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  1. Are Best Interests of a Child Served If Financial State of Noncustodial Parent Is Better Than That of Custodial Parent ?
  2. Are Litigation Expenses Generally Defined As Statutory Fees Which Can Be Taxed ?
  3. Are Pictures of Unborn Children Admissible As Evidence ?
  4. Are Power of Local Self Government and Police Power Constitutional Grants of Authority Equivalent In Dignity ?
  5. Are Regulations Enacted by State Board Regarding Entitlement to Disability Retirement Binding on SERS ?
  6. Are Statements Made After Suspect Is In Custody and Emergency Situation Is Over Admissible ?
  7. Are Statements Made by a Victim During An Emergency Nontestimonial and Admissible ?
  8. Are Statements Made to a Sex Abuse Investigator Adimissible Under the Hearsay Exception ?
  9. Are Unsolicited Letters Sent by Parents Regarding the Basketball Coach Records to Begin Investigation Against Him ?
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