Cunningham v. Langston, Frazer, Sweet & Freese, P.A

In Cunningham v. Langston, Frazer, Sweet & Freese, P.A., 727 So. 2d 800 (Ala. 1999) the Court upheld the trial court's transfer of a case from Jefferson County even though the plaintiff had filed his action in the Jefferson Circuit Court and that court had jurisdiction over the action. The Court found it appropriate for the trial court to transfer the action to the Sumter Circuit Court because that court had tried the case that had produced the fee award that was at dispute in the Jefferson County action; the judge of the Sumter Circuit Court was familiar with the underlying issues in the case and with the attorneys involved; and that judge had expressly retained jurisdiction over any matters arising from the underlying case. These factors led the judge of the Jefferson Circuit Court to conclude that Sumter County was a significantly more convenient forum and that the interests of justice or the convenience of parties and witnesses would be best served by transferring the case.