Crowne Investments, Inc. v. Reid

In Crowne Investments, Inc. v. Reid, 740 So. 2d 400 (Ala. 1999), the granddaughter of a deceased nursing-home resident sued the nursing home, claiming that the facility's breach of the applicable standard of care had resulted in her grandfather's death. At trial, the judge admitted testimony regarding other acts and omissions by the nursing home. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the granddaughter. On appeal, the nursing home argued that the evidence of other acts and omissions was inadmissible under 6-5-551. The Court rejected the nursing home's claim, but implicitly recognized that such evidence was normally inadmissible, stating: "A party who opens the door to an otherwise objectionable area of testimony cannot claim error when the opposing party introduces similar evidence." 740 So. 2d at 408.