Coconino County v. Fund Administrators Ass'n, Inc

In Coconino County v. Fund Administrators Ass'n, Inc., 149 Ariz. 427, 719 P.2d 693 (App. 1986), a high school student had been injured while participating in an interscholastic wrestling meet. Because the student was eligible for county medical care, however, the administrator for the group insurance policy covering the event refused reimbursement for the student's hospital expenses, arguing that the policy provided reimbursement "only for 'expenses actually incurred' by the covered person." Id. at 430, 719 P.2d at 696. Division One of this court rejected the argument, finding that "'incur' is generally accepted to mean 'to become liable for', not 'to pay for'" and that the hospital admission form signed by the student's legal guardian "expressly provided that the student and his guardian were the ultimate guarantors of the treatment costs." Id.