Acevedo v. Pima County Adult Prob. Dep't

In Acevedo v. Pima County Adult Prob. Dep't., 142 Ariz. 319, 321, 690 P.2d 38, 40 (1984), the issue was whether probation officers were immune for negligent supervision of probationers. Id. at 320, 690 P.2d at 39. The Arizona Supreme Court held administrative tasks are not integral to the judicial process and are not "necessary to carry out and enforce the conditions of probation imposed by the court" so that probation officers were not immune from liability for performing those tasks. Id. at 322, 690 P.2d at 41. However, in dictum, the court held that probation officers are absolutely immune for alleged civil rights violations in connection with the preparation and submission of pre-sentence reports because the reports are an "integral part of the sentencing process." Id.