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  1. Hearing Examiner In DC

  2. Personal Jurisdiction In DC

  3. Blockburger Same Elements Test

  4. Jurisdictional Nexus Requirement

  5. New Trial Subject To A Remittitur

  6. Double Jeopardy Same Offense Test

  7. Personal Jurisdiction In Maryland

  8. Building Legal Definition In Washington

  9. Hearsay Evidence In District Of Columbia

  10. Taxation Of Public Charity Property In DC

  11. Rebuttal Testimony In District Of Columbia

  12. Jurisdiction Based On Advertising Activity

  13. The Right To Call Witnesses Is Not Absolute

  14. Loss Of Chance Doctrine Medical Malpractice

  15. Lost Chance Doctrine In District Of Columbia

  16. Personal Jurisdiction In District Of Columbia

  17. Mistrial Based On Prosecutors Improper Comment

  18. Summary Judgment Cases In District Of Columbia

  19. Knock And Announce Statute District Of Columbia

  20. Minimum Contacts Analysis Personal Jurisdiction

  21. New Trial Based On Newly Discovered Evidence In DC

  22. Medical Uses Of Marijuana Argument In A Drug Charges

  23. Testator Withdrew Money And Redeposited In Other Banks

  24. Evident Partiality Arbitration In District Of Columbia

  25. Heritage Of Asset That Is Not Part Of The Estate At Death

  26. Heritage Asset Which No Longer Exists At Testator's Death

  27. Forcible Entry Of Police Officers Into An Apartment In DC

  28. Excluding Co Defendant's Statements In District Of Columbia

  29. Separation Of Powers Doctrine - Judicial Branch Of Government

  30. Tax Exemption Real Property Of Non Profit Organizations In DC

  31. Motion To Consider Additional Circumstances For The First Time

  32. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Of 1974 (Erisa) Summary

  33. Police Officer Warrantless Search Out Of Fear Of His Own Safety

  34. Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel Cases In District Of Columbia

  35. Immediate Inquiry Into Allegations Of Inadequate Representation

  36. Lesser Included Offense Jury Instruction In District Of Columbia

  37. Method Of Compensation For Partial Disability In District Of Columbia

  38. Lawyer Suspension For 3 Month For Misconduct During Divorce Proceeding

  39. Arbitrators Failure To Disclose Relationship With One Of The A Parties

  40. Testimony As To Possibility Of Causal Relation In Medical Malpractice Cases

  41. Personal Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporation Based On Advertisement Within The State

  42. 12 Factors To Determine A Fee Award

  43. 23 U.S.C. Section 409 Interpretation

  44. Accomplices Need Not Share The Same Mental State To Be Guilty

  45. Action Under RCW 90.03.040

  46. Admissibility Of Evidence Related To The Circumstances Of The Crime

  47. Advising Defendant Of His Constitutional Right To Testify On His Own Behalf

  48. Attorney Disbarment For Misconduct In Washington

  49. Challenge To Initiative 601 Washington State

  50. Chapter 19.86 RCW Washington State

  51. Chapter 59.23 RCW Interpretation

  52. Children Raped By Foster Parent In Washington

  53. Clear And Convincing Standard Of Proof In Washington

  54. Compensation For Licensed Jockeys Injury

  55. Competency Hearing Washington State

  56. Conditional Release Pending Appeal Of Previous Convictions

  57. Courts Failure To Explain Or Clarify The Mens Rea Element

  58. CrR 2.1(D) Interpretation

  59. CrR 3.3 Interpretation

  60. CrR 6.13(B) Interpretation

  61. CrR 7.8(B) Motion Case

  62. Criminal Rule 32(A) Interpretation

  63. Criticism About The Public Duty Doctrine

  64. Death Penalty Black Vs White

  65. Defamation Elements Washington State

  66. Defected Guilty Plea Example

  67. Defendant's Prior Statements Admissibility In Washington

  68. Doctrine Of Invited Error

  69. Doctrine Of Waiver Washington

  70. ER 404(A)(1) Character Evidence In Drug Cases In Washington

  71. Example Of An Incomplete A Jury Instruction

  72. Fortuity Principle Washington

  73. Harmless Error Washington State

  74. Insurance Policy Construed As A Whole In Washington

  75. Interim Ceiling Principle

  76. Investment Income Deduction Claim Washington State

  77. Lawyer Represented Both Defendant And A Witness

  78. Losing The Right To Bear Arms In Washington

  79. Lying To The Police On A 911 Call

  80. MAR 7.1 Interpretation

  81. Overbreadth Challenge Washington

  82. Parents Sued The County For Alleged Negligent Probation Supervision

  83. Pinkerton Doctrine Washington

  84. Property Acquired During Marriage Washington Cases

  85. Public Policy Tort Actions In Washington

  86. RCW 26.16.200 Interpretation

  87. RCW 40.16.030 Interpretation

  88. RCW 49.48 Washington

  89. RCW 49.60.040 Example Case

  90. RCW 49.60 Interpretation

  91. RCW 72.09.480 Example Case

  92. RCW 7.70.040 Washington

  93. RCW 9.41.040 Example Cases

  94. RCW 9.94a.345 Interpretation

  95. RCW 9.94a.535(2)(I) Interpretation

  96. RCW 9a.76.020 Washington

  97. Right Of First Refusal Provision

  98. Rights Of Condominium Owners Washington

  99. Second Degree Perjury Statute

  100. Self Defense Based On Apparent Danger In Washington

  101. The Right Of Recall In Washington

  102. Vehicular Homicide Washington Statute

  103. Waiver Of Right To Appeal As Part Of A Plea Bargain In Washington

  104. Washington Court's Evaluation Of Legislative Enactments

  105. Washington Employment At-Will Doctrine

  106. ''Washout'' Rule In Washington

  107. Wrongful Discharge Doctrine Washington State

  108. Challenge To Expert Actuarial Testimony

  109. Ex-Husband Alleged Defamatory Comments About His Ex-Wife

  110. Order Directing To Bring Child To Court

  111. Warrant Check Washington

  112. Ackerman v. Port of Seattle

  113. Allstate Ins. Co. v. Peasley

  114. Allstate Ins. Co. v. Raynor

  115. Allstate Insurance Co. v. Peasley

  116. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 v. State

  117. American Federation of Teachers, Yakima Local 1485 v. Yakima School District No. 7

  118. Babcock v. Department of Soc. & Health Servs

  119. Baldwin v. Sisters of Providence in Washington, Inc

  120. Balfour, Guthrie & Co. v. Commercial Metals Co

  121. Barry & Barry, Inc. v. Dep't of Motor Vehicles

  122. Bender v. City of Seattle

  123. Bennett v. Hardy

  124. Berg v. Hudesman

  125. Chambers-Castanes v. King County

  126. Chea v. Men's Wearhouse, Inc

  127. Christie-Lambert Van & Storage Co. v. McLeod

  128. City of Bainbridge Island v. State

  129. City of Sumner v. First Baptist Church

  130. Clauson v. Dep't of Labor & Indus

  131. Conger v. Pierce County

  132. Couch v. Mine Safety Appliances Co

  133. Covell v. City of Seattle

  134. Crescent Harbor Water Co. v. Lyseng

  135. DeCano v. State

  136. Dietz v. Doe

  137. Diimmel v. Campbell

  138. Diversified Investment Partnership v. Department of Social & Health Services

  139. Dumas v. Gagner

  140. Edison Oyster Co. v. Pioneer Oyster Co

  141. Estate of Sly v. Linville

  142. Falk v. Keene Corp

  143. Findlay v. United Pacific Ins. Co

  144. Finney v. Farmers Ins. Co

  145. Flanigan v. Department of Labor & Indus

  146. Ford v. Red Lion Inns

  147. French v. Gabriel

  148. Galbraith v. Superior Court

  149. Gardner v. Loomis Armored, Inc

  150. Guimont v. Clarke

  151. Harrington v. Dep't of Labor & Indus

  152. Hertog ex rel. S.A.H. v. City of Seattle

  153. Hesthagen v. Harby

  154. Howard v. Shaw

  155. In Public Utility District No. 1 of Snohomish County v. State

  156. In re Detention of Albrecht

  157. In re Discipline of Hankin

  158. In re Discipline of Talbot

  159. In re Estates of Donnelly

  160. In re Marriage of Burke

  161. In re Personal Restraint of Barr

  162. In re Personal Restraint of Lord

  163. In re Personal Restraint of Richardson

  164. In re Personal Restraint of Thompson

  165. In re Personal Restraint of Young

  166. In re Welfare of Sumey

  167. Iwai v. State

  168. Jacques v. Sharp

  169. John H. Sellen Constr. Co. v. Department of Revenue

  170. Kalmas v. Wagner

  171. Kiehn v. Nelsen's Tire Co

  172. LaHue v. Keystone Inv. Co

  173. Lamon v. McDonnell Douglas Corp

  174. Lawrence v. City of Issaquah

  175. Leonard v. Pay'n Save Drug Stores

  176. Lo v. Honda Motor Co

  177. Mack v. Eldorado Water Dist

  178. Mahler v. Szucs

  179. McCoy v. Am. Suzuki Motor Corp

  180. McGee Guest Home, Inc. v. Dep't of Soc. & Health Servs

  181. Milligan v. Thompson

  182. Morris v. Blaker

  183. Munns v. Martin

  184. Mutual of Enumclaw Ins. Co. v. Wiscomb

  185. Nast v. Michels

  186. O'Day v. King County

  187. Pederson's Fryer Farms, Inc. v. Transamerica Ins. Co

  188. Port of Whitman County v. State

  189. Pratt v. Thomas

  190. Provost v. Puget Sound Power & Light Co

  191. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency v. State

  192. Pulcino v. Fed. Express Corp

  193. Queen City Farms, Inc. v. Central Nat'l Ins. Co

  194. Rainier Bancorporation v. Department of Revenue

  195. Ravenscroft v. Wash. Water Power Co

  196. Raymond v. Fleming

  197. Reichelt v. Johns-Manville Corp

  198. Reichl v. State Farm Mut. Automobile Insurance Co

  199. Reninger v. Department of Corrections

  200. Roberts v. Dudley

  201. Romjue v. Fairchild

  202. RPEC v. Charles

  203. Schneider Homes, Inc. v. City of Kent

  204. Scott v. Rainbow Ambulance Serv., Inc

  205. Seattle Bldg. & Constr. Trades Council v. Apprenticeship & Training Council

  206. Sellsted v. Washington Mutual Savings Bank

  207. Sequim Bay Canning Co. v. Bugge

  208. Sheldon v. Fettig

  209. Smith v. Spokane County

  210. Standing v. Department of Labor & Indus

  211. State ex rel. Bolling v. Superior Court

  212. State ex rel. Galbraith v. Superior Court

  213. State ex rel. Gibson v. Superior Court

  214. State ex rel. Henry v. Superior Court

  215. State ex rel. Kirkendall v. Superior Court

  216. State ex rel. McDonald v. Whatcom County Dist. Court

  217. State v. Adel

  218. State v. Baruth

  219. State v. Brand

  220. State v. Brett

  221. State v. Brown

  222. State v. Cannon

  223. State v. Chapin

  224. State v. Chaten

  225. State v. Chisholm

  226. State v. Copeland

  227. State v. Crown Zellerbach Corp

  228. State v. Cruz

  229. State v. Davis

  230. State v. Ellis

  231. State v. Ferrier

  232. State v. Finch

  233. State v. Giebler

  234. State v. Hartzog

  235. State v. Hudlow

  236. State v. Hutchison

  237. State v. Ieremia

  238. State v. Jacobson

  239. State v. Johnson

  240. State v. Kennedy

  241. State v. Latham

  242. State v. Lopez

  243. State v. Lord

  244. State v. Lucas

  245. State v. Majors

  246. State v. McDonald

  247. State v. Mendez

  248. State v. Mennegar

  249. State v. Murphy

  250. State v. Olson

  251. State v. Parmele

  252. State v. Peterson

  253. State v. Peyton

  254. State v. Pirtle

  255. State v. Pizzuto

  256. State v. Poirier

  257. State v. Powell

  258. State v. Rawson

  259. State v. Rhinehart

  260. State v. Roberts

  261. State v. Simms

  262. State v. Skiggn

  263. State v. Stephens

  264. State v. Strauss

  265. State v. Stroud

  266. State v. Tamalini

  267. State v. Thomas

  268. State v. Thorne

  269. State v. T.K

  270. State v. Todd

  271. State v. Valdobinos

  272. State v. Van Vlack

  273. State v. Vaughn

  274. State v. Vermillion

  275. State v. Ward

  276. State v. Warner

  277. State v. Weiss

  278. State v. Woolfolk

  279. State v. Yates

  280. Stewart v. Chevron Chemical Co

  281. Swanson v. White

  282. Tacoma Boatbuilding Co. v. Delta Fishing Co

  283. Tacoma Water v. State

  284. Thompson v. St. Regis Paper Co

  285. Van Riper v. Constitutional Government League

  286. Villella v. Public Employees Mutual Insurance Co

  287. Wash. Toll Bridge Auth. v. State

  288. Washington Beauty College v. Huse

  289. West v. Zeibell

  290. White v. Stout

  291. Wilson v. City of Monroe

  292. Legal Questions

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