A.R.S. 11-441(A4) Interpretation

In A.R.S. 11-441(A)(4), the Legislature: (1) expressly granted to the judiciary the authority to require the sheriff to attend the court, and; (2) required the sheriff to "obey lawful orders and directions issued by the judge." As the Court noted in Arpaio v. Baca, 217 Ariz. 570, 177 P.3d 312 (App. 2008), a sheriff acts as an officer of the court in carrying out that duty. 217 Ariz. at 579, P 27, 177 P.3d at 321; see also Clark v. Campbell, 219 Ariz. 66, 72, 193 P.3d 320, 326 (App 2008). The court has jurisdiction to control and discipline acts that sheriff commits while acting as an officer of the court. Id.