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  1. Can Jury Read-Back Request Indicate Inability to Resolve Serious Questions ?
  2. Can You File a Lawsuit Against Corporation's Board of Directors In Another State ?
  3. Does the Safety Appliance Act Apply If a Car Is Being Used As a Part of Railroad's Business In Interstate Commerce ?
  4. Does Prison Litigation Reform Act Apply to Habeas Corpus Proceedings ?
  5. Does Insurance Broker Who Acted As An Intermediary Considered a Sub-Agent ?
  6. Does Individual's Silence Constitute Acceptance If He Uses Services Offered With Expectation of Compensation ?
  7. Does General Consent Include Consent to Search the Memory of Electronic Devices ?
  8. Does a Pharmacist Have a Duty of Confidentiality Towards His Client ?
  9. Does An Erroneous 'after Hours'telephone Listing That Resulted In Numerous Calls at Late Hours Cause An Actionable Nuisance ?
  10. Does Absence of a Judge During a Critical Stage of a Trial Constitute a Structural Error ?
  11. Did Formula for Allocation of Funds to Senior Citizens Discriminate Against Minority Seniors ?
  12. Can You Sue Damages In the US for An Airplane Crash That Occurred In Europe ?
  13. Can Wife Get Husbands Pension After Bankruptcy ?
  14. Can Lawyer Assist Challenging the Method of Execution ?
  15. Can the Edwards Rule Be Triggered Despite the Defendant Invoking His Right to Counsel Before Being Questioned ?
  16. Can Taking Synthetic Estrogen During Pregnancy Cause Cancer to the Baby ?
  17. Can Soverign Immunity Be Extended to a Tribal Revenue Clerk If the Suit Is Against the Tribe and Not Its Officer ?
  18. Can Request for Substititute Counsel Be Summarily Denied If Circumstances of the Case Require Further Inquiry by Court ?
  19. Can Prison Officials Be Compelled to Deliver Mail to a Prisoner Who Refuses to Sign a Power of Attorney Authorizing Them to Recieve His Mail ?
  20. Can Prisoners Possess Sexually Explicit Material That Show Frontal Nudity ?
  21. Can Potential Tort Actions Become a Part of the Bankruptcy Estate ?
  22. Can Police Officer Request License and Registration After Validating Car's Temporary Registration Sticker ?
  23. Can Police Officer Make Suspect to Sit on the Ground ?
  24. Can Parties Be Forced to Submit to Arbitration If They Have Not Agreed to Do So ?
  25. Do Foreign Nationals Have Miranda Rights ?