About Us

What Is LawPipe?

LawPipe helps you to learn and understand the law and to make the legal research faster and easier.

It is the largest case summaries database in the U.S. (updated monthly).

You can search from 2,500+ legal terms keyed to our case summaries and articles, for each term, we show you every case summary and article in our database that relates to that term.

The database contains only important rulings and decisions, to ensure efficient and faster legal research.

LawPipe also provides a good overview of law on a variety of topics and a sense of how different jurisdictions are treating them.

The website's mission is to make case law information more available to the general public

Who writes LawPipe?

All of our case summaries and articles are written by judges. (yeah, you heard right !)

How is it possible ?

Step 1: Years of developing skills to analyze, locate and extract court opinions, written by judges which refer to other important cases (in their own words !).

Step 2: Slightly editing some of the quotations for clarity.

Step 3: Organizing all that unique data into our state of the art search engine.

We take careful steps to ensure the high credibility of LawPipe, by making sure that nothing essential in the original "judge written texts" has changed.

How LawPipe fits into the legal research process as a secondary source?

Legal research material is typically divided into two broad categories: primary sources and secondary sources.

Primary sources are authoritative statements of the law.

Secondary sources (such as LawPipe), explain, summarize or direct you to primary law and might even serve as persuasive authority when there is no primary law on point.

How to use LawPipe?

The trick to doing really good legal research is to use a good secondary legal source like LawPipe first to teach yourself about the area of the law that you are researching.

So if for example, researching legal immunity: "absolute immunity"

LawPipe is going to explain to you all the specifics of that area of absolute immunity by recommending only highly relevant case briefs or articles, bypassing the need to browse through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of irrelevant search results, it will also give you citations to the relevant cases and statutes and provide a good overview of how courts throughout the country deal with a particular issue so you can easily go and pull the primary law from websites like LexisNexis, Westlaw,Casetext etc.


You will be amazed how much easier it is to understand and apply primary law after you consulted a good secondary source like LawPipe.

We can honestly promise you that you will have an easier time and better results if you use LawPipe when you conduct your legal research.

LawPipe is already reccomended by several law libraries as an online legal research tool:

1. The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Law Library (New York)

2. The University of Akron Law Library (Ohio)

3. The University of Massachusetts Amherst Law Library (Massachusetts)

4. Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center (Illinois)

5. The New York Law School Library (New York)