Decker v. Hendricks

In Decker v. Hendricks, 97 Ariz. 36, 41-42, 396 P.2d 609, 612 (1964), Decker began construction of a building but soon stopped after learning that it violated a restriction. 97 Ariz. at 38, 396 P.2d at 610. However, he later continued construction of the offending building, and property owners brought an action to enjoin the violation of the restriction. Id. at 38-39, 396 P.2d at 610. Decker admitted that he knew he had violated a restriction, but continued construction anyway because he "had so much money in it that he couldn't do otherwise." Id. at 41, 396 P.2d at 612. The court held that Decker could not rely on hardship because he was an "intentional wrongdoer." Id. at 42, 396 P.2d at 612.