Brown v. Stogsdill

In Brown v. Stogsdill 140 Ariz. 485, 487, 682 P.2d 1152, 1154 (App. 1984), the court applied the doctrine when the eighteen-year-old son caused a one-car accident that killed him and severely injured his passenger. 140 Ariz. at 486, 682 P.2d at 1153. The son was living in the parents' guesthouse, paying $20 a week for room and board, and driving a car his father had sold him for substantially less than market value. Id. at 486-87, 682 P.2d at 1153-54. And in Pesqueira, the court applied the doctrine to a mother when her daughter caused an accident at the age of nineteen. 7 Ariz. App. at 477, 441 P.2d at 74. The daughter was driving a car her mother had bought for her when the daughter was eighteen. Id. The court held that the mother qualified as the "head of the family" because she provided the daughter with room and board. Id. at 480, 441 P.2d at 77. In reaching its decision, the court noted "that the family purpose doctrine is to be given broad effect in Arizona." Id.