Peebles v. Miley

In Peebles v. Miley, 439 So. 2d 137 (Ala. 1983), the Court established several factors to be used in determining the reasonableness of an attorney fee. These same factors should be used to determine whether a multiplier is warranted when a court is calculating attorney fees in the class-action setting. See Edelman & Combs, 663 So. 2d at 960 (applying the Peebles factors generally to class actions). In Edelman & Combs, this Court listed the Peebles factors: "(1) 'the nature and value of the subject matter of the employment'; "(2) 'the learning, skill, and labor requisite to its proper discharge'; "(3) 'the time consumed'; "(4) 'the professional experience and reputation of the attorney'; "(5) 'the weight of [the attorney's] responsibilities'; "(6) 'the measure of success achieved'; "(7) 'the reasonable expenses incurred by the attorney'; "(8) 'whether the fee is fixed or contingent'; "(9) 'the nature and length of a professional relationship'; "(10) 'the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services'; "(11) 'the likelihood that a particular employment may preclude other employment'; and "(12) 'the time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances.'" 663 So. 2d at 959-60 (quoting Peebles, 439 So. 2d at 140-41).