Abruska v. State

In Abruska v. State, 705 P.2d 1261 (Alaska App. 1985) the Court affirmed the maximum 99-year sentence for Abruska's second-degree murder conviction. See id. at 1274. Abruska shot his victim twice with a .22 caliber rifle after Abruska told the victim to leave his house and the victim did not. See id. at 1262-63. The superior court found that Abruska was a worst offender with minimal prospects for rehabilitation. See id. at 1273-74. Abruska was intoxicated when he committed the unprovoked homicide, but he had a record of abusive behavior that occurred both when he was intoxicated and when he was not. The Court affirmed the court's worst-offender finding and the sentence. See id.