Deceased's Choice of Will Executor In Arizona

In Arizona, like most states, the decedent's preference for a personal representative is given great deference. In re Lawrence's Estate, 53 Ariz. 1, 4, 85 P.2d 45, 46 (1938) ("If it be determined that the deceased's choice of executor in his will was competent, it will not be necessary to consider the other two assignments. the law favors the upholding of the wishes of a testator . . . when it can be done."). The record supports the trial court's determination that "the Personal Representative and the Trustees have acted in good faith at all times during this litigation, and have made every effort to be fair to Max despite his obstructive conduct" and that they had "requested guidance from the Court when Max questioned their actions." See Restatement (Third) of Trusts 37, cmt. e(1) (2003) ("Friction between the trustee and some of the beneficiaries is not a sufficient ground for removing the trustee unless it interferes with the proper administration of the trust.").