Stallworth v. City of Evergreen

In Stallworth v. City of Evergreen, 680 So. 2d 229 (Ala. 1996) the Court held that where a pretermination hearing officer is biased against a terminated governmental employee, the employee is denied federal procedural due process. Id. at 235. In Stallworth, the plaintiff government employee alleged that his due-process rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Alabama Constitution had been violated because a biased decision-maker had participated in his pretermination hearing. 680 So. 2d at 232. At the pretermination hearing, the government employee objected to the pretermination officer. In this case, Duggan waited to object until he had appealed to the Board. Also, in Stallworth the pretermination hearing officer was called as a witness at the pretermination hearing against the government employee and at the subsequent appellate hearing.