Arizona Rule Criminal Procedure 13.5(B)

In State v. Butler, 9 Ariz. App. 162, 450 P.2d 128 (1969), the Court held that an amendment to an indictment was permissible to change one digit of a seven-digit serial number, it being clear to all concerned which television set was at issue in that case. The former rule, which Rule 13.5(b) was intended to replace, Comment to Rule 13.5(b), Ariz. R. Crim. P., permitted amendments to cure "any defect or imperfection in, or omission of, any matter of form only, or because of any miswriting, misspelling or improper English, or because of the use of sign, symbol, figure or abbreviation, or because of any similar defect, imperfection or omission." Butler, 9 Ariz. App. at 165, 450 P.2d at 131.