Lehmann v. State Bd. of Public Accountancy

In Lehmann v. State Bd. of Public Accountancy, 208 Ala. 185, 186, 94 So. 94, 95 (1922), aff'd, 263 U.S. 394, 68 L. Ed. 354, 44 S. Ct. 128 (1923), where the Court stated that "a court of equity will not allow the complainant to enjoy the benefits or privileges conferred by the licensure statute without also bearing the burdens and inconveniences imposed by it." In Lehmann, a certified public accountant sought to enjoin the State Board of Accountancy from hearing charges against him and from revoking his license. The Court held that the trial court correctly dissolved a temporary injunction that had been entered against the Board, because the bill contained no equity. 208 Ala. at 187, 94 So. at 96. The Court reasoned that the bill contained no equity because "obtaining the license ... is purely voluntary on the accountant's part." 208 Ala. at 187, 94 So. at 96.