Welch v. Alabama Department of Public Safety

In Welch v. Alabama Department of Public Safety, 519 So.2d 517 (Ala. 1987), the Supreme Court of Alabama held that "an examination of the terms of the Compact and the law of this state leads to the conclusion that the exception should be construed as allowing an application and investigation after a year even if a prior revocation has not expired." Id., 519 So.2d at 519. Specifically, the Alabama Supreme Court stated: There is no reason to read 32-6-7(3) 5 as incorporating extraterritorial revocations, which are entirely outside the control of the legislature of this state. To give this section the reading applied by the Court of Civil Appeals would make any revocation by a Compact state, however severe, binding on the licensing authority of this state. Id. However, the Alabama statute explicitly lacks any language referring to driving privileges revoked in any state other than Alabama.