Creel v. Gator Leasing, Inc

In Creel v. Gator Leasing, Inc., 544 So. 2d 936 (Ala. 1989) the Court explained as follows: "Prior to the adoption of the Rules of Civil Procedure, the law was that a general appearance waived the right to make a special appearance to contest jurisdiction over the person. Ex parte ACK Radio Supply Co. of Georgia, 283 Ala. 630, 219 So. 2d 880 (1969); W.S. Fowler Rental Equip. Co. v. Skipper, 276 Ala. 593, 165 So. 2d 375 (1963). "The present law on the subject stems from the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 12(b) reads, in pertinent part: "'Every defense ... to a claim for relief in any pleading ... shall be asserted in the responsive pleading thereto if one is required, except that the following defenses may at the opinion of the pleader be made by motion: ... (2) lack of jurisdiction over the person. ... A motion making any of these defenses shall be made before pleading if a further pleading is permitted. No defense or objection is waived by being joined with other defenses or objections in a responsive pleading or motion.' "Rule 12(h) provides for 'Waiver or preservation of certain defenses': "(1) A defense of lack of jurisdiction over the person, improper venue, insufficiency of process, or insufficiency of service of process is waived (A) if omitted from a motion in the circumstances described in subdivision (g) [omission of a defense then available from a motion raising other defenses], or (B) if it is neither made by motion under this rule nor included in a responsive pleading or an amendment thereof permitted by Rule 15(a) to be made as a matter of course." (544 So. 2d at 937-38.)