Donnelly Constr. Co. v. Oberg-Hunt-Gilleland

In Donnelly Constr. Co. v. Oberg-Hunt-Gilleland, 139 Ariz. 184, 677 P.2d 1292 (1984), the Court held that a contractor who suffered financial loss, allegedly due to faulty plans prepared by the defendant architects, could maintain a negligence cause of action against the architects. 139 Ariz. at 188, 677 P.2d at 1296. The court reasoned that, given the duty of design professionals "to use ordinary skill, care, and diligence in rendering their professional services," id. at 187, 677 P.2d at 1295, the architects were "liable for foreseeable injuries to foreseeable victims" of their negligent professional services. Id. at 188, 677 P.2d at 1296