  848. ''Unnecessary Delay'' In Juvenile Arrest Process In Texas

  849. Texas Juror Disqualification Based On Bias Or Prejudice

  850. Who Can File For Injunction To Close A Street In Texas ?

  851. Admissibility Of Unreliable Polygraph Evidence In Texas

  852. What Happens If Not All Defendants Are Served In Texas ?

  853. Using Judicial Notice To Determine Foreign Law In Texas

  854. ''Foreclosed Lien'' Buyers And Lienholder Rights In Texas

  855. Evidence Of Exclusive Access To Stolen Property In Texas

  856. Suing Boat Collision (In Another State) Damages In Texas

  857. Voter Registration Transfer To Another Precinct In Texas

  858. Is In Court Identification Allowed As Evidence In Texas ?

  859. Possessory Conservatorship Terms And Conditions In Texas

  860. What Are The Justification Of Self Defense In Texas Law ?

  861. Enforcing ''Violating Public Policy'' Foreign Law In Texas

  862. Fair Warning Before Making An Activity Criminal In Texas

  863. Records Kept In The Ordinary Course Of Business In Texas

  864. County Citizenship Requirement For Jury Service In Texas

  865. Driving While ''Involuntary'' Intoxicated Defence In Texas

  866. Does Running Objection Extend To All Witnesses In Texas ?

  867. Texas Court Deadly Weapon Finding Without Jury's Response

  868. Suspected Drug Dealer In Possession Of A Firearm In Texas

  869. What Is The ''Weight'' Of Circumstantial Evidence In Texas ?

  870. Cases Dealing With The Conditions For A Mistrial In Texas

  871. Convincing Evidence To Terminate Parental Rights In Texas

  872. What Is The Criteria For Involuntary Commitment In Texas ?

  873. Interpretation Of Rule 299 Texas Rules Of Civil Procedure

  874. Insufficient Check (Returned) Jurisdiction Cases In Texas

  875. Difference Between Constructive And Actual Fraud In Texas

  876. Not Responding To Discovery Request Consequences In Texas

  877. Sudden Passion Defense In A Murder Case Example In Texas

  878. Evaluating The Reliability Of ''Expert Testimony'' In Texas

  879. Filing A Notice Of Insanity Defense Example Case In Texas

  880. May Implied Warranty Be Disclaimed By Agreement In Texas ?

  881. Mental Anguish Damages To A Car Accident Widower In Texas

  882. Firing Worker Who Refuses To Perform Illegal Act In Texas

  883. Is Modification Of An Employment Contract Legal In Texas ?

  884. Texas Police Officer Immunity Claim Denied (Case Example)

  885. Negotiable Instruments - Texas Business And Commerce Code

  886. Father Didn't Know About Child Support Order Case In Texas

  887. Does DWI Authorize Finding Use Of A Deadly Weapon In Texas ?

  888. Termination Of Car Dealership Franchise Agreement In Texas

  889. Cases Dealing With ''Motion For Extension Of Time'' In Texas

  890. Texas Community Caretaker Exception To Warrant Requirement

  891. Tests Used To Determine Competency To Stand Trial In Texas

  892. ''Aggravated Promotion Of Prostitution'' Definition In Texas

  893. Agency Relationship Between The Lessee And Lessor In Texas

  894. Can An Inmate Sue A Prison For Basketball Injury In Texas ?

  895. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Sexual Assault'' In Texas ?

  896. What Is The Legal Definition Of ''Mental Anguish'' In Texas ?

  897. Case Dealing With Refusing To Refund Down Payment In Texas

  898. Not Understanding The Consequences Of Guilty Plea In Texas

  899. Case Involving Debtors Reliance On Lawyers Advice In Texas

  900. Corporate Interested Directors Liability In Texas Case Law

  901. No Opportunity To Object Trial Court's Action Case In Texas

  902. 3 Reasons To Disqualify A Judge In A Criminal Case In Texas

  903. Can Employees Agree To Waive Workers Compensation In Texas ?

  904. Example To Admissible ''Evidence To Provide Motive'' In Texas

  905. Cases Involving ''Sworn Inventory And Appraisement'' In Texas

  906. Substantial Performance Of A Construction Contract In Texas

  907. Denial Of A Motion For New Trial Without A Hearing In Texas

  908. Consent To Search ''Tainted'' By Illegal Arrest Case In Texas

  909. Cases Dealing With ''Admissibility Of DNA Evidence'' In Texas

  910. Cases Dealing With ''Jury Instruction To Disregard'' In Texas

  911. Deferred Adjudication Community Supervision Appeal In Texas

  912. Aggravated Sexual Assault Of An Adult Example Case In Texas

  913. Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress Elements Texas

  914. Elements Of Criminal ''Forgery Possess With Intent'' In Texas

  915. Hospitals Liability For Baby Injuries During Birth In Texas

  916. Is Supplier Liable For Product Misrepresentations In Texas ?

  917. Is Request For An Attorney Equal To Request To Remain Silent ?

  918. How To File A Motion To Set Aside Default Judgment In Texas ?

  919. Impeachment Of Prior Inconsistent Witness Statement In Texas

  920. Prosecution For A Crime Committed In Another County In Texas

  921. Time To File Appeal Bond In Texas Justice Or Municipal Court

  922. Time To File Notice Of Appeal In The Texas Courts Of Appeals

  923. How To Prove Non-Community Property During Divorce In Texas ?

  924. When Is A Texas Real Estate Broker Entitled To A Commission ?

  925. Cases Dealing With ''Proving Mental Anguish Damages'' In Texas

  926. Does Texas Law Apply To A Contract With Saudi Arabian Party ?

  927. ''Sexual Contact'' Legal Definition - Public Lewdness In Texas

  928. Does A Juvenile Have To Register As A Sex Offender In Texas ?

  929. Can Court Compel Disclosure Of Informant's Identity In Texas ?

  930. Texas Rule Of Evidence 614 Interpretation (Witness Statement)

  931. Dismissal For Failure To Make An Appearance - Rule 165a Texas

  932. Intrastate Airline Operating At A City-Owned Airport In Texas

  933. Sexual Assault Conviction On DNA Evidence Alone Case In Texas

  934. Cases Dealing With Attorney Contingency Fee Contract In Texas

  935. Texas Breach Of Fiduciary Duty - Forfeiture Of Attorneys Fees

  936. Cases Involving ''Appointment Of A Guardian Ad Litem'' In Texas

  937. Can You Use Evidence Of Extraneous Offenses In A Texas Court ?

  938. Can You Vote In Another Precinct In The Same County In Texas ?

  939. Is Drug Search Based On Police Informants Tip Legal In Texas ?

  940. Appealing A Non-Intrinsically Interlocutory Judgment In Texas

  941. Can You Sue For Breach Of Mediation Contract In Texas Court's ?

  942. Is There A Right To An Attorney Before Breath Test For Alcohol ?

  943. Motion For Extension Of Time To File Notice Of Appeal In Texas

  944. Providing Alcohol To A Person Aged 18-20 Consequences In Texas

  945. Texas Personal Jurisdiction In A Guaranty Agreement Suit Cases

  946. Prospective Juror Challenge For Cause In Texas - Article 35.16

  947. No Objection To ''Immediate Adjudication'' Example Case In Texas

  948. Definition Of Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity In Texas

  949. Possession Of Stolen Property By Corporation Employee In Texas

  950. Jury Instruction On The ''Weight Of The Evidence'' Case In Texas

  951. Jurisdiction Over Non Resident Subsidiary Corporation In Texas

  952. Judges Prejudicial Comments During Trial Consequences In Texas

  953. Sufficiency Of The Evidence For A Criminal Conviction In Texas

  954. Is Possession Of ''Recently Stolen'' Property A Felony In Texas ?

  955. Out Of Court Statement In Furtherance Of A Conspiracy In Texas

  956. Disclaimer Waiver Of Implied Warranty Repair Services In Texas

  957. What Is ''Constructive Knowledge'' In A Texas Slip And Fall Case ?

  958. Cases Involving Open Discovery And The First Amendment In Texas

  959. Case Dealing With ''Failure To State A Cause Of Action'' In Texas

  960. Involuntary Plea ''Upon Lawyers Advice'' Claim On Appeal In Texas

  961. Case Involving ''Exhaustion Of Administrative Remedies'' In Texas

  962. Owner-Operator's Legal Duty To Insurer Invitee's Safety In Texas

  963. ''Involuntary Drugging'' Defence In A Drunk Driving Case In Texas

  964. Is Separate Punishment Adjudication Hearing Mandatory In Texas ?

  965. Medical Treatments Which Require ''Disclosure Of Risks'' In Texas

  966. When Can A Third Party Beneficiary Enforce A Contract In Texas ?

  967. Example Of Acquittal For Possession Of Stolen Property In Texas

  968. Exceptions To Prejudgment Interest For Personal Injury In Texas

  969. Cases Dealing With ''Special Premises Defect'' Liability In Texas

  970. Texas Listing Agent's Legal Duty To Inspect Property For Defects

  971. Suing For Foreign Airplane Crash Damages In Texas (Jurisdiction)

  972. Is Parent Company Liable For Torts Of Its Subsidiaries In Texas ?

  973. Sale Notice Requirements Of Real Estate Under Execution In Texas

  974. Admission Of Prior Inconsistent Statements Of A Witness In Texas

  975. Establishing Proper Venue In A Multiple Plaintiffs Suit In Texas

  976. Tattoos As Evidence Of Background Or Character In A Criminal Trial

  977. Doctor Sued Hospital For Breaching An Exclusive Contract In Texas

  978. Finding Drugs During Arrest For Violence Against Ex-Wife In Texas

  979. Difference Between ''Personal'' And ''general'' Jurisdiction In Texas

  980. What Is The Jurisdictional Limits Of A Texas City Police Officer ?

  981. Notice Requirement Of Drivers License Suspension Hearing In Texas

  982. Proving ''Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity'' Charge In Texas

  983. Firing An Employee For Refusal To Perform An Illegal Act In Texas

  984. Introducing Stipulated Evidence Without Judge's Signature In Texas

  985. Can A Witness Recant His Prior Written Or Oral Statement In Texas ?

  986. Creditors Deficiency Suit After Disposition Of Collateral In Texas

  987. Mentioning To The Jury That Defendant Did Not Testify In Texas Law

  988. Alcohol Odor During Police Stop For Speeding Case Example In Texas

  989. Texas Rule 63 - Amending Pleadings After Verdict (Before Judgment)

  990. Exclusive Contract Between Hospital And Physician Lawsuit In Texas

  991. Temporary Injunction To Stop Foreclosure Of Real Property In Texas

  992. Non-Subscribing Employer's Contributory Negligence Defence In Texas

  993. How To Impeach Witness's Credibility On Cross Examination In Texas ?

  994. Instructed The Jury To Disregard Prosecutors Comment Cases In Texas

  995. What Is The Exact Point At Which A Person Is Under Arrest In Texas ?

  996. Injunction To Remove Barriers Preventing Access To Beaches In Texas

  997. Cases Dealing With Jury Instructions To Disregard Comments In Texas

  998. Can A Person Be Compelled To Be A Witness Against Himself In Texas ?

  999. Attorney's Fees Of Texas Court Appointed Lawyer To Represent A Child

  1000. What Happens If You Don't Object To Hearsay Evidence In Texas Court ?

  1001. Lawsuit Against Police Officer For Shooting During Burglary In Texas

  1002. How Is The ''Best Interest Of The Child'' Determined By A Texas Court ?

  1003. Cases Involving Texas Family Code Section 52.02 (Juvenile Detention)

  1004. Evidence Necessary To Verify An Accomplice Witness's Version In Texas

  1005. Texas Employers Liability For Employee Accidents While Coming To Work

  1006. Is Expert Reports Mandatory In Medical Malpractice Lawsuits In Texas ?

  1007. Objection To A Testimony That Is Only Partially Inadmissible In Texas

  1008. Rule 120a Texas Civil Procedure - Discovery Before Special Appearance

  1009. Texas Standard Of Review Of Motion To Suppress For Abuse Of Discretion

  1010. Is Suing A Third Party Based On The Texas Bankruptcy Code Permissible ?

  1011. Firing An Employee Who Refuses To Sign Waiver Of Compensation In Texas

  1012. Negligence Suit For Not Placing Speed Limit Sign Near A School In Texas

  1013. Is Employment Contract Limitations On Employee's Benefits Legal In Texas ?

  1014. 2 Year Statute Of Limitations For ''Health Care'' Liability Claims In Texas

  1015. What Is The Difference Between Capital Murder And Felony Murder In Texas ?

  1016. Can Police Officer Arrest Without A Warrant For Domestic Violence In Texas ?

  1017. Exclusion Of A Prospective Juror From Jury Duty For No Good Reason In Texas

  1018. Legal Malpractice - When Does Statute Of Limitations Begin To Run In Texas ?

  1019. Time To File Objection To An Expert Witness In A Medical Malpractice Case In Texas

  1020. Is Miranda An Effective Protection Against Refusal To Submit To A Blood Alcohol Test ?

  1021. Is An Employee Handbook (Containing Arbitration Provision) Legally Binding In Texas ?

  1022. Is Hospital Responsible For Negligence Of Physician (Independent Contractor) In Texas ?

  1023. Tex. R. App. P. 33.1

  1024. Conclusivity Clause

  1025. Article 5 Section 16

  1026. What Is The HGN Test ?

  1027. Franks Evidentiary Hearing

  1028. Texas Oil And Gas Lease Cases

  1029. Cat Out Of The Bag Theory Law

  1030. Is A Treaty The Same As A Law ?

  1031. Rule 329b Texas Interpretation

  1032. Texas Rule Of Evidence 803(24)

  1033. Texas Constitution Takings Clause

  1034. Texas Pre-Judgment Interest Cases

  1035. ''Ultimate Sex Acts'' Legal Definition

  1036. Texas Family Code 52.02 Interpretation

  1037. Texas Penal Code Section 8.01 Insanity

  1038. Abortion And The Mature Minor In Texas

  1039. Texas Family Code 33.003 Interpretation

  1040. New Trial Outside The 75-Day Time Limit

  1041. Jurors Withholding Information Case Law

  1042. Delegation Of Legislative Power In Texas

  1043. Trial Counsel's Responsibilities In Texas

  1044. Texas Rule Of Evidence 403 Interpretation

  1045. Texas Rule Of Criminal Evidence 1101(D)(4)

  1046. Texas Rules Of Evidence 401 Interpretation

  1047. When Should Default Judgment Be Set Aside ?

  1048. Texas Penal Code 22.02(A)(2) Interpretation

  1049. Texas Rule Of Evidence 803(8) Interpretation

  1050. Texas Rules Of Appellate Procedure 44.2 Cases

  1051. Texas Penal Code Section 42.05 Interpretation

  1052. Case Involving Threat To Kill A Social Worker

  1053. Case Dealing With The Right To Speak In Texas

  1054. Texas Rule Civil Procedure 277 Interpretation

  1055. Subchapter C Of The Texas Transportation Code

  1056. Forgery Conviction Reversed For Lack Of Venue

  1057. Texas Trial Court's Power To Vacate Its Orders

  1058. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Article 46.03

  1059. Article 26.13 Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure

  1060. Case Involving An Idea To Kill A State Witness

  1061. Section 323 Of The Restatement Second Of Torts

  1062. Federal Rule Of Evidence 606(B) Interpretation

  1063. Can Trial Judge Reveal His Opinion To The Jury ?

  1064. More Than Fifty-Percent Negligence By Employees

  1065. Continuing Threat Of Violence To Society Factors

  1066. The Purpose Of The Texas General Arbitration Act

  1067. Texas Family Code Section 52.02(A) Interpretation

  1068. Immunity From Suits Against A University In Texas

  1069. Lawyer License Suspension For Possession Of Drugs

  1070. Chapter 64 Of The Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure

  1071. Interference With The Due Administration Of Justice

  1072. What Happens If A Prisoner Does Not Pay Court Fees ?

  1073. Election Between Contract Damages And Fraud Damages

  1074. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure 1.14 Interpretation

  1075. Does Immunity Follow Judges Delegation Of Authority ?

  1076. Texas Amusement Ride Operators Standard Of Care Cases

  1077. Can You Use Autopsy Photographs As Evidence In Court ?

  1078. Section 49.09 And 49.04 Texas Penal Code Interpretation

  1079. Forfeiture Of Currency Derived From The Sale Of Cocaine

  1080. Article 44.01(D) Of The Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure

  1081. Texas Court Of Appeals Erroneously Calculated A Judgment

  1082. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Section 21 Article 42.12

  1083. Texas Rule Of Appellate Procedure 40(B)(1) Interpretation

  1084. Texas Cases Deaing With Affirmative Deadly Weapon Finding

  1085. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Art. 38.23 Interpretation

  1086. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Article 11.07 Section 4(A)

  1087. Cases About Proving Inability To Pay Child Support In Texas

  1088. Can Granting Of A New Trial Be Reviewed On Appeal In Texas ?

  1089. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Article 38.22 Interpretation

  1090. Texas Code Of Criminal Procedure Article 37.07 Interpretation

  1091. Can Jurors Testify About Improper Matters During Deliberation ?

  1092. Accepting Fees Which The Lawyer Is Not Entitled To By Contract

  1093. Is Notice Given On The Friday Before A Monday Trial Sufficient ?

  1094. Is There A Time Limit To Question A Juror During Jury Selection ?

  1095. Section 59 Of The Texas Probate Code Provides A Form Of Affidavit

  1096. Difference Between Primary Jurisdiction And Exhaustion Of Remedies

  1097. May A Lawyer Acquire A Proprietary Interest In The Cause Of Action

  1098. Deciding A Minor's Best Interests In A Parental Notification Proceeding

  1099. Appeal From An Administrative Denial Of A Liquor License Hearing In Texas

  1100. The Right To Counsel For Indigent Persons In Parental-Rights Termination Cases

  1101. What Happens If There Is No Law For Specified Venue For A Specific Type Of Crime ?

  1102. Government Code Section 62.201 And Article 36.29(A) Of The Code Of Criminal Procedure

  1103. Writ Of Mandamus To Permit The Attorney General To Intervene In Administrative Proceedings

  1104. Law Which Creates An Association That Would Pay Workers' Compensation Claims For Political Subdivisions

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  1817. Zimmerman v. State

  1818. Zuniga v. State

  1819. Legal Questions

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