Bill Moore Motor Homes, Inc. v. State

In Bill Moore Motor Homes, Inc. v. State, 129 Ariz. 189, 629 P.2d 1025 (App. 1981), a motor home dealer sued the State, alleging that it negligently failed to detect stolen vehicles during an inspection prior to issuing certificates of title for the vehicles. 129 Ariz. at 191, 629 P.2d at 1027. The court held that, because the state motor vehicle inspector had inspected vehicles for the dealer on numerous occasions, a relationship was established under which the public duty owed by the state inspector was narrowed to a duty to the dealer that formed the basis for a private cause of action. Id. at 195, 629 P.2d at 1031. Thus, the court focused on the particularized relationship between the inspector and the dealer as the source of the duty.