A.R.S. 8-533(B)(8)(C) Example Case

In In re Maricopa County Juvenile Action No. JS-501568, 177 Ariz. 571, 577, 869 P.2d 1224, 1230 (App. 1994), the court considered whether a mother's rights could be terminated because she substantially had neglected or willfully refused to remedy circumstances that caused her child to remain in a court-ordered, out-of-home placement during the first year of a dependency proceeding, see 8-533(B)(8)(a) (now nine months), even though, by the time of the termination hearing, she appeared nearly ready to parent her child, precluding termination under what is now 8-533(B)(8)(c). 177 Ariz. at 577, 577 n.2, 869 P.2d at 1230, 1230 n.2.