Anderson v. Gobea

In Anderson v. Gobea, 18 Ariz. App. 277, 280-83, 501 P.2d 453, 456-59 (1972), an employee following the directions of his employer used his own pick-up truck to bring to work an air compressor his employer had rented. 18 Ariz. App. at 279, 281, 501 P.2d at 455, 457. The employee was involved in an accident with Anderson, who claimed that the employer was liable under the doctrine of respondeat superior. Id. at 279-81, 501 P.2d at 455-57. The Court determined that the carrying by the employee of property belonging to his employer was not merely incidental, and the business mission of the employee's trip was of such character or importance that it would have necessitated a trip by someone else if the employee had not handled it in combination with his otherwise personal journey to or from work; thus, a "dual-purpose exception" to the going and coming rule applied, and the employer was not entitled to a directed verdict. Id. at 282-83, 501 P.2d at 458-59.