State v. Taylor

In State v. Taylor, 67 Wn. App. 350, 835 P.2d 245 (1992), the defendant was convicted of attempted indecent liberties in 1990. He was informed on March 11, 1991 that he must register as a sex offender. He appealed, contending that the law violated ex post facto principles. After defining "disadvantage" as increasing or enhancing punishment, the Court of Appeals of Washington proceeded to the question of whether the Act is regulatory or punitive. The court recognized that the Washington Legislature clearly set forth the purpose of the registration statute as being regulatory by "assisting law enforcement agencies in protecting their communities by making available useful information regarding known sex offenders." Id., 67 Wn. App. at 357, 835 P.2d at 249. The court then proceeded to answer "the question of whether the effect of the statute is so punitive as to override the intended regulatory purpose." Id. The court held it is not.