ARS 13-4403(C) Interpretation

In State v. Uriarte, 194 Ariz. 275, 278, 981 P.2d 575, 578 (App. 1998), the Court addressed whether a parent of a minor victim has the right to be present in the courtroom with the minor under the Victims' Bill of Rights and A.R.S. 13-4403(C). Section 13-4403(C) allows a parent to exercise the minor victim's rights on the minor's behalf. A.R.S. 13-4403(C). The Court stated that "on behalf of" included the giving of "benefit" and "support" to the minor. Uriarte, 194 Ariz. at 278, P16, 981 P.2d at 578. The Court held that 13-4403(C) "gives a victim who is a minor the benefit of parental support during proceedings which will be difficult for the child." Id. Section 13-4403(C) was an exercise of the legislature's authority to address substantive and procedural issues that were not addressed in the Victims' Bill of Rights itself. Id. at 279, P18, 981 P.2d at 579.