PAR Painting, Inc. v. Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc

In PAR Painting, Inc. v. Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc., 61 Conn. App. 317, 763 A.2d 1078, cert. denied, 255 Conn. 951, 770 A.2d 31 (2001), the court set aside a jury verdict finding a violation of CUTPA because there was insufficient evidence to sustain such a verdict. In PAR Painting, Inc., the plaintiff alleged the same wrongful conduct as the basis for both its tortious interference and CUTPA claims. Id., at 328. The Court concluded that the trial court properly set aside the jury's verdict and award of damages with respect to both claims because the evidence was insufficient to support the jury's finding that the defendants had engaged in any wrongful conduct, and because the plaintiff failed to prove a causal relationship between its losses and the defendants' actions. Id., at 326-28.