Hammond v. City of Gadsden

In Hammond v. City of Gadsden, 493 So. 2d 1374 (Ala. 1986) the Court required that a trial court "reflect in the record the reasons for interfering with a jury verdict, or refusing to do so, on the grounds of excessiveness of the damages." 493 So. 2d at 1379 In Hammond, this Court stated the reason for the requirement: "The trial judge is better positioned to decide whether the verdict is ... flawed as excessive. He has the advantage of observing all of the parties to the trial -- plaintiff and defendant and their respective attorneys, as well as the jury and its reaction to all of the others. There are many facets of a trial that can never be captured in a record, so that the appellate courts are at a special disadvantage when they are called upon to review a trial court's action in this sensitive area ...." 493 So. 2d at 1378-79.