A.R.S. 8-241(A)(1)(G) Example Case

In Bechtel v. Rose, 150 Ariz. 68, 71-72, 722 P.2d 236, 239-40 (1986), the Arizona Supreme Court determined that a child's grandparents "should be allowed to intervene in the dependency process unless a specific showing is made that the best interest of the child would not be served thereby." 150 Ariz. at 73, 722 P.2d at 241. The supreme court noted that, under former A.R.S. 8-241(A)(1)(g), "grandparents are among those people eligible to become guardian of a child found to be dependent." Bechtel, 150 Ariz. at 73, 722 P.2d at 241. the statute permitted the juvenile court to place a child with "maternal or paternal relatives, as guardian of the person, provided they are physically and financially able to provide proper care." 1986 Ariz. Sess. Laws, ch. 334, 3.