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  1. ”Excess” and ”Primary” Carrier Status Accorded to Insurance Companies
  2. ”Governmental-Governmental” Test to Invalidate Tax Exemption
  3. ”HAC Aggravator” Definition
  4. ”Pattern of Racketeering Activity” Legal Definition
  5. 3 Levels of Police Citizen Encounters
  6. 627.021(2) Florida Statutes – Interpretation
  7. A Claim That the Detectives to Whom a Person Had Confessed Had Engaged In Criminal Activity
  8. A Court Is Limited to Determining the Legal Sufficiency of a Motion to Disqualify It
  9. A Defendant Is Entitled to Claim That a Prior Mental Health Expert’s Examination Was Insufficient
  10. A Defendant Possesses Great Control Over the Objectives and Content of His Mitigation
  11. A Felony Murder Charge Need Not Always Be Independant of Killing
  12. A First-Degree Murder Defendant Challenged Testimony Concerning Previous Sexual Misconduct
  13. A Judge Used Extrarecord Materials to Personally Attack Another Judge
  14. A Knife With a Blade of Four Inches or Less Is Considered A Common Pocketknife
  15. A Petition Will Be Invalidated As Misleading If Terms Are Not Defined Clearly
  16. A Recorded Confession Is Admissible In Court Provided the Defendant Was Administered Miranda Warnings
  17. A Ryce Act Trial Period Exceeding 30 Days Has Implications on a Respondent’s Detention Having Completed His Sentence
  18. A Scoresheet Error Requires Resentencing Unless It Can Be Shown That the Same Sentence Would Have Been Imposed
  19. A Statute Alocating a Portion of the Filing Fee to a County Law Library
  20. A Statute Requiring Financial Impact Statements to Appear on the Ballot After Summaries of the Initiatives
  21. A Stop Based on a Well Founded Articulable Suspicion of Criminal Activity Does Not Violate a Citizen’s Right
  22. A Trial Judge Is Capable to Disregard Known Facts In Reaching His Decision
  23. A Trial Judge Is Trained to Not Be Prejudiced by Inadmissible Evidence
  24. A Witness May Be Cross-Examined and Impeached by Either Party
  25. Abbey v. Patrick – Case Brief Summary (Florida)