A.R.S. 42-11001(5) Interpretation

In Arizona, taxable property is to be assessed at its "full cash value." A.R.S. 42-11001(5) (Supp. 2000). "Full cash value" means the value determined as set forth by statute, or if no statutory valuation method is set forth, "full cash value is synonymous with market value which means the estimate of value that is derived annually by using standard appraisal methods and techniques." Id. Market value is generally determined through three common appraisal approaches: capitalizing the income stream ("income method"), estimating replacement cost less depreciation ("cost method"), and estimating market value by comparable sales ("sales comparison method"). Bus. Realty of Arizona, Inc. v. Maricopa County, 181 Ariz. 551, 553-54, 892 P.2d 1340, 1342-43 (1995); cf. A.R.S. 42-11054(A)(1), 42-16051(B) (1999). However, other "hybrid" methods may also be permissible. See Recreation Cntrs. of Sun City, Inc. v. Maricopa County, 162 Ariz. 281, 291, 782 P.2d 1174, 1184 (1989).