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  1. Are Binding Arbitration Clauses In Written Warranties Legal ?
  2. Can An Individual Injured While Connecting Railcars Into a Train File a Suit Under FSAA and Federal Employees Liability Act ?
  3. Can Forum Selection Clause Be Circumvented Because Foreign Law Might Be ''Less Favorable'' ?
  4. Can Commercial Fishermen Be Allowed to Recover Against the Polluter Where Collision of Ships Resulting Discharge of Toxic Chemicals ?
  5. Can a Warrant Be Issued to Search the Defendant's Apartment and Seize His Computer and Documents In a Case of Child Pronography ?
  6. Can a Trial Judge Refuse to Answer Jury Questions of Fact ?
  7. Can a Taxpayer Be Charged a Civil Penalty for Filing a Frivolous Income Tax Return ?
  8. Can a Person File Liens Against Public Officials ?
  9. Can a Law Firm's Legal Misconduct Be Considered Client Service With Regard to Violation of Law Prohibiting Fee-Splitting ?
  10. Can a Former Employee Use His Knowledge of Employers's Strategies After He Began Working With His Competitor ?
  11. Can a Courier Company Be Held Liable for a Higher Value Than the Limitation of Liability Provision Contained In the Shipping Invoice ?
  12. Can An Individual Who Has a Property Right In Employment Be Suspended ?
  13. Can An Employer Be Charged Under ADA With the Duty of Providing Transportation to An Employee With Vision Problems ?
  14. Are Constitutional Violations Based Upon Whether on Not They Affect the Reliability of Voided Conviction ?
  15. Can An Arbitrator Decide the Legality of a Contract ?
  16. Are the Rights of Prisoners Limited Because of Their Incarceration ?
  17. Are Social Workers Liable for Damages Arising from Their Actions ?
  18. Are R-Rated Movies Allowed In Prison ?
  19. Are Public Bodies Such As Board of Education Liable to Pay Prejudgement Interest for Breach of Contract Case Filed Against It ?
  20. Are Provision Which Prohibit Class Actions Legal ?
  21. Are Negligent Claims Preempted by the Language of Federal Boat Safety Act's Preemption Clause ?
  22. Are Magazines Treating Women As Objects of Male Sexual Gratification Prohibited Material for Inmates of a Prison ?
  23. Are Fax and Statement Fees Charges With Respect to but Not Exclusively Related to Prepayment of a Loan ?
  24. Are Directors of a Bank Liable for Losses Due to Dishonesty of the Cashier ?
  25. Can Jury Draw An Inference of Guilt from Defendant's Silence When He Testifies ?