American National Fire Insurance Co. v. Hughes

In American National Fire Insurance Co. v. Hughes, 624 So. 2d 1362 (Ala. 1993), the Court stated the standard that applies to appellate review of a trial court's ruling on a motion for a judgment as a matter of law: "The standard of review applicable to a ruling on a motion for JNOV is identical to the standard used by the trial court in granting or denying a motion for directed verdict. Thus, in reviewing the trial court's ruling on the motion, we review the evidence in a light most favorable to the nonmovant, and we determine whether the party with the burden of proof has produced sufficient evidence to require a jury determination. ".... "... In ruling on a motion for a JNOV, the trial court is called upon to determine whether the evidence was sufficient to submit a question of fact to the jury; for the court to determine that it was, there must have been 'substantial evidence' before the jury to create a question of fact. 'Substantial evidence is evidence of such weight and quality that fair-minded persons in the exercise of impartial judgment can reasonably infer the existence of the fact sought to be proved.'" 624 So. 2d at 1366-67 .