Clark v. Campbell

In Clark v. Campbell, 219 Ariz. 66, 71, P 17, 193 P.3d 320, 325 (2008), the Court held that pursuant to both statutory and constitutional authorities, a presiding judge had supervisory authority over an elected constable who was not performing the statutory duties required of her in her capacity as an officer of the court, and that the presiding judge had authority "to take appropriate and reasonable disciplinary action if she was not." 219 Ariz. at 73, P 26, 193 P.3d at 327. The Court also pointed out that this administrative function was to be distinguished from such functions or acts that are judicial. Id. at 71, P 20, 193 P.3d at 325. Nothing in Clark suggests that a presiding judge's supervisory authority over officers of the court would allow a presiding judge to influence or control the judicial decisions of another judge.