Evidence Induced by a Promise or Threat In a Juvenile Case

In Maricopa County Juvenile Action No. JV-501010, 174 Ariz. 599, 852 P.2d 414 (App. 1993), the juvenile appealed from an adjudication of delinquency. Id. at 600, 852 P.2d at 415. He argued that his statements to the officer should have been suppressed because they were induced by a promise or threat. Id. The Court remanded the case to the juvenile court for additional findings: If the court accepts the juvenile's version, the statements and the evidence which flowed from them should be suppressed and the finding of delinquency set aside. If the state has untainted evidence, it may proceed against the juvenile anew. If the court accepts the officer's version, it may affirm the finding of delinquency. Id. at 602, 852 P.2d at 417.